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A group for new members to introduce themselves, ask questions and learn about everything the LibraryThing community and site have to offer.

LibraryThing is a rich site, with a number of different communities and projects going on. It can also be a complex site—powerful but sometimes daunting to newcomers. This group is a friendly place for new members, and the experienced members who can help them make the most of it. Most questions and introductions are answered within minutes.

Group norms:

  • There are no wrong questions or unwelcome members.

  • LibraryThing values conversation, not advertising or meanness. Rules against spam, personal attacks and so forth still apply (see here).

Other resources:

  • HelpThing. Member-written help, available on every page

  • Standing Groups has a number of popular site groups, for bugs, feature requests, general chatter and so forth.

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moving books from "your library" to a specific collection2 unread / 2AnnieMod, February 1
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Reading and ADHD1 unread / 1landgazr, January 27
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Introduction10 unread / 10AnnieMod, January 7
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bulk edit book titles?6 unread / 6MarthaJeanne, December 2020
bulk edit custom call numbers2 unread / 2gilroy, December 2020
Search limiter4 unread / 4kristilabrie, December 2020
reordering a series6 unread / 6Opteryx, December 2020
Universal upload date problem5 unread / 5nonob, December 2020
bulk edit covers6 unread / 6Opteryx, December 2020
Shared family library9 unread / 9nonob, December 2020
adding a second collection3 unread / 3SandraArdnas, November 2020
Can't add a book that is on librarything2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, November 2020
So, this is a site for just cataloging books? The books are not here for me to read?7 unread / 7DanieXJ, November 2020
Newbie with a dumb question: LibraryThing vs Goodreads?42 unread / 42BenjaminThomas, October 2020
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Using Help Thing to learn how to print a book list12 unread / 12margaretbartley, October 2020
ISBN Scanning Questions9 unread / 9jjmcgaffey, October 2020
expanding series3 unread / 3gilroy, October 2020
Importing call numbers via CSV file5 unread / 5lorax, October 2020
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Newbie Here! Help!7 unread / 7fledenbach, September 2020
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Tool area not on my Your Books page10 unread / 10gilroy, August 2020
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YA "boy" books3 unread / 3gilroy, July 2020
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"the" in sorting4 unread / 4Bearpecs, July 2020
My activity3 unread / 3Mannivu, June 2020
Book title help6 unread / 6Taphophile13, June 2020
Poetry and Life4 unread / 4lilithcat, June 2020
Book swaps during Coronavirus?5 unread / 5goodoldstick, May 2020
Books Won3 unread / 3lilithcat, May 2020
YA Historical Fiction2 unread / 2lilithcat, May 2020
How to import a ton of Kindle books?17 unread / 174given2serve, May 2020
ISBN, ASIN numbers and how to add books that are not listed.2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, May 2020
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Tags vs. Collections21 unread / 21ldbackues, May 2020
Common Knowledge Badge3 unread / 3littleone1996, April 2020
list5 unread / 5athenabooks889, April 2020
ISBN, OCR, in bulk/batches7 unread / 7RABateman, April 2020
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LibraryThing for things that aren't books24 unread / 24mfigroid, February 2020
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Groups9 unread / 9lydiamarievw, December 2019
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Library organization2 unread / 2Taphophile13, September 2019
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Spanish community3 unread / 3Erasmo_Cachay, September 2019
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