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LibraryThing is a rich site, with a number of different communities and projects going on. It can also be a complex site—powerful but sometimes daunting to newcomers. This group is a friendly place for new members, and the experienced members who can help them make the most of it. Most questions and introductions are answered within minutes.

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  • There are no wrong questions or unwelcome members.

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Nice To Meet You16 unread / 16VincentRudolph, February 27
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How do to a book audit?7 unread / 7magnetgrrl, February 11
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LibraryThing Phone app8 unread / 8gilroy, February 4
How Do I Let People Know About My Library(Thing)?5 unread / 5gilroy, February 4
I'm new here3 unread / 3norabelle414, February 3
Adding online book or ebooks that has no search result?6 unread / 6AnnieMod, January 29
Correct way to add a book?8 unread / 8haydninvienna, January 27
Murder Mystery London 60’s,70’s2 unread / 2gilroy, January 26
Libraries v Collections and Copies3 unread / 3boiseadulted, January 21
Will LT warn you that you are adding a duplicate book?8 unread / 8MrAndrew, January 16
Is it possible to move items to new library?3 unread / 3jjwilson61, January 9
profile13 unread / 13cindydavid4, December 2021
How to promote our eBook?4 unread / 4akashkumargoel5, December 2021
I need help finding a book2 unread / 2lilithcat, December 2021
I need help finding a book!4 unread / 4Mary1235, December 2021
Scanning ISBN's11 unread / 11boyerjh, November 2021
how do I get a book review on the site3 unread / 3cindydavid4, November 2021
Talk lists no longer in chronological order.12 unread / 12SandraArdnas, November 2021
Need help with a title3 unread / 3lilithcat, November 2021
Why is this so painful!?!10 unread / 10SandraArdnas, October 2021
Editing books once they have been entered into my collection3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, October 2021
New here2 unread / 2drneutron, October 2021
Goodreads import - random ISBNs/formats2 unread / 2kristilabrie, October 2021
Hi guys. My name is Peter (aka dhovakin)2 unread / 22wonderY, October 2021
Tags vs. Collections22 unread / 22librisissimo, October 2021
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2 copies with unique barcodes2 unread / 2norabelle414, October 2021
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Covers Uploaded From My Phone Are Sideways9 unread / 9bnielsen, September 2021
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Other collections3 unread / 32wonderY, August 2021
organized by author export3 unread / 3AndyMandy, August 2021
Drunk driving2 unread / 2Taphophile13, August 2021
viewed by third parties from my library through my profile4 unread / 4lilithcat, August 2021
I'm new15 unread / 15MarthaJeanne, August 2021
Search books8 unread / 8gilroy, August 2021
Can I create second library?4 unread / 4SandraArdnas, July 2021
Importing/uploading of MARC records4 unread / 4bnielsen, July 2021
Journal question9 unread / 9MarthaJeanne, July 2021
Where do I post/ask about whether something is spam?11 unread / 11alsocass, July 2021
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Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number3 unread / 3EGBERTINA, March 2021
New member and overwhelmed ... where to start6 unread / 6petra4, March 2021
I try to find the books about a woman in New-York who finds a Private demon in a cellar3 unread / 3Dany1059, February 2021
Catch up to now?5 unread / 5MarthaJeanne, February 2021
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