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A group for new members to introduce themselves, ask questions and learn about everything the LibraryThing community and site have to offer.

LibraryThing is a rich site, with a number of different communities and projects going on. It can also be a complex site—powerful but sometimes daunting to newcomers. This group is a friendly place for new members, and the experienced members who can help them make the most of it. Most questions and introductions are answered within minutes.

Group norms:

  • There are no wrong questions or unwelcome members.

  • LibraryThing values conversation, not advertising or meanness. Rules against spam, personal attacks and so forth still apply (see here).

Other resources:

  • HelpThing. Member-written help, available on every page

  • Standing Groups has a number of popular site groups, for bugs, feature requests, general chatter and so forth.

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