Mystical & Spiritual

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For any people who are interested in anything related to mystic, occult, esoteric like Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Palmistry & other forms of Divination.

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Necromancy!1 unread / 1boris_balkan, September 2016
Reincarnation.10 unread / 10SteveDuke, September 2014
Voodoo3 unread / 3quicksiva, February 2014
New Spiritual book! The Fire Within Spiritual Suspense Story4 unread / 4PhaedraB, June 2013
Astrology students?5 unread / 5copyedit52, June 2013
Dionysian Magic1 unread / 1Brian_Whiteman, June 2013
Occult Fiction11 unread / 11quicksiva, April 2013
Personal Influences16 unread / 16Brian_Whiteman, April 2013
Reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle4 unread / 4DeusExLibrus, July 2012
Tarot Favorites?28 unread / 28chg1, November 2010
Numerology by Ed Peterson2 unread / 2PhaedraB, December 2009
Entering a Tarot deck into LT4 unread / 4openset, December 2006
The Ten Most Underappreciated Books Related to Animal Magic1 unread / 1lupagreenwolf, October 2006
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