This will enhance anyone's understanding and knowledge of mythology through different user's imaginations in the subjects by having group discussions. Great for anyone who loves mythology or wants to know what is it.

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Retellings of Myths13 unread / 13Stefuto, November 1
Myth Writing5 unread / 5vpfluke, January 2020
Famous Tales20 unread / 20tuna.moriarty, January 2020
What are your favorite gods in mythology?54 unread / 54tuna.moriarty, January 2020
Obscure Mythology14 unread / 14tuna.moriarty, January 2020
What Mythology are your reading..... April 201020 unread / 20Sandydog1, October 2019
Modern uses of myth6 unread / 6PhaedraB, June 2016
Discover The Babylon Code: Solving the Bible's Greatest End Times Mystery2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, September 2015
Anyone else doing this Coursera class on Greek Mythology?2 unread / 2Sandydog1, May 2014
Greek Myths for children16 unread / 16Sandydog1, May 2014
Symbolism3 unread / 3aulsmith, March 2013
Live Action Role Play -- who indulges?3 unread / 3MisfitKotLD, August 2012
Amerindian Myths5 unread / 5janeajones, March 2012
Famous Paintings derived from Mythology18 unread / 18marq, December 2011
Myth in Modern Writings29 unread / 29MarysGirl, July 2011
Norse Mythology14 unread / 14hailelib, May 2011
Myth Theory - Historical Background9 unread / 9Grafi, November 2010
Clash of the Titans Movie6 unread / 6librisalexandria, November 2010
Music about mythology?9 unread / 9librisalexandria, November 2010
The Lost Books of the Odyssey...6 unread / 6socialpages, August 2010
Four and Hermes1 unread / 1Randy_Hierodule, May 2010
Myth Creations4 unread / 4Poptropica, May 2010
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