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What is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 305177 unread / 177etrainer, Today 2:00am
Who Really Wrote the Works of the British Renaissance? thread 2431 unread / 431faktorovich, Yesterday 8:40pm
The State of the Thing2 unread / 2Hagelstein, Yesterday 11:30am
description, reviews for a different book4 unread / 4VivienneR, Friday 7:16pm
"your collections" for a list does not show all catalogued items2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, May 14
book that I added yesterday has been changed to a different edition33 unread / 33VicRML, May 13
Profile Name4 unread / 4norabelle414, May 12
How to correct an entry in the catalog4 unread / 4E1208, May 12
What changes do you want in the app?53 unread / 53Boand, May 10
Exporting MARC records10 unread / 10kristilabrie, May 10
Signed books, ARCs and the ilk7 unread / 7Crypto-Willobie, May 7
Importing Bookpedia DB into LibraryThing9 unread / 9SandraArdnas, May 7
Who Really Wrote the Works of the British Renaissance?1155 unread / 1155Crypto-Willobie, May 5
Is There a Buy/Sell/Trade type forum?4 unread / 4lilithcat, May 4
Author page updates6 unread / 6conceptDawg, May 4
Free up all inactive barcodes?5 unread / 5kristilabrie, May 2
What is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 304230 unread / 230rastaphrog, April 30
Multi Volume Book Sets5 unread / 5MarthaJeanne, April 29
Can I upload images of books as a batch and label later?4 unread / 4Keeline, April 28
help needed trying to watch bnha/mha season 5 ep. 209 unread / 9aspirit, April 28
Which z39.50 servers?2 unread / 2kristilabrie, April 28
On This Day Redesigned19 unread / 19gilroy, April 27
How to Add URL to Body of Note6 unread / 6rodneyvc, April 27
Organize USSR printed books that have no ISBN, how?5 unread / 5MarthaJeanne, April 26
ISBN 10 VS ISBN 1338 unread / 38MarthaJeanne, April 24
Where is The Personal Library Guide?12 unread / 12anglemark, April 21
Unable to review Early Reviewer book6 unread / 6MarthaJeanne, April 19
Some works showing in green check marks incorrectly11 unread / 11WaltNoise, April 19
set up a completely separate library's7 unread / 7Onisenson, April 18
SBS Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Reading Impaired4 unread / 4birder4106, April 18
Goodbye RSS13 unread / 13dhm, April 16
Subject column in a catalogue3 unread / 3Keeline, April 15
On this day3 unread / 3mlfhlibrarian, April 15
Advice on Closed Venue4 unread / 4mellymel171328, April 14
Librarything kept going down? 04/07/202212 unread / 12Ennas, April 11
Shout out to kristilabrie13 unread / 13susanbooks, April 10
Book Description plagiarized my review22 unread / 22paradoxosalpha, April 8
library thing collection admin functions unavailable to viewers?7 unread / 7vansanto, April 8
Why Do Covers Disappear?39 unread / 39shadrach_anki, April 5
What is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 303223 unread / 223gwernin, April 5
duplicate / download another users catalog (or add all books to mine)24 unread / 24VicRML, April 4
"Deactivate account" option, and dead members82 unread / 82bnielsen, April 4
Changing data in our catalogue by overwriting?10 unread / 10bnielsen, April 4
Museum books - "collection" or "library"?5 unread / 5AnnieMod, April 3
Stats page?11 unread / 11Nevov, April 3
Adding a book with an old ISBN - help please11 unread / 11Petroglyph, April 2
Finding a way thru the maze of "Talk" - possible or a secret?13 unread / 13VicRML, April 2
Add shelves to existing tags.13 unread / 13AnnieMod, April 2
Why can't I just add a book to my library from that specific book's page?6 unread / 6MarthaJeanne, April 1
Reviews6 unread / 6AntonioGallo, March 31
Card catalog(ue)s anyone?41 unread / 41MtAlvernoNovitiate, March 30
Physical Catalogs17 unread / 17MtAlvernoNovitiate, March 30
Deleting Tags and Collections4 unread / 4Matke, March 30
Developer key link not working22 unread / 22kristilabrie, March 30
Whatever happened to fuzzy dates?16 unread / 16AnnieMod, March 29
Ukrainian War14 unread / 14AudreyRankine, March 28
How to merge two books12 unread / 12MarthaJeanne, March 28
Future of the iPhone App?6 unread / 6AnnieMod, March 25
Long reviews-- any way to collapse?19 unread / 19norabelle414, March 25
Different/distinct editions of same book in my library - what's the best way?9 unread / 9Stevil2001, March 24
Cual es el formato para importar libros de una base de datos desde el disco duro4 unread / 4biblioteca_cpal, March 23
Instagram Scam6 unread / 62wonderY, March 22
Online venues: legitimate without events?18 unread / 18AbigailAdams26, March 21
ISBNs misattributed5 unread / 5jjwilson61, March 18
Which version of an author's name do you catalog under?18 unread / 18rosalita, March 18
Book Cover Orientation5 unread / 5MarthaJeanne, March 17
19th century ornithology books with photographs?6 unread / 6Foretopman, March 14
What is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 302232 unread / 232etrainer, March 13
Would like to filter tag results by genre7 unread / 7CtrSacredSciences, March 13
where is everyone?4 unread / 4anglemark, March 13
Posting an event at a different venue3 unread / 3Nevov, March 11
Unblocked video game sites32 unread / 32Isani, March 10
Webtoon is blocked for me :(((12 unread / 12animegirlxxx, March 10
2021 Halloween Treasure Hunt297 unread / 297Morphidae, March 10
Can't Add Books7 unread / 7BookstoogeLT, March 9
Sort by Series Order4 unread / 4lorax, March 8
spoiler mark up?5 unread / 5MarthaJeanne, March 8
2022 Valentine Treasure Hunt305 unread / 305krazy4katz, March 7
Newbie3 unread / 3Diane_Why, March 6
Book with no covers2 unread / 2Andy_Dingley, March 6
Have you ever gone back and read books you were supposed to read in high school - but didn't?80 unread / 80anglemark, March 6
Top Five Books of 202168 unread / 68Storeetllr, March 4
Formatting in Series Descriptions11 unread / 11Nevov, March 3
New Release The 24 ( Thoughts for my sons ) Now available at Amazon Kindle3 unread / 3MarthaJeanne, March 3
Series and work relationships2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, February 28
"References to this work on external resources." [Wikipedia] - How does this work?7 unread / 7MarthaJeanne, February 28
Downloading our libraries?12 unread / 12bnielsen, February 28
Sorting custom call numbers LCC style?2 unread / 2MarthaJeanne, February 27
Second Author4 unread / 4bnielsen, February 26
Previous owners of our used books27 unread / 27EerierIdyllMeme, February 24
Welcome Rebecca!17 unread / 17bnielsen, February 24
Spine Label Template2 unread / 2MohicanChurch, February 22
scanning isbn without a barcode12 unread / 12.mau., February 22
Scanning a book cover into my data base5 unread / 5PaulBlondefield, February 21
Redoing Awards / Awards Data29 unread / 29gilroy, February 21
Cataloging... help!!!!2 unread / 22wonderY, February 19
Wrong Melvil Decimal Classification5 unread / 5Michael.Rimmer, February 19
In power edit, is there a short cut...13 unread / 13elainepy, February 18
Boxed images & flashing posts14 unread / 14Crypto-Willobie, February 18
A question about offensive and discriminatory content on LT - warning, content quoted89 unread / 89FAMeulstee, February 17
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