"Five and Dime" Category Challenge

This is a category challenge group for people of all types.

As the title might indicate, you have 4 different types of challenges you can go for:

5 books in 5 categories (25 books total)
10 books in 5 categories (50 books total)
5 books in 10 categories (50 books total)
10 books in 10 categories (100 books total)

You set your own start date. You set your own end date (or goal date to have your challenge done by).

Finished a challenge? Start up another one at any time! You can do an unlimited number of them, and you don't have to wait for the next year to arrive! Do a bunch of small challenges, or a couple of big ones.

This group can benefit ANYBODY:

- Find yourself overwhelmed by a full-time job, raising children, and have additional hobbies in addition to reading? Do the 5 by 5 challenge and allow yourself a year or 2 to complete!

- Find yourself finishing the 1010 challenge or 11 in 11 challenge too quickly, and want a bigger challenge, or to break the world record perhaps? Do the 10 by 10 challenge here, and set your deadline at 1 month! (Good luck with that, by the way)

- Find yourself in the yearly challenges filling up half your categories, and others not even getting started? Do the 5 by 10 challenge where you have less categories and more books in each category!

The choice is yours!

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