Translating LibraryThing? (General Talk)

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This is for general issues with LibraryThing's new you-translate-it translation feature. Feel free to note bugs, untranslated pages and snippets.

Look here for official translation guidelines and legal language.

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Nominate a new language56 unread / 56Birlinn, October 2018
/ajax_addsources.php1 unread / 1bnielsen, October 2017
Ratings1 unread / 1anglemark, April 2013
How does one translate a popup (lightbox)?5 unread / 5brightcopy, February 2013
Changing a mistranslation from the dropdown menu5 unread / 5lillilupe, July 2012
I can't find where is the string to correct of a floating window5 unread / 5supersidvicious, July 2012
Unfamiliar code in translation page: LIBRARYTHING1 unread / 1Anneli, June 2012
What does this mean: Note: Translate as "LibraryThing in YOUR_LANGUAGE_NAME"13 unread / 13Anneli, April 2012
On my Dutch profile I receive messages in foreign languages f.i. SUB1 a laissé un message concernan3 unread / 3guurtjesboekenkast, April 2012
posting (single) LT links about LT image pages to Facebook8 unread / 8gangleri, April 2012
Updates on my profile page about comments on the marked images are not translated1 unread / 1guurtjesboekenkast, April 2012
Melvin and Dewey4 unread / 4Annix, March 2012
failing of UTF-8 truncation in topic titles as in Esperanto: Ĉ ĉ Ĝ ĝ Ĥ ĥ Ĵ ĵ Ŝ ŝ Ŭ ŭ Ĉ2 unread / 2gangleri, March 2012
failing of UTF-8 truncation in topic titles as in Esperanto: Ĉ ĉ Ĝ ĝ Ĥ ĥ Ĵ ĵ Ŝ ŝ Ŭ ŭ- Ĉ1 unread / 1gangleri, March 2012
Sep_September_abbreviation etc.4 unread / 4AnnieMod, March 2012
Remaining translations is just tons of garbage48 unread / 48Annix, March 2012
Hunting homographs63 unread / 63anglemark, March 2012
What is the status about splitting transalations for Englisch master words with multiple meaning?1 unread / 1gangleri, March 2012
wrong yellowflaging in "translations"1 unread / 1gangleri, March 2012
Bug Tracking - translation bug category via /talk.php?mode=bugcategory&category=foobar4 unread / 4gangleri, March 2012
alphabetical translation of master English messages2 unread / 2gangleri, March 2012
LT English messages displaying � - translations displaying �3 unread / 3gangleri, March 2012
incorrect translation that cannot be corrected8 unread / 8AnnieMod, October 2011
Plaatselijke gorepen means Local dirtypencil6 unread / 6guurtjesboekenkast, June 2011
Middle English?3 unread / 3Muscogulus, February 2011
Invite members to join5 unread / 5supersidvicious, February 2011
Word Zeitgeist has no shortlink on the Dutch Page: Mijn profiel (Your Profile) Rondleidingspagina5 unread / 5guurtjesboekenkast, February 2011
list of things that cannot be translated (part 2)34 unread / 34Anneli, February 2011
Problems with placeholders2 unread / 2anglemark, December 2010
Translating 'LibraryThing' (name of the site)1 unread / 1aqeeliz, March 2010
list of things that cannot be translated230 unread / 230timspalding, February 2010
Two forms of plural1 unread / 1AnnieMod, May 2009
book titles among untranslatables4 unread / 4Anneli, April 2009
upgrade page untranslatable1 unread / 1rsterling, April 2009
involuntary translations of book titles4 unread / 4Paal, April 2009
Translators: Please check translation history of snippets first.1 unread / 1GirlFromIpanema, November 2008
Home page popup windows2 unread / 2GirlFromIpanema, November 2008
how to correct a typo on main home page?1 unread / 1Anneli, September 2008
Wrong translation in sort options (Polish)2 unread / 2boekerij, September 2008
Error on personal homepage1 unread / 1bonne1978, July 2008
Localization guidelines for developers and other translation requests1 unread / 1frsantos, June 2008
translating from English into English?1 unread / 1Anneli, May 2008
stupid translation7 unread / 7boekerij, February 2008
You and none other?8 unread / 8boekerij, February 2008
Language names and ISO 63916 unread / 16GerardM, January 2008
Month names5 unread / 5Paal, January 2008
Lack of flags2 unread / 2felius, December 2007
Number Issues4 unread / 4bvs, December 2007
Postpositional languages8 unread / 8sanxiyn, December 2007
Differ by capitalization only1 unread / 1sanxiyn, December 2007
language name: Norwegian (Bokm�l)2 unread / 2timspalding, December 2007
what is this: Covers/21947174/details?6 unread / 6Anneli, December 2007
abbreviation of language or what: G�?1 unread / 1Anneli, November 2007
yellow banner7 unread / 7Thalia, September 2007
non-mobile?2 unread / 2GirlFromIpanema, August 2007
Tranlator's blues13 unread / 13prezzey, August 2007
Thingamabraian2 unread / 2MMcM, August 2007
Dutch translation on all sites2 unread / 2xtien, August 2007
missing space3 unread / 3timspalding, August 2007
read != read9 unread / 9xtien, July 2007
Review looks weird in Swedish2 unread / 2Anneli, July 2007
Cannot translate 'sixteen' on home page17 unread / 17timspalding, July 2007
members per language4 unread / 4xtien, July 2007
New Rule? Voting in cases of disagreement.11 unread / 11xtien, July 2007
edit war21 unread / 21timspalding, July 2007
ISBN Duplicates?3 unread / 3boekerij, June 2007
longing for a rating system2 unread / 2xtien, June 2007
About8 unread / 8timspalding, June 2007
cannot translate this9 unread / 9Anneli, June 2007
Dictionary3 unread / 3xtien, June 2007
translating Home1 unread / 1xtien, June 2007
English1 unread / 1xtien, June 2007
Remove from contracts1 unread / 1LA2, June 2007
Native speakers6 unread / 6xtien, June 2007
frustration1 unread / 1Anneli, May 2007
Bookstores that integrate = Franchising?4 unread / 4readafew, March 2007
cheer / boo for a translation from the edit history1 unread / 1kantelier, March 2007
reinventing the wheel / dates and numbers1 unread / 1kantelier, March 2007
How to catch missing texts1 unread / 1LA2, March 2007
same language is not the same6 unread / 6xtien, February 2007
amusing3 unread / 3xtien, February 2007
Please provide lists and have them translated in full--now19 unread / 19boekerij, January 2007
code mess to be substituted out and absolute links to be supersede by relative links1 unread / 1boekerij, December 2006
"See all untranslated!" inaccessible?3 unread / 3boekerij, November 2006
List of (yet) untranslatable strings6 unread / 6GirlFromIpanema, October 2006
Testing the new translation system37 unread / 37GirlFromIpanema, October 2006
"See all untranslated!"4 unread / 4MMcM, October 2006
Translation improvements20 unread / 20timspalding, October 2006
issues with greek pages3 unread / 3netname, October 2006
Adressing the reader: Formal or informal? [fr, de, other languages?]18 unread / 18darklyndsea, October 2006
What happened to special characters o the translation page?4 unread / 4timspalding, October 2006
Hunting down snippets of text to translate..5 unread / 5timspalding, October 2006
can't access the Italian site7 unread / 7timspalding, October 2006
Check out the translation homepage for guidelines and statistics (?)5 unread / 5sunny, October 2006
lastfew things13 unread / 13circeus, October 2006
Bug: links from subdomains goes to www.librarything.com8 unread / 8timspalding, October 2006
cheers/boos5 unread / 5netname, October 2006
Statistics turning mad.9 unread / 9Ottox, October 2006
Weird translation bug8 unread / 8sunny, October 2006
"Okay as is"4 unread / 4timspalding, October 2006
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