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The most difficult book you've ever read76 unread / 76yagnithaviggi, Wednesday 8:22am
Children's Fiction Message Board70 unread / 70PatrickMurtha, July 9
Introduction2 unread / 2PatrickMurtha, July 9
Help me find a book from my childhood9 unread / 9Keeline, April 2
Book from when I was young2 unread / 2merrystar, April 2022
Seeking Children's Book From Late 1960s About Lazy Boy in Mechanical House2 unread / 2Keeline, November 2021
Books for 5th Graders41 unread / 41SueDLeatherman, September 2021
Great children's Books16 unread / 16MarthaJeanne, November 2020
Children's fantasy about Easter and Gargoyles...3 unread / 3merrystar, October 2020
Suggestions for a 9yr's old graphic novel?6 unread / 6Juli23, October 2020
1960s Novel about a British Orphan (Scholastic Book Club)3 unread / 3Keeline, December 2019
Books to read to kindergarten & 2nd grade classes17 unread / 17AlliCatCA, November 2019
Stig of the dump4 unread / 4MyopicBookworm, December 2018
Seeking name please! (Tried Name that book)3 unread / 3Keeline, August 2018
Best of Beverly Cleary? help19 unread / 19stannestudent, June 2017
children's books with brown children9 unread / 9merrystar, October 2016
Conflicted feelings about the politically incorrect?6 unread / 6AurelArkad, June 2016
Need help finding a few sci-fi novels--1980s/early 90s publication dates4 unread / 4lesmel, January 2016
Graveyard Book from Neil Gaiman---best suited for??9 unread / 9aviddiva, January 2016
Will Scott's 14-book Cherrys Series17 unread / 17AurelArkad, October 2015
Children's books on mental illness2 unread / 2Cynfelyn, May 2015
Like Harry Potter10 unread / 10Cynfelyn, March 2015
Name it: Subway? Sewers? A children's fight club? Best fighter a girl?3 unread / 3pdxwoman, August 2014
Modern children's books for new adult reader9 unread / 9MerryMary, August 2014
Horse books23 unread / 23sweetiegherkin, August 2014
Recommendations for Intelligent Toddler9 unread / 9foggidawn, July 2014
trying to interest my son in reading14 unread / 14Booksloth, May 2014
Looking for suggestions akin to John Flanagan's Ranger Apprentice Series5 unread / 5Cynfelyn, April 2014
Mary E Patchett Book - Need Input!12 unread / 12bookel, March 2014
Animal books12 unread / 12Peace2, February 2014
Looking for a sci-fi book 90's1 unread / 1rraisa, February 2014
Looking for a picture book about a mouse and a hedgehog10 unread / 10helenj1976, February 2014
Boy hears radio stations in his fillings -- title???4 unread / 4kbreach, February 2014
New "Pony Book" Publisher1 unread / 1fuzzi, January 2014
AceHansen so happy to find this group!1 unread / 1AceHansen, December 2013
Looking for Sally McGrundy4 unread / 4anglemark, September 2013
New Group - LibraryThing Goes to the Chalet School1 unread / 1MDGentleReader, August 2013
Please (PLEASE!) help me find this book!7 unread / 7mackay, June 2013
NZ Children's Book1 unread / 1alexdaw, May 2013
Help! I forgot the title of this children's book. Aimee or Annie or similar. About a nursing todddle1 unread / 1Daffodilmom, December 2012
Best preschool book2 unread / 2smilesalltheway, November 2012
A Book from the Past3 unread / 3IamJimmy, November 2012
New Board Book Series1 unread / 1TundraBooks, October 2012
Looking for high level books for 4th graders3 unread / 3Marissa_Doyle, October 2012
LibraryThing Mock Newbery & Caldecott group1 unread / 1foggidawn, August 2012
Worst movie from a children's book154 unread / 154donnao, August 2012
children's fiction13 unread / 13lokidragon, July 2012
New reader book suggestions?13 unread / 13aviddiva, July 2012
non-series books to read aloud to 9 and 12 year olds?58 unread / 58Dowless, July 2012
Books from overseas7 unread / 7puppet258, July 2012
Book for impatient 3d grader to read to herself17 unread / 17NoraMaher, June 2012
survival/adventure titles for 9-12 or YA59 unread / 59NoraMaher, June 2012
Book Groups for 2nd & 3rd Graders4 unread / 4NoraMaher, June 2012
reading to kids33 unread / 33NoraMaher, June 2012
Read Aloud book titles for 8-12 year olds???10 unread / 10NoraMaher, June 2012
starting chapter books12 unread / 12NoraMaher, June 2012
Giant Children's Books?5 unread / 5NoraMaher, June 2012
If you were stranded on a desert island...8 unread / 8NoraMaher, June 2012
Favorite Children's Books?10 unread / 10NoraMaher, June 2012
Writer-Illustrators30 unread / 30NoraMaher, June 2012
hello :)4 unread / 4NoraMaher, June 2012
Ideas for 9 year old girl?12 unread / 12NoraMaher, June 2012
Favorite long-ish board books?6 unread / 6merrystar, June 2012
Help identifying old childhood favourite3 unread / 3wordsm1th, May 2012
Ruth Chew -- where to start?3 unread / 3merrystar, April 2012
Help! Forgot the title of a children's book5 unread / 5Bookcrone, April 2012
It began with Bara's Death Day-does anyone know the title or author of this book?7 unread / 7SimonW11, April 2012
really good dinosaur picture books? fiction or non-fiction?6 unread / 6merrystar, March 2012
Stan Lee Excelsior Award for graphic novels and manga1 unread / 1Echobrain, March 2012
Steal Away to Freedom by Jennifer Armstrong3 unread / 3mandymarie20, March 2012
"Why hasn't this been made into a movie?"2 unread / 2kaylanovak, February 2012
what books should not have gone out of print?12 unread / 12SimonW11, February 2012
RIP Russell Hoban3 unread / 3mabith, February 2012
Non-fiction recommendations?11 unread / 11sweetiegherkin, February 2012
Looking for Haruki1 unread / 1daisyfly, December 2011
Book about a pig who wore clothes and walked on back legs7 unread / 7kimik, November 2011
TD Canadian Children’s Book Week1 unread / 1TundraBooks, May 2011
help - identify this picture book about a chameleon8 unread / 8amandafack, April 2011
Has anybody read [The Emerald Atlas]?3 unread / 3shadrach_anki, April 2011
Has anybody read [The Emerald Atlas]?1 unread / 1ltcl, April 2011
favorite toddler books62 unread / 62elfchild, February 2011
Princess Bride question4 unread / 4Keeline, February 2011
UNEARTHLY ASYLUM review/giveaway1 unread / 1noranydrop2read, October 2010
Which do you prefer, Harry Potter or A Series of Unfortunate Enents?26 unread / 26Eeyore7642, July 2010
Nicolas Stuart Gray3 unread / 3susan594, July 2010
New Children's Fiction Book released2 unread / 2MerryMary, July 2010
Christmas tree book4 unread / 4bookel, June 2010
Classics53 unread / 53reedist, May 2010
Looking for connections to Shaun Tan's tales from outer suburbia1 unread / 1tvarner, April 2010
Funny book to share with your kids!2 unread / 2jennieg, April 2010
3:PM Magazine, Hip-lit for cyberkids1 unread / 13pmmagazine, March 2010
Children's books about King Arthur?13 unread / 13smammers, February 2010
Newbery award winners12 unread / 12annamorphic, January 2010
Dahlov Ipcar NEW My Wonderful Christmas Tree GIVEAWAY1 unread / 1BlackSheepDances, January 2010
Books YOU loved as a young child!111 unread / 111Elizabeth22, December 2009
Readalikes...Wimpy Kid5 unread / 5smammers, December 2009
1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up - New group1 unread / 1KimB, December 2009
Looking for children's sci-fi book, 1980s?6 unread / 6StormRaven, November 2009
ARC Book Giveaways?1 unread / 1rubywinkle, November 2009
Holiday stories7 unread / 7vibrantminds, November 2009
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