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Translators and users of the Italian LT.

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Old English/Old French e altro1 unread / 1Moloch, November 2008
ciao!2 unread / 2kat_aka_kitty101, June 2008
Pagine non traducibili?2 unread / 2Gio, April 2008
problemi con traduzione1 unread / 1Moloch, November 2006
bug1 unread / 1massimosala, November 2006
Gioia3 unread / 3aluvalibri, October 2006
perche'4 unread / 4massimosala, October 2006
perche' --> WHY1 unread / 1massimosala, October 2006
How do we start?1 unread / 1aluvalibri, October 2006
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