SeriesInternational Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction

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Adolescent girls in approved schools by Helen J. Richardson 3 copies
Adolescents and Morality: International Library of Sociology K: The Sociology of Youth and Adolescence by E.M. Eppel 0 copies
Adopted children: how they grow up: a study of their adjustment as adults; by Alexina Mary McWhinnie 4 copies
The American science of politics: its origins and conditions by Bernard Crick 13 copies
Apprenticeship an enquiry into its adequacy under modern conditions by Kate K. Liepmann 3 copies
Badlands of Modernity: Heterotopia and Social Ordering (International Library of Sociology) by Ke Hetherington 8 copies
Britain's married women workers by Viola Klein 2 copies
Central European Democracy and its Background: Economic and Political Group Organization by Rudolf Schlesinger 3 copies
The Changing Social Structure of England and Wales, 1871-1961 by David C. Marsh 4 copies
The church in social work : a study of moral welfare work undertaken by the Church of England by M. P. Hall 1 copy
Comparative Criminology (Part 1): International Library of Sociology O: The Sociology of Law and Criminology by Hermann Mannheim 3 copies
Comparative Criminology a Text Book Volume Two by Hermann Mannheim 1 copy
Comparative education : a study of educational factors and traditions by nicholas hans 2 copies
Criminal justice and social reconstruction by Hermann Mannheim 2 copies
The cultural background of personality by Ralph Linton 38 copies
The Deprived And The Privileged: Personality Development In English Society by B. M. Spinley 5 copies
The desegregation of the mentally ill by J. Hoenig 3 copies
The Development of Conscience by Geoffrey Stephenson 0 copies
Diagnosis of Our Time: Wartime Essays of a Sociologist by Karl Mannheim 28 copies
The economic order and religion by Frank H. Knight 3 copies
Education and Social Change in Ghana by Philip Foster 4 copies
Education and society : an introduction to the sociology of education by A K C Ottaway 7 copies, 1 review
Education and society in modern France by W.R. Fraser 2 copies
Education in Israel by Bentwich Joseph Solomon 10 copies
The Educational Thought and Influence of Matthew Arnold (International Library of Sociology) by W. F. Connell 6 copies
English primary education a sociological description / Schools by W. A. L. Blyth 3 copies
Escape from Freedom by Erich Fromm 2,293 copies, 23 reviews
Essays on the sociology of culture by Karl Mannheim 22 copies
Families and their relatives : kinship in a middle-class sector of London : an anthropological study by Raymond Firth 7 copies
Family and class in a London suburb by Peter Willmott 13 copies
The family and democratic society by Joseph K. Folsom 3 copies
The Family and Social Change: International Library of Sociology J: The Sociology of Gender and the Family by Colin Rosser 4 copies
Family Environment and Delinquency by Sheldon Glueck 4 copies
Family, Socialization and Interaction Process by Talcott Parsons 16 copies
Federalism in central and eastern Europe by Rudolf Schlesinger 4 copies
The Feminine Character: History of an Ideology (International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction) by Viola Klein 31 copies
Field-theory: A study of its application in the social sciences; (International library of sociology and social reconstruction) by Harald Mey 3 copies
The Framework of Human Behaviour: International Library of Sociology by Julian Murray Blackburn 2 copies
Freedom, power and democratic planning by Karl Mannheim 15 copies
French Canada in transition by Everett Cherrington Hughes 12 copies
From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology by Hans H. Gerth 901 copies, 1 review
The fundamental forms of social thought by Werner Stark 3 copies
German youth bond or free by Howard Becker 2 copies
The golden wing : a sociological study of Chinese familism by Yueh-hwa Lin 6 copies
Group problems in crime and punishment, and other studies in criminology and criminal law by Hermann Mannheim 2 copies
Handbook of Social Psychology by Kimball Young 3 copies
A History of Autobiography in Antiquity Volume 1 by Georg Misch 1 copy
A History of Autobiography in Antiquity, Vol. I and Vol. II by Georg Misch 2 copies
History of socialism; a comparative survey of socialism, communism, trade unionism, cooperation, utopianism, and other systems of reform and reconstruction by Harry Wellington Laidler 10 copies
India's changing villages : human factors in community development by S. C. Dube 4 copies
Indian Village by S. C. Dube 16 copies
Jews in the post-war world by Max Gottschalk 5 copies
Juvenile delinquency in an English Middletown by Hermann Mannheim 2 copies
The Logic of Liberty: Reflections and Rejoinders by Michael Polanyi 103 copies
The Logic of Social Enquiry by Quentin Gibson 17 copies
Marx his time and ours by Rudolf Schlesinger 7 copies
Men of letters and the English public in the eighteenth century 1660-1744, Dryden, Addison, Pope by A. Beljame 3 copies
Mental health and mental disorder: A sociological approach by Arnold Marshall Rose 1 copy
Middle class families: social and geographical mobility by Colin R. Bell 6 copies
Mission of the university by José Ortega y Gasset 71 copies
Montesquieu pioneer of the sociology of knowledge by Werner Stark 3 copies
Nation and Family: The Swedish Experiment in Democratic Family and Population Policy by Alva Myrdal 8 copies
Negroes in Britain: International Library of Sociology I: Class, Race and Social Structure (International Library of Soc by K.L. Little 0 copies
Penelope Hall's Social services of England and Wales by Penelope Hall 4 copies
Personality and problems of adjustment by Kimball Young 1 copy
Plan for reconstruction;: A project for victory in war and peace, (International library of sociology and social reconstruction. Editor: Dr. Karl Mannheim) by W. H. Hutt 1 copy
Planned organizational change: A study in change dynamics, (International library of sociology and social reconstruction) by Garth N. Jones 1 copy
Problems of Historical Psychology by Zevedei Barbu 10 copies
Prosperity and parenthood; a study of family planning among the Victorian middle classes by Joseph Ambrose Banks 5 copies
Psycho-Analytical Approach to Juvenile Delinquency: Theory, Case Studies, Treatment by Kate Friedlander 6 copies
Psychology and the social pattern by Julian Murray Blackburn 5 copies
Psychology in the Soviet Union by Brian Simon 3 copies
Put away : a sociological study of institutions for the mentally retarded by Pauline Morris 2 copies
Religious Behaviour (The International Library of Sociology: The Sociology of Religion) by Michael Argyle 5 copies
Retail trade associations a new form of monopolist organisation in Britain; a report to the Fabian society by H. Levy 1 copy
Samples From English Cultures In Two Volumes. Volume One: Three Preliminary Studies; Aspects Of Adult Life In England by Josephine Klein 0 copies
Samples from English cultures. Part two, Child-rearing practices by Josephine Klein 3 copies
The Sane Society by Erich Fromm 872 copies, 12 reviews
The school inspector by E. L. Edmonds 2 copies
The shops of Britain : a study of retail distribution by Hermann Levy 2 copies
Social Class, Language and Education by Denis Lawton 15 copies
Social mobility in Britain by D. V. Glass 7 copies
Social policies for old age : a review of social provision for old age in Graet Britain by B. E. Shenfield 2 copies
The social psychology of education : an introduction and guide to its study by C.M. Fleming 3 copies
The Social Purposes of Education by K. G. Collier 1 copy
Social Relations in Secondary School: International Library of Sociology by David H. Hargreaves 1 copy
Social service and mental health an essay on psychiatric social workers by Margaret Ashdown 3 copies
The social services of modern England by M. Penelope Hall 2 copies
Social-economic Movements by Harry W. Laidler 11 copies
Socialism and Saint-Simon by Emile Durkheim 8 copies
The Sociology of Behaviour and Psychology: Society and Nature: A Sociological Inquiry (International Library of Sociology) by Hans Kelsen 1 copy
The sociology of knowledge : an essay in aid of a deeper understanding of the history of ideas by Werner Stark 11 copies
The sociology of literary taste by Levin Ludwig Schucking 12 copies
The sociology of religion a study of Christendom. Part four, Types of religious man by Werner Stark 7 copies
The sociology of religion. a study of Christendom / Part 3, The Universal Church by Werner Stark 5 copies
The sociology of religion. a study of christendom / Part five, Types of religious culture by Werner Stark 4 copies
The sociology of religion. a study of christendom / Part one, Established religion by Werner Stark 4 copies
The sociology of religion. a study of Christendom / Part two, Sectarian religion by Werner Stark 5 copies
Sociology of the Renaissance by 1882- Alfred Wilhelm Otto von Martin 41 copies, 1 review
Solitude and privacy; a study of social isolation, its causes and therapy by Paul Halmos 1 copy
Soviet legal theory : its social background and development by Rudolf Schlesinger 3 copies
Soviet Youth by Dorothea L. Meek 4 copies
Spiritualism and Society (International Library of Society) by Geoffrey K. Nelson 10 copies
Studies in class structure by G. D. H. Cole 8 copies
Systematic sociology an introduction to the study of society by Karl Mannheim 15 copies, 1 review
Total education; a plea for synthesis, (International library of sociology and social reconstruction) by M. L Jacks 3 copies
Towards a measure of man : the frontiers of normal adjustment by Paul Halmos 2 copies
Tradition and Economy in Village India / by K. Ishwaran ; Foreword by Conrad Arensberg by Karigoudar Ishwaran 2 copies
Under The Ancestors Shadow: Kinship, Personality & Social Mobility in China by Francis L. K. Hsu 20 copies
Understanding human society by Walter Goldschmidt 2 copies
Values and involvement in a grammar school by Ronald King 2 copies
Voluntary work in the Welfare State (International library of sociology and social reconstruction) by Mary Morris 4 copies
Who shall be educated? The challenge of unequal opportunities by W. Lloyd Warner 3 copies
Women's Two Roles (International Library of Society) by Alva Myrdal 10 copies


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