Publisher SeriesNature Company Discoveries Library

Ancient China by Judith Simpson 111 copies
Ancient Egypt by George Hart 372 copies
Ancient Greece by Louise Schofield 169 copies, 1 review
Ancient Rome by Paul Roberts 252 copies
Dangerous Animals by John Seidensticker 260 copies, 4 reviews
Dinosaurs (The Nature Company Discoveries Library) by Angela Milner 218 copies, 2 reviews
Flight by Donald S. Lopez 137 copies
Explorers and Traders (Discoveries Series) by Claire Craig 169 copies, 2 reviews
Great Buildings by Anne Lynch 108 copies
Great Inventions by Richard Wood 165 copies, 1 review
How Things Work (Discoveries) by Ian Graham 178 copies, 2 reviews
The Human Body (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by Marie Rose 182 copies, 2 reviews
Insects & Spiders (Discoveries) by David Burnie 199 copies
Mammals (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by Carson Creagh 74 copies, 1 review
Native Americans (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by Judith Simpson 364 copies, 1 review
Reptiles (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by Carson Creagh 174 copies, 2 reviews
Sports & Games (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by Neil Jameson 60 copies
Stars and Planets (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by David H. Levy 259 copies
Under the Sea (Nature Company Discoveries Libraries) by Linsay Knight 314 copies
Volcanoes & Earthquakes by Linsay Knight 130 copies
Weather by Sally Morgan 293 copies, 1 review
Our amazing planet (The Nature Company discoveries library) by David Ellyard 16 copies
What life was like (The Nature Company discoveries library) by George Hart 29 copies
Wonders of our world (The Nature Company discoveries library) by Other Contributor-Eryl Davies 20 copies