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Ah, Buddies by Jay C. Albert 2 copies01
Come In by Frazer Curtis 5 copies02
Husbands... and Lovers by Roger Hart 3 copies03
High-Ball Trucker by David E. Griffon 3 copies04
Sailor's Delight by Edwin Starke 3 copies05
Crotch Bait by Bob Cochran 3 copies06
Sister Sailor by Abel Cruze 2 copies07
Hairport by Vic Dickerson 7 copies08
Easy Come by Bob Cochran 3 copies09
S.U.C.K. by Rich Cummings 4 copies10
Highway Hustler by Ace Brunner 2 copies11
Bath Buddy by Rich Cummings 5 copies12
Asstrucker by David E. Griffon 4 copies14
Black in White In by K. Kevork 2 copies15
Hotel Dick by Rich Cummings 3 copies16
Tearoom Dangler by Moris Booton 4 copies17
Massage Boy by Rich Cummings 2 copies18
Me and Dick by Peter Pepper 3 copies19
Super S*T*U*D* by Dick Edwards 3 copies20
Dinging Daddy's Dong by Rich Cummings 3 copies21
Brownout by D.H. Love 4 copies22
Copsuckers by Bob Cochran 3 copies23
Hard: to Take by Rick Phillips 2 copies24
Kept Boy by Rich Cummings 5 copies25
Bike Boy by Chuck Herman 5 copies29
Jocksucker by David E. Griffon 7 copies30
School Meat by Bob Cochran 5 copies33
Truckin' Naked by George Davies 4 copies34
Lip Service by Rich Cummings 6 copies35
Steamroom Stroker by D.H. Love 5 copies36
10-Inch Toker by Rich Cummings 3 copies37
Cell-Mating by Houston Smith 4 copies38
Golden Showers by Duston Rose 3 copies39
Well Hung-Up by Daniel Gibson 5 copies40
Suckhappy by Rich Cummings 4 copies41
Sausages and Buns by E. Rex Dix 5 copies42
Cocked Up by Russ Morrow 3 copies43
The Brass Cock by Peter Pepper 6 copies44
Swallow My Pride by Eric Todd 4 copies45
Cheeks of Tan by Warren Jameson 6 copies46
Newcomer by Phil Murphy 1 copy47
Dick Enough by Roger Samson 5 copies48
Little Buggers by Bob Cochran 4 copies49
Eat My Money Maker by Harry Paul 5 copies50
Kid Come by Rich Cummings 5 copies51
Share the Rod by Art Smith 3 copies52
Head Giver by Bob Cochran 5 copies53
17 X 9 by Ron Adcock 4 copies54
Alltime Hard by Charlie Peters 4 copies55
Suck Slave by Rich Cummings 1 copy56
Long Time Coming by Louis Stout 3 copies57
Soft Butt Willing by Warren Jameson 5 copies58
Cock Watch by Steve Maier 3 copies59
Flood Cumin' by Bob Cochran 4 copies60
Ride a Long Horn by Abel Cruze 3 copies61
A Nice Dick by Rich Cummings 4 copies62
Up Your Alley by Harry Frank 3 copies63
Mancorps by William Astor Bates 2 copies64
Ballbuster by Damon Martin 5 copies65
Trickin' & Truckin' by Ed Garvin 4 copies66
Butting In by Benjamin David 3 copies67
Meat My Buddy by Curt MacLean 3 copies68
Astrogay by Clu Lee Lennuck 3 copies69
Hot Buns by Peter Pepper 3 copies70
Sweet Meat by Sam Malloy 2 copies71
Door to Door Chicken by Jeff Murphy 1 copy72
A Young Man's Fanny by Bert Shrader 3 copies73
Cockpit Cruiser by Rod Rammer 4 copies74
3-Way Plug-In by Eric Todd 2 copies75
Deep Dick by Frank Jeffries 5 copies76
Get It in the Rear by Jock Masters 6 copies77
The Assman Cometh by J. B. Vincent 2 copies78
Through the Chute by Daniel Gilbert 3 copies79
Shoot It Out! by Rich Cummings 3 copies80
The Rod Squad by Sy Jaffe 4 copies81
Come for Lunch by Roger Hart 2 copies82
Hot Rodding by Bert Shrader 4 copies83
Dick Docs by E. Rex Dix 4 copies84
Come Quick! by Harry Frank 4 copies85
Trucker Sucker by Art Patterson 4 copies86
Schooltime Hard by Charlie Peters 2 copies87
Reamout! by O. J. Fletcher 3 copies88
Plug-In Stud! by Warren Fox 2 copies89
Butt Great by Damon Martin 3 copies90
Rock Hard by Chance McCandless 5 copies91
Prime Meat by Peter Pepper 4 copies92
Bouncing Balls by Buck Jordan 4 copies93
Meat Market Man by George Wilson 5 copies94
Chicken Chaser by Charlie Peters 2 copies95
Cop Come by Joseph Marrs 6 copies96
All Dick! by Dan Gilbert 6 copies97
Young Butt Full by Scott McBride 6 copies98
Cummin' Out by Grady Garrison 7 copies99
Back Door Buddy by Lon Stewart 2 copies100
Rump Rider by Jay Michael 3 copies101
Big Mouthful by Ed Morrison 7 copies102
The Hairy Throne by Jeff Kincaid 7 copies103
The cumin' thing by Samuel West 2 copies104
The Cumin' Thing by Samuel West 1 copy104
Hot Asset! by George Kiva 2 copies106
Ballsout Trucker by Kenny Harris 4 copies108
Dick Jockey by Jimmy Browning 3 copies109
Dick and Peter by Peter Pepper 3 copies110
Barebutt Rider by George Wilson 2 copies111
Horse Hung by Lynn Savage 3 copies112
Big Red Waggin' by Peter Pepper 5 copies113
Truck Jockey's Shorts by George Davies 4 copies114
Chicken Farm by George Wilson 3 copies115
Locker Room Lads by Chuck Howard 3 copies116
Ski Buns by George Wilson 3 copies117
Teen Tonguer by Josh Benton 2 copies118
Greek Initiation by Philip Pines 4 copies119
Tight-End Ream by Gabe Garnett 3 copies120
Turn the Other Cheeks by Peter Pepper 5 copies121
Butt Busting Buddies by Art Richter 5 copies122
One in Every Closet by Rod Hammer 7 copies123
Cocky Cousins by Fred George 5 copies124
Tricky Dick by Fred George 3 copies125
Mouth Man by Jerry Eaton 4 copies126
Come Cleaner by Philip Pines 6 copies127
Tasty Trick by Samuel West 2 copies128
The Hole Thing by Larry Stoner 3 copies129
Turning the Screw by Art Richter 2 copies130
Mouth for Dick by O.B. Ryder 2 copies131
Daddy's Tasty Chicken by Thomas De Aguilar 2 copies132
Cream of Chicken by Samuel West 2 copies133
The Male-Man's Bag by Rod Hammer 3 copies134
Ream-Riders by Peter Pepper 4 copies136
Trucker's Chicken by Rod Hammer 4 copies137
Big Jock by Peter Pepper 2 copies138
Down, Boy! by Samuel West 3 copies, 1 review140
Gang-Bang Boy by Thumper Johnson 3 copies, 1 review141
Pin That Sucker! by James Duncan 1 copy, 1 review142
Bathroom Buddies by Samuel West 2 copies, 1 review143
Chicken Lickin’ by Newt Jennings 2 copies, 1 review144
Hard-Ass Hardhat by Len Thomas 3 copies145
Bangin' Buddies by John Richter 4 copies146
Tailpipe Trucker by George Davies 14 copies147
Rigid and Ready by Manny Dicarlo 2 copies148
Slapping Balls by Thumper Johnson 3 copies, 1 review149
Suck It, Slave! by Len Thomas 3 copies150
Big Dick by Peter Pepper 5 copies151
Blow Boy by Samuel West 5 copies, 1 review152
Forced Entry by Len Thomas 4 copies, 1 review153
Cocky Cruiser by Ward Michaels 3 copies154
Bang the Boy by Larry St. John 4 copies, 1 review155
In Tight Twins by Peter Pepper 3 copies, 1 review156
Hung Straight by Stuart Rowen 4 copies, 1 review158
Tied Chicken by Franz George 1 copy159
Blow the Horn by Scott McBride 3 copies160
Hot, Hunky Cruiser by Len Thomas 3 copies161
Ream the Team by Ward Michaels 4 copies162
Prison Pluggers by Larry St. John 1 copy163
Coach's Big Jock by Newt Jennings 3 copies164
Hot Butt Eager by Peter Pepper 2 copies165
Chicken Trainer by Lyle Jennings 4 copies166
Cock-Eyed Cruiser by Thumper Johnson 2 copies167
Tricking the Chicken by Samuel West 3 copies168
Backfield in Motion by Thumper Johnson 4 copies, 1 review170
Hard Driver by Peter Pepper 3 copies, 1 review171
Chicken Trick by Samuel West 3 copies, 1 review172
Hard Plowin’ by Larry St. John 4 copies, 1 review173
Black in White by Franz George 4 copies, 1 review174
First-Time Chicken by Stuart Rowen 5 copies175
Daddy's Chicken by Saxby L. Charles 1 copy177
Lickin' Lad by Samuel West 3 copies178
S&M Bike Slave by Michael Scott 1 copy179
Truckstop Hunk by Bob Hancock 4 copies180
Chicken Camp by Howard Gordon 4 copies, 1 review181
Break-In Boy by Stuart Rowan 2 copies, 1 review182
T-Room Chicken by Buck Jordan 3 copies183
Trucker Comin' by Bob Hancock 1 copy184
Big Rod by Daniel Mordell 4 copies186
Star Stud by Jimmy Jacobs 2 copies187
Little Brother by Mike Ward 2 copies188
Breaking and Entering by Tom Hardy 2 copies189
Training Buddies by Michael Scott 3 copies190
Dad's Hunky Boys by Bob Hancock 2 copies191
Big Stinger by Michael Scott 2 copies194
California Creamin' by David Langley 1 copy195
Divine Head by Butch Temple 4 copies196
College Jocks by Michael Scott 3 copies198
Teachin' the Chicken by Marley Dennis 2 copies200
Full Throat by Michael Scott 2 copies201
Hungup Hunk by Ronald Penn 2 copies202
Gusher Comin’ by Chad Stuart 5 copies, 1 review203
Boarded and Bound by Bob Hancock 3 copies204
Hardhat Fever by Murray Montague 1 copy205
First Down by Tom Hardy 4 copies, 1 review206
Fiery Fists by Dustin Rose 1 copy, 1 review207
Western Mouthful by Buck Sage 3 copies, 1 review208
Young and Horny by Lyle Jennings 3 copies209
English Leather by Michael Scott 2 copies210
Blue Blood Stud by John Dick 2 copies, 1 review211
Skin-Flick Studs by Michael Scott 3 copies213
Hang’em Low by Scott McBride 3 copies, 1 review214
Black Room Terror by Chad Stuart 4 copies, 1 review215
Hard Daddy by Jay Cunningham 2 copies216
Man Made Stud by Rex Montgomery 4 copies, 1 review217
Bondage Boys by Dick Stroth 1 copy218
Hollywood Call Boy by Roy Lance 3 copies, 1 review219
Leather Slaves by Tom Hardy 2 copies220
Farm Boys by Ward Michaels 3 copies221
Hard Hat Master by Michael Scott 2 copies, 1 review222
Boot-Camp Trick by Alex Grand 3 copies223
Lunch meat by Jon Hartley 1 copy223
Trick Me Easy by Samuel West 3 copies224
Young Hunk by Dick Stroth 1 copy226
Animal Man by Chad Stuart 2 copies227
Slave to Leather by Bernard Sinclair 1 copy228
My Sex Island by Robin G. Smith 2 copies229
Bizarre Triangle by Paul Gronowski 3 copies230
Hung Peter by Roland Graeme 3 copies, 1 review231
Suck Slave by Ward Michaels 2 copies, 1 review232
His Cycle Master by Jon Riggles 3 copies233
Bi-Sex Stud by Burt McClain 2 copies, 1 review234
Locker Room by Lance Lafong 2 copies, 1 review235
Hunky Trade by Lon Savage 3 copies236
Massage Parlor Stud by Ted Bistroff 3 copies, 1 review237
Studs for Sale by Dick Stroth 4 copies, 1 review238
Dynamite Dick by Roger Samson 2 copies, 1 review239
Hard to Shoot by Peter Tuesday Hughes 4 copies, 1 review240
Hot Cop's Buns by Martin Moore 2 copies241
College Hunk by Paul Gronowski 3 copies242
[No title] by Richard J. Strotherman 0 copies243
Trucker's Load by Richard Strotherman 2 copies243
Runaway Chicken by Mike Ward 4 copies, 1 review244
Squaw Man by P.H. Bennett 3 copies, 1 review245
Hunky Roommates by Bob Michaels 4 copies246
Reform-School Punks by Roland Grame 1 copy247
Lavender Triangle Murders by Scott McBride 4 copies248
Tom’s Big Pole by Dustin Rose 1 copy, 1 review249
Camp Buddies by George Davies 1 copy250
All Day Sucker by Samuel West 2 copies251
Sado Murder by Mick Stevens 4 copies252
Devil's Phallus by Scott McBride 2 copies253
Hunky Hitchhiker by David Langley 3 copies254
Choice Beef by P.H. Bennett 3 copies256
Chicken Delights by Mike Ward 2 copies, 1 review257
Service, Stud by George Davies 8 copies258
College Stud Rape by George Davies 1 copy259
Halfbreed by P.H. Bennett 2 copies, 1 review260
Dangerous Trade by Paul Gronowski 3 copies261
Turned-On Chicken by Samuel West 2 copies262
S&M Truckers by George Davies 2 copies264
Secret Trade by P.H. Bennett 2 copies265
Chicken in Trouble by Michael Scott 4 copies266
Trucker's Trick by P.H. Bennett 2 copies267
Rough-Ridin’ Studs by Paul Gronowski 2 copies, 1 review269
Trapped Chicken by Sebastian Lamb 4 copies270
Stud-Camp Tricks by George Davies 1 copy271
Backdoor Boy by Samuel West 3 copies, 1 review272
Locker Room Jocks by Paul Gronowski 3 copies273
Shafting Schoolboys by Allen H. Todd 1 copy274
Saddle Buddies by Mark Hanley 3 copies, 1 review275
Tied Teen Slave by Tom Hardy 2 copies276
Biker in Bondage, Book I by Michael Scott 1 copy277
Chicken Ring by Scott McBride 2 copies278
Victim of Vice by George Davies 4 copies279
Greek initiation by Phillip Pines 1 copy280
Rub a Big Stud by Dirk van Damm 0 copies280
Chicken Lover by P.H. Bennett 3 copies282
Horny Studs Ranch by George Davies 4 copies401
Teen Slave Ring by Mick Stevens 4 copies403
Halfbreed’s Rise by P.H. Bennett 4 copies404
Prison Sex by Roland Graeme 1 copy, 1 review407
Dads & Lads by Samuel West 2 copies, 1 review408
Bound for Pleasure by Paul Gronowski 5 copies409
Behind the Man by Todd Roberts 4 copies410
Leather Sucker by Jon Riggles 1 copy411
Slave Camp by Tom Hardy 2 copies, 1 review412
Pleasure Boy by Jon Hartley 4 copies, 1 review417
Dormitory Tricks by Nick Steele 2 copies, 1 review418
Pledge Slave by George Davies 2 copies, 1 review419
Cruisin’ the Quarter by Paul Gronowski 4 copies, 1 review420
Paddy Wagon by George Kiva 2 copies421
Man-Stuff by Jon Hartley 2 copies422
Up and Coming! by Sebastian Lamb 6 copies423
Dad’s Hunky Lads by Bob Hancock 2 copies, 1 review424
Beware of Greeks and Others by Mark Dante 3 copies426
A Perfect Pair by Sebastian Lamb 4 copies428
Makin' the Team by George Davies 2 copies429
Ski Lodge Studs by Roland Graeme 2 copies431
Randy Pants by Michael Ward 4 copies432
Slave Quarters by Jon Hartley 3 copies438
Big Truckin' Stud by Bob Hancock 4 copies439
T-Room Tricks by Josh Benton 1 copy441
Towel Boy by Samuel West 2 copies442
Hot Rocks Resort by Nick Steele 2 copies443
Uncles & Lovers by Jon Hartley 2 copies444
Trickin’ With Dad by Michael Scott 2 copies, 1 review445
High School Wet Dreams by David Langley 3 copies449
Trucker's Tail by George Davies 2 copies450
Chicken Hustler by George Kiva 2 copies451
The New Coach by Robert Hanley 2 copies452
Bike Cop by Gordon Hoban 13 copies453
Hard Boys in Bondage by Jeff Kincaid 1 copy455
Forced Entry in Three Tales by Elihu Starr 2 copies457
Workin' Out by George Davies 2 copies458
A Few Good Men by Paul Gronowski 5 copies459
Family Man by Roland Graeme 3 copies460
Punk Chicken by Carl Williams 2 copies462
Bath House Pickup by Josh Benton 2 copies464
Just Like Daddy by Samuel West 2 copies465
The Boys Next Door by Michael Scott 3 copies466
Carny Tricks by Jon Hartley 2 copies468
Spunky Lad by Samuel West 4 copies469
Call on Me by Jon Hartley 4 copies471
Freshman Initiation by D A Scott 2 copies472
Kevin's Birthday Candle by Ward Michaels 2 copies473
Learning the Ropes by Tom Hardy 3 copies475
Randy Studs by Michael Ward 1 copy477
Tower of lust by Ward Michaels 1 copy478
Trapped by Tom Hardy 2 copies479
Biker Revenge by Paul Gronowski 3 copies480
Teacher's Pet Studs by Ward Michaels 4 copies481
Rock Hard Twins by Ward Michaels 2 copies487
High School Cream by Mark Andrews 3 copies489
Trucker Sucker by Ward Michaels 3 copies490
Macho Studs by Michael Scott 2 copies491
The Hot Young Hunk Book 1 by David Chaney 3 copies492
New Teacher's Game by Mark Andrews 1 copy493
Open to All Comers by Ward Michaels 2 copies494
Hot Jocks by Dirk van Damm 1 copy495
The Hot Young Hunk Book 2 by David Chaney 1 copy496
Supermarket Boy by Mark Andrews 2 copies497
Hollywood Studlet by Ward Michaels 2 copies498
Sucker for Leather by Dirk Van Dam 1 copy499
Choosing the Best by Mark Deering 2 copies502
Chicken Farm by Bolt Tanner 1 copy504
Freshman on the Floor by Mark Andrews 3 copies505
Studlorn Column by Ward Michaels 2 copies506
The Sport of Shorts by Andrew Martin 1 copy508
The Young Coach by Mark Andrews 2 copies509
Head Foreman by Jon Hartley 3 copies511
Hot Dean, Hung Hunk by Jay Michael 2 copies514
Stereo Stud by Mark Andrews 2 copies515
Make It a Holiday by Andrew Martin 2 copies516
Up and Coming Quarter Back by Michael Scott 2 copies518
Chicken Hawk by Chris Carver 2 copies519
Coming Out by Mark Andrews 4 copies520
Runaway Chicken by Frank Stare 2 copies521
Sex Ads by Jay Michael 2 copies523
Open Butt Welder by Dirk van Damm 1 copy524
Cop-A-Jock by Ed Kroch 2 copies526
Heads and Tails by Frank Stare 2 copies527
Man Hunt by Chris Carver 2 copies528
Dirty Bookstore Stud by Ward Michaels 3 copies530
His Young Uncle by Jon Hartley 1 copy532
Cock-Tails by Boit Tanner 2 copies535
Bare Meat by Michael Scott 3 copies536
Sexnapped by Ward Michaels 4 copies538
Stripped for Action by Michael Scott 3 copies539
Doing Daddy by Edmund Frank 2 copies540
Eighteen Is Legal by A. Carl Mathews 3 copies542
Take It All by Jon Hartley 2 copies543
Notell Motel III by ACE 2 copies545
Tender Loins by Bjorn Peters 2 copies547
Dial M for Meat by J.W. Schooter 4 copies548
Growing Pains by Michael Scott 3 copies549
Lincoln Park Studs by Carl Enders 3 copies550
Boystud Holiday by Ward Michaels 2 copies552
Town and Gown Sex by Andrew Martin 3 copies554
Sonny Side Up by Carl Creamem 3 copies555
Horney House Boy by Chris Carver 3 copies556
Wanted lover by Ward Michaels 2 copies559
Queer for Muscle by David Rank 5 copies564
Gay Brothers IV by Dirk van Damm 1 copy565
Business Before Pleasure by Ed Kroch 3 copies566
Meat Hunters by Tony Moore 3 copies568
Cocktails II by Bolt Tanner 1 copy569
Northern Lights by Michael Scott 2 copies569
Heavy Erection Crew by Bjorn Peters 3 copies570
Blow That Thing by Mark Andrews 4 copies571
Playing the Game by Mark Andrews 4 copies573
Wrestling Jocks by Tony Moore 4 copies574
Jazz Baby by Roland Graeme 2 copies575
Eight the Hard Way by David Rank 4 copies576
Chicago Sex Condo by Ed Kroch 4 copies577
The Best Man by John Harty 2 copies578
College Education by Ward Michaels pseudonym of William Maltese 0 copies580
College Education by Ward Michaels 3 copies580
Techies Do Too by Andrew Martin 3 copies581
Spanish Sex Lessons by Ward Michaels 2 copies582
Pledges to Keep by Tony Moore 1 copy583
Tom Kitten by Hugh Johnson 3 copies584
Team Spirit by Lee Ryder 3 copies585
Photo Phuck by Carl Creamum 3 copies586
Taming Shawn by Chris Carver 2 copies587
All Stars by Lee Ryder 3 copies589
Donny Does Dallas by Carl Creamum 3 copies590
Gym Dandies by Connie Johnson 1 copy591
Getting Into His Jeans by Andrew Martin 5 copies592
Tag Team Target by Jeff Kincaid 5 copies593
Gulf coast heat by Kirk van Dam 1 copy594
Son of a Sucker by Pete R. Trax 1 copy596
Hot Guys in College by Derek Olson 2 copies597
Body Building Buddies by Michael Scott 4 copies598
Pool Man by Jodie Bishop 4 copies, 1 review599
Fountains of Rome by Lee Ryder 3 copies601
College Brothers by Derek Olson 3 copies604
Easy Come by Roland Graeme 2 copies606
Sweaty Jocks by Ward Michaels 4 copies608
The Sugar Daddy by Hugh Johnson 2 copies609
Cocksure Country Boy by Paul J Simon 3 copies611
Adrian by A. N. LeChance 4 copies612
Forest Cowboy by Lee Woodward 2 copies613
Jack's John Thomas by Lee Ryder 2 copies613
Sophomore Meat by Mark Emerald 3 copies617
Timmy Travels by Herman Hutznagel 3 copies619
Going to Guys by Ed Kroch 3 copies620
Private Parts by Tony Moore 3 copies625
Roommates by Jody Bishop 3 copies631
Farmhand Summer by Doug Garrison 3 copies633
Love's Second Cumming by Hugh Johnson 3 copies634
Poker Studs by Tony Moore 3 copies635
Monkey Pounding by Lee Ryder 3 copies636
Pile Driving Jocks by Paul J Simon 3 copies637
The Ways of the Greeks by Ward Michaels 3 copies638
Cops in Training by Arvie (Pulp fiction writer) 4 copies640
Gama Sigma Nu'd by Derek Olson 4 copies645
Clothes Make the Man by Andrew Martin 3 copies646
Pick the Right Road by Peter A. Neus 2 copies647
Special Friends by Paul J Simon 2 copies649
Gay Mighty Mouse by B.J. Trip 4 copies650
Jock Tested by Tony Moore 2 copies652

Pleasure Slave

Pleasure Slave III by Paul Gronowski 3 copies414


Damien: the Young Years by Roland Graeme 3 copies463
Damien II: the Youth by Roland Graeme 3 copies467

Biker in Bondage

Adventures of a High School Hunk

Teenage 69 Memories


Trappin' Man

Trappin' Man by P.H. Bennett 5 copies280
Trappin’ Man II by P.H. Bennett 2 copies, 1 review402
Trappin' Man III by P.H. Bennett 3 copies406
Trappin' Man IIIi by P.H. Bennett 3 copies406


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