SeriesQuantitative Applications in the Social Sciences

161 Works Popularity 11,253 (730 Members) 4,019 Books 4 Reviews 3.2
Analysis of Variance by Gudmund R. Iversen 49 copies1
Operations Research Methods: As Applied to Political Science and the Legal Process by Stuart S. Nagel 21 copies2
Causal Modeling by Herbert B. Asher 43 copies3
Tests of Significance by Ramon E. Henkel 34 copies4
Cohort Analysis by Norval D. Glenn 30 copies5
Canonical Analysis and Factor Comparison by Mark S. Levine 26 copies6
Analysis of Nominal Data by H . T. Reynolds 42 copies7
Analysis of Ordinal Data by David K. Hildebrand 35 copies8
Time Series Analysis: Regression Techniques by Jr. Charles W. Ostrom 49 copies9
Ecological Inference by Laura Irwin Langbein 26 copies10
Multidimensional Scaling by Joseph B. Kruskal 64 copies11
Analysis of Covariance by Albert R. Wildt 44 copies12
Introduction to Factor Analysis: What It Is and How To Do It by Jae-On Kim 59 copies13
Factor Analysis: Statistical Methods and Practical Issues by Jae-On Kim 53 copies14
Multiple indicators : an introduction by John L. Sullivan 18 copies15
Exploratory Data Analysis by Frederick Hartwig 36 copies, 1 review16
Reliability and Validity Assessment by Edward G. Carmines 70 copies17
Analyzing Panel Data by Gregory B. Markus 20 copies18
Discernment Analysis by William R. Klecka 31 copies19
Log-Linear Models by David Knoke 36 copies20
Interrupted Time Series Analysis by David McDowall 34 copies21
Applied Regression: An Introduction by Michael S. Lewis-Beck 85 copies22
Research Designs by Paul E. Spector 36 copies23
Unidimensional Scaling by John P. McIver 23 copies24
Magnitude Scaling: Quantitative Measurement of Opinions by Milton Lodge 20 copies25
Multiattribute Evaluation by Ward Edwards 20 copies26
Dynamic Modeling: An Introduction by R. Robert Huckfeldt 17 copies27
Network Analysis by David Knoke 22 copies28
Interpreting and Using Regression by Christopher H. Achen 57 copies29
Test Item Bias by Steven J. Osterlind 20 copies30
Mobility Tables by Michael Hout 17 copies31
Measures of Association by Albert M. Liebetrau 18 copies32
Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Preface to LISREL by J. Scott Long 28 copies33
Covariance Structure Models: An Introduction to LISREL by J. Scott Long 25 copies34
Introduction to Survey Sampling by Graham Kalton 50 copies35
Achievement Testing: Recent Advances by Isaac I. Bejar 15 copies36
Nonrecursive Causal Models by William Dale Berry 14 copies37
Matrix Algebra: An Introduction by Krishnan Namboodiri 54 copies, 1 review38
Introduction to Applied Demography: Data Sources and Estimation Techniques by Norfleet W. Rives 6 copies39
Microcomputer methods for social scientists by Philip A. Schrodt 24 copies40
Game Theory: Concepts and Applications by Frank C. Zagare 23 copies41
Using Published Data: Errors and Remedies by Herbert Jacob 20 copies42
Bayesian Statistical Inference by Gudmund R. Iversen 25 copies43
Cluster Analysis by Mark S. Aldenderfer 36 copies44
Linear Probability, Logit, and Probit Models by John H. Aldrich 40 copies45
Event History Analysis: Regression for Longitudinal Event Data by Paul D. Allison 45 copies46
Canonical Correlation Analysis: Uses and Interpretation by Bruce Thompson 18 copies47
Models for Innovation Diffusion by Vijay Mahajan 25 copies48
Basic Content Analysis by Robert Philip Weber 61 copies, 1 review49
Multiple Regression in Practice by William D. Berry 39 copies50
Stochastic Parameter Regression Models by Paul Newbold 19 copies51
Using Microcomputers in Research by Thomas William Madron 14 copies52
Secondary Analysis of Survey Data by K . Jill Kiecolt 22 copies53
Multivariate Analysis of Variance by James H. Bray 29 copies54
The Logic Of Causal Order by James A. Davis 31 copies55
Introduction to linear goal programming by James P. Ignizio 10 copies56
Understanding Regression Analysis: An Introductory Guide by Larry Schroeder 68 copies57
Randomized Response: A Method for Sensitive Surveys by James Alan Fox 14 copies58
Meta-Analysis: Quantitative Methods for Research Synthesis by Fredric M. Wolf 25 copies59
Linear Programming: An Introduction by B. Feiring 14 copies60
Multiple Comparisons by Alan J. Klockars 16 copies61
Information Theory: Structural Models for Qualitative Data by Klaus Krippendorff 22 copies62
Survey Questions: Handcrafting the Standardized Questionnaire by Jean M. Converse 58 copies63
Latent Class Analysis by Allan L. McCutcheon 22 copies64
Three Way Scaling: A Guide to Multidimensional Scaling and Clustering by Phipps Arabie 18 copies65
Q Methodology by Bruce McKeown 30 copies66
Analyzing Decision Making: Metric Conjoint Analysis by Jordan J. Louviere 22 copies67
Rasch Models for Measurement by David Andrich 23 copies68
Principal Components Analysis by George H. Dunteman 32 copies69
Pooled Time Series Analysis by Lois W. Sayrs 19 copies70
Analyzing Complex Survey Data by Eun Sul Lee 28 copies71
Interaction Effects in Multiple Regression by James J. Jaccard 52 copies72
Understanding Significance Testing by Lawrence B. Mohr 29 copies73
Experimental Design and Analysis by Steven R. Brown 18 copies74
Metric Scaling: Correspondence Analysis by Susan C. Weller 19 copies75
Longitudinal Research by Scott W. Menard 23 copies76
Expert Systems by Robert Alfred Benfer 10 copies77
Data Theory and Dimensional Analysis by William G. Jacoby 22 copies, 1 review78
Regression Diagnostics: An Introduction by John Fox 46 copies79
Computer-Assisted Interviewing by Willem E. Saris 16 copies80
Contextual Analysis by Gudmund R. Iversen 16 copies81
Summated Rating Scale Construction: An Introduction by Paul E. Spector 30 copies82
Central Tendency and Variability by Herbert F. Weisberg 16 copies83
ANOVA: Repeated Measures by Ellen R. Girden 19 copies84
Processing Data: The Survey Example by Linda B. Bourque 21 copies85
Logit modeling : practical applications by Alfred DeMaris 17 copies86
Analytic Mapping and Geographic Databases by G. David Garson 18 copies87
Working with archival data : studying lives by Glen H. Elder 18 copies88
Multiple Comparison Procedures by Larry E. Toothaker 16 copies89
Nonparametric Statistics: An Introduction by Jean Dickinson Gibbons 21 copies90
Nonparametric Measures of Association by Jean Dickinson Gibbons 21 copies91
Understanding Regression Assumptions by William D. Berry 46 copies92
Regression with Dummy Variables by Melissa A. Hardy 34 copies93
Loglinear Models with Latent Variables by Jacques A. Hagenaars 15 copies94
Bootstrapping: A Nonparametric Approach to Statistical Inference by Christopher Z. Mooney 23 copies95
Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Logic and Practice by Scott R. Eliason 28 copies96
Ordinal Log-Linear Models by Masako Ishii-Kuntz 11 copies97
Random Factors in ANOVA by Sally Jackson 14 copies98
Univariate Tests for Time Series Models by Jeff B. Cromwell 15 copies99
Multivariate Tests for Time Series Models by Jeff B. Cromwell 15 copies100
Interpreting Probability Models: Logit, Probit, and Other Generalized Linear Models by Tim F. Liao 38 copies101
Typologies and Taxonomies: An Introduction to Classification Techniques by Kenneth D. Bailey 39 copies102
Data Analysis: An Introduction by Michael S. Lewis-Beck 33 copies103
Multiple Attribute Decision Making: An Introduction by K . Paul Yoon 18 copies104
Causal Analysis with Panel Data by Steven E. Finkel 17 copies105
Applied Logistic Regression Analysis by Scott Menard 42 copies106
Chaos and Catastrophe Theories by Courtney Brown 25 copies107
Basic Math for Social Scientists: Concepts (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by Timothy M. Hagle 27 copies108
Basic Math for Social Scientists: Problems and Solutions by Timothy M. Hagle 20 copies109
Calculus by Gudmund R. Iversen 15 copies110
Regression Models: Censored, Sample Selected, or Truncated Data by Richard Breen 28 copies111
Tree Models of Similarity and Association (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by James E. Corter 10 copies112
Computational Modeling by Charles S. Taber 13 copies113
LISREL Approaches to Interaction Effects in Multiple Regression by James Jaccard 14 copies114
Analyzing Repeated Surveys by Glenn Firebaugh 11 copies115
Monte Carlo Simulation by Christopher Z. Mooney 21 copies116
Statistical Graphics for Univariate and Bivariate Data by William G. Jacoby 17 copies117
Interaction Effects in Factorial Analysis of Variance by James Jaccard 14 copies118
Odds Ratios in the Analysis of Contingency Tables by Tamás Rudas 12 copies119
Statistical Graphics for Visualizing Multivariate Data by William G. Jacoby 17 copies120
Applied Correspondence Analysis: An Introduction by Sten Erik Clausen 16 copies121
Game Theory Topics: Incomplete Information, Repeated Games and N-Player Games by Evelyn C. Fink 16 copies122
Social Choice: Theory and Research by Paul E. Johnson 10 copies123
Neural Networks by Hervé Abdi 15 copies124
Relating Statistics and Experimental Design: An Introduction by Irwin P. Levin 14 copies125
Latent Class Scaling Analysis by C. Mitchell Dayton 14 copies126
Sorting Data: Collection and Analysis by Anthony Peter MacMillan Coxon 13 copies127
Analyzing Documentary Accounts (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by Dr. Randy Dale Hodson 7 copies128
Effect Size for ANOVA Designs by Jose M. Cortina 12 copies129
Nonparametric Simple Regression: Smoothing Scatterplots by John Fox 10 copies130
Multiple and Generalized Nonparametric Regression by John Fox 15 copies131
Logistic Regression: A Primer by Fred C. Pampel 35 copies132
Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach by Jeff Gill 25 copies134
Interaction Effects in Logistic Regression by James J. Jaccard 20 copies135
Missing Data by Paul D. Allison 41 copies136
Spline Regression Models by Lawrence Marsh 9 copies137
Logit and Probit: Ordered and Multinomial Models by Vani Kant Borooah 16 copies138
Confidence Intervals by Michael Smithson 13 copies140
Internet Data Collection by Samuel J. Best 21 copies141
Probability Theory: A Primer by Tamas Rudas 11 copies142
Multilevel Modeling by Douglas A. Luke 42 copies143
Polytomous Item Response Theory Models by Remo Ostini 15 copies144
An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models by George H. Dunteman 13 copies145
Logistic Regression Models for Ordinal Response Variables by Ann Aileen O'Connell 17 copies146
Fuzzy Set Theory: Applications in the Social Sciences by Michael J. Smithson 13 copies147
Multiple Time Series Models (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by Patrick T. Brandt 10 copies148
Quantile Regression by Lingxin Hao 7 copies149
Differential Equations: A Modeling Approach by Courtney Brown 6 copies150
Graph Algebra: Mathematical Modeling With a Systems Approach by Courtney Brown 16 copies151
Agent-Based Models by Nigel Gilbert 39 copies153
Social Network Analysis by David Knoke 50 copies154
Spatial Regression Models by Michael D. Ward 17 copies155
Mediation Analysis (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by Dawn Iacobucci 12 copies156
Latent Growth Curve Modeling by Kristopher J. Preacher 12 copies157
Introduction to the Comparative Method With Boolean Algebra by Daniele Caramani 9 copies158
A Mathematical Primer for Social Statistics by John Fox 18 copies159
Fixed Effects Regression Models by Paul D. Allison 23 copies160
Differential Item Functioning by Steven J. Osterlind 10 copies161
Quantitative Narrative Analysis by Roberto P. Franzosi 14 copies162
Multiple Correspondence Analysis by Brigitte Leroux 15 copies163
The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models by Harry Khamis 7 copies167


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