SeriesShepherd's Notes

Series author: Dana Gould

28 Works Popularity 15,924 (442 Members) 1,330 Books 16 Reviews ½ 3.5
1, 2 Chronicles by Winfried Corduan 44 copies, 1 review
1, 2 Peter, Jude by Dana Gould 57 copies
1, 2 Thessalonians by Dana Gould 51 copies
1, 2 Timothy & Titus by Dana Gould 53 copies, 1 review
Acts by Dana Gould 59 copies, 1 review
I Corinthians by Dana Gould 35 copies
Daniel by Stephen B. Miller 70 copies, 1 review
Deuteronomy by Paul Wright 49 copies, 1 review
Ephesians by Dana Gould 42 copies
Ezekiel by Paul P. Enns 66 copies, 1 review
Galatians by Dana Gould 50 copies, 1 review
Shepherd's Notes: Genesis by Paul Wright 50 copies
Hebrews by Dana Gould 34 copies
II Corinthians by Dana Gould 25 copies
Isaiah (Shepherd's Notes) by Paul P. Enns 39 copies
Shepherd's Notes: James by Dana Gould 43 copies, 1 review
John by Dana Gould 64 copies, 2 reviews
Jonah/Zephaniah (Shepherd's Notes) by Paul Wright 39 copies
Joshua, Judges by Paul Wright 42 copies, 1 review
Luke by Dana Gould 54 copies, 1 review
Shepherd's Notes: Matthew by Dana Gould 66 copies, 1 review
Philippians, Colossians, Philemon by Dana Gould 57 copies, 1 review
Psalms 1-50 by Dana Gould 32 copies
Psalms 101-150 by Dana Gould 34 copies
Psalms 51-100 by Dana Gould 31 copies
Romans by Dana Gould 61 copies, 1 review
Ruth, Esther by Robert Lintzenich 63 copies, 1 review
Shepherd's Notes: I & II Samuel by Robert D. Bergen 20 copies

DescriptionsEdit Descriptions

Shepherd's Notes give easy access to the Bible - one book at a time. They are not meant to be a substitute for the biblical text; rather, they are study guides intended to help you explore the wisdom of Scriptures in personal or group study. Shepherd's Notes guide you through both the main themes of each book of the Bible and illuminate details through commentary and reference notes. Historical and cultural background information brings the Bible into sharper focus. Six different icons, used throughout the series, call your attention to historical-cultural information, Old and New Testament references, word pictures, unit summaries, and personal application for everyday life. (English, Unclassified)