Publisher SeriesAmstelboeken

Taras Bulba by Nikolai Gogol 854 copies, 11 reviews
Delianen by H. Gorter 1 copy2
Tabakkers by H. Gorter 1 copy3
Smoke Bellew by Jack London 220 copies, 2 reviews7
Three Men in the Snow by Erich Kästner 306 copies, 6 reviews9
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë 52,177 copies, 837 reviews12-13
Resurrection by Leo Tolstoy 2,639 copies, 32 reviews14-15
The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas père 18,997 copies, 229 reviews16-17
A History of Europe from the Invasions to the Sixteenth Century by Henri Pirenne 166 copies, 3 reviews18-19
The Missing Miniature by Erich Kästner 157 copies, 1 review20
Bloemlezing uit Guido Gezelle's gedichten by Guido Gezelle 27 copies21
Old People and The Things That Pass by Louis Couperus 479 copies, 14 reviews22-23
Economic and Social History of Medieval Europe by Henri Pirenne 443 copies, 3 reviews24-25
The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas père 22,206 copies, 386 reviews26-27
De rijkdommen der aarde by Juri Semjonow 21 copies, 1 review28-29
The Hidden Force by Louis Couperus 505 copies, 5 reviews30-31
Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas 2,614 copies, 37 reviews32-33
The Miracle of England: An Account of Her Rise to Pre-Eminence and Present Position by André Maurois 143 copies, 6 reviews36-37
Inevitable by Louis Couperus 128 copies, 3 reviews38-39
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 11,599 copies, 317 reviews40-41
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 38,913 copies, 442 reviews42-43
Notabene 45: Ein Tagebuch by Erich Kästner 52 copies44-45
Die Meuterei auf der Bounty by Günter Sachse 13 copies46
Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott 11,484 copies, 104 reviews48-49
The Lion of Flanders by Hendrik Conscience 329 copies, 6 reviews52-53
Bel-Ami by Guy de Maupassant 2,710 copies, 53 reviews56-57
The Miracle of America by André Maurois 52 copies, 1 review58-59
Moby Dick by Herman Melville 31,005 copies, 483 reviews60-61
A History of Russia by George Vernadsky 168 copies62-63
The Rosary by Florence L. Barclay 155 copies, 4 reviews66-67
Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë 4,617 copies, 150 reviews68-69
Don Quixote: Abridged Edition by Miguel de Cervantes 807 copies, 6 reviews70-71
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins 9,800 copies, 231 reviews72-73
The Vicomte De Bragelonne or Ten Years Later, Being the Completion of "The Three Musketeers" and "Twenty Years After" by Alexandre Dumas 1,516 copies, 21 reviews74-75
The Captain's Daughter by Alexander Pushkin 868 copies, 13 reviews76
The Cossacks by Leo Tolstoy 806 copies, 15 reviews77
Footsteps of Fate by Louis Couperus 156 copies, 3 reviews78
Hadji Murad by Leo Tolstoy 942 copies, 27 reviews79
Ward No. 6 by Anton Tchekhov 155 copies, 7 reviews80
Jew Süss by Lion Feuchtwanger 330 copies, 6 reviews82
Pierre and Jean by Guy de Maupassant 943 copies, 16 reviews83
Metamorfoze by Louis Couperus 84 copies84-85
De onzichtbaren en andere vertellingen by E. T. A. Hoffmann 8 copies86
Camille: The Lady of the Camellias by Alexandre Dumas fils 2,654 copies, 49 reviews87-88
Uncle's Dream by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 193 copies, 7 reviews89
Emma by Jane Austen 33,388 copies, 464 reviews90-91
Old Goriot by Honoré de Balzac 5,435 copies, 94 reviews92-93
The History of Henry Esmond by William Makepeace Thackeray 1,232 copies, 12 reviews94-95
Shirley by Charlotte Brontë 3,634 copies, 57 reviews96-97
Billy Budd, Sailor by Herman Melville 2,356 copies, 46 reviews98
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde 34,255 copies, 569 reviews99
Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray 13,327 copies, 183 reviews100-101-102
The Red and the Black by Stendhal 8,516 copies, 118 reviews103-104
The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio 8,990 copies, 113 reviews105-106-107
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 70,964 copies, 1,253 reviews108-109
Villette by Charlotte Brontë 7,873 copies, 132 reviews110-111
The Companions of Jehu by Alexandre Dumas 110 copies, 3 reviews112-113
The Gentle Spirit by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 472 copies, 9 reviews114
The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith 2,836 copies, 54 reviews115-116
The Four Million by O. Henry 390 copies, 6 reviews117-118
Majoor Frans by A. L. G. Bosboom-Toussaint 45 copies119-120
The Song of the Blood-Red Flower by Johannes Linnankoski 67 copies121-122
Strong as Death by Guy de Maupassant 335 copies, 6 reviews123-124
De berg van licht by Louis Couperus 105 copies, 3 reviews132-133
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo 22,884 copies, 306 reviews138-139-140
A Hero of Our Time by Mikhail Lermontov 3,398 copies, 56 reviews141-142
St. Ives by Robert Louis Stevenson 210 copies, 4 reviews147-148
Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev 7,812 copies, 117 reviews149-150
Life of Klim Samgin by Maxim Gorki 37 copies159-160
De onsterfelijke by N.S. Ljeskow 9 copies161
Ecstasy by Louis Couperus 127 copies, 3 reviews171
La mano del muerto by Alexandre Dumas 37 copies, 1 review172-173
The Cathedral Folk by Nikolai Leskov 52 copies, 1 review176-177
The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni 2,610 copies, 45 reviews178-179
Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos 5,890 copies, 81 reviews180-181
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain 38,604 copies, 487 reviews182-183
Les amours du chevalier de Faublas by Jean-Baptiste Louvet de Couvray 20 copies189-190
Eugénie Grandet by Honoré de Balzac 3,031 copies, 47 reviews214-216
Fidessa by Louis Couperus 36 copies260

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Dutch: Amstel boeken


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