Publisher SeriesTascabili [Bompiani]


The Time of Indifference by Alberto Moravia 950 copies, 14 reviews8
Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships by Eric Berne 2,796 copies, 35 reviews9
The Spider's Web by Joseph Roth 190 copies, 8 reviews19
The Open Work by Umberto Eco 481 copies, 4 reviews21
Apocalypse Postponed by Umberto Eco 489 copies, 2 reviews27
The Golem by Gustav Meyrink 1,726 copies, 43 reviews30
The Hotel New Hampshire by John Irving 7,158 copies, 73 reviews32
How to Write a Thesis by Umberto Eco 1,201 copies, 19 reviews48
The Animal-Lover's Book of Beastly Murder by Patricia Highsmith 261 copies, 6 reviews59
The Sacred Wood by T. S. Eliot 324 copies, 6 reviews60
2. il dopo Stalin 1953/1971 - Storia delle democrazie popolari. by François Feito 0 copies71
De superman au surhomme by Umberto Eco 104 copies, 1 review117
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov 14,203 copies, 256 reviews118
The Rest of the Robots by Isaac Asimov 1,467 copies, 16 reviews119
Writer and the Shaman: Morphology of the American Indian by Elémire Zolla 11 copies121
Errori della scienza by Luc Bürgin 10 copies154
Without Feathers by Woody Allen 1,895 copies, 21 reviews184
The Absent Structure by Umberto Eco 169 copies202
Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius by Ray Monk 1,328 copies, 10 reviews206
The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien 88,742 copies, 1,155 reviews251
The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler 5,002 copies, 110 reviews258
Flight Without End by Joseph Roth 330 copies, 12 reviews260
On Literature by Umberto Eco 1,381 copies, 13 reviews266
The Men at the Gate by Ottiero Ottieri 30 copies, 2 reviews274
The Stranger by Albert Camus 33,716 copies, 485 reviews275
Side Effects by Woody Allen 1,565 copies, 16 reviews291
The Tale of the 1002nd Night by Joseph Roth 367 copies, 7 reviews294
The Tanners by Robert Walser 441 copies, 12 reviews301
The End of a Mission by Heinrich Böll 364 copies, 5 reviews312
I sumeri by Giovanni Pettinato 21 copies, 1 review314
The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad 6,275 copies, 99 reviews317
Native Son by Richard Wright 7,358 copies, 94 reviews321
Don Segundo Sombra by Ricardo Güiraldes 384 copies, 9 reviews322
And Where Were You, Adam? by Heinrich Böll 396 copies, 9 reviews350
Americana by Elio Vittorini 22 copies358-359
Il mercante di coralli by Joseph Roth 31 copies, 1 review361
Totò il buono by Cesare Zavattini 9 copies365
The Role of the Reader: Explorations in the Semiotics of Texts by Umberto Eco 459 copies, 3 reviews379
Racconti by Edgar Allan Poe 196 copies, 2 reviews399
L'eroe imperfetto by Wu Ming 7 copies420
Marte in Ariete by Alexander Lernet-Holenia 38 copies422
Confession of a Murderer by Joseph Roth 315 copies, 4 reviews425
The Violent Land by Jorge Amado 269 copies, 7 reviews428
La nostra storia. Cronologia dell'Italia unita. Volume 1: 1861-1945 by Simone Colafranceschi 1 copy429
Sugli specchi e altri saggi by Umberto Eco 131 copies, 1 review452
Il costume di casa. Evidenze e misteri dell'ideologia italiana negli anni Sessanta by Umberto Eco 30 copies462
Inventing the Enemy: Essays by Umberto Eco 346 copies, 8 reviews463
Esterina by Libero Bigiaretti 10 copies484
Lo spirito del giacobinismo: le societa di pensiero e la democrazia: una interpretazione sociologica della Rivoluzione f by Augustin Cochin 6 copies487
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck 32,526 copies, 458 reviews496
Typhoon by Joseph Conrad 781 copies, 24 reviews516
Cuori strappati by Montague Rhodes James 2 copies520
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari 10,734 copies, 348 reviews533
Tomorrow's Eve by Villiers de L'isle Adam 225 copies, 3 reviews552
The Unwomanly Face of War: An Oral History of Women in World War II by Svetlana Alexievich 1,173 copies, 41 reviews573
Paura e desiderio. Cose (mai) viste. 1974-2001 by Enrico Ghezzi 9 copies712
The Fatal Eggs by Mikhail Bulgakov 719 copies, 11 reviews769
Zone Defence by Pétros Márkarīs 250 copies, 10 reviews807
The Force of the Past by Sandro Veronesi 292 copies, 7 reviews833
The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi 2,883 copies, 50 reviews853
Anni fuggenti : il romanzo del cinema italiano by Silvio Danese 2 copies878
The Monsters and the Critics: And Other Essays. J.R.R. Tolkien by J. R. R. Tolkien 731 copies, 10 reviews888
Cosi nasce un papà by Marco Ventura 3 copies937
Sappho's Leap by Erica Jong 368 copies, 3 reviews962
Che Committed Suicide by Pétros Márkarīs 210 copies, 13 reviews983
Nel regno oscuro by Giorgio Pressburger 1 copy1079
La lunga estate calda del commissario Charitos by Pétros Márkarīs 178 copies, 9 reviews1084
Quiet Chaos by Sandro Veronesi 696 copies, 26 reviews1100
The Children of Húrin by J. R. R. Tolkien 10,597 copies, 132 reviews1101
La balia by Pétros Márkarīs 182 copies, 9 reviews1122
The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún by J. R. R. Tolkien 2,348 copies, 27 reviews1143
The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm's Son by John R. R. Tolkien 22 copies, 1 review1150
Satori by Don Winslow 384 copies, 17 reviews1189
Con el agua al cuello by Pétros Márkarīs 234 copies, 20 reviews1203
The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien 32,664 copies, 257 reviews1228
Smith of Wootton Major by J. R. R. Tolkien 958 copies, 18 reviews1229
Liquidación final by Pétros Márkarīs 165 copies, 11 reviews1273
Trieste by Dasa Drndic 241 copies, 5 reviews1334
Casa d'altri e altri racconti by Silvio d'Arzo 3 copies1440
The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson 4,870 copies, 36 reviews88-89
Don Giovanni in Sicilia by Vitaliano Brancati 211 copies, 4 reviewsLetteratura, Storia d'Italia attraverso la narrativa,9
As a Man Grows Older by Italo Svevo 1,119 copies, 13 reviews
The Column of Infamy by Alessandro Manzoni 217 copies, 3 reviews
A Day of Pleasure: Stories of a Boy Growing Up in Warsaw by Isaac Bashevis Singer 361 copies, 3 reviews
Eliot: Poems by T. S. Eliot 228 copies, 3 reviews
The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 3,843 copies, 53 reviews
I, Claudius by Robert Graves 8,786 copies, 163 reviews
The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 41,659 copies, 727 reviews
Memoirs of a Female Thief by Dacia Maraini 45 copies
Mio marito. Romanzo. by Dacia Maraini 1 copy
A Mortal Sin by Giovanni Verga 65 copies
Story of O by Pauline Réage 3,512 copies, 76 reviews
Travels with Charley: In Search of America by John Steinbeck 8,050 copies, 207 reviews
White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 1,405 copies, 45 reviews



Japan: The Story of a Nation by Edwin O. Reischauer 349 copies, 1 review


Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel by Banesh Hoffmann 261 copies, 6 reviews331

Best Seller

The Prophet / The Garden of the Prophet by Kahlil Gibran 126 copies, 3 reviews119
The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho 2,388 copies, 36 reviews662
The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco 18,850 copies, 296 reviews

Romanzi e racconti



I piaceri by Vitaliano Brancati 13 copies174


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