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Murha Bulevardilla : 10 rikoskertomusta by Kristina Carlson 1 copynumeroimaton
Murha Suvikunnassa : 13 rikoskertomusta by Klaus Taubert 4 copiesnumeroimaton
Lord Edgware Dies by Agatha Christie 3,459 copies, 69 reviews1
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers 2,962 copies, 85 reviews2
Why Didn't They Ask Evans? by Agatha Christie 2,941 copies, 63 reviews3
Hercule Poirot's Christmas by Agatha Christie 4,214 copies, 107 reviews4
The Peacock Feather Murders by Carter Dickson 164 copies, 7 reviews5
Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie 3,252 copies, 72 reviews6
The Red Widow Murders by Carter Dickson 223 copies, 4 reviews7
The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie 5,968 copies, 188 reviews8
The Lady in the Lake by Raymond Chandler 3,223 copies, 65 reviews9
And Be a Villain by Rex Stout 1,028 copies, 24 reviews10
The White Priory Murders by Carter Dickson 293 copies, 4 reviews11
The Judas Window by Carter Dickson 271 copies, 8 reviews12
The High Window by Raymond Chandler 2,737 copies, 49 reviews13
The Silent Speaker by Rex Stout 968 copies, 20 reviews14
The Sea Mystery by Freeman Wills Crofts 91 copies, 2 reviews15
The Emperor's Snuff-Box by John Dickson Carr 332 copies, 8 reviews16
The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler 5,086 copies, 111 reviews17
The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey 5,719 copies, 224 reviews18
A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie 3,481 copies, 67 reviews19
Close Quarters by Michael Gilbert 141 copies, 3 reviews20
After The Funeral by Agatha Christie 3,756 copies, 65 reviews21
Hickory Dickory Dock by Agatha Christie 3,075 copies, 51 reviews22
The Riddle of Samson by Andrew Garve 19 copies, 2 reviews23
He Who Whispers by John Dickson Carr 305 copies, 4 reviews24
A Press of Suspects by Andrew Garve 24 copies, 1 review25
Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout 1,169 copies, 33 reviews26
The Case of the Constant Suicides by John Dickson Carr 371 copies, 12 reviews27
Murder in Mesopotamia by Agatha Christie 3,766 copies, 69 reviews28
Landscape with Dead Dons by Robert Robinson 122 copies, 3 reviews29
Malice Aforethought by Francis Iles 382 copies, 14 reviews30
The Journeying Boy by Michael Innes 208 copies, 6 reviews31
Farewell, My Lovely by Raymond Chandler 4,407 copies, 100 reviews32
Lord of the Sorcerers by Carter Dickson 216 copies, 2 reviews33
Verdict of Twelve by Raymond Postgate 220 copies, 15 reviews34
Death to Slow Music by Beverley Nichols 30 copies, 1 review35
Trial and Error by Anthony Berkeley 169 copies, 6 reviews36
Far Better Dead! by Marten Cumberland 3 copies37
Death in Captivity by Michael Gilbert 180 copies, 4 reviews38
Murder Is Easy by Agatha Christie 2,706 copies, 53 reviews39
In the Best Families by Rex Stout 930 copies, 21 reviews40
Sky High by Michael Gilbert 53 copies41
The Hollow by Agatha Christie 3,386 copies, 63 reviews42
A Dram of Poison by Charlotte Armstrong 165 copies, 6 reviews43
Sparkling Cyanide by Agatha Christie 2,959 copies, 59 reviews44
Before Midnight by Rex Stout 778 copies, 17 reviews45
The Moonflower by Beverley Nichols 27 copies, 2 reviews46
The Little Sister by Raymond Chandler 2,357 copies, 54 reviews47
A Hero for Leanda by Andrew Garve 29 copies48
The Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham 1,363 copies, 47 reviews49
Three Act Tragedy by Agatha Christie 3,035 copies, 58 reviews50
The Mad Hatter Mystery by John Dickson Carr 365 copies, 8 reviews51
Cat Among the Pigeons by Agatha Christie 3,987 copies, 79 reviews52
The Long Farewell by Michael Innes 207 copies, 2 reviews53
Playback by Raymond Chandler 1,763 copies, 29 reviews54
End of Chapter by Nicholas Blake 180 copies, 4 reviews55
Pikajuna pysähtyi by Willy Corsari 5 copies56
Kuoleman oppitunti by Walentin Chorell 2 copies57
She Died a Lady by Carter Dickson 176 copies, 5 reviews58
One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Agatha Christie 3,127 copies, 63 reviews59
Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie 4,356 copies, 81 reviews60
The Pale Horse by Agatha Christie 2,693 copies, 57 reviews61
Avdøde ønsket ikke blomster by Gerd Nyquist 22 copies, 1 review62
The rich die hard by Beverley Nichols 14 copies63
Champagne for One by Rex Stout 938 copies, 13 reviews64
Death on the Agenda by Patricia Moyes 168 copies, 2 reviews65
The End of the Track by Andrew Garve 14 copies66
The Emperor's Pearl by Robert van Gulik 471 copies, 9 reviews67
The Clocks by Agatha Christie 3,489 copies, 60 reviews68
Murder à la Mode by Patricia Moyes 161 copies, 2 reviews69
The Sea House by Margaret Summerton 10 copies70
A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie 3,450 copies, 83 reviews72
Falling Star by Patricia Moyes 155 copies, 4 reviews73
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler 9,979 copies, 277 reviews74
The Mother Hunt by Rex Stout 870 copies, 15 reviews75
The Haunted Monastery by Robert van Gulik 421 copies, 7 reviews76
Murder by the Book by Rex Stout 818 copies, 20 reviews77
The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie 2,752 copies, 65 reviews78
A Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie 4,421 copies, 90 reviews79
The Doorbell Rang by Rex Stout 1,334 copies, 30 reviews80
Dover One by Joyce Porter 99 copies, 7 reviews81
The Phantom of the Temple by Robert van Gulik 381 copies, 5 reviews82
At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie 3,657 copies, 81 reviews83
The China Governess by Margery Allingham 613 copies, 14 reviews84
A Tangled Web by Nicholas Blake 62 copies, 1 review85
A Talent For Murder by John Wainwright 9 copies86
4.50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie 4,393 copies, 94 reviews87
Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All by Joyce Porter 46 copies, 2 reviews88
Punahilkan hautakirjoitus by Helle Stangerup 16 copies, 2 reviews89
Dark Interval by Joan Aiken 48 copies90
No Bones About It by Joan Fleming 14 copies91
Double-Barrel by Nicolas Freeling 111 copies, 1 review92
Stille som i graven by Gerd Nyquist 14 copies, 1 review93
No Through Road by Martin Russell 5 copies94
Viisituhatta puntaa by Lars Jansson 9 copies, 1 review95
Tee tiedettä ja tapa by Sven G. Svenson 10 copies96
Minkin pehmeä kosketus by Michel Dedina 6 copies97
The King of the Rainy Country by Nicolas Freeling 165 copies, 4 reviews98
Gule handsker by Helle Stangerup 11 copies, 1 review99
Endless Night by Agatha Christie 2,778 copies, 64 reviews100
Kill or Cure by Joan Fleming 10 copies101
Dover Goes to Pott by Joyce Porter 33 copies, 1 review102
Johnny Under Ground by Patricia Moyes 208 copies, 1 review103
Smart-aleck Kill by Raymond Chandler 155 copies, 2 reviews104
They Do It with Mirrors by Agatha Christie 3,221 copies, 66 reviews105
Hell's Belle by Joan Fleming 6 copies106
Death and the Dutch Uncle by Patricia Moyes 153 copies, 4 reviews107
Danger Money by Martin Russell 3 copies108
Third Girl by Agatha Christie 3,123 copies, 49 reviews109
Danger: Hospital Zone by Ursula Curtiss 15 copies110
The James Joyce Murder by Amanda Cross 493 copies, 10 reviews111
Skin for Skin by Douglas Rutherford 3 copies112
Silver Street by E. Richard Johnson 21 copies113
Hot Summer Killing by Judson Philips 8 copies114
Hallowe'en Party by Agatha Christie 4,179 copies, 91 reviews115
The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie 8,393 copies, 270 reviews116
Tsing-Boum by Nicolas Freeling 98 copies, 1 review117
Kein Schnaps für Tamara by Hansjörg Martin 44 copies, 2 reviews118
Pearls are a Nuisance by Raymond Chandler 220 copies, 4 reviews119
The Labors of Hercules by Agatha Christie 2,785 copies, 54 reviews120
Appointment with Death by Agatha Christie 3,818 copies, 80 reviews121
The Last Doorbell by Joseph Harrington 14 copies122
Mongo's Back in Town by E. Richard Johnson 16 copies123
No Return Ticket by Martin Russell 2 copies124
Cockleburr = Pay As You Die by Robert Crawford 6 copies125
Might As Well Be Dead by Rex Stout 758 copies, 14 reviews126
Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie 4,271 copies, 81 reviews127
The Chinese Gold Murders by Robert van Gulik 621 copies, 11 reviews128
Wobble to Death by Peter Lovesey 329 copies, 14 reviews129
Trouble Is My Business [edition unknown] by Raymond Chandler 241 copies, 4 reviews130
The Deadly Climate by Ursula Curtiss 30 copies, 1 review131
The Chinese Bell Murders by Robert van Gulik 676 copies, 10 reviews133
Mustat kalat by Eeva Tenhunen 33 copies134
The Hot Rock by Donald E. Westlake 873 copies, 31 reviews135
Young Man, I Think You're Dying by Joan Fleming 30 copies, 1 review136
La vérité tient à un fil by René Floriot 5 copies137
The Gilt-edged Cockpit by Douglas Rutherford 5 copies138
Over the High Side by Nicolas Freeling 88 copies, 2 reviews139
The Shroud Society by Robert Crawford 6 copies140
Korppi ja kultakuoriainen by Edgar Allan Poe 91 copies141
The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie 3,832 copies, 103 reviews142
Olen utelias ja kuollut by Nils Hövenmark 7 copies143
If Death Ever Slept by Rex Stout 642 copies, 13 reviews144
The Chinese Lake Murders by Robert van Gulik 526 copies, 9 reviews145
Many Deadly Returns by Patricia Moyes 209 copies, 2 reviews146
Mrs. McGinty's Dead by Agatha Christie 2,913 copies, 42 reviews147
A Long Silence by Nicolas Freeling 123 copies, 1 review148
Irma Brannertin arvoitus by Marianne Thorby 4 copies149
The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett 4,141 copies, 141 reviews150
Affair at Royalties by George Baxt 58 copies151
The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 12,410 copies, 331 reviews152
Clear the Fast Lane by Douglas Rutherford 6 copies153
The Red House Mystery by A. A. Milne 1,515 copies, 71 reviews154
The Glass Key by Dashiell Hammett 2,019 copies, 45 reviews155
The Chinese Maze Murders by Robert van Gulik 465 copies, 9 reviews156
Taken at the Flood by Agatha Christie 2,829 copies, 54 reviews157
Kuolema käy apteekissa by Nils Hövenmark 8 copies158
Points and Lines by Matsumoto Seichō 301 copies, 16 reviews159
The Chinese Nail Murders by Robert van Gulik 552 copies, 8 reviews160
Season of Snows and Sins by Patricia Moyes 156 copies, 3 reviews161
The Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie 4,153 copies, 76 reviews162
Kiss the Boss Goodbye by Robert Crawford 9 copies163
Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie 3,245 copies, 77 reviews164
Peril at End House by Agatha Christie 3,954 copies, 70 reviews165
Sleeping Tiger by D. M. Devine 27 copies166
The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett 8,936 copies, 274 reviews167
Bank Shot by Donald E. Westlake 480 copies, 19 reviews168
Squaw Point by R. H Shimer 11 copies169
The informer by Akimitsu Takagi 104 copies, 1 review170
The Dutch Shoe Mystery by Ellery Queen 357 copies, 8 reviews171
Death Comes as the End by Agatha Christie 2,659 copies, 52 reviews172
Peli on pelattu by Olov Svedelid 15 copies173
Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith 647 copies, 18 reviews174
The Times Of London Anthology Of Detective Stories by Times 25 copies175
The Brass Go-Between by Ross Thomas 82 copies, 2 reviews176
The Murders in the Rue Morgue and other stories by Edgar Allan Poe 315 copies, 7 reviews177
The Dain Curse by Dashiell Hammett 1,344 copies, 35 reviews178
Dead Man's Folly by Agatha Christie 2,994 copies, 51 reviews179
The Religious Body by Catherine Aird 427 copies, 23 reviews180
A scopo di libidine by Massimo Felisatti 5 copies181
The Private Wound by Nicholas Blake 103 copies, 3 reviews182
The Girl Who Passed for Normal by Hugh Fleetwood 13 copies, 1 review183
Keisari seisoo palatsissaan by Eeva Tenhunen 8 copies184
Skål för döden : detektivroman by Olov Svedelid 3 copies185
Towards Zero by Agatha Christie 2,692 copies, 51 reviews186
Murder in Canton by Robert van Gulik 422 copies, 11 reviews187
Henrietta Who? by Catherine Aird 347 copies, 12 reviews188
Nineteen Red Roses by Torben Nielsen 34 copies, 1 review189
Ansa by Tord Hubert 9 copies190
Ordeal by Innocence by Agatha Christie 2,662 copies, 54 reviews191
The Quarry by Friedrich Dürrenmatt 626 copies, 5 reviews192
Jimmy the Kid by Donald E. Westlake 304 copies, 11 reviews193
Double Hit by Martin Russell 3 copies194
The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon 1,058 copies, 18 reviews195
Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett 2,930 copies, 85 reviews196
Poirot's Early Cases by Agatha Christie 1,511 copies, 23 reviews198
His Burial Too by Catherine Aird 222 copies, 6 reviews199
The Case of the Fenced-in Woman by Erle Stanley Gardner 174 copies, 2 reviews200
How to live dangerously by Joan Fleming 18 copies201
The Victims by Boileau-Narcejac 18 copies202
Necklace and Calabash by Robert van Gulik 406 copies, 5 reviews203
Trent's Last Case by E. C. Bentley 919 copies, 34 reviews204
Lepänkävyt by Raimo Juntunen 4 copies205
The Pledge by Friedrich Dürrenmatt 1,085 copies, 24 reviews206
Zaleski's Percentage by Donald MacKenzie 14 copies207
Murder in the Mews and Other Stories by Agatha Christie 2,539 copies, 42 reviews208
Too Many Women by Rex Stout 622 copies, 16 reviews209
Beskyddarna : en polisroman by Olov Svedelid 9 copies210
The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen 501 copies, 18 reviews211
Crooked House by Agatha Christie 3,500 copies, 77 reviews212
The Fugitive Pigeon by Donald E. Westlake 182 copies, 2 reviews213
Slight Mourning by Catherine Aird 233 copies, 5 reviews214
The Chinese Parrot by Earl Derr Biggers 273 copies, 14 reviews215
The Big Four by Agatha Christie 3,589 copies, 87 reviews216
The Leavenworth Irregulars by William D. Blankenship 15 copies217
A Child's Garden of Death by Richard Forrest 47 copies, 2 reviews218
Black As He's Painted by Ngaio Marsh 651 copies, 7 reviews220
The Detective Wore Silk Drawers by Peter Lovesey 193 copies, 4 reviews221
The Curious Affair of the Third Dog by Patricia Moyes 187 copies, 3 reviews222
The French Powder Mystery by Ellery Queen 339 copies, 10 reviews223
Murha meren rannalla ; Sopimatonta kuolla yliopistolla by Matti Hälli 3 copies224
Mad Hatter's Holiday by Peter Lovesey 163 copies, 3 reviews225
The Hound of Death and Other Stories by Agatha Christie 570 copies, 6 reviews226
Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries by Melville Davisson Post 114 copies, 3 reviews227
The Busy Body by Donald E. Westlake 185 copies, 2 reviews228
The Monkey and The Tiger by Robert van Gulik 364 copies, 4 reviews229
Home to Roost by Andrew Garve 35 copies230
Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie 4,169 copies, 71 reviews231
Invitation to a Dynamite Party by Peter Lovesey 144 copies, 6 reviews232
Black Widower by Patricia Moyes 162 copies, 2 reviews233
One More Unfortunate by Edgar Lustgarten 31 copies234
Death in Gentle Grove by Francis Allan 8 copies235
The Greek Coffin Mystery: A Problem in Deduction by Ellery Queen 471 copies, 15 reviews236
The Small Hours of the Morning by Margaret Yorke 49 copies, 2 reviews237
Lord Peter Views the Body by Dorothy L. Sayers 1,694 copies, 40 reviews238
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P. D. James 2,535 copies, 53 reviews239
Too Many Cooks by Rex Stout 955 copies, 25 reviews240
The Deadly Percheron by John Franklin Bardin 222 copies, 5 reviews241
The Listerdale Mystery and Eleven Other Stories by Agatha Christie 898 copies, 17 reviews242
Kunnallismurha by Nils Hövenmark 5 copies243
Cover Her Face by P. D. James 3,210 copies, 85 reviews244
The Corpse on the Dike by Janwillem van de Wetering 321 copies, 7 reviews245
The Plot against Roger Rider by Julian Symons 65 copies247
Sunk Without Trace by Dominic Devine 7 copies248
Ask for Me Tomorrow by Margaret Millar 114 copies, 1 review249
A Right to Die by Rex Stout 861 copies, 14 reviews250
Kummina kuolema by Jean Bolinder 6 copies251
Nachtschatten by Pentti Kirstilä 11 copies252
Hollywood and LeVine by Andrew Bergman 63 copies, 2 reviews253
A Three-Pipe Problem by Julian Symons 197 copies, 4 reviews254
The Shooting Party by Anton Chekhov 466 copies, 5 reviews255
Unnatural Causes by P. D. James 2,066 copies, 40 reviews256
The Last of Philip Banter by John Franklin Bardin 84 copies, 3 reviews257
The Three Coffins by John Dickson Carr 770 copies, 32 reviews258
Death of a Mystery Writer by Robert Barnard 228 copies, 4 reviews259
Last Ditch by Ngaio Marsh 680 copies, 13 reviews260
Enkelintekijät by Richard Hey 10 copies261
An Advancement of Learning by Reginald Hill 615 copies, 19 reviews262
Poirot Investigates by Agatha Christie 3,326 copies, 83 reviews263
The Rapist by Michael Kenyon 9 copies264
Too Many Clients by Rex Stout 597 copies, 6 reviews265
The Players and the Game by Julian Symons 80 copies, 1 review266
Elephants Can Remember by Agatha Christie 3,614 copies, 63 reviews267
Dynamiittia ja ompelutarvikkeita by Nils Hövenmark 5 copies268
The House without a Key by Earl Derr Biggers 408 copies, 24 reviews269
Verikosto by Olle Högstrand 2 copies270
Who Is Simon Warwick? by Patricia Moyes 162 copies, 1 review271
The Mournful Demeanour of Lieutenant Boruvka by Josef Škvorecký 160 copies, 5 reviews272
Parker Pyne Investigates by Agatha Christie 2,024 copies, 36 reviews273
The Big Kiss-Off of 1944 by Andrew Bergman 56 copies, 3 reviews274
Waxwork by Peter Lovesey 199 copies, 6 reviews275
Nobody's Perfect by Donald E. Westlake 297 copies, 8 reviews276
The Spider-Orchid by Celia Fremlin 51 copies, 2 reviews277
The Maine Massacre by Janwillem van de Wetering 292 copies, 8 reviews278
The Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie 3,215 copies, 67 reviews279
But Nellie Was So Nice by Mary McMullen 22 copies280
The Lake of Darkness by Ruth Rendell 390 copies, 5 reviews281
Death of a Doxy by Rex Stout 877 copies, 19 reviews282
Poets and Murder by Robert van Gulik 385 copies, 5 reviews283
The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding by Agatha Christie 1,503 copies, 34 reviews284
Some Die Eloquent by Catherine Aird 223 copies, 6 reviews285
The Man in the Queue by Josephine Tey 1,598 copies, 56 reviews286
Carte Vermeil by Boileau-Narcejac 24 copies287
Bullet for a Star by Stuart M. Kaminsky 206 copies, 9 reviews288
Frog in the Throat by E. X. Ferrars 44 copies, 1 review290
The Widow by Nicolas Freeling 53 copies, 3 reviews291
The Murder on the Links by Agatha Christie 4,263 copies, 107 reviews292
This is Your Death by Dominic Devine 7 copies293
Vesikauhu by Elisabet Kågerman 8 copies294
Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L. Sayers 2,763 copies, 69 reviews295
Dein Mord in Gottes Ohr by Hansjörg Martin 11 copies296
The Black Tower by P. D. James 2,170 copies, 42 reviews297
Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie 2,606 copies, 56 reviews298
Bloody Murder: From the Detective Story to the Crime Novel by Julian Symons 292 copies, 6 reviews300
The Continental Op by Dashiell Hammett 1,280 copies, 27 reviews301
Experiment With Death by E. X. Ferrars 42 copies302
Murder on the Yellow Brick Road by Stuart M. Kaminsky 263 copies, 5 reviews303
Rimppalinja by Nils Hövenmark 3 copies304
Who Guards the Prince by Reginald Hill 110 copies, 5 reviews305
The Scoop & Behind the Screen by Agatha Christie 206 copies, 2 reviews306
Komisario Kairalan tutkimuksia : 34 rikoskertomusta by Marton Taiga 5 copies307
Woman of Straw by Catherine Arley 20 copies308
The End of Solomon Grundy by Julian Symons 37 copies309
Cul-De-Sac by John Wainwright 13 copies310
The Suicide Murders by Howard Engel 100 copies, 1 review311
Water Widow by Ella Griffiths 5 copies312
Night Ferry to Death by Patricia Moyes 174 copies, 2 reviews313
The Mysterious Mr. Quin by Agatha Christie 2,268 copies, 48 reviews314
Jumping Jenny by Anthony Berkeley 133 copies, 8 reviews315
The Japanese Corpse by Janwillem van de Wetering 303 copies, 7 reviews316
The Distaff Factor by John Wainwright 6 copies317
The Ransom Game (Penguin crime fiction) by Howard Engel 64 copies, 1 review318
Help, I am Being Held Prisoner by Donald E. Westlake 212 copies, 2 reviews319
Hand of Fate by Michael Underwood 21 copies320
Light Thickens by Ngaio Marsh 754 copies, 21 reviews321
The Moving Toyshop by Edmund Crispin 1,400 copies, 61 reviews322
Kuolema savolaiseen tapaan by Eeva Tenhunen 24 copies323
By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie 3,089 copies, 49 reviews324
Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie 16,140 copies, 399 reviews325
Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie 4,129 copies, 93 reviews326
Best Detective Stories of Cyril Hare by Cyril Hare 132 copies, 3 reviews328
The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley 547 copies, 27 reviews329
From Thunder Bay (Harper Novel of Suspense) by Arthur Maling 11 copies330
Never Cross a Vampire by Stuart M. Kaminsky 161 copies, 6 reviews331
Inspector Saito's Small Satori by Janwillem Van de Wetering 107 copies, 5 reviews332
Enkelstöten : psykologisk thriller by Tomas Arvidsson 24 copies, 1 review333
The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie 6,618 copies, 128 reviews334
Exit Lines by Reginald Hill 475 copies, 1 review335
The League of Frightened Men by Rex Stout 1,007 copies, 30 reviews336
Before the Fact by Francis Iles 239 copies, 15 reviews337
Double Death: An Exercise in Detection by John Chancellor 27 copies, 1 review338
Indemnity Only by Sara Paretsky 1,481 copies, 40 reviews339
The Murder of Miranda by Margaret Millar 79 copies340
Think Fast, Mr. Peters by Stuart M. Kaminsky 70 copies, 2 reviews341
Tappion uhalla by Mihail Tsernjonok 4 copies342
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 20,119 copies, 515 reviews343
Dubbelstöten : psykologisk thriller by Tomas Arvidsson 18 copies344
Fiktionen : kriminalroman by Jean Bolinder 8 copies345
Death of a Dormouse by Reginald Hill 129 copies, 5 reviews346
Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie 3,581 copies, 63 reviews347
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie 9,439 copies, 303 reviews348
Death is No Sportsman by Cyril Hare 148 copies, 4 reviews349
Komisario Kairalan tutkimuksia 2 by Marton Taiga 4 copies350
The Colour of Murder by Julian Symons 164 copies, 14 reviews351
Ceremony by Robert B. Parker 936 copies, 12 reviews352
Deadlock by Sara Paretsky 1,075 copies, 20 reviews353
End-Game by Michael Gilbert 86 copies, 1 review354
Black Girl, White Girl by Patricia Moyes 134 copies355
At the Villa Rose by A. E. W. Mason 155 copies, 4 reviews356
Seesaw Millions by Janwillem van de Wetering 26 copies357
Fantasy and Fugue by Roy Fuller 18 copies358
A Killing Kindness by Reginald Hill 464 copies, 7 reviews359
Monkey Puzzle by Paula Gosling 80 copies360
Problem at Pollensa Bay and Other Stories by Agatha Christie 586 copies, 11 reviews361
Over My Dead Body by Rex Stout 1,015 copies, 28 reviews362
The Case of the Howling Dog by Erle Stanley Gardner 282 copies, 10 reviews363
The Cherry Blossom Corpse by Robert Barnard 172 copies, 2 reviews364
The Silk Stocking Murders by Anthony Berkeley 99 copies, 4 reviews365
The Second Curtain by Roy Broadbent Fuller 49 copies366
Hamlet, Revenge! by Michael Innes 496 copies, 19 reviews367
Tragedy at Law by Cyril Hare 334 copies, 13 reviews368
A Nice Class of Corpse by Simon Brett 317 copies, 7 reviews369
Have His Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers 3,229 copies, 68 reviews370
Where There's a Will by Rex Stout 733 copies, 18 reviews371
An Easy Thing by Paco Ignacio Taibo II 148 copies, 4 reviews372
Nothing to Do with the Case by Elizabeth Lemarchand 36 copies, 1 review373
The Beast Must Die by Nicholas Blake 412 copies, 20 reviews374
The Case of the Abominable Snowman by Nicholas Blake 197 copies, 4 reviews374
The Second Confession by Rex Stout 902 copies, 16 reviews375
The Adventures of Sam Spade and Other Stories by Dashiell Hammett 131 copies, 2 reviews376
The Streetbird by Janwillem van de Wetering 211 copies, 7 reviews377
Sand Castles by Nicolas Freeling 71 copies, 1 review378
A case of spirits by Peter Lovesey 160 copies, 4 reviews379
Prisoner's Base by Rex Stout 882 copies, 15 reviews380
How Many Miles to Babylon by Doris Gercke 48 copies, 2 reviews381
Spider Webs by Margaret Millar 54 copies382
Plot It Yourself by Rex Stout 756 copies, 18 reviews383
Blackmailers Don't Shoot by Raymond Chandler 74 copies384
The Red Box by Rex Stout 782 copies, 19 reviews385
The Progress of a Crime by Julian Symons 98 copies, 5 reviews386
The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie 2,897 copies, 77 reviews387
The Case of the Stuttering Bishop by Erle Stanley Gardner 332 copies, 6 reviews388
Levine by Donald E. Westlake 86 copies389
The Body in Blackwater Bay by Paula Gosling 83 copies, 2 reviews390
The Ice House by Minette Walters 1,572 copies, 23 reviews391
Gambit by Rex Stout 666 copies, 11 reviews392
The Red Pavilion by Robert van Gulik 440 copies, 10 reviews393
Bitter Medicine by Sara Paretsky 1,098 copies, 17 reviews394
The Father Hunt by Rex Stout 703 copies, 11 reviews395
Happy Birthday, Turk! by Jakob Arjouni 264 copies, 12 reviews396
Recalled to Life by Reginald Hill 558 copies, 14 reviews397
Love Bytes by Sally Chapman 46 copies398
Blind Justice by Bruce Alexander 701 copies, 35 reviews399
Death of a Dude by Rex Stout 716 copies, 15 reviews400
A Pinch of Snuff by Reginald Hill 527 copies, 9 reviews402
The Lacquer Screen by Robert van Gulik 464 copies, 8 reviews403
Please Pass the Guilt by Rex Stout 640 copies, 8 reviews404
Hell Hath No Fury by Ingrid Noll 267 copies, 6 reviews405
The Five Bells and Bladebone by Martha Grimes 1,042 copies, 11 reviews406
Blood Shot by Sara Paretsky 1,167 copies, 21 reviews407
A Few Dying Words by Paula Gosling 48 copies408
A Family Affair by Rex Stout 659 copies, 17 reviews409
Der Krieg, der Tod, die Pest by Doris Gercke 9 copies, 1 review410
Judge Dee at Work: Eight Chinese Detective Stories by Robert van Gulik 430 copies, 6 reviews411
Play It Again by Stephen Humphrey Bogart 74 copies, 1 review412
Cyberkiss by Sally Chapman 51 copies413
Vanhan ystävyyden nimissä by Tomas Arvidsson 9 copies414
While the Light Lasts and Other Stories by Agatha Christie 545 copies, 11 reviews415
What's the Worst That Could Happen? by Donald E. Westlake 447 copies, 8 reviews416
The Pharmacist by Ingrid Noll 317 copies, 5 reviews417
Murha aluevesillä by Maja Novak 3 copies418
Kinderkorn by Doris Gercke 16 copies, 1 review419
Missing by Karin Alvtegen 600 copies, 34 reviews420
The Shape of Water by Andrea Camilleri 2,515 copies, 114 reviews421
Auf Leben und Tod by Doris Gercke 14 copies422
Killing Time by Donald E. Westlake 98 copies, 1 review423
The Echo by Minette Walters 1,353 copies, 20 reviews424
Dromenvanger by Unni Lindell 177 copies, 3 reviews425
Killer in the Rain and Other Stories by Raymond Chandler 827 copies, 12 reviews426
Total Recall by Sara Paretsky 1,037 copies, 14 reviews427
Head Count by Ingrid Noll 232 copies, 7 reviews428
The Terracotta Dog by Andrea Camilleri 1,859 copies, 66 reviews429
Sing wie ein Vogel by Thomas Kanger 16 copies, 1 review430
Nightmare Town: Stories by Dashiell Hammett 551 copies, 10 reviews431
The Snack Thief by Andrea Camilleri 1,565 copies, 57 reviews432
Swan Song by Edmund Crispin 446 copies, 13 reviews433
Ice Moon by Jan Costin Wagner 206 copies, 14 reviews434
De rouwmantel by Unni Lindell 163 copies, 1 review435
At Risk by Stella Rimington 742 copies, 28 reviews436
Guilt by Karin Alvtegen 152 copies, 7 reviews437
The Voice of the Violin by Andrea Camilleri 1,561 copies, 51 reviews438
The Blue Edge of Midnight by Jonathon King 376 copies, 9 reviews439
Bad News by Donald E. Westlake 413 copies, 10 reviews440
Nachtzuster by Unni Lindell 157 copies, 4 reviews441
Studierektorns byte by Tomas Arvidsson 16 copies442
A Visible Darkness by Jonathon King 235 copies, 2 reviews443
The Road to Ruin by Donald E. Westlake 413 copies, 10 reviews444
Orkestergraven by Unni Lindell 138 copies, 4 reviews445
Excursion to Tindari by Andrea Camilleri 1,413 copies, 44 reviews446
Still Life by Louise Penny 6,357 copies, 411 reviews447
Den döda vinkeln by Thomas Kanger 17 copies448
Silence by Jan Costin Wagner 144 copies, 13 reviews449
A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny 3,825 copies, 219 reviews450
Søndagsmanden by Thomas Kanger 75 copies, 1 review451
Honingval by Unni Lindell 195 copies, 8 reviews452
The Smell of the Night by Andrea Camilleri 1,307 copies, 46 reviews453
Bruno, Chief of Police by Martin Walker 1,351 copies, 90 reviews454
Spade & Archer by Joe Gores 368 copies, 15 reviews455
Rounding the Mark by Andrea Camilleri 1,243 copies, 42 reviews456
Boeman by Unni Lindell 127 copies, 9 reviews457
The Dark Vineyard by Martin Walker 710 copies, 41 reviews458
Bed of Nails by Antonin Varenne 106 copies, 6 reviews459


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