Publisher SeriesBibliothek der Science Fiction Literatur

Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang by Kate Wilhelm 1,652 copies, 62 reviews1
The Forever War by Joe Haldeman 8,730 copies, 231 reviews2
Schwere Welten by Hal Clement 21 copies3
The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl 1,778 copies, 55 reviews4
Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon 1,447 copies, 32 reviews5
The Incredible Planet by John W. Campbell 37 copies6
The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov 5,398 copies, 93 reviews7
The Flying Sorcerers by David Gerrold 654 copies, 5 reviews8
Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch 1,046 copies, 25 reviews9
Earth Abides by George R. Stewart 3,347 copies, 110 reviews10
The Drowned World by J. G. Ballard 2,514 copies, 63 reviews11
I Am Legend by Richard Matheson 4,407 copies, 171 reviews12
The Hugo Winners: Volume One (1955-1961) by Isaac Asimov 290 copies, 5 reviews13
Hellstrom's Hive by Frank Herbert 889 copies, 13 reviews14
The Steel Crocodile by David G. Compton 148 copies, 2 reviews15
Simulacron-3 by Daniel F. Galouye 276 copies, 10 reviews16
Earthworks by Brian W. Aldiss 386 copies, 2 reviews17
334 by Thomas M. Disch 628 copies, 16 reviews18
Andromeda: A Space-Age Tale by Iwan A. Jefremow 153 copies, 2 reviews19
I, Robot / Earth Is Room Enough / The Bicentennial Man and Other Stories by Isaac Asimov 58 copies, 1 review20
Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon 1,284 copies, 30 reviews21
The Shrinking Man by Richard Matheson 754 copies, 33 reviews22
The Third Ear by Curt Siodmak 60 copies23
The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester 5,764 copies, 163 reviews24
The Wind's Twelve Quarters by Ursula K. Le Guin 2,124 copies, 28 reviews25
Make Room! Make Room! by Harry Harrison 1,427 copies, 45 reviews26
The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham 6,862 copies, 191 reviews27
Die Fußangeln der Zeit. Die schönsten Zeitreise- Geschichten I. by Karl Michael Armer 10 copies28
Zielzeit. Die schönsten Zeitreise- Geschichten II. by Karl Michael Armer 8 copies29
Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick 3,952 copies, 77 reviews30
Vandenberg by Oliver Lange 56 copies, 2 reviews31
Das Jahrhundert der Marsianer. Bibliothek der Science Fiction Literatur 32. by Helga Abret 9 copies32
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 48,095 copies, 927 reviews33
Donovan's Brain by Curt Siodmak 241 copies, 6 reviews34
Das Königsprojekt by Carl Amery 43 copies35
Other Days, Other Eyes by Bob Shaw 252 copies, 6 reviews36
Sirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord by Olaf Stapledon 497 copies, 15 reviews37
Pavane by Keith Roberts 1,306 copies, 47 reviews38
Hiero's Journey by Sterling E. Lanier 468 copies, 7 reviews39
On Wings of Song by Thomas M. Disch 465 copies, 7 reviews40
Inverted World by Christopher Priest 1,555 copies, 55 reviews41
Davy by Edgar Pangborn 455 copies, 10 reviews42
The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin 9,496 copies, 238 reviews43
More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon 2,796 copies, 63 reviews44
Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny 4,783 copies, 107 reviews45
War with the Newts by Karel Čapek 1,798 copies, 51 reviews46
The Compass Rose by Ursula K. Le Guin 1,202 copies, 13 reviews47
Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys 786 copies, 29 reviews48
A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller Jr. 10,742 copies, 293 reviews49
Helliconia Spring by Brian W. Aldiss 1,434 copies, 18 reviews50
Helliconia Summer by Brian W. Aldiss 979 copies, 12 reviews51
Helliconia Winter by Brian W. Aldiss 953 copies, 10 reviews52
A Voyage to Arcturus by David Lindsay 1,137 copies, 33 reviews53
The Humanoids by Jack Williamson 536 copies, 14 reviews54
Deathworld Trilogy by Harry Harrison 1,014 copies, 17 reviews55
Voyages to the Moon and the Sun by Cyrano de Bergerac 274 copies, 9 reviews56
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes 14,096 copies, 363 reviews57
Le cycle du A by A. E. van Vogt 43 copies58
A Case of Conscience by James Blish 1,672 copies, 46 reviews59
Mutant 59: The Plastic-Eaters by Kit Pedler 160 copies, 2 reviews60
Hothouse by Brian W. Aldiss 981 copies, 29 reviews61
The Long Afternoon of Earth by Brian Aldiss 314 copies, 6 reviews61
A Mirror for Observers by Edgar Pangborn 403 copies, 11 reviews62
Behold the Man by Michael Moorcock 1,198 copies, 25 reviews63
A Martian Odyssey [anthology] by Stanley G. Weinbaum 122 copies, 1 review64
Ten Thousand Light-Years From Home by James Tiptree Jr. 522 copies, 5 reviews65
A Maze of Death by Philip K. Dick 1,650 copies, 32 reviews66
CRUPP. Zwei Science Fiction Romane. by Eric Koch 5 copies67
Kontakt radioaktiv : Science-fiction-Roman by Daniel Keyes 0 copies68
The Touch by Daniel Keyes 51 copies, 1 review68
The Jonah Kit by Ian Watson 197 copies, 7 reviews69
Bring the Jubilee by Ward Moore 790 copies, 20 reviews70
The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov 7,161 copies, 128 reviews71
The Naked Sun by Isaac Asimov 5,697 copies, 90 reviews72
The Weapon Shops of Isher and The Weapon Makers by A. E. Van Vogt 200 copies, 2 reviews73
Greybeard by Brian W. Aldiss 814 copies, 18 reviews74
Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein 10,005 copies, 144 reviews75
Man Plus by Frederik Pohl 1,353 copies, 20 reviews76
The Best of C. L. Moore by C. L. Moore 400 copies, 11 reviews77
The Shockwave Rider by John Brunner 1,466 copies, 23 reviews78
The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov 5,905 copies, 74 reviews79
Assault on a Queen by Jack Finney 74 copies, 2 reviews80
The Fifth Head of Cerberus by Gene Wolfe 1,534 copies, 26 reviews81
Zeit endet oder Die Elemente by James Gr. Ballard 8 copies82
The Voyage of the Space Beagle by A. E. Van Vogt 1,010 copies, 18 reviews83
When William Came by Saki 73 copies, 4 reviews85
The Complete Roderick by John Sladek 283 copies, 2 reviews86
Nova by Samuel R. Delany 1,998 copies, 38 reviews87
Nine Hundred Grandmothers by R. A. Lafferty 407 copies, 4 reviews89
Von Gilgamesch bis Hawthorne by James Gunn 7 copies90
Von Poe bis Wells by James E. Gunn 6 copies91
Von Wells bis Stapledon by James Gunn 9 copies92
Von Huxley bis Heinlein by James Gunn 10 copies93
Von Heinlein bis Farmer by James Gunn 5 copies94
Von Clement bis Dick by James Gunn 8 copies95
Von Ellison bis Haldeman by James Gunn 11 copies96
Von Matheson bis Shaw by James Gunn 6 copies97
Von Lem bis Varley by James Gunn 4 copies98
Von Malzberg bis Benford by James Gunn 9 copies99
Von Shelley bis Clark by James E. Gunn 4 copies100
Von Ballard bis Stableford by James Gunn 8 copies101
The Napoleon of Notting Hill & The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton 44 copies104
Der G. K. Chesterton Omnibus 2 by Gilbert K. Chesterton 6 copies105

Other Names

German: Heyne Bibliothek der Science Fiction Literatur


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