Publisher SeriesRowohlt Jahrhundert

The Man Without Qualities by Robert Musil 746 copies, 14 reviews1
The Man Without Qualities: A Sort of Introduction; Pseudo Reality Prevails {Vol. 1 of 2} by Robert Musil 1,340 copies, 17 reviews1
The Man Without Qualities: Into the Millennium; From the Posthumous Papers {Vol. 2 of 2} by Robert Musil 751 copies, 14 reviews2
The Gods Will Have Blood by Anatole France 850 copies, 19 reviews3
Murphy by Samuel Beckett 1,676 copies, 25 reviews4
The Sisters Materassi by Aldo Palazzeschi 157 copies, 5 reviews5
Der Aufruhr in den Cevennen. Roman by Ludwig Tieck 9 copies6
Holy Week by Jerzy Andrzejewski 59 copies, 2 reviews7
Colas Breugnon by Romain Rolland 165 copies, 3 reviews8
Roxelane by Johannes Tralow 13 copies9
Hard Times by Charles Dickens 10,705 copies, 131 reviews10
Focus by Arthur Miller 407 copies, 2 reviews11
Peter the First by Alexei Tolstoy 157 copies, 3 reviews12
The Story of the Abderites by Christoph Martin Wieland 71 copies, 2 reviews13
Narayama by Shichirō Fukazawa 57 copies, 2 reviews14
Revulsion by László Németh 49 copies15
The Octopus: A Story of California by Frank Norris 967 copies, 16 reviews16
Young Henry of Navarre by Heinrich Mann 240 copies, 5 reviews17
Henry, King of France by Heinrich Mann 182 copies, 1 review18
God's Little Acre by Erskine Caldwell 677 copies, 13 reviews20
Esther Waters by George Moore 402 copies, 4 reviews21
World Light by Halldór Laxness 330 copies, 5 reviews22
Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo 3,406 copies, 75 reviews23
Mountain City by Upton Sinclair 21 copies, 2 reviews24
Dryss by Martin Andersen Nexø 8 copies25
Bracke. Ein Eulenspiegelroman. by Klabund 9 copies26
Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis 5,127 copies, 95 reviews27
The Pharaoh by Bolesław Prus 255 copies28
Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry 4,467 copies, 88 reviews29
What Is to Be Done? by Nikolai Chernyshevsky 460 copies, 11 reviews30
The Other Side by Alfred Kubin 486 copies, 10 reviews31
Aufruhr der Kinder (Rowohlt Jahrhundert) by Arnold Ulitz 2 copies32
Der gestohlene Mond by Ernst Barlach 9 copies33
Gericht über Veit Stoss (rowohlt Jahrhundert) by Leo Weismantel 3 copies34
Krieg Nachkrieg by Ludwig Renn 8 copies35
The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne 8,756 copies, 114 reviews36
Frieden by Ernst Glaeser 4 copies37
The Enormous Room by E. E. Cummings 1,481 copies, 26 reviews38
Ninety-three by Victor Hugo 1,156 copies, 25 reviews39
Nikola the Outlaw by Ivan Olbracht 43 copies, 1 review40
Blood and Sand: A Novel by Vicente Blasco Ibanez 169 copies, 5 reviews41
Familien Frank by Martin Andersen Nexø 16 copies42
Der alte Perdrix by Charles-Louis Philippe 3 copies43
The Golovlyov Family by Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin 612 copies, 13 reviews44
Mademoiselle de la Ralphie by Eugène Le Roy 3 copies45
Wer den Duft des Essens verkauft: Schwänke und Anekdoten des türkischen Eulenspiegel by Nasreddin Hodscha 3 copies46
Don Juan by Josef Toman 9 copies47
Es ist Krieg und wir gehen hin. Bei den jugoslawischen Partisanen by Paul Parin 4 copies48
Martereau : a novel by Nathalie Sarraute 85 copies49
Clerambault by Romain Rolland 30 copies, 1 review51
V. by Thomas Pynchon 5,246 copies, 36 reviews52
Reeds and Mud by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez 181 copies, 6 reviews53
Das Mädchen von Fanö by Günther Weisenborn 4 copies54
Griechische Reise by Johann Jakob Bachofen 6 copies55
Adolphe by Benjamin Constant 767 copies, 8 reviews56
Gravity's Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon 10,862 copies, 142 reviews57
Der Spiessrutenlauf. Roman by Karl Zuchardt 7 copies58
Gesucht: Stephan Varesku by Jo Mihaly 4 copies59
The Story of My Wife by Milan Fust 142 copies, 2 reviews60
The Cabin by Vicente Blasco Ibáñez 255 copies, 8 reviews61
The Defense by Vladimir Nabokov 1,767 copies, 38 reviews62
The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoevsky 4,124 copies, 53 reviews63
Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe 3,580 copies, 50 reviews64
The Queen's Diadem by Carl Jonas Love Almqvist 171 copies, 1 review65
The Enchanted Wanderer: and Other Stories by Nikolai Leskov 307 copies, 5 reviews66
Fiebre by Miguel Otero Silva 9 copies67
Martin Salander by Gottfried Keller 26 copies68
Good-Bye to All That: An Autobiography by Robert Graves 3,739 copies, 65 reviews69
The Nice Old Man and the Pretty Girl by Italo Svevo 176 copies, 2 reviews70
Maldoror by Comte de Lautréamont 635 copies, 6 reviews71
Home of the Gentry by Ivan Turgenev 812 copies, 18 reviews72
The Vortex by José Eustasio Rivera 301 copies, 8 reviews73
Fiestas by Juan Goytisolo 49 copies74
The Jews of Barnow by Karl Emil Franzos 21 copies75
Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy 10,252 copies, 141 reviews76
The Sorrowful Eyes of Hannah Karajich by Ivan Olbracht 28 copies77
Life: A User's Manual by Georges Perec 3,837 copies, 54 reviews78
Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner 7,764 copies, 106 reviews80
Les filles du feu/Les Chimères by Gérard de Nerval 117 copies, 2 reviews81
The Class by Hermann Ungar 84 copies82
Beisetzung in Theresienburg by Miroslav Krleža 11 copies83
The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon 11,100 copies, 194 reviews84
Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Söderberg 1,015 copies, 34 reviews85
A Death in the Family by James Agee 3,080 copies, 69 reviews86
L'Enfant by Jules Vallès 331 copies, 2 reviews88
The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada by Ivan A. Gontsjarov 120 copies, 1 review89
A Diary Of My Times by Georges Bernanos 146 copies, 7 reviews90
Wolf Solent by John Cowper Powys 609 copies, 9 reviews91
En jøde by M. Goldschmidt 11 copies92
Heeresbericht by Edlef Köppen 61 copies, 1 review93
Within an Inch of His Life by Émile Gaboriau 52 copies94
Union der festen Hand by Erik Reger 19 copies95
Aden, Die Wachhunde : zwei Pamphlete by Paul Nizan 3 copies96
Geheimnis und Gewalt by Georg K. Glaser 17 copies97
Journey to the End of the Night by Louis-Ferdinand Céline 6,088 copies, 82 reviews98
Der unwürdige Liebhaber by Rudolf Borchardt 19 copies99
Sommerglæder by Herman Bang 55 copies100


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