Publisher SeriesI classici del giallo [Mondadori]

The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde by Erle Stanley Gardner 169 copies, 1 review1, 6, 1355
The Venus Death by Ben Benson 12 copies10
The Three Coffins by John Dickson Carr 721 copies, 26 reviews1006, 234
The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie 3,492 copies, 91 reviews1029, 579, 132
The Tragedy of Y by Ellery Queen 102 copies, 1 review11
Dumb Witness by Agatha Christie 2,958 copies, 64 reviews1147, 557, 236
The Big Guy by Whit Masterson 7 copies, 1 review12
The Plague Court Murders by Carter Dickson 204 copies, 9 reviews1273, 632
The Follower by Patrick Quentin 52 copies, 3 reviews13
Below Suspicion by John Dickson Carr 204 copies1385, 567
Wall of Eyes by Margaret Millar 63 copies1389, 315
I'll get you for this by James Hadley Chase 37 copies1390, 91
There's Always a Price Tag by James Hadley Chase 33 copies14
Night Has a Thousand Eyes by Cornell Woolrich 222 copies, 14 reviews144, 698
The Case of the Borrowed Brunette by Erle Stanley Gardner 242 copies, 7 reviews15
What Really Happened by Brett Halliday 31 copies16
The Tragedy of Z by Ellery Queen 109 copies, 4 reviews17
Green Light for Death by Frank Kane 12 copies, 1 review18
Give the Boys a Great Big Hand by Ed McBain 278 copies, 10 reviews19
Never a Dull Moment by Peter Cheyney 23 copies20
Rififi sulla Senna by Auguste Le Breton 2 copies102
The Hunter by Richard Stark 969 copies, 47 reviews110
Killer's Choice by Ed McBain 367 copies, 10 reviews125
Ten Plus One by Ed McBain 272 copies, 5 reviews135
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 18,164 copies, 481 reviews151
Fuzz by Ed McBain 308 copies, 7 reviews159
Detour by Helen Nielsen 24 copies, 1 review165
The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie 7,560 copies, 254 reviews195
The Origin of Evil by Ellery Queen 199 copies, 5 reviews200, 844
Castle Skull by John Dickson Carr 221 copies, 4 reviews213
Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy L. Sayers 3,530 copies, 99 reviews238
Appuntamenti in nero by Cornell Woolrich 29 copies, 2 reviews239
The Case of the Late Pig by Margery Allingham 567 copies, 16 reviews240
The Pusher by Ed McBain 391 copies, 14 reviews244
They Do It with Mirrors by Agatha Christie 2,945 copies, 64 reviews245
The Spanish Cape Mystery by Ellery Queen 231 copies, 7 reviews271
While The Patient Slept by Mignon G. Eberhart 63 copies, 1 review272
Strangler's Serenade by William Irish 15 copies280, 842
The Dutch Shoe Mystery by Ellery Queen 322 copies, 6 reviews297, 1321
Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout 1,114 copies, 29 reviews3
The Black Path of Fear by Cornell Woolrich 108 copies, 4 reviews336, 1199
Gambit by Rex Stout 629 copies, 9 reviews346, 999
Because the Night by James Ellroy 356 copies, 4 reviews4
The Great Mistake by Mary Roberts Rinehart 165 copies, 1 review4
The Tragedy of X by Ellery Queen 140 copies, 3 reviews5
The Body in the Bed by Bill S. Ballinger 14 copies6
The Double by Edgar Wallace 63 copies7
The Hollow by Agatha Christie 3,097 copies, 58 reviews8
Top of the Heap by Erle Stanley Gardner 381 copies, 7 reviews9
Mrs. McGinty's Dead by Agatha Christie 2,642 copies, 36 reviews29
The Con Man by Ed McBain 376 copies, 19 reviews68
Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie 3,835 copies, 78 reviews292
The Mugger by Ed McBain 502 copies, 19 reviews308
Like Love by Ed McBain 259 copies, 7 reviews332
Peril at End House by Agatha Christie 3,616 copies, 69 reviews341
Ax by Ed McBain 261 copies, 6 reviews350
A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie 3,201 copies, 75 reviews353
The Black Angel by Cornell Woolrich 203 copies, 6 reviews356
The Mercenaries by Donald E. Westlake 266 copies, 14 reviews370
Killer's Wedge by Ed McBain 292 copies, 8 reviews372
Melora by Mignon G. Eberhart 42 copies, 1 review385
The Heckler by Ed McBain 279 copies, 9 reviews395
The Mourner by Richard Stark 373 copies, 16 reviews407
The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley 504 copies, 25 reviews414
He Who Hesitates by Ed McBain 264 copies, 10 reviews415
Cards on the Table by Agatha Christie 3,805 copies, 91 reviews429
The Score by Richard Stark 446 copies, 21 reviews430
The Reader is Warned by Carter Dickson 133 copies, 3 reviews431
Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie 3,244 copies, 62 reviews441
Call After Midnight by Mignon G. Eberhart 25 copies448
Miss Withers Regrets by Stuart Palmer 25 copies, 2 reviews460
The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie 5,965 copies, 117 reviews476, 665
The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie 5,519 copies, 180 reviews480
Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie 3,795 copies, 67 reviews498
Towards Zero by Agatha Christie 2,455 copies, 50 reviews502
The Cavalier's Cup by Carter Dickson 126 copies, 3 reviews505
Curtain: Poirot's Last Case by Agatha Christie 3,911 copies, 50 reviews510
A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle 6,786 copies, 284 reviews525
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie 8,513 copies, 284 reviews527
Doll by Ed McBain 238 copies, 7 reviews528
The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle 4,520 copies, 152 reviews529
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle 13,493 copies, 270 reviews534
The Best Man to Die by Ruth Rendell 641 copies, 29 reviews559
Unnatural Death by Dorothy L. Sayers 2,913 copies, 75 reviews568
Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie 3,957 copies, 74 reviews569, 394
The Busy Body by Donald E. Westlake 177 copies, 2 reviews581
A Pocket Full of Rye by Agatha Christie 3,202 copies, 65 reviews587, 161
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers 2,837 copies, 80 reviews597
Have His Carcase by Dorothy L. Sayers 3,102 copies, 64 reviews623
The Dragon Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine 122 copies, 4 reviews643, 1201
The Judas Window by Carter Dickson 262 copies, 7 reviews655
No Business of Mine by James Hadley Chase 20 copies667
Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here! by Ed McBain 259 copies, 6 reviews671
A Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie 4,034 copies, 79 reviews692, 446
The Nine Tailors by Dorothy L. Sayers 4,070 copies, 107 reviews694
Hail to the Chief by Ed McBain 299 copies, 3 reviews695
The Black Curtain by Cornell Woolrich 179 copies, 5 reviews71, 1175
The Five Red Herrings by Dorothy L. Sayers 2,609 copies, 62 reviews718
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman by P. D. James 2,390 copies, 49 reviews719
Long Time No See by Ed McBain 270 copies, 6 reviews760
Phantom Lady by Cornell Woolrich 289 copies, 3 reviews765, 923
Murder in Waiting by Mignon Good Eberhart 34 copies767
Cop Hater by Ed McBain 801 copies, 30 reviews772, Serie Oro, 170
Skeleton Staff by Elizabeth Ferrars 15 copies774
Callander Square by Anne Perry 1,037 copies, 30 reviews828
A Mind to Murder by P. D. James 2,122 copies, 48 reviews833
Paragon Walk by Anne Perry 856 copies, 20 reviews841
Six Dead Men by Stanislas-André Steeman 35 copies, 1 review845
Deadline at Dawn by Cornell Woolrich 145 copies, 3 reviews867
The Hangman's Whip by Mignon G. Eberhart 30 copies869
Beauty & the Beast by Ed McBain 147 copies883
Cardington Crescent by Anne Perry 673 copies, 7 reviews885
The Glass Village by Ellery Queen 164 copies901
The Burning Court by John Dickson Carr 325 copies, 10 reviews909, 331
Hasty Wedding by Mignon G. Eberhart 58 copies, 2 reviews919
One Across, Two Down by Ruth Rendell 368 copies, 13 reviews922
Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout 1,726 copies, 60 reviews926
Ice by Ed McBain 439 copies, 9 reviews928
The Skeleton in the Clock by Carter Dickson 185 copies, 4 reviews929
As a Thief in the Night by R. Austin Freeman 48 copies, 3 reviews930
Death Has Many Doors by Frederic Brown 49 copies, 1 review932
Slaves of Obsession by Anne Perry 658 copies, 7 reviews944
The Layton Court Mystery by Anthony Berkeley 78 copies, 5 reviews950
The Whitechapel Conspiracy by Anne Perry 727 copies, 4 reviews969
A Funeral in Blue by Anne Perry 740 copies, 11 reviews983
Death of a Stranger by Anne Perry 683 copies, 11 reviews1000
A Presumption of Death by Jill Paton Walsh 922 copies, 33 reviews1004
Southampton Row by Anne Perry 646 copies, 2 reviews1014
A Breach of Promise by Anne Perry 907 copies, 14 reviews1037
The Unicorn Murders by Carter Dickson 122 copies1039
Seven Dials by Anne Perry 688 copies, 9 reviews1053
The Shifting Tide by Anne Perry 627 copies, 12 reviews1069
Poison: An 87th Precinct Novel by Ed McBain 300 copies, 8 reviews1110
Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich 115 copies, 3 reviews1123
An Air That Kills by Margaret Millar 139 copies, 3 reviews1162
Lullaby by Ed McBain 418 copies, 5 reviews1189
The House That Jack Built by Ed McBain 208 copies, 1 review1225
The Gilded Man by Carter Dickson 104 copies, 1 review1257
A Nice Murder for Mom by James Yaffe 46 copies, 2 reviews1278
The Broken Vase by Rex Stout 254 copies, 7 reviews1279
Death is my Dancing Partner by Cornell Woolrich 5 copies1302
Dance Hall of the Dead by Tony Hillerman 1,812 copies, 49 reviews1334
Melissa by Francis Durbridge 24 copies, 1 review1379
The Hand of Power by Edgar Wallace 41 copies, 1 review1380
Dead Man Control by Helen Reilly 22 copies, 2 reviews1381
Three at Wolfe's Door by Rex Stout 599 copies, 12 reviews1382
The Benson Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine 284 copies, 10 reviews1383
Dr. Thorndyke Intervenes by R. Austin Freeman 41 copies, 1 review1384
Ten Days' Wonder by Ellery Queen 215 copies, 3 reviews1386
The Case of the Screaming Woman by Erle Stanley Gardner 199 copies, 3 reviews1387
At Bertram's Hotel by Agatha Christie 3,359 copies, 69 reviews989, 377


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