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Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett 2,767 copies, 82 reviews1
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 13,841 copies, 233 reviews2
Face to Face by Ellery Queen 175 copies3
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler 9,421 copies, 266 reviews4
The Blunderer by Patricia Highsmith 423 copies, 18 reviews5
The Case of the Deadly Toy by Erle Stanley Gardner 246 copies, 5 reviews6
No Orchids for Miss Blandish by James Hadley Chase 420 copies, 14 reviews7
The Beast Must Die by Nicholas Blake 398 copies, 17 reviews8
The Case of the Abominable Snowman by Nicholas Blake 187 copies, 3 reviews8
El cartero llama dos veces | El estafador by James M. Cain 4 copies9
The Doorbell Rang by Rex Stout 1,274 copies, 27 reviews10
Pop. 1280 by Jim Thompson 1,163 copies, 30 reviews11
They Shoot Horses, Don't They? by Horace McCoy 853 copies, 47 reviews13
The Chinese Parrot by Earl Derr Biggers 255 copies, 12 reviews14
The Galton Case by Ross Macdonald 615 copies, 15 reviews15
A Rage in Harlem by Chester Himes 727 copies, 25 reviews17
A Murder of Quality by John le Carré 2,082 copies, 52 reviews18
She Was a Lady by Leslie Charteris 188 copies, 2 reviews19
Les aventuriers by José Giovanni 14 copies20
One for the Road by Frederic Brown 35 copies, 3 reviews21
Louis Beretti by Donald Henderson Clarke 27 copies22
I, the Jury by Mickey Spillane 669 copies, 25 reviews23
Armas para la eternidad. Votad a Berurier by Frédéric Dard 8 copies24
The Narrowing Circle by Julian Symons 53 copies25
Portrait in Smoke by Bill S. Ballinger 63 copies, 2 reviews26
Black Friday by David Goodis 140 copies, 2 reviews27
El Clan de los Sicilianos by Auguste Le Breton 12 copies28
El doble crimen de la línea Maginot by Pierre Nord 14 copies29
The Hunter by Richard Stark 978 copies, 48 reviews30
The Sleeping Car Murders by Sébastien Japrisot 309 copies, 6 reviews31
A Puzzle for Fools by Patrick Quentin 133 copies, 3 reviews32
The Mask of Dimitrios by Eric Ambler 1,668 copies, 44 reviews33
Beyond This Point Are Monsters by Margaret Millar 113 copies, 3 reviews34
The Silent Executioner by Marcel Allain 140 copies35
I ragazzi del massacro by Giorgio Scerbanenco 102 copies, 3 reviews36
Goldfinger by Ian Fleming 3,072 copies, 60 reviews37
Six Problems for Don Isidro Parodi by Jorge Luis Borges 283 copies, 4 reviews38
Fatal Step by Whit Masterson 25 copies40
Murder Gone Mad by Philip MacDonald 78 copies, 1 review41
The Golden Triangle by Maurice Leblanc 90 copies42
Piovono morti by Jean-Patrick Manchette 63 copies43
The Kennel Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine 113 copies, 4 reviews44
First Blood by David Morrell 709 copies, 17 reviews45
The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing 589 copies, 25 reviews46
The Mugger by Ed McBain 511 copies, 20 reviews47
Scorpion Reef by Charles Williams 83 copies, 3 reviews48
You Can Call It A Day by Peter Cheyney 31 copies49
The Stoneware Monkey by R. Austin Freeman 49 copies, 3 reviews50
The Bride Of Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer 166 copies, 1 review51
The Prisoner by Boileau-Narcejac 45 copies52
One Bright Summer Morning by James Hadley Chase 74 copies, 1 review53
Rat Race by Dick Francis 1,018 copies, 17 reviews54
Roseanna by Maj Sjöwall 1,995 copies, 82 reviews55
The Big Knockover: Selected Stories and Short Novels by Dashiell Hammett 895 copies, 14 reviews56
Darker Than Amber by John D. MacDonald 795 copies, 8 reviews57
The High Window by Raymond Chandler 2,600 copies, 44 reviews58
The Goodbye Look by Ross Macdonald 506 copies, 6 reviews59
And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie 18,344 copies, 487 reviews60
A Murky Business (Une Tenebreuse Affaire) by Honoré de Balzac 445 copies, 13 reviews61
In the Heat of the Night by John Ball 368 copies, 11 reviews62
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Spy by Len Deighton 453 copies, 3 reviews63
The House without a Key by Earl Derr Biggers 383 copies, 24 reviews64
The Brading Collection by Patricia Wentworth 275 copies, 3 reviews65
Frenzy by Arthur La Bern 63 copies66
Maigret's First Case by Georges Simenon 420 copies, 10 reviews67
The End of Solomon Grundy by Julian Symons 35 copies68
The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins 9,961 copies, 239 reviews70,71
The Winter Murder Case by S. S. Van Dine 91 copies, 1 review71
Ashenden, or, The British Agent by W. Somerset Maugham 919 copies, 28 reviews72
Phantom Lady by Cornell Woolrich 292 copies, 3 reviews73
Build My Gallows High by Geoffrey Homes 77 copies, 3 reviews74
The Misty Harbour by Georges Simenon 411 copies, 18 reviews75
The Asphalt Jungle by W. R. Burnett 233 copies, 4 reviews76
A Deadly Shade of Gold by John D. MacDonald 846 copies, 12 reviews77
Do Evil in Return by Margaret Millar 63 copies78
Death in Ecstasy by Ngaio Marsh 789 copies, 23 reviews79
The Silent Pool by Patricia Wentworth 272 copies, 4 reviews80
File No. 113 by Émile Gaboriau 100 copies, 2 reviews81
The Purloined Letter and other stories by Edgar Allan Poe 38 copies82
Run When I Say Go by Hillary Waugh 13 copies85
The Case of the Gilded Fly by Edmund Crispin 844 copies, 35 reviews86
The Naked Face by Sidney Sheldon 1,006 copies, 16 reviews87
Death in Five Boxes by Carter Dickson 193 copies, 4 reviews89
The Murder of My Aunt by Richard Hull 205 copies, 14 reviews90
The Red Redmaynes by Eden Phillpotts 75 copies, 2 reviews92
Kiss and Kill by Ellery Queen 33 copies93
The Case of the Angels' Trumpets by Michael Burt 15 copies, 2 reviews94
Death at the President's Lodging by Michael Innes 631 copies, 25 reviews95
The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux 11,347 copies, 193 reviews97
A Kiss before Dying by Ira Levin 1,183 copies, 33 reviews98
A Study in Scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle 6,896 copies, 288 reviews100
L'Assassin habite au 21 by Stanislas-André Steeman 71 copies, 1 review101
Al mare con la ragazza by Giorgio Scerbanenco 26 copies104
Trial and Error by Anthony Berkeley 160 copies, 5 reviews106
Night at the Mocking Widow by Carter Dickson 152 copies, 2 reviews107
A Fragment of Fear by John Bingham 36 copies, 1 review109
The Name is Chambers by Henry Kane 14 copies, 1 review112
Hammett by Joe Gores 179 copies113
The Key to Nicholas Street by Stanley Ellin 82 copies, 1 review114
Panic! by Bill Pronzini 35 copies, 1 review115
The Floating Admiral by Detection Club 719 copies, 22 reviews116
Batudes a la ciutat by Auguste Le Breton 22 copies117
Lie Down, I Want to Talk to You by William P. McGivern 23 copies118
Mirage by Howard Fast 27 copies, 2 reviews119
Carrera mortal by Bill Knox 5 copies120
Act of Fear by Michael Collins 53 copies122
Laura by Vera Caspary 521 copies, 21 reviews123
Hollywood and LeVine by Andrew Bergman 62 copies, 2 reviews124
The Fabulous Clipjoint by Frederic Brown 250 copies, 11 reviews125
The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza by Lawrence Block 758 copies, 13 reviews126
Before Midnight by Rex Stout 745 copies, 16 reviews127
The Ivory Dagger by Patricia Wentworth 349 copies, 2 reviews129
The Valley of Fear by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2,692 copies, 70 reviews137
The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle 4,538 copies, 156 reviews141
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Arthur Conan Doyle 13,630 copies, 273 reviews145
The Sinister Man by Edgar Wallace 55 copies, 1 review147
The Lenient Beast by Frederic Brown 87 copies, 4 reviews148
Club del Misterio, volum 9 by Club del Misterio 1 copy9

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