Publisher SeriesBibliothek Suhrkamp

The Journey to the East by Hermann Hesse 2,212 copies, 25 reviews1
Berlin Childhood around 1900 by Walter Benjamin 415 copies, 6 reviews2
Bibliothek Suhrkamp, Bd.3, Der Wanderer und die Heimat by Rudolf A. Schröder 4 copies3
Manual of Piety by Bertolt Brecht 138 copies, 1 review4
Degas Dance Drawing by Paul Valéry 52 copies6
Bin oder Die Reise nach Peking by Max Frisch 39 copies, 1 review8
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot 6,541 copies, 89 reviews10
The Unquiet Grave: A Word Cycle by Palinurus by Cyril Connolly 512 copies, 4 reviews11
Count D'Orgel's Ball by Raymond Radiguet 401 copies, 5 reviews13
Träume. Vier Spiele by Günter Eich 21 copies16
Erinnerungen an Igor Strawinsky by C. F. Ramuz 4 copies17
Eglantine by Jean Giraudoux 6 copies19
The Revolt of the Fishermen by Anna Seghers 39 copies, 3 reviews20
Jugendbildnis Alain-Fournier by Alain-Fournier 1 copy23
Der dankbare Patient. Mit Zeichnungen des Patienten by Ernst Penzoldt 4 copies25
One-Way Street by Walter Benjamin 242 copies, 1 review27
Bewegliche Ordnung. Aufsätze. by wilhelmlehmann 1 copy35
Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw 1,070 copies, 17 reviews42
Noten zur Literatur I by Theodor W. Adorno 29 copies, 2 reviews47
The Impossible Proof by Hans Erich Nossack 15 copies49
Traces by Ernst Bloch 114 copies54
Der Leser by Peter Suhrkamp 2 copies55
The Grass Harp by Truman Capote 505 copies, 17 reviews62
Flüchtlingsgespräche by Bertolt Brecht 91 copies, 2 reviews63
Marshlands by André Gide 207 copies, 5 reviews64
Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse 6,230 copies, 75 reviews65
Trunkener Sommer by Hamza Humo 2 copies67
Gedichte by Giuseppe Ungaretti 13 copies70
Noten zur Literatur II by Theodor W. Adorno 7 copies71
An Offering for the Dead (Eridanos Library) by Hans Erich Nossack 45 copies72
Knulp by Hermann Hesse 821 copies, 10 reviews75
Lieblose Legenden by Wolfgang Hildesheimer 53 copies84
Verfremdungen I. by Ernst Bloch 8 copies85
Homo Faber by Max Frisch 2,489 copies, 29 reviews87
Demian by Hermann Hesse 7,203 copies, 102 reviews95
The Political Prisoner by Cesare Pavese 49 copies, 1 review96
Gedichte by Pablo Neruda 18 copies99
Andorra by Max Frisch 889 copies, 5 reviews101
The Twilight Of The Elephant by Elio Vittorini 31 copies, 1 review102
Judaica 1 by Gershom Scholem 9 copies106
Heartbreak House by George Bernard Shaw 684 copies, 6 reviews108
Juliette au pays des hommes by Jean Giraudoux 22 copies108
Man and Superman by George Bernard Shaw 1,710 copies, 16 reviews129
Gedichte : englisch und deutsch by Thomas S. Eliot 3 copies130
The Hunting Gun by Yasushi Inoue 511 copies, 21 reviews137
Awaiting Oblivion (French Modernist Library) by Maurice Blanchot 86 copies, 1 review139
Le Grand Meaulnes by Alain-Fournier 3,359 copies, 79 reviews142
Noten zur Literatur III by Theodor W. Adorno 10 copies146
The Devil in the Flesh by Raymond Radiguet 1,083 copies, 21 reviews147
Idée Fixe by Paul Valéry 61 copies, 1 review155
Gedichte und kleine Dramen by Hugo von Hofmannsthal 23 copies174
The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder by Henry Miller 336 copies, 5 reviews198
Der Töter und andere Erzählungen by Veijo Meri 3 copies203
The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway 29,885 copies, 493 reviews214
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse 27,283 copies, 373 reviews227
Gargoyles by Thomas Bernhard 595 copies, 15 reviews229
Über Literatur. Von Walter Benjamin. (= Bibliothek Suhrkamp, Band 232). by Walter Benjamin 4 copies232
Die Idee des Friedens und die menschliche Aggressivität by Alexander Mitscherlich 15 copies233
Pariser Bilder by Marcel Jouhandeau 2 copies235
Liebesbriefe an Lilja. by Vladimir Vladimirovic Majakovskij 24 copies238
The Antiphon by Djuna Barnes 34 copies241
Gedanken zur Politik by Hermann Broch 1 copy245
Ter verdediging van de psychoanalyse vijf pleidooien by Alexander Mitscherlich 11 copies246
Suhrkamp BasisBibliothek : Ödön von Horváth : Geschichten aus dem Wiener Wald by Dieter Wöhrle 31 copies247
On Certainty by Ludwig Wittgenstein 1,322 copies, 7 reviews250
Sketchbook 1946-1949 by Max Frisch 186 copies261
Judaica 2. (Band 263 der Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Gershom Scholem 5 copies263
Bullfight by Yasushi Inoue 97 copies, 1 review273
Nightwood by Djuna Barnes 3,049 copies, 57 reviews293
Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw 2,246 copies, 26 reviews295
The City Beyond the River by Hermann Kasack 42 copies296
As a Man Grows Older by Italo Svevo 1,138 copies, 14 reviews301
The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde 38,494 copies, 618 reviews314
Jamilia by Tsjingiz Ajtmatov 647 copies, 30 reviews315
Judaica 3 by Gershom Scholem 3 copies333
The Perfect Wagnerite by George Bernard Shaw 265 copies, 3 reviews337
Tropisms by Nathalie Sarraute 302 copies, 7 reviews341
Stufen. Ausgewählte Gedichte. by Hermann Hesse 22 copies342
Zinnig eigenzinnig by Hermann Hesse 69 copies, 2 reviews353
The Apple Cart by Bernard Shaw 187 copies, 4 reviews359
Moritaten und Legenden. by Bohumil Hrabal 1 copy360
Goethe : ein Versuch über den Erfolg by Hans Mayer 11 copies367
The Pleasure of the Text by Roland Barthes 1,299 copies, 14 reviews378
Ariel by Sylvia Plath 4,008 copies, 50 reviews380
Zeltbuch von Tumilad by Erhart Kästner 9 copies382
Immagini di cristallo by Yasunari Kawabata 35 copies, 1 review383
Youth by Joseph Conrad 453 copies, 6 reviews386
This Business of Living by Cesare Pavese 514 copies, 11 reviews394
Noten zur Literatur, Bd. 4 by Theodor W. Adorno 6 copies395
Sketch of a New Aesthetic of Music by Ferruccio Busoni 15 copies397
Essays on the Philosophy of Music by Ernst Bloch 17 copies398
Days of Reading by Marcel Proust 341 copies, 3 reviews400
Highcastle: A Remembrance by Stanisław Lem 199 copies, 3 reviews405
Denkbilder by Walter Benjamin 43 copies407
Mr. Cogito by Zbigniew Herbert 120 copies, 1 review416
Dubliners by James Joyce 19,239 copies, 219 reviews418
Wandering: Notes and Sketches by Hermann Hesse 408 copies, 5 reviews444
The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brien 4,172 copies, 121 reviews446
A túlélő by Elias Canetti 5 copies, 1 review449
The Tanners by Robert Walser 455 copies, 12 reviews450
Die Geschichte einer Kontra-Oktave by Boris Pasternak 1 copy456
Walter Benjamin: The Story of a Friendship by Gershom Gerhard Scholem 320 copies, 2 reviews467
Musik. Betrachtungen, Gedichte, Rezensionen und Briefe. by Hermann Hesse 13 copies483
Amras by Thomas Bernhard 106 copies, 2 reviews489
The Assistant by Robert Walser 507 copies, 14 reviews490
Die Berühmten by Thomas Bernhard 4 copies495
Youth by Wolfgang Koeppen 50 copies500
Jacob the Liar by Jurek Becker 672 copies, 15 reviews510
Malina by Ingeborg Bachmann 718 copies, 10 reviews534
Ewald Tragy by Rainer Maria Rilke 45 copies, 1 review537
Gedichte by Federico García Lorca 4 copies544
Gedichte by Nelly Sachs 21 copies, 1 review549
Rilke und Spanien by Jean Gebser 1 copy560
Rumänisches Tagebuch by Hans Carossa 21 copies573
Montauk by Max Frisch 430 copies, 9 reviews581
Menschenrecht und Demokratie: Polit. Schriften (Bibliothek Suhrkamp ; Bd. 588) by Hermann Broch 2 copies588
The Walk by Robert Walser 315 copies, 10 reviews593
Remarks on Colour by Ludwig Wittgenstein 402 copies, 1 review616
Sechsunddreißig Stunden: Die Geschichte vom Fräulein Pollinger. Roman (suhrkamp taschenbuch) by Ödön von Horváth 17 copies630
Beschreibung eines Dorfes by Marie Luise Kaschnitz 20 copies, 1 review645
The World-fixer (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Thomas Bernhard 22 copies646
Storie by Robert Walser 35 copies655
Kaukasische Novellen. by Grigol Robakidse 2 copies661
Das Wort fasst nicht jeden : Über Literatur by Ludwig Hohl 3 copies675
Critique of the German Intelligentsia by Hugo Ball 13 copies690
Leavetaking by Peter Weiss 122 copies, 2 reviews700
The Aristocrat by Ernst Weiss 28 copies702
The Blue Angel by Heinrich Mann 651 copies, 7 reviews724
Bohumil Hrabals Lesebuch by Bohumil Hrabal 3 copies726
Over All The Mountain Tops (Studies in Austrian Literature, Culture, and Thought Translation Series) by Thomas Bernhard 16 copies728
My Friends by Emmanuel Bove 252 copies, 5 reviews744
Kleine Prosa by Robert Walser 8 copies751
The House by the Medlar Tree by Giovanni Verga 1,184 copies, 19 reviews761
Writing Degree Zero by Roland Barthes 706 copies, 5 reviews762
Le Livre des marges, tome 1 : Ça suit son cours by Edmond Jabès 4 copies766
Loneliness of the Dying by Norbert Elias 113 copies, 1 review772
Skizze eines Verunglückten by Uwe Johnson 27 copies785
Wittgenstein's Nephew by Thomas Bernhard 1,000 copies, 26 reviews788
Journey to Armenia by Osip Mandelstam 132 copies, 6 reviews801
Runaway Horse by Martin Walser 320 copies, 7 reviews819
Praise of Theory: Speeches and Essays (Yale Studies in Hermeneutics) by Hans-Georg Gadamer 29 copies828
Judaica IV (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Gershom Scholem 3 copies831
Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse 13,242 copies, 182 reviews869
Der Theatermacher by Thomas Bernhard 25 copies870
Bécon-les-Bruyères by Emmanuel Bove 12 copies872
Lucidor by Hugo von Hofmannsthal 3 copies879
The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector 1,941 copies, 65 reviews884
The Moviegoer by Walker Percy 4,617 copies, 92 reviews903
Der Lotos. Roman. by Anatoli Kim 4 copies922
Woodcutters by Thomas Bernhard 939 copies, 18 reviews927
To Duration by Peter Handke 43 copies930
Candida by George Bernard Shaw 382 copies, 7 reviews940
Versuche über Schiller [= Bibliothek Suhrkamp, Band 945] by Hans Mayer 1 copy945
Care Crosses the River by Hans Blumenberg 59 copies, 1 review965
Beneath the Wheel by Hermann Hesse 2,725 copies, 35 reviews981
Heldenplatz by Thomas Bernhard 212 copies, 2 reviews997
Passione secondo Matteo by Hans Blumenberg 21 copies998
The New Sorrows of Young W by Ulrich Plenzdorf 493 copies, 7 reviews1028
The Chase by Alejo Carpentier 236 copies, 7 reviews1041
Fragebogen by Max Frisch 115 copies, 1 review1095
Old Masters: A Comedy by Thomas Bernhard 780 copies, 27 reviews1120
A School for Fools (New York Review Books Classics) by Sasha Sokolov 257 copies, 4 reviews1123
Alchemy and Kabbalah by Gershom Scholem 53 copies1148
The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht 1,639 copies, 19 reviews1155
Fernando Krapp hat mir diesen Brief geschrieben. Ein Versuch über die Wahrheit. by Tankred Dorst 4 copies1158
Quicksand by Emmanuel Bove 54 copies, 1 review1174
Gruenes Aquarium : Kurze Beschreibungen; Prosastuecke by Abraham Sutzkever 9 copies1210
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath 27,436 copies, 486 reviews1221
Essenzen (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Anna Maria Jokl 1 copy1259
Die Wissenschaft vom Judentum by Gershom Scholem 3 copies1269
Concepts en histoires by Hans Blumenberg 11 copies, 1 review1303
The Lime Works by Thomas Bernhard 467 copies, 9 reviews1320
Tales from the Calendar by Bertolt Brecht 284 copies, 1 review1343
Chess Story by Stefan Zweig 3,864 copies, 113 reviews1348
Nadja by André Breton 2,000 copies, 14 reviews1351
The Pathseeker by Imre Kertész 110 copies, 3 reviews1357
Ein Frosch in der Wüste by Alfredo Bryce Echenique 2 copies1361
A Smile of Fortune: A Harbour Story by Joseph Conrad 45 copies, 2 reviews1368
The Karnau Tapes by Marcel Beyer 123 copies, 3 reviews1412
Once again for Thucydides by Peter Handke 95 copies, 2 reviews1421
Der Mantel by Franz Tumler 3 copies, 1 review1438
Camera Lucida: Reflections on Photography by Roland Barthes 2,474 copies, 19 reviews1448
An der Baumgrenze by Thomas Bernhard 44 copies, 5 reviews1453
Lions by Hans Blumenberg 18 copies1454
My Heart Hemmed In by Marie NDiaye 93 copies, 1 review1464
Italienische Reise (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Felix Hartlaub 3 copies1473
Small Lives by Pierre Michon 309 copies, 10 reviews1475
Dispatches from Moments of Calm by Alexander Kluge 24 copies1477
No Place on Earth by Christa Wolf 262 copies, 4 reviews1479
Speedboat by Renata Adler 957 copies, 23 reviews1480
Autonauts of the Cosmoroute by Julio Cortázar 312 copies, 13 reviews1481
Blockade Diary by Lidiya Ginzburg 83 copies, 3 reviews1482
Die Notizen oder Von der unvoreiligen Versöhnung by Ludwig Hohl 24 copies1483
Ascent by Ludwig Hohl 66 copies, 5 reviews1484
Nuancen und Details (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Ludwig Hohl 5 copies1485
Chemin de nuit by Ludwig Hohl 14 copies1487
Der Dichter und die Ratio: Erinnerungen an Bertolt Brecht (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Fritz Sternberg 2 copies1488
Aus Hitlers Berlin: 1934 bis 1938 (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Felix Hartlaub 1 copy1489
Corps du Roi by Pierre Michon 45 copies, 2 reviews1491
The Third Reich of Dreams by Charlotte Beradt 66 copies, 1 review1496
De uitvreter ; Titaantjes ; Dichtertje ; Mene tekel by Nescio 196 copies, 4 reviews1497
Weltverändernder Zorn Nachricht von den Gegenfüßlern by Alexander Kluge 4 copies1501
Mein Tag im anderen Land: Eine Dämonengeschichte (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Peter Handke 5 copies1524
Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein 3,366 copies, 19 reviews3010
The Bear by William Faulkner 124 copies, 4 reviews
Bibliothek Suhrkamp. Ein Lesebuch, Klassiker der Moderne by Hans-Ulrich Müller-Schwefe 7 copies
Bostjans Flug (Bibliothek Suhrkamp) by Florjan Lipuš 6 copies
BS Notizbuch by unbekannt 1 copy
Der letzte Kirschkern Kleine Sammlung kurzer Texte 3 copies
Poesie aus den Gedichtbüchern der Bibliothek Suhrkamp. by (Frankfurt Suhrkamp-Verlag, Main) 1 copy

DescriptionsEdit Descriptions

The Bibliothek Suhrkamp is a library of modern classics, with a backlist of 1,300 titles. The most important national and international authors of the last century have been represented here since 1951, for example Ingeborg Bachmann, T. S. Eliot, Carlo Emilio Gadda, Jean-Paul Sartre, Federico García Lorca, André Gide, Ernest Hemingway, Paul Valéry, Yasushi Inoue, James Joyce, Franz Kafka, Vladimir Mayakovsky or Thomas Mann. From 1951 to 1959, six titles in the series were published each year, and after Suhrkamp's death, several volumes were published at once every month. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary in 1989, Siegfried Unseld published a bibliography of the first 1000 volumes and a reader, which he introduced with a short history of the Suhrkamp library. Since September 2000, six volumes have been delivered twice a year, in spring and in autumn.
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