Publisher SeriesPelican Books


The intelligent woman's guide to socialism, capitalism, sovietism and fascism, volume 1 by Bernard Shaw 21 copies, 1 reviewA1
The intelligent woman's guide to socialism, capitalism, sovietism and fascism, volume 2 by George Bernard Shaw 13 copies, 1 reviewA2
Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon 1,414 copies, 30 reviewsA3
Digging up the past by Sir Leonard Woolley 230 copies, 3 reviewsA4
A Short History of the World by H. G. Wells 831 copies, 7 reviewsA5
Practical Economics: Or, Studies in Economic Planning by G. D. H. Cole 19 copiesA6
Essays in popular science by Julian Huxley 25 copiesA7
The Floating Republic by G. E. Manwaring 56 copies, 3 reviewsA8
A History of the English People in the 19th Century: v. 1: England in 1815 by Élie Halévy 73 copiesA9
The Mysterious Universe by James Jeans 159 copiesA10
The Great Victorians 1 by H. J. Massingham 14 copiesA11
The Inequality of Man by J. B. S. Haldane 27 copies, 1 reviewA12
Liberty in the modern state by Harold J. Laski 35 copiesA13
A History of the English People in 1815: Book 2 Economic Life by Élie Halévy 10 copiesA16
A Book of English Poetry: Chaucer to Rossetti by G. B. Harrison 277 copies, 1 reviewA17
Social Life in the Insect World by Jean-Henri Fabre 79 copies, 1 reviewA14
The Growth of Civilisation by W. J. Perry 16 copiesA15
After the deluge : a study of communal psychology by Leonard Woolf 22 copiesA18
Medieval People by Eileen Power 1,308 copies, 8 reviewsA19
Vision and Design by Roger Fry 154 copies, 2 reviewsA20
An Outline of the Universe, in two volumes, Vol I by James Gerald Crowther 3 copiesA21
An outline of the universe - Vol 2 by James Gerald Crowther 6 copiesA22
Religion and the Rise of Capitalism: A Historical Study by R. H. Tawney 755 copies, 3 reviewsA23
The Psychopathology of Everyday Life by Sigmund Freud 1,429 copies, 7 reviewsA24
Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920's in America in Two Volumes (1) by F. L. Allen 6 copiesA25
Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920's in America in Two Volumes (2) by F. L. Allen 5 copiesA26
Ur of the Chaldees by Sir Leonard Woolley 261 copiesA27
The Limitations of Science by J. W. N. Sullivan 98 copiesA29
Totem and Taboo by Sigmund Freud 1,563 copies, 14 reviewsA33
The Great Victorians - 2 by H. J. Massingham 14 copiesA35
Introducing Shakespeare by G. B. Harrison 214 copies, 1 reviewA43
Thinking to Some Purpose by L. Susan Stebbing 112 copies, 4 reviewsA44
The Letters of Gertrude Bell: Volume I, 1874-1917 by Gertrude Bell 28 copiesA46
Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution by Peter Kropotkin 925 copies, 10 reviewsA49
Contemporary British Art by Herbert Read 53 copiesA50
Essays of a Biologist by Julian Huxley 36 copiesA51
Philosophy and Living, Volume 1 by Olaf Stapledon 15 copiesA53
Philosophy and Living, Volume 2 by Olaf Stapledon 13 copiesA54
The Eighteen Nineties by Holbrook Jackson 115 copiesA58
The stars in their courses by Sir James Jeans 77 copies, 1 reviewA59
An Introduction to Modern Architecture by J. M. Richards 169 copies, 4 reviewsA61
Town Planning by Thomas Sharp 17 copiesA66
You and Music by Christian Darnton 18 copiesA68
The Physiology Of Sex by Kenneth Walker 30 copiesA71
A Short History of English Literature by Ifor Evans 279 copiesA72
Man, Microbe, and Malady by John Grahame Drew 12 copiesA73
Watching Birds by James Fisher 45 copies, 1 reviewA75
The Poets and their Critics: Chaucer to Collins by Hugh Sykes Davies 8 copiesA79
New Writing in Europe by John Lehmann 10 copies, 1 reviewA81
European Painting and Sculpture by Eric Newton 104 copiesA82
English diaries of the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries by James Aitken 25 copiesA83
The scientific attitude by C. H. Waddington 45 copies, 1 reviewA84
Cine-Biology by J. V. Durden 7 copiesA85
Comparative Religion by A.C. Bouquet 200 copies, 2 reviewsA89
Lives of the Great Composers, Volume 1 by A. L. Bacharach 38 copiesA90
Lives of the Great Composers, Volume 2 by A. L. Bacharach 33 copiesA91
Lives of the Great Composers, Volume 3 by A. L. Bacharach 30 copiesA92
English Justice by Solicitor 7 copiesA94
A Book of English Essays by W. E. Williams 240 copies, 2 reviewsA99
Britain B.C. by S.E. Winbolt 23 copies, 1 reviewA106
What Happened in History by V. Gordon Childe 437 copies, 4 reviewsA108
An Outline of European Architecture by Nickolaus Pevsner 851 copies, 3 reviewsA109
Growing up in New Guinea by Margaret Mead 320 copies, 2 reviewsA117
Beyond the Microscope by Kenneth Manley Smith 16 copiesA119
The Ancient World by T. R. Glover 175 copies, 2 reviewsA120
Metals in the Service of Man by William Alexander 100 copies, 3 reviewsA125
Coming of Age in Samoa by Margaret Mead 1,351 copies, 18 reviewsA127
Geology in the service of man by W. G. Fearnsides 25 copiesA128
English Diaries of the XIX century 1800-1850 by James Aitken 11 copiesA131
Britain under the Romans by S.E. Winbolt 22 copies, 1 reviewA134
The Managerial Revolution: What is Happening in the World by James Burnham 185 copies, 1 reviewA140
Life in Shakespeare's England by John Dover Wilson 227 copies, 1 reviewA143
Persons and periods : studies by G. D. H. Cole 31 copiesA146
Opera by Edward J. Dent 102 copies, 1 reviewA150
Reading for Profit by Montgomery Belgion 16 copiesA151
Common Wild Flowers by John Hutchinson 36 copiesA153
British Music of Our Time by A. L. Bacharach 53 copies, 1 reviewA156
Land of the Soviets by James S Gregory 9 copiesA159
Local Government in England and Wales by William Eric Jackson 34 copiesA162
English Letters of the XIX Century by James Aitken 22 copies, 1 reviewA164
English Letters of the XVIII Century by James Aitken 27 copies, 1 reviewA163
Glass through the ages by E. Barrington Haynes 51 copiesA166
The Bleak Age by J. L. Hammond 32 copiesA171
A Short History of English Drama by B. Ifor Evans 38 copies, 1 reviewA172
The world's wealth by W. G. Moore 8 copiesA173
The Population of Britain by Eva M. Hubback 15 copiesA174
Bird Recognition 2 by James Fisher 24 copiesA176
Bird Recognition 3 by James Fisher 16 copiesA177
The Inventor and his World by H. Stafford Hatfield 7 copiesA178
A Concise History of Russian Art by Tamara Talbot Rice 121 copiesA182
The Irish by Seán O'Faoláin 120 copies, 2 reviewsA184
Geology and Scenery in England and Wales by A. E. Trueman 71 copies, 1 reviewA185
Scientist in Russia by Eric Ashby 9 copiesA186
Greek Science, Its Meaning for Us, Volume 1: Thales to Aristotle by Benjamin Farrington 33 copiesA192
Greek Science, Its Meaning for Us, Volume 2: Theophrastus to Galen by Benjamin Farrington 36 copiesA192
Music Ho! by Constant Lambert 61 copies, 1 reviewA195
The Romans by R. H. Barrow 616 copies, 5 reviewsA196
England in the Nineteenth Century by David Thomson 543 copies, 4 reviewsA197
Before philosophy : A study of the primitive myths, beliefs and speculations of Egypt and Mesopotamia, out of which grew the religions and philosophies of the later world by Henri Frankfort 461 copies, 4 reviewsA198
Aztecs of Mexico: Origin, Rise and Fall of the Aztec Nation by George C. Vaillant 329 copies, 2 reviewsA200
Pottery and Ceramics by Ernst Rosenthal 30 copiesA201
The Magistrates' Courts, What They Do, How They Do It, and Why by F.T. Giles 14 copiesA202
The Symphony by Ralph Hill 93 copiesA204
Prehistoric India by Stuart Piggott 97 copiesA205
The English Parliament by Kenneth Mackenzie 77 copies, 1 reviewA208
Principles of Shakespearian Production: With Especial Reference to the Tragedies by G. Wilson Knight 39 copiesA210
Tudor England by S. T. Bindoff 624 copies, 4 reviewsA212
The Meaning of Art by Herbert Read 339 copies, 4 reviewsA213
Justinian and his Age by Percy Neville Ure 65 copiesA217
The Greeks by H. D. F. Kitto 1,549 copies, 7 reviewsA220
The Economics of Everyday Life (Pelican) by Gertrude Williams 42 copies, 1 reviewA221
A history of the USSR by Andrew Rothstein 23 copiesA222
Our Language by Simeon Potter 272 copies, 5 reviewsA227
Buddhism by Christmas Humphreys 440 copies, 4 reviewsA228
Red Brick University by Bruce Truscot 14 copiesA230
England in the Eighteenth Century by J. H. Plumb 560 copies, 6 reviewsA231
England in the Late Middle Ages by A. R. Myers 478 copies, 2 reviewsA234
Facts from Figures by M. J. Moroney 324 copies, 1 reviewA236
Iran: From the Earliest Times to the Islamic Conquest by Roman Ghirshman 98 copiesA239
Butler's Moral Philosophy by Austin Duncan-Jones 30 copies, 1 reviewA244
The Beginnings of English Society by Dorothy Whitelock 496 copiesA245
England in Transition: Life and Work in the Eighteenth Century by M. Dorothy George 83 copiesA248
The Concerto by Ralph Hill 77 copies, 1 reviewA249
English Society in the Early Middle Ages by Doris Mary Stenton 505 copies, 4 reviewsA252
Spinoza by Stuart Hampshire 319 copies, 2 reviewsA253
Peirce and pragmatism by Walter Bryce Gallie 60 copiesA254
The Normal Child and Some of His Abnormalities by C. W. Valentine 40 copiesA255
The Hittites by O. R. Gurney 669 copies, 4 reviewsA259
The English Middle Classes by Roy Lewis 25 copiesA263
John Locke by D. J. O'Connor 50 copies, 1 reviewA267
England in the Seventeenth Century by Maurice Ashley 386 copies, 4 reviewsA268
Christianity by S. C. Carpenter 20 copiesA269
Mysticism and Logic by Bertrand Russell 592 copies, 2 reviewsA270
Child Care and the Growth of Love by John Bowlby 110 copiesA271
An Introduction to Jung's Psychology by Frieda Fordham 359 copies, 1 reviewA273
John Stuart Mill by Karl Britton 41 copiesA274
Selected Letters of Gertrude Bell by Gertrude Bell 11 copiesA275
Men of Mathematics Volume 1 by E. T. Bell 41 copiesA276
Men of Mathematics Volume 2 by E. T. Bell 43 copiesA277
The Vocabulary of Politics by Thomas Dewar Weldon 43 copiesA278
Balance Carried Forward, an Outline of Elementary Book-Keeping. by R. R. Coomber 5 copiesA280
Uses and Abuses of Psychology by H. J. Eysenck 167 copies, 2 reviewsA281
The Legacy of the Ancient World by W. G. De Burgh 85 copiesA284
Byzantine Art by David Talbot Rice 127 copiesA287
Introduction to typography by Oliver Simon 125 copies, 1 reviewA288
The Age of Chaucer by Boris Ford 306 copies, 2 reviewsA290
The Queen's Government by Sir Ivor Jennings 59 copiesA292
Ethics by P. H. Nowell-Smith 121 copiesA293
Dreams and Nightmares by J.A. Hadfield 67 copiesA294
Oxford Apostles: A Character Study of the Oxford Movement by Geoffrey Faber 131 copies, 1 reviewA300
A History of Modern China by Kenneth Scott Latourette 23 copies, 1 reviewA302
Leibniz by Ruth Lydia Saw 49 copies, 1 reviewA305
The Waning of the Middle Ages by Johan Huizinga 3,265 copies, 35 reviewsA307
English Furniture Styles from 1500 to 1830 by Ralph Fastnedge 56 copiesA309
The Etruscans by Massimo Pallottino 221 copies, 3 reviewsA310
Islam by Alfred Guillaume 312 copiesA311
A History of the United States 1: The Birth of the U.S.A by R. B. Nye 47 copiesA313
Roman Britain (Pelican History of England) by I. A. Richmond 432 copies, 2 reviewsA315
The Prehistory of East Africa by Sonia Cole 76 copiesA316
The Wandering Scholars by Helen Waddell 394 copies, 6 reviewsA318
The Reach of the Mind by J. B. Rhine 57 copiesA319
Cicero and the Roman Republic by F. R. Cowell 173 copies, 4 reviewsA320
Microbes and Us by Hugh Nicol 8 copiesA326
Prelude to Mathematics by W. W. Sawyer 232 copies, 2 reviewsA327
The Colour Problem by Anthony H. Richmond 20 copiesA328
Sex and Society by Kenneth Walker 13 copiesA332
A short history of Confucian philosophy by Wu-Chi Liu 65 copiesA333
Kant by Stephan Körner 312 copies, 1 reviewA338
Berkeley by G. J. Warnock 122 copiesA286
The Decipherment of Linear B by John Chadwick 625 copies, 14 reviewsA340
500 Years of Printing by S. H. Steinberg 545 copies, 5 reviewsA343
A History of New Zealand by Keith Sinclair 165 copies, 1 reviewA344
Human Groups by W.J.H. Sprott 61 copiesA346
Musical Instruments Through the Ages by Anthony Baines 127 copiesA347
Aquinas by F. C. Copleston 654 copies, 1 reviewA349
Chemistry: The Conquest of Materials by Kenneth Hutton 8 copiesA353
The Queen's Courts by Peter Archer 24 copies, 1 reviewA365
The Civil Service in Britain by G. A. Campbell 8 copiesA356
Landscape into art by Kenneth Clark 393 copies, 2 reviewsA369
A History of Western Literature by J. M. Cohen 36 copiesA371
The Human Machine by Adolphe Abrahams 7 copiesA373
The Dead Sea Scrolls by John M. Allegro 580 copies, 6 reviewsA376
Human disease (Pelican medical books) by A. E. Clark-Kennedy 7 copiesA378
Education by William Owen Lester Smith 30 copiesA380
Patients And Doctors by Kenneth Walker 8 copiesA387
The Music Masters 1: From the Sixteenth Century to the Time of Beethoven by A. L. Bacharach 23 copiesA388
The Music Masters 2: After Beethoven to Wagner by A. L. Bacharach 13 copiesA389
The Music Masters 3: The Romantic Age by A. L. Bacharach 13 copiesA390
The Music Masters 4: The Twentieth Century by A. L. Bacharach 22 copiesA391
The Ancient Civilizations of Peru by J. Alden Mason 182 copies, 3 reviewsA395
The Pattern of English by G. H. Vallins 30 copiesA398
The History of the British Navy by Michael Lewis 29 copiesA400
A History of Modern France Volume 1: 1715-1799 by Alfred Cobban 309 copies, 3 reviewsA403
Beyond the Gospels by Roderic Dunkerley 38 copiesA406
The Faith of the Bible by J. E. Fison 14 copiesA408
Man, the peculiar animal by Richard John Harrison 15 copiesA412
The Old Testament Prophets by E. W. Heaton 105 copiesA414
The Prehistory of European Society by V. Gordon Childe 71 copiesA415
Language in History by Harold Goad 32 copies, 1 reviewA416
Lascaux: Paintings and Engravings by Annette Laming 26 copiesA419
The Ancient Explorers by M. Cary 43 copiesA420
Anglicanism by Stephen Neill 268 copies, 3 reviewsA421
The face of the sun by Harold William Newton 1 copyA422
Medieval thought: St. Augustine to Ockham by Gordon Leff 243 copies, 1 reviewA424
World Health by Fraser Brockington 7 copiesA425
The Uses of Literacy by Richard Hoggart 548 copies, 10 reviewsA431
Children and the law (Pelican books) by F.T. Giles 3 copiesA436
How our Bible came to us, its texts and versions by H. G. G. Herklots 79 copies, 1 reviewA437
Judaism by Isidore Epstein 303 copies, 2 reviewsA440
Relativity for the Layman by James Andrew Coleman 208 copies, 2 reviewsA442
A Shortened History of England by George Macaulay Trevelyan 450 copies, 2 reviewsA443
The Face of the Earth by G. H. Dury 85 copiesA447
Yoga by Ernest Wood 104 copies, 1 reviewA448
Applied Geography by L. Dudley Stamp 31 copiesA449
Stonehenge by R. J. C. Atkinson 89 copiesA450
The Idea of the Holy by Rudolf Otto 1,412 copies, 9 reviewsA452
The Prehistory of Southern Africa by J. Desmond Clark 30 copies, 1 reviewA458
Why Evil? by John James 12 copiesA460
Archaic Egypt by Walter B. Emery 192 copiesA462
A History of Spain and Portugal by William C. Atkinson 79 copies, 1 reviewA464
Home at Grasmere: The Journal of Dorothy Wordsworth and the Poems of William Wordsworth (Penguin Classics) by William Wordsworth 152 copiesA466
Understanding Weather by O. G. Sutton 36 copiesA469
Language in the Modern World by Simeon Potter 82 copies, 1 reviewA470
The church today (Pelican books) by J. W. C. Wand 12 copiesA471
Invitation to Pilgrimage by John Baillie 61 copies, 1 reviewA472
Management Survey by Frederic Hooper 6 copiesA474
Homosexuality by D. J. West 64 copies, 1 reviewA477
Riddles in Mathematics by Eugene P. Northrop 178 copies, 4 reviewsA478
The Sicilian Vespers, a history of the Mediterranean world in the later 13th century by Steven Runciman 451 copies, 9 reviewsA480
Magnetism by E. W. Lee 29 copies, 1 reviewA481
Archaeology in the U.S.S.R. by A.L. Mongait 40 copiesA495
Pioneers of modern design : From William Morris to Walter Gropius by Nickolaus Pevsner 487 copies, 1 reviewA497
The Reader's Guide by William Emrys Williams 32 copiesA500
The Church in an age of revolution: 1789 to the present day by Alexander Roper Vidler 698 copies, 4 reviewsA506
The Greek Myths: Volume 1 by Robert Graves 1,575 copies, 12 reviewsA508
The Greek Myths: Volume 2 by Robert Graves 1,408 copies, 5 reviewsA509
Hinduism by K. M. Sen 258 copies, 3 reviewsA515
Know Your Own I.Q. by H. J. Eysenck 311 copies, 2 reviewsA516
The new architecture of Europe by G. E. Kidder Smith 53 copies, 1 reviewA518
Freud and the Post-Freudians by J. A. C. Brown 206 copies, 3 reviewsA522
A History of Modern France Volume 2: 1799-1871 by Alfred Cobban 209 copies, 1 reviewA525
The making of modern Russia by Lionel Kochan 223 copies, 2 reviewsA529
The Psychology of Perception by M. D. Vernon 121 copiesA530
Georgian London by John Summerson 246 copies, 3 reviewsA547
The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English (Penguin Classics) by Géza Vermes 2,658 copies, 12 reviewsA551
The Complete Plain Words by Sir Ernest Gowers 856 copies, 3 reviewsA554
Aspects of the Novel by E. M. Forster 2,276 copies, 39 reviewsA557
The Future of London by Edward Carter 23 copiesA567
Mysticism: A Study and an Anthology, Third Edition by F. C. Happold 329 copies, 3 reviewsA568
Personal Values in the Modern World by M. V. C. Jeffreys 21 copiesA569
A Short History of Religions by E. E. Kellett 47 copies, 1 reviewA576
The Dancer's Heritage by Ivor Guest 30 copiesA577
The Greeks Overseas: The Early Colonies and Trade by John Boardman 257 copies, 1 reviewA581
The City by Paul Ferris 23 copiesA584
The Hidden Persuaders by Vance Packard 870 copies, 13 reviewsA585
Methodism by Rupert Davies 93 copiesA591
The Orthodox Church by Kallistos Ware 1,901 copies, 10 reviewsA592
Family and Kinship in East London by Michael Dunlop Young 180 copies, 6 reviewsA595
Carthage by B. H. Warmington 139 copies, 3 reviewsA598
Wildlife in Britain by Richard Fitter 9 copiesA601
The Integrity of the Personality by Anthony Storr 92 copies, 1 reviewA603
Le Corbusier : Architecture and Form (Pelican Book A605) by Peter Blake 57 copiesA605
Mies Van Der Rohe : Architecture and Structure (Pelican Book A606) by Peter Blake 62 copiesA606
Frank Lloyd Wright - Architecture and Space by Peter Blake 77 copiesA607
The Destruction of Lord Raglan : A Tragedy of the Crimean War, 1854-55 by Christopher Hibbert 176 copies, 3 reviewsA618
A History of Latin America by George Pendle 183 copies, 3 reviewsA620
Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements by George Woodcock 396 copies, 6 reviewsA622
Western Intellectual Tradition: From Leonardo to Hegel by Jacob Bronowski 581 copies, 4 reviewsA631
The Necessity of Art by Ernst Fischer 224 copies, 1 reviewA632
The Megalith Builders of Western Europe by Glyn Daniel 52 copies, 1 reviewA633
Literature and Criticism by H. Coombes 109 copiesA635
The contemporary cinema by Penelope Houston 74 copiesA636
The Gentle Art of Mathematics by Dan Pedoe 105 copiesA637
Voters, parties, and leaders; the social fabric of British politics by Jean Blondel 48 copies, 2 reviewsA638
Discrimination and Popular Culture by Denys Thompson 59 copies, 1 reviewA640
Anger and After by John Russell Taylor 54 copiesA641
Shakespeare's Tragedies: An Anthology of Modern Criticism by Laurence Lerner 124 copies, 1 reviewA645
What Is History? by E. H. Carr 1,956 copies, 29 reviewsA652
Economic Philosophy by Joan Robinson 192 copies, 1 reviewA653
In Defence of Politics by Bernard Crick 216 copiesA655
A history of the Jewish people by James Parkes 64 copiesA662
The Church of England by Paul Ferris 23 copiesA669
Brighter than a Thousand Suns: A Personal History of the Atomic Scientists by Robert Jungk 415 copies, 10 reviewsA667
Gods and Myths of Northern Europe by H R Ellis Davidson 1,345 copies, 11 reviewsA670
A History of Scotland by J. D. Mackie 620 copies, 3 reviewsA671
Illustrated English Social History Volume 2: The Age of Shakespeare and the Stuart period by G.M. Trevelyan 115 copiesA672
The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs 4,185 copies, 38 reviewsA681
Sex in Society by Alex Comfort 20 copiesA683
Score: The Strategy of Taking Tests by Darrell Huff 18 copiesA689
Pakistan : old country, new nation by Ian Stephens 8 copiesA697
Suicide and Attempted Suicide by Erwin Stengel 49 copiesA704
Use and Abuse of Statistics by W. J. Reichmann 87 copiesA707
Moderne economie by Jan Pen 61 copiesA710
A History of Modern France Volume 3: 1871-1962 by Alfred Cobban 197 copies, 2 reviewsA711
The Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles & Diversions by Martin Gardner 670 copies, 3 reviewsA713
On Justice in Society by Morris Ginsberg 26 copiesA717
Patterns of Infant Care in an Urban Community by John Newson 17 copies, 1 reviewA719
Fly and the Fly-Bottle: Encounters with British Intellectuals by Ved Mehta 90 copies, 2 reviewsA723
The Divided Self: An Existential Study in Sanity and Madness by R. D. Laing 1,364 copies, 14 reviewsA734
The Nature of Politics by J. D. B. Miller 23 copies, 1 reviewA736
A social history of English law by Alan Harding 31 copiesA753
A History of English Architecture by Peter Kidson 63 copies, 1 reviewA759
The Long Revolution by Raymond Williams 226 copies, 1 reviewA762
Objections to Christian Belief by D. M. Mackinnon 81 copiesA766
A Documentary History of England : Vol. 2 (1559-1931) by E. N. Williams 41 copies, 1 reviewA768
A History of India, Volume 2 by Percival Spear 326 copies, 1 reviewA770
The Symphony, Volume 1, Haydn to Dvorák by Robert Simpson 98 copies, 1 reviewA772
The Symphony, Volume 2: Elgar to the Present Day. by Robert Simpson 82 copies, 1 reviewA773
A History of Political Thought: The Middle Ages by Walter Ullmann 153 copies, 4 reviewsA778
The Family and Marriage in Britain (Pelican) by Ronald Fletcher 26 copies, 1 reviewA779
Juvenile Courts, the Child and the Law by W.E. Cavenagh 3 copiesA796
Communities in Britain: Social Life in Town and Country (Pelican) by Ronald Frankenberg 41 copiesA798
Pre-Classical: From Crete to Archaic Greece by John Boardman 61 copiesA807
Objections to Roman Catholicism by Michael De La Bedoyere 47 copies, 1 reviewA813
Ancient Iraq by Georges Roux 797 copies, 9 reviewsA828
Victorian Architecture by Robert Furneaux Jordan 52 copiesA836
A Path to Modern Mathematics by W. W. Sawyer 45 copies, 1 reviewA847
The psychology of interpersonal behaviour by Michael Argyle 185 copiesA853
Before the Mayflower: A History of Black America by Lerone Bennett 784 copies, 5 reviewsA856
Archaeology (Pelican) by Liam De Paor 47 copiesA859
Dying by John Hinton 103 copies, 1 reviewA866
Mankind in the Making: The Story of Human Evolution by W. W. Howells 48 copiesA882
The origins and growth of archaeology by Glyn Daniel 86 copiesA885
The Psychotic by Andrew Crowcroft 34 copiesA899
The Pelican History of Psychology by Robert Thomson 41 copies, 1 reviewA904
Keynes and After by Michael Stewart 155 copies, 2 reviewsA908
Europe: Grandeur and Decline by A. J. P. Taylor 136 copies, 2 reviewsA909
The Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence (Pelican) by C. I. Sandstrom 54 copiesA911
Experience and Behaviour by Peter McKellar 15 copiesA925
Summerhill: A Radical Approach to Child Rearing by A. S. Neill 924 copies, 12 reviewsA940
The Innovators The Economics of Technology by Michael Shanks 11 copiesA941
Learning to Philosophize by E. R. Emmet 138 copiesA943
Victorian Cities by Asa Briggs 271 copies, 1 reviewA944
The Justice of the Peace (British Institutions) by Esther Moir 6 copiesA963
The Sleepwalkers: A History of Man's Changing Vision of the Universe by Arthur Koestler 973 copies, 11 reviewsA972
The psychology of play by Susanna Millar 42 copiesA974
The secular meaning of the gospel, based on an analysis of its language by Paul M. Van Buren 134 copies, 2 reviewsA990
Science in history by J. D. Bernal 71 copiesA995
The Making of the English Working Class by E. P. Thompson 1,768 copies, 10 reviewsA1000
Asylums: Essays on the Social Situation of Mental Patients and Other Inmates by Erving Goffman 798 copies, 4 reviewsA1007
The European Witch Craze of the 16th and 17th Century and Other Essays by Hugh Trevor-Roper 128 copies, 1 reviewA1009
The political thought of Mao Tse-tung by Stuart R. Schram 64 copiesA1013
A History of the Cost of Living by John Burnett 25 copiesA1020
Imperial Spain: 1469-1716 by J. H. Elliott 659 copies, 5 reviewsA1043
Political Ideas by David Thomson 104 copies, 1 reviewA1054
The Costs of Economic Growth (Pelican) by E. J. Mishan 72 copiesA1090
Management and Machiavelli by Antony Jay 116 copies, 1 reviewA1111
The Politics of Pure Science by Daniel S. Greenberg 56 copies, 1 reviewA1117
Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1968 by Charles Posner 25 copiesA1175
The Black Death by Philip Ziegler 1,308 copies, 13 reviewsA1189
The Celts by Nora Chadwick 1,075 copies, 9 reviewsA1211
Universe from Flat Earth to Quasar by Isaac Asimov 602 copies, 10 reviewsA1212
Archaeology under Water (Pelican) by George F. Bass 48 copies, 1 reviewA1219
Magical Medicine: A Nigerian Case-Study (Pelican) by Una Maclean 8 copiesA1220
The Anglo-Saxons by David M. Wilson 136 copiesA1229
Human Aggression by Anthony Storr 108 copiesA1234
An Anthology of Indian Literature by John B.Alphonso- Karkala 25 copiesA1248
Mind the Stop; A Brief Guide to Punctuation with a Note on Proof-Correction by Gordon Vero Carey 111 copies, 2 reviewsA1270
Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich 1,116 copies, 17 reviewsA1280
The Psychology of Moral Behaviour (Pelican) by Derek Wright 41 copiesA1292
The Maya by Michael D. Coe 967 copies, 12 reviewsA1296
Realism by Linda Nochlin 351 copiesA1305
The way of transcendence : Christian faith without belief in God by Alistair Kee 30 copiesA1309
Julius Caesar and Rome by J. P. V. D. Balsdon 15 copiesA1311
Grammar by Frank Palmer 145 copies, 2 reviewsA1333
Managers and Their Wives (Pelican) by Jan Pahl 1 copyA1335
Guatemala, Another Vietnam? (Latin American Library) by Thomas Melville 17 copies, 1 reviewA1340
For the Liberation of Brazil (Latin American Library) by Carlos Marighela 27 copiesA1341
The Twenty Latin Americas, Part 1 by Marcel Niedergang 17 copiesA1347
The Twenty Latin Americas, Part 2 by Marcel Niedergang 11 copiesA1348
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life by Erving Goffman 1,972 copies, 16 reviewsA1350
Self and Others by R. D. Laing 443 copies, 2 reviewsA1367
The Phoenicians by Donald Harden 92 copies, 4 reviewsA1375
Land and leisure by J. Allan Patmore 11 copiesA1383
The Way Of Action: A Working Philosophy for Western Life by Christmas Humphreys 25 copiesA1390
Buddhist Philosophy in Theory and Practice by Herbert V. Guenther 87 copiesA1392
Arthur's Britain by Leslie Alcock 585 copies, 5 reviewsA1396
Europe since Hitler: The Rebirth of Europe by Walter Laqueur 94 copiesA1411
Woman's Estate by Juliet Mitchell 235 copiesA1425
Early Medieval Art and Civilisation by George Henderson 100 copiesA1420
Cambão -- the Yoke: The Hidden Face of Brazil by Francisco Julião 17 copiesA1429
The Biocrats: The Implications of Medical Progress (Pelican) by Gerald Leach 18 copiesA1432
The Buckminster Fuller Reader by R. Buckminster Fuller 45 copiesA1434
The destruction of Aboriginal society by C. D. Rowley 47 copiesA1452
Outcasts in white Australia by C. D. Rowley 35 copiesA1453
The Remote Aborigines by C. D. Rowley 38 copiesA1454
The Rise of the Novel: Studies in Defoe, Richardson and Fielding by Ian Watt 720 copies, 8 reviewsA1480
New Bearings in English Poetry by F. R. Leavis 130 copiesA1482
The Elizabethan World Picture by E. M. W. Tillyard 1,113 copies, 9 reviewsA1484
Drama from Ibsen to Eliot by Raymond Williams 97 copiesA1492
Brazil: The People and the Power (Latin American Library) by Miguel Arraes 19 copiesA1496
Fidel Castro speaks by Fidel Castro 28 copiesA1501
History of the Italian People by Giuliano Procacci 168 copies, 3 reviewsA1521
Evolutie en revolutie : de golfslag der emancipatie by W.F. Wertheim 26 copiesA1529
The Shadow: Latin America Faces the Seventies by Sven Lindqvist 29 copies, 1 reviewA1545
Peasant Rebellion in Latin America: The Origins, Forms of Expression, and Potential of Latin American Peasant Unrest. by Gerrit Huizer 19 copies, 1 reviewA1554
Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity by R. Buckminster Fuller 289 copies, 2 reviewsA1567
Revolutionary Priest: His Complete Writings and Messages by Camilo Torres 33 copiesA1572
Poverty and equality in Britain by J.C. Kincaid 10 copiesA1623
Ways of Seeing by John Berger 4,928 copies, 59 reviewsA1631
Stylistics by G.W. Turner 71 copiesA1643
Robopaths: People as Machines by Lewis Yablonsky 25 copies, 1 reviewA1656
Mental Maps by Peter Gould 75 copies, 3 reviewsA1688
The Classic Slum: Salford Life in the First Quarter of the Century by Robert Roberts 214 copies, 3 reviewsA1692
Semantics: The Study of Meaning by Geoffrey Leech 143 copiesA1694
Po: Beyond Yes and No by Edward de Bono 125 copies, 1 reviewA1715
Chile's Road to Socialism by Salvador Allende 33 copies, 1 reviewA1718
Poverty: the forgotten Englishmen by Ken Coates 19 copiesA1749
The 12-year Reich: A Social History Of Nazi Germany 1933-1945 by Richard Grunberger 299 copies, 7 reviewsA1755
Brother Animal: The Story of Freud and Tausk by Paul Roazen 52 copiesA1767
The samurai by H. Paul Varley 55 copies, 1 reviewA1794
Concepts of Modern Mathematics by Ian Stewart 485 copies, 3 reviewsA1847
Imperial China by Raymond Dawson 28 copiesA1899
Creativity in industry by P. R. Whitfield 8 copiesA1901
Asimov's Guide to Science Volume 1: The Physical Sciences by Isaac Asimov 343 copies, 6 reviewsA1912
Asimov's Guide to Science Volume 2: The Biological Sciences by Isaac Asimov 200 copies, 3 reviewsA1913
Lady Luck: The Theory of Probability by Warren Weaver 218 copies, 2 reviewsA1931
Confronting the Future: Australia and the World: the Next Hundred Years by Charles Birch 38 copiesA1937
Imperial Japan, 1800-1945 by Jon Livingston 55 copiesA1967
THE JAPAN READER VOL 2 (Pantheon's Asia Library) by Jon Livingston 33 copiesA1968
Zen Dictionary by Ernest Wood 106 copiesA1998
Pyramids of Sacrifice: Political Ethics and Social Change by Peter L. Berger 103 copiesA2011
Science and Archaeology by David Wilson 9 copiesA2018
The New Psychology of Dreaming by Richard M. Jones 32 copies, 1 reviewA2087
Catastrophe Theory by Alexander Woodcock 145 copies, 1 reviewA2250
The Dutch Revolt by Geoffrey Parker 159 copies, 4 reviewsA2282
The Birth and Death of Meaning: An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Problem of Man by Ernest Becker 308 copies, 5 reviewsA2301
What is the Name of This Book?: The Riddle of Dracula & Other Logical Puzzles by Raymond Smullyan 711 copies, 5 reviewsA2339
God and the Gods: Myths of the Bible by Walter Beltz 69 copiesA2192
The Politics of Experience by Ronald D. Laing 718 copies, 7 reviewsA2410
The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon 4,181 copies, 29 reviewsA2454
A Short History of Africa by Roland Oliver 351 copies, 3 reviewsA2467
How Children Learn by John Holt 923 copies, 8 reviewsA2570
Economics of the Real World by Peter Donaldson 46 copiesA2592

Collections and Selections

The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism by Bernard Shaw 367 copies, 5 reviewsA1
The Great Victorians by H. J. Massingham 17 copiesA11 and A35
My Apprenticeship by Beatrice Webb 53 copies, 1 reviewA31 & A32
Lives of the Great Composers, Volumes 1-3 by A. L. Bacharach 19 copiesA90
Greek Science by Benjamin Farrington 185 copies, 3 reviewsA142, A192
The Greek Myths: Complete Edition by Robert Graves 4,281 copies, 35 reviewsA508 & A509

DescriptionsEdit Descriptions

Pelican Books, a publishers series, was the special imprint of Penguin Books designed for non-fiction works. Originally starting with cheap reprints of 'authoritative' works, they were followed by specially-commissioned works. Only the specially-commissioned works should be listed here. (English, Unclassified)

Other Names

English: A Pelican Book


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