Publisher SeriesI Narratori Feltrinelli

Clea by Lawrence Durrell 1,297 copies, 16 reviews20
Cat and Mouse by Günter Grass 1,835 copies, 18 reviews39
The Fathers by Allen Tate 90 copies41
Pan A.G. w X. by Tibor Déry 17 copies, 1 review79
Dog Years by Günter Grass 1,024 copies, 9 reviews85
Black Spring by Henry Miller 1,155 copies, 10 reviews126
No One Writes to the Colonel and Other Stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 1,557 copies, 22 reviews153
In Evil Hour by Gabriel García Márquez 1,549 copies, 18 reviews175
offerta speciale by Giuseppe Cassieri 2 copies181
Heartbreak Tango by Manuel Puig 502 copies, 11 reviews188
The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick by Peter Handke 699 copies, 18 reviews197
Black Venus by Jef Geeraerts 204 copies, 1 review243
I, the Supreme by Augusto Roa Bastos 393 copies, 6 reviews252
A Tomb for Boris Davidovich by Danilo Kiš 613 copies, 12 reviews268
Paese fortunato : romanzo by Rosa R. Cappiello 0 copies273
The Heroic Age by Stratis Haviaras 29 copies, 1 review380
The Deputy by Rolf Hochhuth 376 copies, 5 reviewsTeatro, 5
L' ultimo uomo by Franco Rella 2 copies
Aceto, arcobaleno by Erri De Luca 62 copies
Achille piè veloce by Stefano Benni 208 copies, 5 reviews
Adventures in Africa by Gianni Celati 29 copies, 1 review
L'amore degli adulti by Claudio Piersanti 9 copies
Ancestor Stones by Aminatta Forna 277 copies, 20 reviews
Angela prende il volo by Enrico Palandri 3 copies
Apri le porte all'alba by Elena Gianini Belotti 8 copies
Le avanguardie artistiche del Novecento by Mario De Micheli 79 copies, 1 review
Baol. Una tranquilla notte di regime by Stefano Benni 290 copies, 3 reviews
Il bar sotto il mare by Stefano Benni 505 copies, 6 reviews
Bar Sport Duemila by Stefano Benni 219 copies, 1 review
Le Beatrici by Stefano Benni 52 copies, 2 reviews
Black Venus by Angela Carter 689 copies, 16 reviews
Cafe suisse e altri luoghi di sosta (I Narratori/Feltrinelli) by Beppe Sebaste 4 copies
Il cappotto del turco by Cristina Comencini 16 copies, 2 reviews
Cari mostri by Stefano Benni 28 copies, 2 reviews
Le cas Malaussène I : Ils m'ont menti by Daniel Pennac 66 copies, 2 reviews
Casa di nessuno by Claudio Piersanti 3 copies
Chicago by Alaa al-Aswani 397 copies, 22 reviews
The Closed Circle by Jonathan Coe 1,073 copies, 20 reviews
Comici spaventati guerrieri by Stefano Benni 242 copies, 2 reviews
La compagnia dei celestini by Stefano Benni 490 copies, 9 reviews
La Cotogna DI Istanbul (Italian Edition) by Paolo Rumiz 32 copies
Cròniche epafániche by Francesco Guccini 78 copies, 1 review
La danza immobile by Manuel Scorza 47 copies, 4 reviews
Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende 7,703 copies, 168 reviews
Denti by Domenico Starnone 27 copies, 1 review
Di tutte le ricchezze by Stefano Benni 48 copies, 1 review
Diario di una donna: inediti 1945-1960 by Sibilla Aleramo 8 copies
Diary of a Body by Daniel Pennac 186 copies, 6 reviews
The Dictator and the Hammock by Daniel Pennac 318 copies, 5 reviews
Eccesso di zelo by Domenico Starnone 20 copies
The Edge of the Horizon by Antonio Tabucchi 178 copies, 6 reviews
Elianto by Stefano Benni 296 copies, 3 reviews
Eppure by Clara Sereni 6 copies
Gli esordi by Antonio Moresco 21 copies
Eva Luna by Isabel Allende 4,353 copies, 60 reviews
Expo 58 by Jonathan Coe 329 copies, 16 reviews
Felice alla guerra (I Narratori/Feltrinelli) (Italian Edition) by Maurizio Maggiani 0 copies
Forever Yours by Daniel Glattauer 138 copies, 12 reviews
Fountain and Tomb by Naguib Mahfouz 161 copies, 2 reviews
De geruchten by Hugo Claus 321 copies, 5 reviews
Il gioco del rovescio by Antonio Tabucchi 105 copies, 2 reviews
God's Mountain by Erri De Luca 356 copies, 10 reviews
La grammatica di Dio. Storie di solitudine e allegria by Stefano Benni 157 copies, 5 reviews
Der Hausierer by Peter Handke 43 copies
His Illegal Self by Peter Carey 690 copies, 25 reviews
Hortense Is Abducted by Jacques Roubaud 72 copies, 1 review
In alto a sinistra by Erri De Luca 80 copies, 1 review
In the Memory of the Forest by Charles T. Powers 268 copies, 5 reviews
Inés of My Soul by Isabel Allende 2,307 copies, 80 reviews
Ischia by Gianni Mura 15 copies, 1 review
It‘s Getting Later All the Time by Antonio Tabucchi 230 copies, 2 reviews
The Japanese Lover by Isabel Allende 1,512 copies, 95 reviews
L'ingrasso. Romanzo by Silvano Ambrogi 0 copies
Little Misunderstandings of No Importance by Antonio Tabucchi 249 copies, 3 reviews
La loi du rêveur by Daniel Pennac 20 copies, 1 review
Luisa E Il Silenzio by Claudio Piersanti 18 copies
Majoor Aebi's overgave by Gianluigi Melega 15 copies, 1 review
Margherita Dolce Vita by Stefano Benni 384 copies, 10 reviews
Maya's Notebook by Isabel Allende 923 copies, 60 reviews
Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann 2,866 copies, 102 reviews
La memoria fastosa (I Narratori/Feltrinelli) (Italian Edition) by Cesare Mazzonis 1 copy
Miami Blues by Charles Willeford 478 copies, 14 reviews
The Missing Head of Damasceno Monteiro by Antonio Tabucchi 424 copies, 7 reviews
Mon frère by Daniel Pennac 20 copies, 2 reviews
The Mussel Feast by Birgit Vanderbeke 284 copies, 24 reviews
New Hope for the Dead by Charles Willeford 265 copies, 8 reviews
Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter 2,275 copies, 42 reviews
No God in Sight by Altaf Tyrewala 54 copies
Non ora, non qui by Erri De Luca 167 copies, 3 reviews
Il nuovo che avanza by Michele Serra 50 copies, 3 reviews
Una nuvola come tappeto by Erri De Luca 69 copies, 4 reviews
Of Love and Shadows by Isabel Allende 2,830 copies, 45 reviews
Our Beautiful Heroine by Jacques Roubaud 88 copies
Pane e tempesta by Stefano Benni 114 copies, 6 reviews
Pantera by Stefano Benni 29 copies, 1 review
Passaggio in ombra by Mariateresa Di Lascia 117 copies, 3 reviews
Per quante vite (I narratori/Feltrinelli) (Italian Edition) by Marosia Castaldi 4 copies
Pereira Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi 1,786 copies, 67 reviews
Il peso della farfalla by Erri De Luca 194 copies, 12 reviews
Il piccolo naviglio by Antonio Tabucchi 38 copies, 4 reviews
Pimpi Osleli (Italian Edition) by Elena Gianini Belotti 18 copies
Il piroscafo olandese (I narratori/Feltrinelli) (Italian Edition) by Valeria Vigano 4 copies
Prendiluna by Stefano Benni 27 copies, 2 reviews
Primaverile: (uomini nudi al testo) (I narratori/Feltrinelli) by Dario Voltolini 2 copies
Quattro novelle sulle apparenze by Gianni Celati 60 copies, 2 reviews
IL RAGAZZO MORTO E LE COMETE. Romanzo. by Goffredo Parise 1 copy
Il ragazzo mucca by Michele Serra 52 copies
Recita Dell Attore (I Narratori/Feltrinelli) (Italian Edition) by Gianni Celati 7 copies
La regina disadorna by Maurizio Maggiani 72 copies, 2 reviews
Ripper by Isabel Allende 829 copies, 63 reviews
Roldán, ni vivo ni muerto by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán 35 copies
Scenes from Village Life by Amos Oz 312 copies, 15 reviews
School Blues by Daniel Pennac 653 copies, 18 reviews
Lo scurnuso by Benedetta Cibrario 18 copies, 1 review
Sea of Memory by Erri De Luca 226 copies, 5 reviews
Short Letter, Long Farewell by Peter Handke 355 copies, 4 reviews
The Siege by Helen Dunmore 910 copies, 46 reviews
Silenzio in Emilia by Daniele Benati 8 copies
Single & Single by John le Carré 1,970 copies, 20 reviews
Skylight by José Saramago 318 copies, 18 reviews
The Sorrow of Belgium by Hugo Claus 1,241 copies, 21 reviews
Sotto cieli noncuranti by Benedetta Cibrario 19 copies
Spiriti by Stefano Benni 190 copies, 2 reviews
Stella by Takis Würger 45 copies, 2 reviews
The Stone Raft by José Saramago 1,266 copies, 20 reviews
The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende 2,533 copies, 25 reviews
Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest by Amos Oz 265 copies, 19 reviews
Suddenly, a Knock on the Door by Etgar Keret 434 copies, 27 reviews
A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali by Gil Courtemanche 660 copies, 21 reviews
The Tailor of Panama by John le Carré 2,441 copies, 20 reviews
Il talento by Cesare De Marchi 21 copies
The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim by Jonathan Coe 621 copies, 29 reviews
Theft: A Love Story by Peter Carey 1,245 copies, 38 reviews
Three Horses by Erri De Luca 208 copies, 3 reviews
Tristano Dies by Antonio Tabucchi 194 copies, 7 reviews
Tyll by Daniel Kehlmann 541 copies, 19 reviews
Ultima dea by Gianni Riotta 8 copies, 1 review
L'ultima Lacrima (Universale Economica) (Italian Edition) by Stefano Benni 234 copies, 1 review
Ultimi vampiri by Gianfranco Manfredi 8 copies
Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949 by Doris Lessing 601 copies, 11 reviews
Vacca d'un cane by Francesco Guccini 76 copies
The Yacoubian Building by Alaa al-Aswani 1,848 copies, 93 reviews
The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis by José Saramago 1,530 copies, 30 reviews
ZeroZeroZero by Roberto Saviano 298 copies, 9 reviews

Other Names

Italian: I Narratori, I Narratori / Feltrinelli, I Narratori di Feltrinelli


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