Publisher SeriesAvon


The Shadow Project by Scott Mariani 137 copies, 5 reviews
Gimpel the Fool by Isaac Bashevis Singer 624 copies, 13 reviewsSS7
Poison for One by John Rhode 7 copies35
The night air by Harrison Dowd 11 copiesAT-52
Dark Passions Subdue by Douglas Sanderson 10 copiesAT-67
I, Claudius by Robert Graves 8,125 copies, 148 reviewsAT-68
Creep, Shadow! by Abraham Merritt 49 copiesT117
The English by David Frost 46 copies, 1 reviewW133
The Moon Pool by A. Merritt 464 copies, 17 reviewsT135
The Ship of Ishtar by A. Merritt 367 copies, 5 reviewsT152
After the Fireworks by Aldous Huxley 65 copies, 14 reviews160
The Face in the Abyss by Abraham Merritt 262 copies, 5 reviewsT161
The Metal Monster by A. Merritt 289 copies, 3 reviewsT172
Needle by Hal Clement 415 copies, 7 reviewsT175
Highways in Hiding by George O. Smith 56 copiesT180
The Time Dissolver by Jerry Sohl 47 copies, 2 reviewsT186
Seven Footprints to Satan by A. Merritt 199 copies, 2 reviewsT208
The Tortured Planet by C. S. Lewis 38 copies, 1 reviewT211
The House on the Strand by Daphne Du Maurier 2,052 copies, 55 reviewsW212
Children of the Atom by Wilmar H. Shiras 172 copies, 9 reviewsT221
Second Foundation by Isaac Asimov 10,389 copies, 109 reviewsT232
Worlds Apart by J. T. McIntosh 58 copies, 3 reviewsT249
The Glass Blowers by Daphne du Maurier 716 copies, 15 reviewsW265
Dwellers in the Mirage by A. Merritt 359 copies, 4 reviewsS271
Doorway to Death by Dan J. Marlowe 14 copies, 1 reviewT307
Costigan's Needle by Jerry Sohl 101 copiesS349
Strange Brother by Blair Niles 50 copies407
The Saint Sees It Through by Leslie Charteris 137 copies619
Temptation by John Pen 5 copiesG1019
The Star Dwellers by James Blish 203 copies, 6 reviewsG1268
The Elluvon Gift by Simon Lang 36 copies26518
Humboldt's Gift by Saul Bellow 2,640 copies, 33 reviews29447
The Guns of Avalon by Roger Zelazny 1,996 copies, 35 reviews31112
Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny 3,101 copies, 84 reviews35527
The Bermuda Triangle by Charles Berlitz 759 copies, 14 reviews38315
The Courts of Chaos by Roger Zelazny 1,687 copies, 30 reviews47175
Dubin's Lives by Bernard Malamud 473 copies, 4 reviews48595
House by Tracy Kidder 1,055 copies, 17 reviews70176
Star Web by Joan Cox 50 copies75697

Collections and Selections

They Shall Have Stars by James Blish 416 copies, 10 reviewsT193
Earthman, Come Home by James Blish 365 copies, 7 reviewsT225