Publisher SeriesAvatud Eesti Raamat

ABC of Reading by Ezra Pound 942 copies, 17 reviews
Aesthetic by Benedetto Croce 185 copies
La agonía del cristianismo by Miguel de Unamuno 117 copies, 3 reviews
Analytical Psychology: Its Theory & Practice (The Tavistock Lectures) by C. G. Jung 280 copies, 1 review
Apology; Charmides; Crito; Euthyphro; Phaedo; Phaedrus; Symposium by Plato 8 copies
Bergsonism by Gilles Deleuze 298 copies, 1 review
The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy by Jacob Burckhardt 2,158 copies, 17 reviews
The Complete Essays by Michel de Montaigne 4,007 copies, 42 reviews
The Concept of Anxiety by Søren Kierkegaard 993 copies, 9 reviews
Culture and Communication: The Logic by which Symbols Are Connected. An Introduction to the Use of Structuralist Analysis in Social Anthropology by Edmund Leach 74 copies
Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion: The Posthumous Essays of the Immortality of the Soul and of Suicide by David Hume 390 copies, 2 reviews
Eksitusest päästja ; Lampide orv by Abū Hāmid Al-Ghazālī 6 copies
Enesetunnetus : filosoofilise autobiograafia kogemus by Nikolai Berdjajev 2 copies
Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium [Latin text] by Lucius Annaeus Seneca 315 copies, 6 reviews
The Ethics of Authenticity by Charles Taylor 589 copies, 6 reviews
The Eye and the Spirit by Maurice Merleau-Ponty 161 copies
Filosoofia, loogika ja normid by Georg Henrik von Wright 3 copies
The Golden Bough by James George Frazer 4,188 copies, 28 reviews
Hermeneutika universaalsus : valik esseid ja intervjuusid by Hans-Georg Gadamer 6 copies
Hinge tundmused by René Descartes 3 copies
Illness as Metaphor & AIDS and Its Metaphors by Susan Sontag 930 copies, 8 reviews
Inimese orjusest ja vabadusest : personalistliku filosoofia kogemus by Nikolai Berdjajev 3 copies
An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth by Bertrand Russell 296 copies, 1 review
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations Volume 1 by Adam Smith 279 copies
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Volume II by Adam Smith 252 copies, 1 review
Judaismi olemus by Leo Baeck 3 copies
Jumaluse voogav valgus ; Eristamise kõned by Magdeburgi Mechthild , 2 copies
Kafka: Toward a Minor Literature by Gilles Deleuze 373 copies, 2 reviews
Kant's Critical Philosophy: The Doctrine of the Faculties by Gilles Deleuze 237 copies, 1 review
Kiri pimedatest ; Kiri kurtidest ja tummadest by Denis Diderot 3 copies
Kirjandus ja õigus surmale : valik tekste by Maurice Blanchot 5 copies
Language, Thought, and Reality: Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf by Benjamin Lee Whorf 519 copies, 4 reviews
Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic by Henri Bergson 477 copies, 6 reviews
Law's Empire by Ronald Dworkin 441 copies
Liberalism: The Classical Tradition by Ludwig Von Mises 241 copies, 1 review
Lindude keel by Far ud-D Att 4 copies
The Logical Basis of Metaphysics by Michael Dummett 84 copies, 1 review
Loomingu mõte : inimese õigustamise katse by Nikolai Berdjajev 3 copies
Maailm kui tahe ja kujutlus. mis sisaldab täiendusi esimese köite neljale raamatule / II köide by Arthur Schopenhauer 1 copy
Maailm kui tahe ja kujutlus. Neli raamatut ning Kanti filosoofia kriitikat sisaldav lisa. I köide-II köide by Arthur Schopenhauer 2 copies
Manu pärimus ehk Ilmarahva seadmuseõpetus by Martti Kalda 2 copies
Matter and Memory by Henri Bergson 634 copies, 4 reviews
Meie ajastu kriis by Pitirim Sorokin 3 copies
Mini wykłady o maxi sprawach : trzy serie by Leszek Kołakowski 44 copies
Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism by Jan Assmann 130 copies, 2 reviews
Mõtisklusi minu kaasaegsetest by Charles Baudelaire 2 copies
Mõtlemine ja kõne : psühholoogilised uurimused by Lev Võgotski 3 copies
Mõtteid inimkonna ajaloo filosoofiast by Johann Gottfried Herder 3 copies
Naming and Necessity by Saul A. Kripke 819 copies, 3 reviews
Nicomachean Ethics by Aristoteles 8,480 copies, 49 reviews
On Duties [in translation] by Marcus Tullius Cicero 543 copies, 5 reviews
On Liberty by John Stuart Mill 4,739 copies, 30 reviews
On the Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau 4,629 copies, 41 reviews
Patterns of Culture by Ruth Benedict 968 copies, 4 reviews
Pensées by Blaise Pascal 4,101 copies, 29 reviews
Philosophical Fragments/Johannes Climacus by Søren Kierkegaard 975 copies, 8 reviews
Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein 3,002 copies, 18 reviews
The Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard 2,137 copies, 18 reviews
Politics by Aristotle 4,814 copies, 35 reviews
Positions by Jacques Derrida 345 copies, 4 reviews
Primitiivne teadvus by Franz Boas 4 copies
Psychological Types by C. G. Jung 696 copies, 2 reviews
Päevaraamat by Witold Gombrowicz 5 copies
Pühakirjast alkeemiani : valik artikleid by GERSCHOM SCHOLEM 3 copies
Raamat täiuslikust inimesest by 'Azīz ad-Dīn Nasafī 2 copies
Rabelais and His World by Mikhail Bakhtin 730 copies, 7 reviews
Rooma impeeriumi allakäigu ja languse ajalugu. I köide by Edward Gibbon 3 copies
Rooma impeeriumi allakäigu ja languse ajalugu. II köide by Edward Gibbon 2 copies
Søren Kierkegaard by Georg Brandes 16 copies
Sallivusest by Michael Walzer 5 copies
The Savage Mind by Claude Lévi-Strauss 958 copies, 5 reviews
Sealpool head ja kurja. Tulevikufilosoofia eelmäng by Friedrich Nietzsche 3 copies
The Seducer's Diary by Søren Kierkegaard 846 copies, 5 reviews
The Sickness Unto Death by Søren Kierkegaard 1,880 copies, 15 reviews
Simulacra and Simulation by Jean Baudrillard 1,761 copies, 9 reviews
Social Systems by Niklas Luhmann 204 copies
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn 6,977 copies, 79 reviews
The Structure of the Artistic Text by Juri Lotman 30 copies
Sõnad ja asjad : inimteaduste arheoloogia by Michel Foucault 3 copies
Teisiti kui olla ehk teispool olemust by Emmanuel Levinas 3 copies
Time and Free Will: An Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness by Henri Bergson 420 copies
A Treatise on Tolerance by Voltaire 538 copies, 10 reviews
Truth: A Guide by Simon Blackburn 450 copies, 2 reviews
Uuema evangeelse teoloogia põhitekstid by Wilfried Härle 2 copies
Vaimne maailm : sissejuhatus elufilosoofiasse by Wilhelm Dilthey 2 copies
Valik esseid by Jorge Luis Borges 8 copies
Valitud esseesid by T. S. Eliot 5 copies
The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James 4,473 copies, 30 reviews
Vene kultuuri jõujooni : valik artikleid by Boriss Uspenski 3 copies
Venemaa ja Euroopa by Nikolai Danilevski 2 copies
The View From Nowhere by Thomas Nagel 467 copies, 4 reviews
What is Christianity? by Adolf von Harnack 345 copies, 2 reviews
What Is This Thing Called Science? by Alan Chalmers 710 copies, 7 reviews
Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?: 23 Questions from Great Philosophers by Leszek Kolakowski 210 copies, 6 reviews