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Gates of Steel by Anne Hampson 24 copies1
Master of Moonrock by Anne Hampson 9 copies, 1 review2
Sweet Revenge by Anne Mather 18 copies, 1 review3
The Pleasure and the Pain by Anne Mather 14 copies4
Devil in a Silver Room by Violet Winspear 14 copies5
The Honey Is Bitter by Violet Winspear 40 copies, 2 reviews6
Dear Stranger by Anne Hampson 12 copies7
The Sanchez Tradition by Anne Mather 22 copies, 1 review8
Wife Without Kisses by Violet Winspear 8 copies, 1 review9
Waves of Fire by Anne Hampson 10 copies10
Who Rides the Tiger by Anne Mather 11 copies11
Dragon Bay by Violet Winspear 10 copies, 1 review12
A Kiss from Satan by Anne Hampson 11 copies13
Storm in a Rain Barrel by Anne Mather 5 copies14
The Little Nobody by Violet Winspear 8 copies15
Wings of Night by Anne Hampson 9 copies16
Living with Adam by Anne Mather 15 copies, 2 reviews17
The Kisses and the Wine by Violet Winspear 7 copies, 1 review18
South of Mandraki by Anne Hampson 8 copies19
A Distant Sound of Thunder by Anne Mather 9 copies20
The Unwilling Bride by Violet Winspear 11 copies, 1 review21
The Hawk and the Dove by Anne Hampson 12 copies, 1 review22
The Legend of Lexandros by Anne Mather 15 copies, 1 review23
Pilgrim's Castle by Violet Winspear 10 copies, 2 reviews24
By Fountains Wild by Anne Hampson 6 copies25
Dark Enemy by Anne Mather 11 copies26
House of Strangers by Violet Winspear 10 copies27
Dark Avenger by Anne Hampson 8 copies, 2 reviews28
Monkshood by Anne Mather 6 copies29
Bride of Lucifer by Violet Winspear 12 copies, 1 review30
Blue Hills of Sintra by Anne Hampson 7 copies, 1 review31
Double Take by Margaret Chittenden 8 copies31
Jake Howard's Wife by Anne Mather 21 copies, 1 review32
Forbidden Rapture by Violet Winspear 7 copies33
Stormy the Way by Anne Hampson 13 copies, 1 review34
Seen by Candlelight (aka Design for Loving) by Anne Mather 16 copies35
Love's Prisoner by Violet Winspear 5 copies, 1 review36
An Eagle Swooped by Anne Hampson 51 copies, 1 review37
Moon Witch by Anne Mather 18 copies, 1 review38
Tawny Sands by Violet Winspear 12 copies, 1 review39
Wife for a Penny by Anne Hampson 3 copies40
Dangerous Enchantment by Anne Mather 12 copies, 2 reviews41
The Strange Waif by Violet Winspear 8 copies, 1 review42
They Came to Valeira by Rosalind Brett 5 copies43
Petals Drifting by Anne Hampson 4 copies, 1 review44
Price of Love by Rachel Lindsay 4 copies45
Prelude to Enchantment by Anne Mather 13 copies46
When the Clouds Part by Anne Hampson 8 copies47
Business Affair by Rachel Lindsay 6 copies48
A Savage Beauty by Anne Mather 18 copies, 1 review49
The Glass Castle by Violet Winspear 9 copies50
Hunter of the East by Anne Hampson 11 copies51
A Man Without Mercy by Margery Hilton 7 copies52
Mask of Gold by Rachel Lindsay 10 copies, 1 review53
The Night of the Bulls by Anne Mather 14 copies, 1 review54
Love This Stranger by Rosalind Brett 6 copies55
After Sundown by Anne Hampson 4 copies56
Legacy of the Past by Anne Mather 16 copies57
Man of Fire by Margaret Rome 6 copies, 1 review58
Beloved Rake by Anne Hampson 6 copies59
Castle in the Trees by Rachel Lindsay 7 copies, 1 review60
Chase a Green Shadow by Anne Mather 17 copies, 1 review61
The Marriage of Caroline Lindsay by Margaret Rome 12 copies, 1 review62
Stars Over Sarawak by Anne Hampson 9 copies, 1 review63
Beloved Ballerina by Roberta Leigh 5 copies64
White Rose of Winter by Anne Mather 15 copies65
Cindy, Tread Lightly by Karin Mutch 9 copies66
Accompanied by His Wife by Mary Burchell 19 copies, 1 review67
And Then Came Love by Roberta Leigh 6 copies68
Master of Falcon's Head by Anne Mather 15 copies, 1 review69
The Chateau of St. Avrell by Violet Winspear 9 copies70
And No Regrets by Rosalind Brett 2 copies71
The Way of a Tyrant by Anne Hampson 7 copies72
Food for Love by Rachel Lindsay 8 copies73
Leopard in the Snow by Anne Mather 34 copies74
Dare I Be Happy? by Mary Burchell 15 copies75
Heart of the Lion by Roberta Leigh 7 copies76
The Japanese Screen by Anne Mather 13 copies, 1 review77
A Man Like Daintree by Margaret Way 7 copies, 1 review78
The Black Eagle by Anne Hampson 9 copies, 1 review79
Innocent Deception by Rachel Lindsay 5 copies, 1 review80
The Iron Man by Kay Thorpe 11 copies, 1 review81
Copper Moon by Margaret Way 4 copies82
Yet Love Remains by Mary Burchell 9 copies, 1 review83
That Summer of Surrender by Rebecca Caine 5 copies84
Love in Disguise by Rachel Lindsay 12 copies, 2 reviews85
Rachel Trevellyan by Anne Mather 13 copies, 1 review86
Fetters of Hate by Anne Hampson 11 copies87
Red Feather Love by Suzanna Lynne 8 copies88
Snow on the Hills by Mary Wibberley 6 copies89
The Noble Savage by Violet Winspear 10 copies90
Stormy Encounter by Roumelia Lane 6 copies91
Mask of Scars by Anne Mather 14 copies, 1 review92
Opportune Marriage by Kay Thorpe 8 copies93
Bauhinia Junction by Margaret Way 9 copies94
Dark Hills Rising by Anne Hampson 5 copies95
Silver Fruit Upon Silver Trees by Anne Mather 21 copies, 2 reviews96
To Catch a Unicorn by Sara Seale 25 copies, 1 review97
The Girl at Goldenhawk by Violet Winspear 22 copies, 1 review98
Love Made the Choice by Mary Burchell 12 copies99
Pirate Moon by Peg Sutherland 7 copies99
Dark Moonless Night by Anne Mather 13 copies100
Palace of the Hawk by Margaret Rome 6 copies101
The Rainbow Bird by Margaret Way 6 copies102
The Flower of Eternity by Margery Hilton 5 copies103
Affair in Venice by Rachel Lindsay 7 copies104
No Gentle Possession by Anne Mather 19 copies105
Yellow Moon by Rebecca Stratton 5 copies106
Pagan Heart by Rebecca Caine 7 copies107
Pride and Power by Anne Hampson 7 copies108
Temporary Wife by Roberta Leigh 14 copies, 1 review109
Witchstone by Anne Mather 21 copies110
Such Is Love by Mary Burchell 12 copies111
The Waterfalls of the Moon by Anne Mather 11 copies112
Man of Granite by Lilian Peake 4 copies113
Palace of the Pomegranate by Violet Winspear 9 copies114
The Fair Island by Anne Hampson 4 copies115
Dark Intruder by Nerina Hilliard 8 copies116
Prince for Sale by Rachel Lindsay 9 copies117
The Bartered Bride by Margaret Rome 9 copies, 1 review118
Pale Dawn, Dark Sunset by Anne Mather 12 copies119
Till the End of Time by Lilian Peake 10 copies120
The Warm Wind of Farik by Rebecca Stratton 6 copies121
The Devil's Darling by Violet Winspear 10 copies122
Little Sister by Mary Burchell 18 copies123
No Quarter Asked by Janet Dailey 57 copies124
Dear Plutocrat by Anne Hampson 4 copies125
Take What You Want by Anne Mather 18 copies126
Man in a Million by Roberta Leigh 6 copies127
Cove of Promises by Margaret Rome 4 copies128
The Man At La Valaise by Mary Wibberley 4 copies129
Dearest Demon by Violet Winspear 8 copies130
Boss Man from Ogallala by Janet Dailey 37 copies, 1 review131
Enchanted Dawn by Anne Hampson 6 copies132
Come the Vintage by Anne Mather 16 copies133
Storm Flower by Margaret Way 11 copies134
Dark Castle by Anne Mather 19 copies, 1 review135
The Sun of Summer by Lilian Peake 6 copies136
The Silver Sty by Sara Seale 8 copies, 1 review137
Satan Took a Bride by Violet Winspear 21 copies138
Savage Land by Janet Dailey 49 copies139
The Fire in The Diamond by Marjorie Lewty 5 copies140
All the Fire by Anne Mather 10 copies141
Darling Infidel by Violet Winspear 7 copies142
A Man to Be Feared by Anne Hampson 20 copies, 1 review143
Country of the Falcon by Anne Mather 10 copies144
Stormy Rapture by Margaret Pargeter 3 copies145
The Child of Judas by Violet Winspear 18 copies, 1 review146
Fire and Ice by Janet Dailey 54 copies147
For the Love of Sara by Anne Mather 16 copies148
The Story of Jody by Karin Mutch 5 copies149
The Tender Night by Lilian Peake 5 copies150
Land of Enchantment by Janet Dailey 44 copies151
Autumn Twilight by Anne Hampson 6 copies152
Dark Venetian by Anne Mather 9 copies, 1 review153
Red Cliffs of Malpara by Margaret Way 8 copies154
Nobody Asked Me by Mary Burchell 15 copies155
The Shrouded Web by Anne Mather 15 copies, 1 review156
The Distant Dream by Lilian Peake 5 copies157
Adam's Rib by Margaret Rome 9 copies158
The Homeplace by Janet Dailey 55 copies, 1 review159
Dear Villain by Jacqueline Gilbert 11 copies160
To Buy a Bride by Roberta Leigh 13 copies161
The Sin of Cynara by Violet Winspear 9 copies162
Girl Crusoe by Margery Hilton 9 copies163
Secretary Wife by Rachel Lindsay 12 copies, 1 review164
The Arrogance of Love by Anne Mather 9 copies165
Familiar Stranger by Lilian Peake 14 copies166
After the Storm by Janet Dailey 59 copies, 1 review167
Dangerous Friendship by Anne Hampson 6 copies168
Cupboard Love by Roberta Leigh 4 copies169
The High Valley by Anne Mather 9 copies, 1 review170
Dangerous Masquerade by Janet Dailey 76 copies, 4 reviews171
Roman Affair by Rachel Lindsay 12 copies172
Valley Deep, Mountain High by Anne Mather 12 copies173
The Burning Sands by Violet Winspear 14 copies174
Man Without a Heart by Roberta Leigh 10 copies175
Tinsel Star by Rachel Lindsay 8 copies176
The Smouldering Flame by Anne Mather 12 copies177
The Sun Tower by Violet Winspear 10 copies178
Sanctuary in the Desert by Elizabeth Ashton 6 copies179
Night of the Cotillion by Janet Dailey 46 copies180
Isle at the Rainbow's End by Anne Hampson 4 copies181
Unwilling Bridegroom by Roberta Leigh 14 copies, 1 review182
Valley of the Vapours by Janet Dailey 65 copies183
A Man to Tame by Rachel Lindsay 8 copies184
Wild Enchantress by Anne Mather 19 copies, 1 review185
A Bitter Loving by Lilian Peake 12 copies186
Hills of Kalamata by Anne Hampson 15 copies187
The Marquis Takes a Wife by Rachel Lindsay 7 copies188
Beware the Beast by Anne Mather 22 copies, 2 reviews189
This Man Her Enemy by Lilian Peake 8 copies190
Strange Adventure by Sara Craven 10 copies, 1 review191
Fiesta San Antonio by Janet Dailey 45 copies, 2 reviews192
Too Young to Love by Roberta Leigh 11 copies193
Alien Wife by Anne Mather 19 copies194
A Gift for a Lion by Sara Craven 11 copies195
Follow a Shadow by Anne Hampson 8 copies196
The Medici Lover by Anne Mather 16 copies, 1 review197
No Friend of Mine by Lilian Peake 12 copies, 1 review198
Wild Melody by Sara Craven 10 copies199
Show Me by Janet Dailey 46 copies, 1 review200
Forbidden Love by Rachel Lindsay 7 copies, 1 review201
Dangerous Rhapsody by Anne Mather 19 copies, 1 review202
Bluegrass King by Janet Dailey 41 copies203
Girl for a Millionaire by Roberta Leigh 7 copies204
Devil's Mount by Anne Mather 12 copies205
The Little Imposter by Lilian Peake 6 copies206
Girl in Blue by Katrina Britt 4 copies207
A Lyon's Share by Janet Dailey 47 copies, 1 review208
Song of the Waves by Anne Hampson 24 copies, 3 reviews209
Born Out of Love by Anne Mather 31 copies, 2 reviews210
The Widow and the Wastrel by Janet Dailey 50 copies, 1 review211
Dangerous Pretence by Flora Kidd 5 copies212
Somewhere to Lay My Head by Lilian Peake 17 copies213
Love in a Stranger's Arms by Violet Winspear 14 copies214
Temple of the Moon by Sara Craven 10 copies215
Jungle of Desire by Flora Kidd 6 copies216
Prescription for Love by Rachel Lindsay 5 copies217
A Trial Marriage by Anne Mather 12 copies218
The Ivory Cane by Janet Dailey 20 copies219
Brazilian Affair by Rachel Lindsay 8 copies220
Forbidden by Anne Mather 19 copies, 1 review221
The Passionate Sinner by Violet Winspear 12 copies, 1 review222
The Indy Man by Janet Dailey 52 copies, 1 review223
Come Running by Anne Mather 18 copies, 1 review224
A Girl Alone by Lilian Peake 6 copies225
The Love Battle by Violet Winspear 8 copies226
Darling Jenny by Janet Dailey 48 copies, 1 review227
Forgotten Marriage by Rachel Lindsay 7 copies228
Passionate Involvement by Lilian Peake 4 copies229
Time of the Temptress by Violet Winspear 22 copies230
West Texas Weddings by Ginger Chambers 17 copies230
Reilly's Woman by Janet Dailey 43 copies, 1 review231
Bride at Whangatapu by Robyn Donald 13 copies232
Not a Marrying Man by Roberta Leigh 5 copies233
Devil in Velvet by Anne Mather 14 copies234
A Place of Storms by Sara Craven 11 copies235
To Tell the Truth by Janet Dailey 48 copies236
The Loved and the Feared by Violet Winspear 14 copies, 1 review238
Sonora Sundown by Janet Dailey 55 copies, 1 review239
Night of the Yellow Moon by Flora Kidd 9 copies240
Love and Doctor Forrest by Rachel Lindsay 3 copies241
Caribbean Encounter by Kay Thorpe 11 copies, 1 review242
Past All Forgetting by Sara Craven 10 copies243
Big Sky Country by Janet Dailey 53 copies244
Golden Apples by Rose Elver 5 copies245
The Awakening of Alice by Violet Winspear 10 copies246
Walk in the Shadows by Jayne Bauling 7 copies247
Something Extra by Janet Dailey 34 copies, 1 review248
Unwanted Wife by Rachel Lindsay 16 copies249
Loren's Baby by Anne Mather 16 copies250
The Devil at Archangel by Sara Craven 13 copies251
The Master Fiddler by Janet Dailey 31 copies252
Call Back Yesterday by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies253
Rooted in Dishonour by Anne Mather 10 copies254
Dragon's Lair by Sara Craven 7 copies255
Beware of the Stranger by Janet Dailey 37 copies256
The Latitude of Love (aka Rough Diamond Lover) by Rachel Lindsay 6 copies257
Now or Never by Anne Weale 6 copies258
Giant of Mesabi by Janet Dailey 50 copies259
Dilemma in Paradise by Robyn Donald 13 copies260
Sweet Torment by Flora Kidd 10 copies261
Proud Harvest by Anne Mather 14 copies262
Adam's Bride by Rosemary Carter 9 copies263
The Matchmakers by Janet Dailey 55 copies264
An Affair to Forget by Rachel Lindsay 11 copies265
Scorpions' Dance by Anne Mather 13 copies, 1 review266
For Bitter or Worse by Janet Dailey 43 copies267
Disturbing Stranger by Charlotte Lamb 8 copies268
Follow Thy Desire by Anne Mather 12 copies269
Ring of Fire by Margaret Way 11 copies270
The Vines in Splendour by Helen Bianchin 12 copies271
Green Mountain Man by Janet Dailey 45 copies, 1 review272
Autumn Conquest by Charlotte Lamb 8 copies273
Man Out of Reach by Rachel Lindsay 6 copies274
Six White Horses by Janet Dailey 55 copies, 1 review275
Castle of Temptation by Flora Kidd 9 copies276
The Long Surrender by Charlotte Lamb 21 copies277
Captive Destiny by Anne Mather 12 copies278
Summer Mahogany by Janet Dailey 59 copies, 2 reviews279
Designing Man by Rachel Lindsay 6 copies280
Charade in Winter by Anne Mather 11 copies281
The River Room by Anne Weale 13 copies282
Sweet Impostor by Rosemary Carter 3 copies283
The Bride of the Delta Queen by Janet Dailey 51 copies284
Summer at Awakopu by Robyn Donald 12 copies, 1 review285
The Devil's Arms by Charlotte Lamb 27 copies, 2 reviews286
Fallen Angel by Anne Mather 16 copies, 1 review287
The Valdez Marriage by Violet Winspear 14 copies288
Stormy Possession by Helen Bianchin 23 copies, 1 review289
Bush Doctor by Rosemary Carter 6 copies290
High Tide at Midnight by Sara Craven 8 copies291
Tidewater Lover by Janet Dailey 52 copies292
Moon Dragon by Anne Hampson 7 copies, 1 review293
The Passionate Winter by Carole Mortimer 11 copies294
Battle With Desire by Ann Cooper 5 copies295
Strange Bedfellow by Janet Dailey 41 copies, 1 review296
The Velvet Touch by Margery Hilton 9 copies297
Forbidden Fire by Charlotte Lamb 30 copies, 2 reviews298
Bitter Alliance by Kay Thorpe 4 copies299
Desire Has No Mercy by Violet Winspear 22 copies, 1 review300
The Awakening by Rosemary Carter 5 copies301
Low Country Liar by Janet Dailey 37 copies302
Wife in Exchange by Robyn Donald 19 copies, 1 review303
Marriage in Mexico by Flora Kidd 7 copies304
Dark Master by Charlotte Lamb 20 copies, 2 reviews305
Melting Fire by Anne Mather 20 copies306
Moth to the Flame by Sara Craven 7 copies307
Sweet Promise by Janet Dailey 36 copies, 1 review308
Passionate Encounter by Flora Kidd 8 copies309
Temptation by Charlotte Lamb 19 copies, 1 review310
The Man From Tripoli by Kay Thorpe 4 copies311
Separate Bedrooms by Anne Weale 8 copies312
For Mike's Sake by Janet Dailey 51 copies313
Duel of Desire by Charlotte Lamb 9 copies314
My Sister's Keeper by Rachel Lindsay 15 copies315
No Second Parting by Lilian Peake 8 copies316
Stowaway by Anne Weale 18 copies, 1 review317
The Broken Link by Yvonne Whittal 18 copies318
Sentimental Journey by Janet Dailey 41 copies319
Shadow of the Past by Robyn Donald 17 copies320
Possession by Charlotte Lamb 11 copies321
The Judas Trap by Anne Mather 16 copies322
Tempted by Desire by Carole Mortimer 10 copies, 1 review323
The Sheik's Captive by Violet Winspear 4 copies324
Solitaire by Sara Craven 11 copies, 1 review325
A Land Called Deseret by Janet Dailey 55 copies, 2 reviews326
Together Again by Flora Kidd 9 copies327
Pagan Encounter by Charlotte Lamb 10 copies328
Lure of Eagles by Anne Mather 14 copies, 1 review329
Enemy from the Past by Lilian Peake 13 copies330
Flame of Diablo by Sara Craven 16 copies331
Kona Winds by Janet Dailey 65 copies, 1 review332
Tangled Shadows by Flora Kidd 10 copies333
Love Is a Frenzy by Charlotte Lamb 13 copies, 1 review334
Apollo's Seed by Anne Mather 17 copies335
This Side of Paradise by Kay Thorpe 7 copies336
My Darling Spitfire by Rosemary Carter 8 copies337
That Boston Man by Janet Dailey 53 copies338
Frustration by Charlotte Lamb 31 copies, 2 reviews339
Savage Interlude by Carole Mortimer 24 copies340
Run for Your Love by Lilian Peake 14 copies341
Lost Mountain by Abra Taylor 7 copies342
Bed of Grass by Janet Dailey 69 copies, 2 reviews343
Stay Through the Night by Flora Kidd 8 copies344
Dark Dominion by Charlotte Lamb 31 copies, 1 review345
The Widening Stream by Rachel Lindsay 12 copies346
Hell or High Water by Anne Mather 17 copies347
Savage Love by Mary Wibberley 9 copies, 1 review348
The Thawing of Mara by Janet Dailey 56 copies349
Fever by Charlotte Lamb 28 copies350
Spirit of Atlantis by Anne Mather 17 copies351
The Tempestuous Flame by Carole Mortimer 14 copies352
Dangerous Deception by Lilian Peake 9 copies353
Love Is the Honey by Violet Winspear 14 copies354
Darling Deceiver by Daphne Clair 15 copies355
The Mating Season by Janet Dailey 55 copies356
Snow Bride by Margery Hilton 9 copies357
Twist of Fate by Charlotte Lamb 17 copies358
Man of Ice by Rachel Lindsay 9 copies, 1 review359
The Dividing Line by Kay Thorpe 16 copies360
Bindaburra Outstation by Kerry Allyne 11 copies361
Kelly's Man by Rosemary Carter 6 copies362
Lord of the High Lonesome by Janet Dailey 56 copies363
Sensation by Charlotte Lamb 28 copies, 1 review364
Deceit of a Pagan by Carole Mortimer 21 copies, 1 review365
Savage Possession by Margaret Pargeter 10 copies366
Something Less Than Love by Daphne Clair 15 copies367
Fugitive Wife by Sara Craven 18 copies368
Southern Nights by Janet Dailey 60 copies369
The Arranged Marriage by Flora Kidd 17 copies370
Storm Centre by Charlotte Lamb 27 copies, 1 review371
Candle in the Wind by Sally Wentworth 19 copies, 2 reviews372
Enemy in Camp by Janet Dailey 57 copies, 1 review373
The Silken Trap by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies374
Rent a Wife by Rachel Lindsay 10 copies375
Whisper of Darkness by Anne Mather 14 copies, 1 review376
Fear of Love by Carole Mortimer 18 copies, 1 review377
Chance Meeting by Kay Thorpe 10 copies378
The Silken Bond by Flora Kidd 11 copies379
A Frozen Fire by Charlotte Lamb 14 copies380
Love and No Marriage by Rachel Lindsay 12 copies381
Sandstorm by Anne Mather 26 copies382
Yesterday's Scars by Carole Mortimer 15 copies, 1 review383
A Ring for a Fortune by Lilian Peake 11 copies384
A Wilder Shore by Daphne Clair 19 copies385
Difficult Decisions by Janet Dailey 54 copies386
The Cruel Flame by Charlotte Lamb 21 copies387
Engaged to Jarrod Stone by Carole Mortimer 23 copies, 1 review388
Set the Stars on Fire by Sally Wentworth 16 copies, 1 review389
Debt of Dishonour by Mary Wibberley 14 copies, 1 review390
Heart of Stone by Janet Dailey 47 copies391
Dangerous Tide by Elizabeth Graham 17 copies392
Obsession by Charlotte Lamb 31 copies, 1 review393
No Passing Fancy by Kay Thorpe 9 copies394
The First Officer by Anne Weale 11 copies395
Betrayal in Bali by Sally Wentworth 23 copies, 1 review396
Desert Dream by Rosemary Carter 10 copies397
Shadow of Desire by Sara Craven 10 copies398
One of the Boys by Janet Dailey 53 copies, 1 review399
Wife by Contract by Flora Kidd 11 copies, 1 review400
Savage Surrender by Charlotte Lamb 25 copies, 1 review401
Images of Love by Anne Mather 17 copies402
Thief of Copper Canyon by Elizabeth Graham 7 copies403
Night Music by Charlotte Lamb 18 copies404
Edge of Temptation by Anne Mather 16 copies405
Brand of Possession by Carole Mortimer 15 copies406
A Secret Affair by Lilian Peake 13 copies407
The Girl from the Sea by Anne Weale 9 copies408
Devil in Command by Helen Bianchin 19 copies409
Face in the Portrait by Rosemary Carter 17 copies, 1 review410
Moon of Aphrodite by Sara Craven 12 copies411
Man's World by Charlotte Lamb 34 copies412
Wife for a Year by Rachel Lindsay 23 copies, 1 review413
Race Against Love by Sally Wentworth 9 copies414
Edge of Spring by Helen Bianchin 18 copies, 1 review415
Wild and Wonderful by Janet Dailey 45 copies416
Stranger in the Night by Charlotte Lamb 14 copies417
The Flame of Desire by Carole Mortimer 20 copies418
A Dream of Thee by Mary Wibberley 7 copies419
A Girl Possessed by Violet Winspear 23 copies420
A Tradition of Pride by Janet Dailey 50 copies, 1 review421
Compulsion by Charlotte Lamb 22 copies422
Living Together by Carole Mortimer 26 copies423
Gregg Barratt's Woman by Lilian Peake 8 copies424
Floodtide by Kay Thorpe 10 copies425
Say Hello to Yesterday by Sally Wentworth 33 copies426
The Traveling Kind by Janet Dailey 58 copies427
Seduction by Charlotte Lamb 24 copies, 1 review428
A Haunting Compulsion by Anne Mather 21 copies429
Devil Lover by Carole Mortimer 27 copies, 1 review430
The Dark Oasis by Margaret Pargeter 13 copies, 1 review431
Gold to Remember by Mary Wibberley 14 copies432
A Secret Sorrow by Karen van der Zee 9 copies433
Beyond Control by Flora Kidd 20 copies, 1 review434
Abduction by Charlotte Lamb 24 copies, 2 reviews435
Forbidden Flame by Anne Mather 17 copies436
Ice in His Veins by Carole Mortimer 23 copies437
Second-Best Bride by Margaret Rome 19 copies438
Safari Encounter by Rosemary Carter 9 copies439
Summer of the Raven by Sara Craven 15 copies, 2 reviews440
The Interloper by Robyn Donald 21 copies441
Retribution by Charlotte Lamb 24 copies442
First Love, Last Love by Carole Mortimer 26 copies, 2 reviews443
Blue Days at Sea by Anne Weale 11 copies444
Dakota Dreamin' by Janet Dailey 46 copies445
Madrona Island by Elizabeth Graham 17 copies446
Personal Affair by Flora Kidd 7 copies447
Illusion by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies448
Castles of Sand by Anne Mather 21 copies449
Love's Agony by Violet Winspear 8 copies450
Crescendo by Charlotte Lamb 35 copies, 2 reviews451
Satan's Master by Carole Mortimer 21 copies, 1 review452
Boomerang Bride by Margaret Pargeter 20 copies453
Strangers into Lovers by Lilian Peake 14 copies, 1 review454
Copper Lake by Kay Thorpe 11 copies455
Summer Fire by Sally Wentworth 14 copies, 1 review456
The Savage Touch by Helen Bianchin 11 copies457
Dark Remembrance by Daphne Clair 13 copies, 1 review458
Witching Hour by Sara Craven 12 copies459
Heartbreaker by Charlotte Lamb 18 copies, 1 review460
Confirmed Bachelor by Roberta Leigh 20 copies, 1 review461
King of Culla by Sally Wentworth 10 copies462
Bride for a Night by Anne Hampson 12 copies463
Passionate Stranger by Flora Kidd 9 copies464
Untamed Witch by Patricia Lake 20 copies465
Dangerous by Charlotte Lamb 22 copies466
Untouched Wife by Rachel Lindsay 16 copies, 1 review467
Innocent Obsession by Anne Mather 23 copies, 1 review468
Another Life by Rosemary Carter 12 copies469
Beloved Vagabond by Anne Hampson 17 copies, 1 review470
Falcon's Prey by Penny Jordan 33 copies, 1 review471
Desire by Charlotte Lamb 29 copies, 1 review472
Freedom to Love by Carole Mortimer 20 copies473
Across a Crowded Room by Lilian Peake 10 copies474
Northern Magic by Janet Dailey 63 copies, 2 reviews475
Bitter Harvest by Anne Hampson 9 copies476
Tiger Man by Penny Jordan 15 copies477
The Girl from Nowhere by Charlotte Lamb 16 copies478
Point of No Return by Carole Mortimer 14 copies479
The Judas Kiss by Sally Wentworth 28 copies, 2 reviews480
Promise to Pay by Daphne Clair 15 copies, 1 review481
Eve's Christmas by Janet Dailey 128 copies, 1 review482
A Rose from Lucifer by Anne Hampson 19 copies, 1 review483
Marriage Without Love by Penny Jordan 29 copies484
Bride for a Captain by Flora Kidd 15 copies485
Devil's Causeway by Mary Wibberley 11 copies486
Dark Summer Dawn by Sara Craven 28 copies, 1 review487
That Carolina Summer by Janet Dailey 45 copies, 1 review488
Long Cold Winter by Penny Jordan 19 copies489
Duelling Fire by Anne Mather 13 copies490
Temporary Marriage by Kay Thorpe 17 copies, 1 review491
No Man of Her Own by Violet Winspear 18 copies492
Passionate Imposter by Elizabeth Graham 13 copies493
Windward Crest by Anne Hampson 12 copies494
Meeting at Midnight by Flora Kidd 11 copies495
Day of Possession by Lilian Peake 16 copies496
Ryan's Return by Lynsey Stevens 19 copies497
The Lion of La Roche by Yvonne Whittal 13 copies, 1 review498
Wedding in the Family by Susan Alexander 15 copies499
The Dark Abyss by Robyn Donald 34 copies, 1 review500
Perfect Passion by Patricia Lake 7 copies501
Only Lover by Carole Mortimer 16 copies502
Collision by Margaret Pargeter 14 copies503
Passage to Paxos by Anne Weale 14 copies504
Wait for the Storm by Jayne Bauling 14 copies505
The Loving Trap by Daphne Clair 26 copies, 1 review506
South of Capricorn by Anne Hampson 8 copies507
Northern Sunset by Penny Jordan 12 copies508
Smokescreen by Anne Mather 17 copies, 1 review509
Love's Duel by Carole Mortimer 21 copies510
A Touch of the Devil by Anne Weale 13 copies511
The Sea Master by Sally Wentworth 16 copies, 1 review512
Coral Cay by Kerry Allyne 12 copies513
The Wolf Man by Sandra Clark 7 copies514
Unwanted Bride by Anne Hampson 15 copies515
Too Hot to Handle by Sarah Holland 12 copies516
Blackmail by Penny Jordan 30 copies, 1 review517
Burning Obsession by Carole Mortimer 29 copies, 1 review518
The Caged Tiger by Penny Jordan 29 copies, 1 review519
Make Believe Marriage by Flora Kidd 13 copies, 1 review520
Wipe Away the Tears by Patricia Lake 9 copies521
Red Rose for Love by Carole Mortimer 24 copies522
The Loving Slave by Margaret Pargeter 18 copies523
Bitter Revenge by Lilian Peake 15 copies524
The Magnolia Siege by Pamela Pope 9 copies525
Law of the Jungle by Mary Wibberley 20 copies526
Wildfire Encounter by Helen Bianchin 19 copies527
Midnight Lover by Charlotte Lamb 14 copies, 1 review528
An Island Loving by Jan MacLean 9 copies529
Impetuous Masquerade by Anne Mather 15 copies530
Shadowed Stranger by Carole Mortimer 22 copies531
Castle of the Fountains by Margaret Rome 12 copies532
The Other Brother by Jessica Steele 20 copies, 1 review533
The New Owner by Kay Thorpe 12 copies534
Château in the Palms by Anne Hampson 17 copies535
Tomorrow Began Yesterday by Sarah Holland 16 copies536
Daughter of Hassan by Penny Jordan 32 copies, 1 review537
Heartless Love by Patricia Lake 13 copies538
Forgotten Lover by Carole Mortimer 27 copies, 1 review539
Not Far Enough by Margaret Pargeter 15 copies540
Portrait of Bethany by Anne Weale 12 copies541
Semi-Detached Marriage by Sally Wentworth 10 copies542
Stormy Vigil by Elizabeth Graham 7 copies543
Waiting by Karen van der Zee 8 copies544
A Wild Affair by Charlotte Lamb 19 copies545
Season of Mists by Anne Mather 23 copies, 1 review546
Forbidden Surrender by Carole Mortimer 34 copies, 2 reviews547
Storm Cycle by Margaret Pargeter 16 copies548
Broken Rhapsody by Margaret Way 18 copies549
Dance of the Snake by Yvonne Whittal 12 copies550
Unguarded Moment by Sara Craven 17 copies, 1 review551
The Devil's Mistress by Sarah Holland 14 copies552
An Unbroken Marriage by Penny Jordan 19 copies553
Between Pride and Passion by Flora Kidd 11 copies554
Substitute Wife (#555) by Rachel Lindsay 26 copies, 1 review555
Elusive Lover by Carole Mortimer 14 copies556
Man for Hire by Sally Wentworth 12 copies, 1 review557
Bitter-Sweet Waters by Yvonne Whittal 7 copies558
Melt a Frozen Heart by Lindsay Armstrong 12 copies559
Daredevil by Rosemary Carter 11 copies560
Counterfeit Bride by Sara Craven 14 copies561
Bought with His Name by Penny Jordan 36 copies, 1 review562
A Passionate Affair by Anne Mather 15 copies, 1 review563
Passion from the Past by Carole Mortimer 15 copies564
Wedding of the Year by Anne Weale 14 copies565
The Man She Married by Violet Winspear 18 copies566
Mansion for My Love by Robyn Donald 24 copies567
Walk by My Side by Sandra Field 13 copies568
Escape from Desire by Penny Jordan 21 copies, 1 review569
A Step Backwards by Patricia Lake 12 copies570
Perfect Partner by Carole Mortimer 16 copies, 2 reviews571
Prelude To A Song by Margaret Pargeter 12 copies, 1 review572
A Man of Means by Kay Thorpe 17 copies, 1 review573
Late Harvest by Yvonne Whittal 14 copies574
Master of Tinarua by Rosemary Carter 12 copies575
Deadly Angel by Sarah Holland 11 copies576
Tempted to Love by Flora Kidd 9 copies577
The Silver Casket by Patricia Lake 13 copies578
Golden Fever by Carole Mortimer 23 copies, 1 review579
Substitute Bride by Margaret Pargeter 15 copies, 1 review580
Flying High by Sally Wentworth 20 copies, 1 review581
Web of Silk by Yvonne Whittal 5 copies582
Vision of Love by Elizabeth Graham 10 copies, 1 review583
The Flawed Marriage by Penny Jordan 18 copies584
Betrayal by Charlotte Lamb 16 copies585
An Elusive Desire by Anne Mather 21 copies586
Hidden Love by Carole Mortimer 25 copies, 1 review587
Clouded Rapture by Margaret Pargeter 11 copies588
Lucifer's Brand by Nicola West 11 copies589
Chains of Gold by Yvonne Whittal 8 copies590
Phantom Marriage by Penny Jordan 19 copies, 1 review591
Dark Seduction by Flora Kidd 11 copies592
Moment of Madness by Patricia Lake 10 copies593
Love's Only Deception by Carole Mortimer 12 copies, 1 review594
Man from the Kimberleys by Margaret Pargeter 5 copies595
Price to Be Met by Jessica Steele 16 copies596
Master of Morley by Kay Thorpe 14 copies597
Silver Falcon by Yvonne Whittal 11 copies, 1 review598
Sup with the Devil by Sara Craven 16 copies599
A House Called Bellevigne by Jacqueline Gilbert 11 copies600
Fever Pitch by Sarah Holland 14 copies601
Rescue operation by Penny Jordan 17 copies602
Captive Loving by Carole Mortimer 22 copies, 1 review603
Dream Hero by Elizabeth Oldfield 8 copies604
Intimate Enemies by Jessica Steele 14 copies605
Man of Vengeance by Lynsey Stevens 7 copies606
Enter My Jungle by Lindsay Armstrong 14 copies607
Second Time Around by Elizabeth Oldfield 5 copies608
Desire's Captive by Penny Jordan 12 copies609
Cage of Shadows by Anne Mather 17 copies610
Fantasy Girl by Carole Mortimer 20 copies611
Passionate Intruder by Lilian Peake 8 copies612
All that Heaven Allows by Anne Weale 10 copies613
Jilted by Sally Wentworth 18 copies, 2 reviews614
Lion's Domain by Rosemary Carter 12 copies, 1 review615
Pagan Adversary by Sara Craven 10 copies616
Highland Gathering by Elizabeth Graham 8 copies617
A Sudden Engagement by Penny Jordan 19 copies618
Heaven Here on Earth by Carole Mortimer 16 copies619
The Demetrious Line by Margaret Pargeter 12 copies620
No Quiet Refuge by Jessica Steele 8 copies, 1 review621
Yesterday's Island by Anne Weale 9 copies622
The Guarded Heart by Robyn Donald 24 copies623
Master of Shadows by Susanna Firth 5 copies624
The Passionate Escape by Mary Lyons 7 copies625
Green Lightning by Anne Mather 25 copies626
Lifelong Affair by Carole Mortimer 23 copies627
Eden's Law by Pamela Pope 7 copies628
Shattered Dreams by Sally Wentworth 18 copies, 1 review629
Dark Heritage by Yvonne Whittal 13 copies, 1 review630
Return to Yesterday by Robyn Donald 26 copies, 1 review631
Morning Song by Rebecca Flanders 9 copies632
Passionate Protection by Penny Jordan 28 copies633
Fated Affair by Patricia Lake 10 copies634
The Sex War by Charlotte Lamb 11 copies635
Love Unspoken by Carole Mortimer 17 copies, 1 review636
Florida Fever by Elizabeth Oldfield 13 copies637
Caribbean Gold by Margaret Pargeter 6 copies638
An Attraction of Opposites by Sandra Field 12 copies639
Gilded Cage by Catherine George 11 copies640
Island of the Dawn by Penny Jordan 13 copies, 1 review641
Aquamarine by Madeleine Ker 9 copies642
Tropical Tempest by Flora Kidd 6 copies643
Haunted by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies644
Undying Love by Carole Mortimer 13 copies645
The Land of the Incas by Kay Thorpe 13 copies646
A Bad Enemy by Sara Craven 14 copies647
Twisting Shadows by Emma Darcy 9 copies648
An Old Passion by Robyn Donald 20 copies, 1 review649
Savage Atonement by Penny Jordan 21 copies650
Subtle Revenge by Carole Mortimer 17 copies651
Beloved Stranger by Elizabeth Oldfield 8 copies652
Chains of Regret by Margaret Pargeter 7 copies653
Forbidden Wine by Lynsey Stevens 10 copies, 1 review654
Man-Hater by Penny Jordan 21 copies, 1 review655
Virtuous Lady by Madeleine Ker 6 copies656
Dangerous Encounter by Flora Kidd 6 copies657
A Secret Intimacy by Charlotte Lamb 11 copies, 1 review658
Pagan Enchantment by Carole Mortimer 12 copies, 1 review659
Storm in the Night by Margaret Pargeter 9 copies660
Reluctant Relative by Jessica Steele 9 copies661
The Lion Rock by Sally Wentworth 5 copies662
Valentine's Day by Jayne Bauling 6 copies663
Serpent in Paradise by Rosemary Carter 8 copies664
The Gates of Rangitatau by Robyn Donald 19 copies665
Falkone's Promise by Rebecca Flanders 4 copies666
Forgotten Passion by Penny Jordan 28 copies, 2 reviews667
Darkness of the Heart by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies668
Trust in Summer Madness by Carole Mortimer 11 copies669
Ecstasy by Anne Weale 19 copies, 1 review670
Prophecy of Desire by Claire Harrison 6 copies, 1 review671
Pacific Aphrodite by Madeleine Ker 8 copies, 1 review672
Caribbean Confusion by Mary Lyons 7 copies673
A Grand Illusion by Maura McGiveny 17 copies, 1 review674
The Failed Marriage by Carole Mortimer 26 copies675
Take It or Leave It by Elizabeth Oldfield 6 copies676
A Splendid Passion by Avery Thorne 4 copies677
Never Trust a Stranger by Kay Thorpe 12 copies678
A Ruling Passion by Daphne Clair 10 copies679
Tangle of Torment by Emma Darcy 10 copies680
A Mistake in Identity by Sandra Field 14 copies, 1 review681
Passionate Pursuit by Flora Kidd 8 copies682
Sirocco by Anne Mather 20 copies683
Sensual Encounter by Carole Mortimer 13 copies684
Fighting Lady by Elizabeth Oldfield 10 copies685
Backfire by Sally Wentworth 8 copies686
Marriage Under Fire by Daphne Clair 14 copies687
And Blow Your House Down by Emma Goldrick 13 copies, 1 review688
Blind Man's Buff by Victoria Gordon 5 copies689
Gentle Persuasion by Claudia Jameson 7 copies, 1 review690
Submission by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies691
Starting Over by Lynsey Stevens 6 copies692
No Other Chance by Avery Thorne 5 copies693
One More Time by Karen van der Zee 8 copies694
Yesterday's Shadow by Helen Bianchin 17 copies695
Durable Fire by Robyn Donald 22 copies696
Princess by Alison Fraser 7 copies, 1 review697
Imperfect Chaperone by Catherine George 9 copies698
The Winged Lion by Madeleine Ker 8 copies699
Infatuation by Charlotte Lamb 8 copies700
Desire in the Desert by Mary Lyons 12 copies701
Kiss Yesterday Goodbye by Leigh Michaels 30 copies702
The Wall by Amanda Carpenter 12 copies703
Dark Paradise by Sara Craven 11 copies704
Dance While You Can by Claire Harrison 11 copies705
Shadow Marriage by Penny Jordan 18 copies706
Illusion of Love by Patricia Lake 5 copies707
Going Underground by Karen van der Zee 7 copies708
Imprudent Challenge by Jessica Steele 9 copies709
The Inheritance by Kay Thorpe 10 copies710
Take Hold of Tomorrow by Daphne Clair 13 copies711
For Practical Reasons by Claudia Jameson 8 copies, 1 review712
The Inward Storm by Penny Jordan 17 copies713
Spanish Serenade by Mary Lyons 5 copies714
Moondrift by Anne Mather 12 copies715
Everlasting Love by Carole Mortimer 17 copies, 1 review716
Ruthless in All by Jessica Steele 7 copies717
By Love Bewitched by Violet Winspear 16 copies718
The Marriage Contract by Susan Alexander 10 copies719
Savage Pagan by Helen Bianchin 13 copies720
The Price of Freedom by Alison Fraser 7 copies721
Devil Within by Catherine George 11 copies722
Promises to Keep by Maura McGiveny 15 copies723
Hard to Get by Carole Mortimer 13 copies724
Gallant Antagonist by Jessica Steele 7 copies725
Where Two Ways Meet by Yvonne Whittal 8 copies726
Leading Man by Claire Harrison 8 copies727
Response by Penny Jordan 46 copies728
Desperate Desire by Flora Kidd 10 copies729
Fidelity by Patricia Lake 11 copies730
Scandalous by Charlotte Lamb 6 copies731
The Darling Jade by Peggy Nicholson 6 copies732
Dark Awakening by Sally Wentworth 6 copies733
Bride's Lace by Violet Winspear 16 copies734
The Great Escape by Amanda Carpenter 19 copies, 2 reviews735
Once a Lover by Claire Harrison 8 copies736
Dawn of a New Day by Claudia Jameson 8 copies737
Wanting by Penny Jordan 16 copies, 1 review738
Working Relationship by Madeleine Ker 6 copies739
A Lost Love by Carole Mortimer 30 copies, 1 review740
Run So Far by Peggy Nicholson 9 copies741
Rough and Ready by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies742
Legally Bound by Kerry Allyne 11 copies743
Sweet Tempest by Helen Bianchin 10 copies744
Coming Home by Alison Fraser 13 copies, 1 review745
Darker Side of Desire by Penny Jordan 16 copies746
A Naked Flame by Charlotte Lamb 13 copies747
Double Doubting by Jeneth Murrey 6 copies748
Bond of Vengeance by Jessica Steele 12 copies749
Viking Invader by Sally Wentworth 10 copies750
Dark Tyrant by Helen Bianchin 14 copies751
Letter From Bronze Mountain by Rosemary Carter 4 copies752
An Independent Woman by Claire Harrison 9 copies753
Intimate by Donna Huxley 9 copies754
Rules of the Game by Penny Jordan 15 copies755
The Open Marriage by Flora Kidd 11 copies756
Untamed by Carole Mortimer 18 copies757
Too Far, Too Fast by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies758
Raging Passion (aka Rage) by Amanda Carpenter 25 copies, 2 reviews759
Dragon's Point by Claire Harrison 3 copies760
Campaign for Loving by Penny Jordan 13 copies761
For Adults Only by Charlotte Lamb 13 copies762
Dangerous Stunt by Mary Lyons 11 copies, 1 review763
Dolphins for Luck by Peggy Nicholson 11 copies764
The Ego Trap by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies765
No Holds Barred by Jessica Steele 9 copies766
Facade by Jessica Steele 11 copies767
A Change of Heart by Sandra Field 8 copies, 1 review768
One Last Dance by Claire Harrison 9 copies, 1 review769
What You Made Me by Penny Jordan 19 copies770
Flight to Passion by Flora Kidd 8 copies771
Love Games by Charlotte Lamb 13 copies772
An Unwilling Desire by Carole Mortimer 22 copies773
Lingering Embers by Lynsey Stevens 12 copies774
Rage to Possess by Jayne Bauling 9 copies, 1 review775
Number One by Donna Huxley 5 copies776
The Frenchman's Kiss by Claudia Jameson 9 copies777
Out of This Darkness by Madeleine Ker 9 copies778
Love's Tangled Web by Mary Lyons 11 copies, 1 review779
A Past Revenge by Carole Mortimer 31 copies, 2 reviews780
Had We Never Loved by Jeneth Murrey 11 copies781
The Devil's Pawn by Yvonne Whittal 14 copies, 1 review782
Tropical Eden by Kerry Allyne 7 copies783
The Fire and the Ice by Vanessa James 16 copies784
The Only One by Penny Jordan 20 copies785
The Passionate Lover by Carole Mortimer 23 copies, 1 review786
The Daughter of Night by Jeneth Murrey 10 copies, 2 reviews787
Total Surrender by Margaret Pargeter 9 copies788
No Gentle Persuasion by Kay Thorpe 12 copies789
Cape of Misfortune by Yvonne Whittal 4 copies790
Miss Mary's Husband by Emma Goldrick 15 copies791
A Stranger to Love by Donna Huxley 10 copies792
The Devil's Advocate by Vanessa James 9 copies, 1 review793
The Friendship Barrier by Penny Jordan 24 copies794
Fire of the Gods by Madeleine Ker 3 copies795
Mended Engagement by Mary Lyons 8 copies, 1 review796
Tempestuous Affair by Carole Mortimer 19 copies, 1 review797
Staying Close by Karen van der Zee 6 copies, 1 review798
Out of Wedlock by Sandra Field 12 copies799
Prodigal Sister by Catherine George 10 copies800
Capricorn Man by Jacqueline Gilbert 8 copies801
The Habit of Loving by Rosemary Hammond 7 copies802
Almost a Bride by mauramcgiveny 3 copies803
Cherish Tomorrow by Carole Mortimer 19 copies804
Dragon Man by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies805
Saved from Sin by Lindsay Armstrong 17 copies, 1 review806
Temporary Husband by Susan Alexander 13 copies807
Lady With a Past by Lillian Cheatham 12 copies808
The Six-Month Marriage by Penny Jordan 22 copies809
Act of Possession by Anne Mather 22 copies810
Deadline for Love by Leigh Michaels 11 copies, 1 review811
A No Risk Affair by Carole Mortimer 14 copies812
Captive of Fate by Margaret Pargeter 10 copies813
The Wings of Love by Sally Wentworth 7 copies814
Alien Vengeance by Sara Craven 13 copies815
The Object of the Game by Vanessa James 11 copies, 1 review816
The Scorpio Man by Claudia Jameson 8 copies, 2 reviews817
Taken Over by Penny Jordan 34 copies818
No Time for Marriage by Roberta Leigh 6 copies819
Dark Obsession by Valerie Marsh 13 copies820
Born of the Wind by Margaret Pargeter 9 copies821
Double Deception by Kay Thorpe 9 copies822
Don't Play Games by Emma Darcy 12 copies, 1 review823
A World of Difference by Sandra Field 12 copies824
Night Bells Blooming by Emma Goldrick 9 copies825
Time Fuse by Penny Jordan 18 copies826
Man Hunt by Charlotte Lamb 8 copies827
Eclipse of the Heart by Mary Lyons 2 copies828
Lovers in the Afternoon by Carole Mortimer 21 copies, 1 review829
Pelangi Haven by Karen van der Zee 9 copies, 1 review830
Impetuous Marriage by Rosemary Carter 7 copies831
Act of Betrayal by Sara Craven 12 copies832
You Owe Me by Penny Jordan 31 copies833
A Secret Pleasure by Flora Kidd 5 copies834
Dreams to Keep by Leigh Michaels 9 copies835
A Promise to Dishonour by Jessica Steele 13 copies836
Fatal Deception by Sally Wentworth 15 copies, 1 review837
Executive Lady by Sophie Weston 12 copies838
Bitter Encore by Helen Bianchin 16 copies839
Fantasy by Emma Darcy 20 copies, 1 review840
Rent-a-Bride Ltd. by Emma Goldrick 30 copies, 1 review841
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? by Charlotte Lamb 18 copies842
Stolen Summer by Anne Mather 18 copies, 3 reviews843
Lightning Storm by Anne McAllister 20 copies844
Impasse by Margaret Pargeter 9 copies845
Frangipani by Anne Weale 9 copies, 1 review846
Lion of Darkness by Melinda Cross 17 copies, 2 reviews847
The Arrogant Lover by Flora Kidd 10 copies848
Give Me This Night by Vanessa James 7 copies849
Exorcism by Penny Jordan 20 copies850
Sleeping Desire by Charlotte Lamb 14 copies851
The Devil's Price by Carole Mortimer 18 copies852
South Seas Affair by Kay Thorpe 9 copies853
Sun Lord's Woman by Violet Winspear 11 copies854
A Forever Affair by Rosemary Carter 5 copies855
Promise of the Unicorn by Sara Craven 19 copies, 1 review856
An Irresistible Force by Ann Charlton 8 copies857
Innocent Pawn by Catherine George 14 copies858
Malibu Music by Rosemary Hammond 10 copies, 1 review859
Lady Surrender by Carole Mortimer 15 copies860
Model of Deception by Margaret Pargeter 9 copies861
The Hawk of Venice by Sally Wentworth 12 copies, 1 review862
Matching Pair by Jayne Bauling 7 copies, 1 review863
Song of a Wren by Emma Darcy 14 copies864
A Man Worth Knowing by Alison Fraser 8 copies865
Daughter of the Sea by Emma Goldrick 17 copies866
Roses, Always Roses by Claudia Jameson 12 copies867
Permission to Love by Penny Jordan 18 copies868
Pale Orchid by Anne Mather 14 copies869
A Stranger's Touch by Sophie Weston 10 copies870
Finding Out by Lindsay Armstrong 14 copies, 1 review871
Escape Me Never by Sara Craven 13 copies, 1 review872
Silent Crescendo by Catherine George 14 copies, 1 review873
The Bride Said No by Charlotte Lamb 19 copies, 1 review874
Acapulco Moonlight by Marjorie Lewty 9 copies, 1 review875
Touch Not My Heart by Leigh Michaels 22 copies876
Knight's Possession by Carole Mortimer 19 copies, 1 review877
Legacy by Doris Rangel 12 copies, 1 review878
Thai Triangle by Jayne Bauling 6 copies879
Pillow Portraits by Rosemary Carter 9 copies880
Dark Dream by Daphne Clair 23 copies, 1 review881
Point of Impact by Emma Darcy 15 copies882
Injured Innocent by Penny Jordan 25 copies, 1 review883
Danger Zone by Madeleine Ker 8 copies884
Sweet as My Revenge by Susan Napier 19 copies, 1 review885
Ice into Fire by Lilian Peake 8 copies886
Love Me Not by Lindsay Armstrong 10 copies887
The Winter Heart by Lillian Cheatham 27 copies, 1 review888
A Very Private Love by Melinda Cross 13 copies889
The Over-Mountain Man by Emma Goldrick 18 copies890
The Man in Room 12 by Claudia Jameson 10 copies891
Darkness into Light by Carole Mortimer 13 copies, 1 review892
Forever by Lynn Turner 22 copies, 2 reviews893
A Moment In Time by Yvonne Whittal 10 copies894
Storm by Vanessa Grant 15 copies, 1 review895
Loser Take All by Rosemary Hammond 8 copies, 1 review896
The Hard Man by Penny Jordan 20 copies, 1 review897
Explosive Meeting by Charlotte Lamb 17 copies898
An All-Consuming Passion by Anne Mather 9 copies899
Leaving Home by Leigh Michaels 11 copies, 1 review900
Sunstroke by Elizabeth Oldfield 5 copies901
Dangerous Moonlight by Kay Thorpe 6 copies902
Man in the Park by Emma Darcy 14 copies903
An Unbreakable Bond by Robyn Donald 18 copies904
One in a Million by Sandra Field 11 copies905
Diplomatic Affair by Claire Harrison 5 copies906
Dark Betrayal by Patricia Lake 11 copies907
Passionate Deception by Mary Lyons 8 copies908
No Longer a Dream by Carole Mortimer 9 copies909
A Lasting Kind of Love by Catherine Spencer 14 copies910
To Fill a Silence by Jayne Bauling 9 copies911
Titan's Woman by Ann Charlton 11 copies912
Hunter's Prey by Jasmine Cresswell 8 copies913
What's Right by Melinda Cross 10 copies914
Chance Meetings by Vanessa James 6 copies915
Fire With Fire by Penny Jordan 11 copies916
Risky Business by Sandra K. Rhoades 9 copies917
Like Enemies by Sophie Weston 12 copies918
Waking Up by Amanda Carpenter 15 copies, 1 review919
A High Price to Pay by Sara Craven 8 copies, 1 review920
A World Apart by Emma Darcy 16 copies921
One Dream Only by Claudia Jameson 8 copies922
The Wade Dynasty by Carole Mortimer 25 copies923
The Counterfeit Secretary by Susan Napier 20 copies, 1 review924
Best Laid Plans by Rosemary Schneider 11 copies925
The Kissing Game by Sally Wentworth 13 copies926
An Elusive Mistress by Lindsay Armstrong 15 copies927
Abode of Princes by Jayne Bauling 9 copies928
Poppy Girl by Jacqueline Gilbert 11 copies929
Love Is a Distant Shore by Claire Harrison 4 copies930
Capable of Feeling by Penny Jordan 22 copies, 1 review931
Villa in the Sun by Marjorie Lewty 9 copies932
Land of Thunder by Annabel Murray 7 copies, 1 review933
The Final Price by Patricia Wilson 16 copies934
The Impossible Woman by Emma Darcy 16 copies, 1 review935
Long Journey Back by Robyn Donald 15 copies936
Prisoner by Vanessa James 19 copies937
Escape From the Harem by Mary Lyons 19 copies, 2 reviews938
Glass Slippers and Unicorns by Carole Mortimer 17 copies939
The Lonely Season by Susan Napier 29 copies940
Win or Lose by Kay Thorpe 6 copies941
Shadow Princess by Sophie Weston 12 copies942
Ishbel's Party by Stacy Absalom 20 copies943
The Puppet Master by Pippa Clarke 5 copies944
Adam's Law by Claudia Jameson 11 copies945
Desire Never Changes by Penny Jordan 23 copies, 2 reviews946
Impact by Madeleine Ker 9 copies947
Bodycheck by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies948
Elusive Paradise by Lilian Peake 15 copies, 1 review949
Time For Another Dream by Karen van der Zee 6 copies950
Surrender, My Heart by Lindsay Armstrong 12 copies, 1 review951
Captives of the Past by Robyn Donald 22 copies952
Hidden Treasures by Emma Goldrick 15 copies953
Maid to Measure by Roberta Leigh 10 copies, 1 review954
Hawk's Prey by Carole Mortimer 16 copies, 1 review955
Bitter Legacy by Sandra K. Rhoades 9 copies956
Yesterday's Mirror by Sophie Weston 9 copies, 1 review957
The Darker Side of Loving by Yvonne Whittal 3 copies958
The Call of Home by Melinda Cross 10 copies959
Woman of Honour by Emma Darcy 13 copies, 2 reviews960
Try to Remember by Vanessa James 11 copies, 1 review961
A Man Possessed by Penny Jordan 18 copies, 1 review962
Passionate Vengeance by Margaret Mayo 16 copies963
Bachelor in Paradise by Elizabeth Oldfield 10 copies964
The Arrangement by Betsy Page 13 copies, 1 review965
Love in the Moonlight by Lilian Peake 11 copies, 1 review966
Deception Trap by Ann Charlton 8 copies967
Too Dangerous To Love by Sandra Clark 11 copies968
To Speak of Love by Claudia Jameson 10 copies969
Passionate Choice by Flora Kidd 11 copies970
Heat of the Night by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies971
Fantasy Woman by Annabel Murray 3 copies972
Jungle Island by Kay Thorpe 14 copies, 2 reviews973
Cage of Ice by Sally Wentworth 9 copies, 2 reviews974
Dark Enchantment by Helen Bianchin 17 copies975
A Willing Surrender by Robyn Donald 25 copies976
An Ideal Match by Sandra Field 11 copies, 1 review977
Desire for Revenge by Penny Jordan 37 copies978
A Long Way From Heaven by Susanne McCarthy 8 copies, 1 review979
Beyond Ransom by Sophie Weston 16 copies980
Passion's Daughter by Sara Wood 7 copies981
Fancy Free by Karen van der Zee 13 copies982
Standing on the Outside by Lindsay Armstrong 15 copies, 1 review983
Don't Ask Me Now by Emma Darcy 16 copies984
All My Tomorrows by Rosemary Hammond 5 copies985
Fascination by Patricia Lake 5 copies986
Love in the Dark by Charlotte Lamb 11 copies, 1 review987
A Game of Deceit by Sandra Marton 8 copies988
Velvet Promise by Carole Mortimer 9 copies, 1 review989
Bittersweet Marriage by Jeneth Murrey 11 copies990
Rose-Coloured Love by Amanda Carpenter 9 copies, 1 review991
The Marriage Bed by Catherine George 12 copies992
Song in a Strange Land by Diana Hamilton 10 copies993
Research into Marriage (Harlequin Presents, No 994) by Penny Jordan 21 copies, 1 review994
Married Lovers by Flora Kidd 7 copies995
Leave Yesterday Behind by Lynsey Stevens 13 copies996
Tiger in His Lair by Sally Wentworth 6 copies997
Unfinished Business by Nicola West 5 copies998
The Unpredictable Man by Emma Darcy 21 copies999
Passionate Relationship by Penny Jordan 33 copies, 1 review1000
Hide and Seek by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies1001
Hay Fever by Mary Lyons 10 copies1002
Night Heat by Anne Mather 11 copies1003
The Grand Hotel by Leigh Michaels 16 copies1004
A Rogue and a Pirate by Carole Mortimer 12 copies1005
A Silken Barbarity by Violet Winspear 13 copies1006
A Dangerous Passion by Jayne Bauling 7 copies1007
Street Song by Ann Charlton 13 copies1008
Dancing in the Dark by Pippa Clarke 10 copies, 1 review1009
The Marriage Deal by Sara Craven 11 copies, 1 review1010
Sunswept Summer by Kathleen O'Brien 7 copies1011
Beware of Married Men by Elizabeth Oldfield 8 copies1012
Girl in a Golden Bed by Anne Weale 12 copies1013
Challenge by Sophie Weston 12 copies1014
High Country by Sharron Cohen 12 copies1015
Love Lies Sleeping by Catherine George 8 copies1016
Castles in the Air by Rosemary Hammond 6 copies1017
Fantasy Unlimited by Claire Harrison 4 copies1018
After the Loving by Carole Mortimer 27 copies1019
The Wrong Mirror by Emma Darcy 29 copies1020
Shadows in the Limelight by Sandra K. Rhoades 5 copies1021
Sunset at Izilwane by Yvonne Whittal 7 copies1022
Too Short a Blessing by Penny Jordan 15 copies, 1 review1023
Masquerade Marriage by Flora Kidd 6 copies1024
Circle of Fate by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies1025
A Racy Affair by Roberta Leigh 8 copies1026
Out of the Shadows by Sandra Marton 13 copies, 1 review1027
Brittany's Castle by Leigh Michaels 12 copies1028
No Strings Attached by Annabel Murray 3 copies1029
Touch and Go by Elizabeth Oldfield 3 copies1030
Winter Sunlight by Susan Alexander 15 copies, 1 review1031
Night of the Condor by Sara Craven 16 copies1032
The One That Got Away by Emma Darcy 10 copies1033
Single Combat by Sandra Field 14 copies1034
If Love Be Blind by Emma Goldrick 21 copies, 1 review1035
Don't Ask for Tomorrow by Susanne McCarthy 5 copies1036
Tangled Hearts by Carole Mortimer 31 copies1037
Eldorado by Yvonne Whittal 10 copies, 1 review1038
The Shadow of Moonlight by Lindsay Armstrong 13 copies1039
Country of the Heart by Robyn Donald 19 copies1040
A Reason for Marriage by Penny Jordan 43 copies1041
Kiss of Fire by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies1042
Too Bad to be True by Roberta Leigh 15 copies1043
Burning Inheritance by Anne Mather 15 copies1044
Savage Affair by Margaret Mayo 8 copies1045
Passionate Revenge by Sally Wentworth 15 copies1046
Reckless by Amanda Carpenter 8 copies1047
Strike at the Heart by Emma Darcy 8 copies1048
Carlisle Pride by Leigh Michaels 15 copies1049
Taggart's Woman by Carole Mortimer 19 copies, 1 review1050
True Enchanter by Susan Napier 13 copies1051
Open to Influence by Frances Roding 12 copies1052
Broken Silence by Kate Walker 5 copies1053
This Man's Magic by Stephanie Wyatt 7 copies1054
Perfect Strangers by Amanda Browning 11 copies1055
No Escape by Daphne Clair 16 copies1056
A Savage Adoration by Penny Jordan 41 copies1057
Beloved Deceiver by Flora Kidd 6 copies1058
Whirlwind by Charlotte Lamb 18 copies, 1 review1059
To Tame a Wolf by Anne McAllister 20 copies1060
Night Train by Anne Weale 12 copies, 1 review1061
A Lingering Melody by Patricia Wilson 21 copies, 1 review1062
To the Victor, the Spoils by Jenny Arden 10 copies1063
A Late Loving by Robyn Donald 24 copies, 1 review1064
Touch Me in the Morning by Catherine George 16 copies, 1 review1065
An Impossible Man to Love by Roberta Leigh 5 copies1066
Intimate Strangers by Sandra Marton 16 copies1067
Rebel With a Cause by Leigh Michaels 6 copies1068
Secret Passion by Carole Mortimer 20 copies1069
Pure Temptation by Sara Wood 9 copies1070
Reluctant Wife by Lindsay Armstrong 16 copies1071
Outsider by Sara Craven 9 copies1072
Sweet Pretence by Jacqueline Gilbert 10 copies1073
Marry In Haste by Carol Gregor 7 copies1074
Loving by Penny Jordan 26 copies, 1 review1075
Gift Beyond Price by Annabel Murray 3 copies1076
Quicksands by Elizabeth Oldfield 9 copies1077
Shadow in the Sun by Elizabeth Power 6 copies1078
Dark Desiring by Jacqui Baird 12 copies1079
The Positive Approach by Emma Darcy 10 copies1080
Echo of Passion by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies1081
Lovescenes by Sandra Marton 23 copies, 1 review1082
Wish for the Moon by Carole Mortimer 11 copies1083
Time Out of Mind by Kay Thorpe 9 copies1084
Lost Lagoon by Anne Weale 9 copies1085
The Ortiga Marriage by Patricia Wilson 11 copies1086
My Brother's Keeper by Emma Goldrick 18 copies1087
Jenny's Turn by Vanessa Grant 13 copies1088
Fight for Love by Penny Jordan 17 copies1089
Frazer's Law by Madeleine Ker 12 copies1090
When Lovers Meet by Flora Kidd 8 copies1091
No Man's Mistress by Roberta Leigh 12 copies1092
Reasons of the Heart by Susan Napier 11 copies1093
Dishonourable Intentions by Sally Wentworth 5 copies1094
When You Leave Me by Lindsay Armstrong 5 copies1095
No Winner by Daphne Clair 15 copies1096
Witch's Harvest by Sara Craven 15 copies, 1 review1097
Reluctant Prisoner by Stephanie Howard 12 copies1098
The Marriage Trap by Anne McAllister 13 copies1099
Uncertain Destiny by Carole Mortimer 24 copies, 1 review1100
Living Dangerously by Elizabeth Oldfield 7 copies1101
Wicked Invader by Sara Wood 6 copies1102
Mistress of Pillatoro by Emma Darcy 18 copies1103
Smoke in the Wind by Robyn Donald 23 copies1104
Substitute Lover by Penny Jordan 18 copies, 2 reviews1105
Out of Control by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies1106
Close Collaboration by Leigh Michaels 6 copies1107
A Painful Loving by Margaret Mayo 9 copies1108
Ultimatum by Sally Wentworth 14 copies1109
A Moment of Anger by Patricia Wilson 9 copies1110
An Awakening Desire by Helen Bianchin 15 copies1111
Stray Lady by Vanessa Grant 12 copies1112
Levelling the Score by Penny Jordan 30 copies, 1 review1113
The Wilder Shores of Love by Madeleine Ker 12 copies, 1 review1114
Storm Cloud Marriage by Roberta Leigh 24 copies1115
Miracle Man by Joanna Mansell 10 copies1116
One Chance at Love by Carole Mortimer 24 copies, 1 review1117
There Is No Tomorrow by Yvonne Whittal 11 copies1118
Comparative Strangers by Sara Craven 21 copies, 2 reviews1119
Love in a Mist by Sandra Field 13 copies1120
Heart of the Hawk by Sandra Marton 9 copies1121
Trial of Innocence by Anne Mather 14 copies, 2 reviews1122
Too Much To Lose by Susanne McCarthy 7 copies1123
Take This Woman by Lilian Peake 11 copies1124
Impossible Bargain by Patricia Wilson 8 copies1125
Shadows on Bali by Karen van der Zee 9 copies1126
The Gift of Happiness by Amanda Carpenter 13 copies, 2 reviews1127
The Sweetest Trap by Robyn Donald 15 copies1128
The Trusting Heart by Carol Gregor 7 copies1129
Dark Lucifer by Stephanie Howard 7 copies1130
To Love Again by Carole Mortimer 25 copies, 1 review1131
Close Proximity by Oldfield 2 copies1132
Catalan Christmas by Anne Weale 6 copies1133
Savage Hunger by Sara Wood 11 copies1134
A Lifetime and Beyond by Alison Fraser 14 copies, 1 review1135
One Stolen Moment by Rosemary Hammond 7 copies1136
For One Night by Penny Jordan 15 copies1137
Judgment by Madeleine Ker 5 copies1138
Lord and Master by Joanna Mansell 15 copies1139
A Question of Pride by Michelle Reid 28 copies, 2 reviews1140
Land of Illusion by Kay Thorpe 7 copies1141
Mistaken Wedding by Sally Wentworth 11 copies1142
Devil and the Deep Sea by Sara Craven 14 copies1143
Stranger At Winterfloods by Mary Lyons 6 copies1144
Journey of Discovery by Jessica Marchant 10 copies1145
Caught in a Dream by Susanne McCarthy 8 copies1146
A New Desire by Leigh Michaels 13 copies1147
A Promise Kept by Annabel Murray 9 copies1148
Too Long A Sacrifice by Yvonne Whittal 13 copies1149
Beloved Intruder by Patricia Wilson 9 copies1150
Always Love by Emma Darcy 23 copies1151
Villain of the Piece by Catherine George 16 copies1152
An Expert Teacher by Penny Jordan 21 copies1153
The Loving Gamble by Flora Kidd 5 copies1154
A Flood of Sweet Fire by Sandra Marton 9 copies1155
Illusion of Paradise by Joanna Mansell 6 copies1156
The Bitter Taste of Love by Lilian Peake 6 copies1157
Hot Pursuit by Karen van der Zee 7 copies1158
Chase a Rainbow by Sandra Field 12 copies1159
Shadowed Love by Rachel Ford 8 copies1160
Takeover by Madeleine Ker 4 copies1161
Exclusively Yours by Leigh Michaels 11 copies1162
Man of Stone by Frances Roding 14 copies, 1 review1163
Love's Wrongs by Angela Wells 7 copies1164
Satan's Island by Sally Wentworth 11 copies1165
The Count's Vendetta by Sara Wood 14 copies1166
The Veranchetti Marriage by Lynne Graham 48 copies, 1 review1167
Highland Turmoil by Stephanie Howard 7 copies1168
Force of Feeling by Penny Jordan 11 copies1169
No More Lonely Nights by Charlotte Lamb 12 copies1170
Hurricane! by Mary Lyons 9 copies1171
Just Another Married Man by Edwina Shore 15 copies1172
Final Score by Jennifer Taylor 12 copies1173
A Certain Affection by Patricia Wilson 11 copies, 1 review1174
Caprice by Amanda Carpenter 11 copies1175
King of Swords by Sara Craven 9 copies1176
A Priceless Love by Emma Darcy 10 copies, 1 review1177
The Right Man by Sandra Field 10 copies1178
Takeover Man by Vanessa Grant 8 copies1179
A Reason for Being by Penny Jordan 22 copies, 1 review1180
Errant Daughter by Angela Wells 6 copies1181
Tender Persuasion by Sara Wood 6 copies1182
Heat of the Moment by Lindsay Armstrong 12 copies1183
True Paradise by Catherine George 9 copies1184
Stormy Attraction by Madeleine Ker 5 copies1185
The Third Kiss by Joanna Mansell 4 copies1186
Prisoner of the Mind by Margaret Mayo 7 copies1187
A Question of Love by Annabel Murray 9 copies1188
White Midnight by Kathleen O'Brien 8 copies1189
A Different Dream by Frances Roding 13 copies, 2 reviews1190
No Way To Say Goodbye by Kay Gregory 2 copies1191
The Heat is On by Sarah Holland 3 copies1192
Potential Danger by Penny Jordan 14 copies, 1 review1193
Deal with the Devil by Sandra Marton 15 copies1194
Sweet Captivity by Kate Proctor 12 copies, 1 review1195
Chase the Dawn by Kate Walker 21 copies1196
Driving Force by Sally Wentworth 11 copies1197
When the Gods Choose by Patricia Wilson 11 copies1198
The Aloha Bride by Emma Darcy 14 copies1199
Fantasy Lover by Sally Heywood 9 copies1200
Without Trust by Penny Jordan 19 copies, 1 review1201
Desperation by Charlotte Lamb 10 copies1202
Take Away the Pride by Emma Richmond 11 copies1203
Tokyo Tryst by Kay Thorpe 7 copies1204
Impulsive Gamble by Lynn Turner 8 copies1205
No Gentle Loving by Sara Wood 8 copies1206
Journey Back to Love by Rachel Elliot 5 copies1207
Madeleine's Marriage by Emma Goldrick 11 copies1208
Stranded Heart by Vanessa Grant 5 copies, 1 review1209
Dark Mosiac by Anne Mather 18 copies1210
Another Time by Susan Napier 23 copies1211
Sparring Partners by Elizabeth Oldfield 4 copies1212
A Law Unto Himself by Frances Roding 11 copies1213
Yesterday's Embers by Sandra K. Rhoades 6 copies1214
Friend or Foe by Jenny Arden 3 copies1215
Lovers Touch by Penny Jordan 31 copies1216
Not Without Love by Roberta Leigh 13 copies, 1 review1217
Wild Justice by Joanna Mansell 4 copies1218
Cherish the Flame by Sandra Marton 12 copies1219
The Devil's Shadow by Sally Wentworth 13 copies, 1 review1220
The Gathering Darkness by Patricia Wilson 5 copies1221
Brazilian Fire by Karen van der Zee 6 copies1222
Deep Harbour by Sally Cook 3 copies1223
One Hour of Magic by Melinda Cross 9 copies1224
Loveknot by Catherine George 5 copies1225
Remember Tomorrow by Pamela Hatton 8 copies1226
The Loving Gift by Carole Mortimer 13 copies1227
Don't Ask Why by Annabel Murray 6 copies1228
Man Without a Past by Valerie Parv 7 copies1229
Unwilling Heart by Emma Richmond 4 copies1230
That Special Touch by Anne Beaumont 7 copies1231
The Falcon's Mistress by Emma Darcy 25 copies1232
Love's Reward by Robyn Donald 14 copies1233
Awakening Dreams by Vanessa Grant 8 copies1234
Today, Tomorrow and Forever by Sally Heywood 3 copies1235
Seductive Stranger by Charlotte Lamb 17 copies1236
Strange Encounter by Sally Wentworth 7 copies1237
Temporary Bride by Patricia Wilson 7 copies1238
Roses All the Way by Jayne Bauling 6 copies1239
Touch the Flame by Helen Bianchin 16 copies1240
Island of the Heart by Sara Craven 4 copies1241
Ring of Gold by Sandra Field 7 copies1242
Valentine's Night by Penny Jordan 32 copies, 1 review1243
Eye of the Storm by Sandra Marton 6 copies1244
Once and for Always by Leigh Michaels 9 copies1245
A Matter of Feeling by Sophie Weston 13 copies1246
King of the Mountain by Melinda Cross 9 copies1247
A Secure Marriage by Diana Hamilton 9 copies1248
Tuscan Encounter by Madeleine Ker 6 copies1249
Night With A Stranger by Joanna Mansell 9 copies, 1 review1250
A Fever in the Blood by Anne Mather 18 copies, 1 review1251
The Love Conspiracy by Susan Napier 23 copies, 1 review1252
Wild Enchantment by Kate Proctor 3 copies1253
Friday's Child by Stephanie Wyatt 6 copies1254
Ever Since Eden by Catherine George 6 copies1255
Law of Love by Sally Heywood 7 copies1256
Once a Hero by Anne McAllister 11 copies1257
Elusive as the Unicorn by Carole Mortimer 13 copies1258
Black Lion of Skiapelos by Annabel Murray 9 copies1259
Tasmanian Devil by Valerie Parv 2 copies1260
Skin Deep by Kay Thorpe 7 copies1261
Guardian Angel by Patricia Wilson 12 copies1262
A Bitter Homecoming by Robyn Donald 12 copies1263
Wild Passage by Vanessa Grant 6 copies1264
Equal Opportunities by Penny Jordan 14 copies1265
With No Reservations by Leigh Michaels 4 copies1266
Dreams on Fire by Kathleen O'Brien 5 copies, 1 review1267
Dance to My Tune by Lilian Peake 9 copies1268
Leap in the Dark by Kate Walker 6 copies1269
Do You Remember Babylon? by Ann Weale 7 copies1270
The Wayward Bride by Daphne Clair 12 copies1271
The Power and the Passion by Emma Darcy 8 copies1272
Bride For A Price by Stephanie Howard 7 copies1273
A Special Arrangement by Madeleine Ker 6 copies1274
Man on the Make by Roberta Leigh 5 copies1275
Love in a Spin by Mary Lyons 8 copies, 1 review1276
Fly Like an Eagle by Sandra Marton 5 copies1277
Wish on the Moon by Sally Wentworth 7 copies1278
Flawless by Sara Craven 8 copies, 1 review1279
Goodbye Forever by Sandra Field 9 copies1280
A Heart as Big as Texas by Emma Goldrick 11 copies1281
Beyond Compare by Penny Jordan 29 copies, 2 reviews1282
Island Turmoil by Annabel Murray 5 copies1283
A Bewitching Compulsion by Susan Napier 9 copies1284
The Seal Wife by Eleanor Rees 7 copies1285
Dangerous Obsession by Patricia Wilson 9 copies1286
Belonging by Sally Cook 6 copies1287
The Ultimate Choice by Emma Darcy 15 copies1288
Taking Chances by Vanessa Grant 6 copies1289
Runaway Wife by Charlotte Lamb 29 copies1290
The Seduction of Sara by Joanna Mansell 9 copies1291
Reckless Heart by Kate Proctor 3 copies1292
Gentle Deception by Frances Roding 18 copies, 1 review1293
Designed with Love by Kathryn Ross 2 copies1294
One More Night by Lindsay Armstrong 10 copies1295
My Destiny by Rosemary Hammond 5 copies1296
Free Spirit by Penny Jordan 18 copies, 1 review1297
A Most Unsuitable Wife by Roberta Leigh 7 copies1298
Love Is for the Lucky by Susanne McCarthy 7 copies1299
Rendezvous in Rio by Elizabeth Oldfield 4 copies1300
Steel Tiger by Kay Thorpe 9 copies1301
Threat of Possession by Sara Wood 7 copies1302
No Guarantees by Robyn Donald 18 copies1303
Love's Fugitive by Rachel Ford 5 copies1304
Betrayal of Love by Diana Hamilton 7 copies1305
Love's Sweet Harvest by Sally Heywood 9 copies1306
Kiss of the Falcon by Stephanie Howard 7 copies1307
From This Day Forward by Sandra Marton 7 copies1308
Echoes of the Past by Sally Wentworth 17 copies1309
A Secret Understanding by Patricia Wilson 7 copies1310
This Time, Forever by Jenny Arden 4 copies1311
A Defiant Dream by Melinda Cross 6 copies1312
An Arabian Courtship by Lynne Graham 26 copies, 1 review1313
Payment in Love by Penny Jordan 15 copies1314
A Relative Betrayal by Anne Mather 22 copies1315
Climb Every Mountain by Lilian Peake 7 copies1316
Heart In Hiding by Emma Richmond 2 copies1317
Love Not Dishonour by Sara Wood 7 copies1318
Love Spin by Ann Charlton 3 copies1319
Hijacked Heart by Sally Cook 2 copies1320
Come Back to Me by Catherine George 7 copies1321
So Much For Dreams by Vanessa Grant 7 copies1322
Tender Betrayal by Grace Green 17 copies1323
A Rekindled Passion by Penny Jordan 14 copies1324
A Christmas Affair by Carole Mortimer 30 copies, 2 reviews1325
A Magical Touch by Jennifer Taylor 3 copies1326
A Love Affair by Lindsay Armstrong 11 copies1327
In Spite of Themselves by Elizabeth Barnes 10 copies1328
Web of Deceit by Amanda Browning 10 copies1329
Storm Force by Sara Craven 10 copies1330
A Kiss by Candlelight by Joanna Mansell 11 copies1331
Fortune's Mistress by Susan Napier 19 copies1332
The Price of Passion by Oldfield 10 copies1333
Fire Island by Sally Wentworth 7 copies, 1 review1334
Too Strong to Deny by Emma Darcy 15 copies1335
Love at First Sight by Sandra Field 12 copies, 1 review1336
Web of Desire by Rachel Ford 4 copies1337
Bitter Secret by Carol Gregor 2 copies1338
Time for Trust by Penny Jordan 9 copies1339
Let Fate Decide by Linda Murray 6 copies1340
The Devil's Eden by Elizabeth Power 9 copies1341
Conditional Surrender by Prentice 8 copies1342
A Matter of Will by Robyn Donald 14 copies1343
Hazard of Love by Sally Heywood 6 copies1344
Rites of Possession by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies, 1 review1345
No Surrender by Mary Lyons 6 copies, 1 review1346
Night Fires by Marton 12 copies1347
Trial By Love by Susanne McCarthy 5 copies1348
Tender Pursuit by Jennifer Taylor 5 copies1349
Java Nights by Karen van der Zee 5 copies1350
One-Woman Crusade by Emma Darcy 16 copies1351
The Music of Love by Kay Gregory 2 copies1352
So Close and No Closer by Penny Jordan 22 copies1353
Indiscretion by Anne Mather 15 copies1354
Bargain With the Wind by Kathleen O'Brien 10 copies1355
Against All Odds by Kay Thorpe 9 copies1356
Lord of Misrule by Sally Wentworth 14 copies1357
Shadow Across the Moon by Yvonne Whittal 8 copies1358
Shattered Trust by Jacqueline Baird 41 copies1359
Love is in the Cards by Emma Goldrick 32 copies1360
Tiger's Eye by Madeleine Ker 15 copies, 1 review1361
After the Affair by Miranda Lee 11 copies1362
It All Depends on Love by Roberta Leigh 19 copies, 1 review1363
Devil in Paradise by Joanna Mansell 21 copies1364
Love Gamble by Elizabeth Oldfield 3 copies1365
Wild Flower Wind by Morgan Patterson 7 copies1366
Bride of Diamonds by Emma Darcy 17 copies1367
Lord of the Forest by Rachel Ford 5 copies1368
Bitter Betrayal by Penny Jordan 14 copies1369
Dark Pursuit by Charlotte Lamb 16 copies1370
Out of Bounds by Anne McAllister 7 copies1371
Tangled Threads by Susanne McCarthy 14 copies1372
A Taste of Heaven by Emma Richmond 7 copies1373
Runaway by Kate Walker 5 copies1374
Pulse of the Heartland by Melinda Cross 9 copies1375
The Darker Side of Paradise by Robyn Donald 16 copies1376
Passionate Awakening by Diana Hamilton 7 copies1377
Bride of Ravenscroft by Sally Heywood 6 copies1378
Consenting Adults by Sandra Marton 9 copies1379
No Reprieve by Susan Napier 24 copies, 1 review1380
Stormy Reunion by Sandra K. Rhoades 8 copies1381
Nights of Destiny by Sara Wood 10 copies1382
The Tiger's Lair by Helen Bianchin 14 copies1383
Passage of the Night by Amanda Carpenter 7 copies1384
The Colour of Desire by Emma Darcy 13 copies1385
One Secret Too Many by Vanessa Grant 6 copies1386
An Adult Love by Sarah Holland 11 copies, 1 review1387
Breaking Away by Penny Jordan 13 copies1388
Lawfully Wedded Stranger by Kate Proctor 9 copies1389
Taken on Trust by Sally Wentworth 11 copies1390
Secret Whispers by Anne Beaumont 5 copies1391
Bittersweet Revenge by Rosemary Hammond 8 copies1392
Spellbinding by Charlotte Lamb 20 copies, 1 review1393
Egyptian Nights by Joanna Mansell 10 copies1394
Flawed Hero by Elizabeth Oldfield 2 copies1395
A Rising Passion by Lynsey Stevens 10 copies, 1 review1396
Intimate Deception by Kay Thorpe 16 copies1397
Passionate Enemy by Patricia Wilson 7 copies1398
Running Scared by Jenny Arden 7 copies1399
Something From the Heart by Amanda Browning 9 copies1400
Ride the Storm by Emma Darcy 10 copies1401
Affair In Biarritz by Rachel Ford 1 copy1402
To Trust a Stranger by Rosemary Gibson 8 copies1403
Unspoken Desire by Penny Jordan 34 copies1404
No Regrets by Kathryn Ross 2 copies1405
The Loving Touch by Catherine Spencer 4 copies1406
Tiger's Tail = Tiger's Tale by Sally Cook 9 copies1407
A Summer Storm by Robyn Donald 44 copies1408
An Insatiable Passion by Lynne Graham 37 copies, 2 reviews1409
Dark Music by Charlotte Lamb 26 copies1410
Garden of Eden by Sandra Marton 15 copies1411
A Casual Affair by Susanne McCarthy 11 copies1412
A Powerful Attraction by Cathy Williams 9 copies1413
Desert Hostage by Sara Wood 8 copies1414
Fantasy of Love by Rachel Elliot 4 copies1415
The Land of Maybe by Sandra Field 36 copies1416
Simply Forever by Sally Heywood 15 copies1417
Rival Attractions by Penny Jordan 45 copies1418
An Obsessive Desire by Miranda Lee 12 copies1419
One Girl at a Time by Roberta Leigh 40 copies, 1 review1420
Law of Possession by Emma Richmond 17 copies, 1 review1421
Kept Woman by Karen van der Zee 7 copies1422
The Stefanos Marriage by Helen Bianchin 14 copies1423
Rhapsody of Love by Rachel Ford 10 copies1424
Time To Let Go by Alison Fraser 17 copies1425
The Touch of Love by Vanessa Grant 9 copies1426
Out of the Night by Penny Jordan 14 copies1427
Wild Champagne by Kate Kingston 5 copies1428
Accidental Affair by Elizabeth Oldfield 9 copies1429
Stormy Surrender by Patricia Wilson 17 copies1430
Passionate Betrayal by Baird 10 copies1431
A Promise to Repay by Amanda Browning 9 copies1432
Breaking Point by Emma Darcy 31 copies, 2 reviews1433
No Place Too Far by Robyn Donald 23 copies1434
The Threat of Love by Charlotte Lamb 16 copies1435
Haunted Summer by Joanna Mansell 8 copies1436
Not His Property by Edwina Shore 7 copies1437
Valley of the Devil by Yvonne Whittal 16 copies1438
The Director's Wife by Lindsay Armstrong 16 copies1439
Inherit Your Love by Sally Cook 6 copies1440
Jungle Lover by Sally Heywood 6 copies1441
Game of Love by Penny Jordan 16 copies1442
By Dreams Betrayed by Sandra Marton 13 copies, 1 review1443
Blind Passion by Anne Mather 24 copies1444
Seed of Vengeance by Elizabeth Power 16 copies1445
Night of Error by Kay Thorpe 14 copies, 1 review1446
High Risk by Emma Darcy 15 copies1447
Happy Ending by Sandra Field 13 copies1448
An Inconvenient Marriage by Diana Hamilton 3 copies1449
Bride For Strathallane by Stephanie Howard 9 copies1450
Memories of the Past by Carole Mortimer 17 copies1451
Pirates Hostage by Eleanor Rees 10 copies1452
Illusions of Love by Sally Wentworth 8 copies1453
Curtain of Stars by Patricia Wilson 17 copies1454
To Tame a Wild Heart by Emma Darcy 11 copies1455
A Kind of Madness by Penny Jordan 33 copies, 1 review1456
Lost in a Dream by Marton 8 copies1457
Such Sweet Poison by Anne Mather 24 copies1458
Island Interlude by Anne McAllister 17 copies, 1 review1459
Deal of a Lifetime by Susan Napier 24 copies1460
A Foolish Dream by Emma Richmond 12 copies, 1 review1461
Tattered Loving by Angela Wells 10 copies1462
The Wedding by Emma Darcy 24 copies1463
Some Kind of Madness by Robyn Donald 11 copies1464
Silence Speaks for Love by Emma Goldrick 26 copies, 1 review1465
The Gemini Bride by Sally Heywood 6 copies1466
Heart on Fire by Charlotte Lamb 23 copies1467
Romance of a Lifetime by Carole Mortimer 29 copies1468
The Gift of Loving by Patricia Wilson 17 copies, 1 review1469
Sicilian Vengeance by Sara Wood 12 copies1470
When the Devil Drives by Sara Craven 9 copies1471
The Seduction of Keira by Emma Darcy 16 copies1472
Nights of Desire by Natalie Fox 6 copies1473
An Unequal Partnership by Rosemary Gibson 13 copies1474
Risk of the Heart by Grace Green 6 copies1475
Second Time Loving by Penny Jordan 19 copies1476
Dark Guardian by Rebecca King 10 copies, 1 review1477
No Way to Begin by Michelle Reid 25 copies1478
Man of Rock by Rachel Ford 8 copies1479
Shotgun Wedding by Charlotte Lamb 20 copies1480
The Reluctant Lover by Miranda Lee 15 copies1481
Past Secrets by Joanna Mansell 10 copies1482
Devil to Pay by Susan Napier 21 copies1483
Stay Until Dawn by Elizabeth Oldfield 6 copies1484
Irresistible Enemy by Lillian Peake 9 copies1485
The Imperfect Bride by Karen van der Zee 8 copies1486
Leave Love Alone by Lindsay Armstrong 10 copies1487
Smuggler's Love by Goldrick 10 copies, 1 review1488
A Fiery Baptism by Lynne Graham 22 copies, 1 review1489
Angela's Affair by Vanessa Grant 6 copies1490
Payment Due by Penny Jordan 34 copies, 2 reviews1491
Betrayed by Anne Mather 20 copies, 1 review1492
Dance for a Stranger by Susanne McCarthy 8 copies1493
Broken Destiny by Sally Wentworth 11 copies1494
Spring Sunshine by Sally Cook 7 copies1495
The Velvet Tiger by Emma Darcy 21 copies, 1 review1496
Once In A Lifetime by Jacqueline Gilbert 8 copies1497
Besieged by Charlotte Lamb 34 copies1498
Dark and Dangerous by Mary Lyons 6 copies1499
Tiger Moon by Kristy McCallum 5 copies1500
Trouble on Tour by Kay Thorpe 6 copies1501
Caribbean Desire by Cathy Williams 6 copies1502
Desperate Measures by Sara Craven 16 copies1503
Heartsong by Melinda Cross 13 copies, 2 reviews1504
Storm Over Paradise by Robyn Donald 20 copies1505
Safety in Numbers by Sandra Field 14 copies1506
The Devil His Due by Diana Hamilton 9 copies, 1 review1507
A Forbidden Loving by Penny Jordan 38 copies, 1 review1508
Battle for Possession by Charlotte Lamb 25 copies1509
That Midas Man by Valerie Parv 12 copies1510
The arranged marriage by Emma Darcy 32 copies1511
African Assignment by Carol Gregor 5 copies1512
Too Close for Comfort by Charlotte Lamb 31 copies1513
Diamond Fire by Anne Mather 28 copies1514
Between Mist And Midnight by Kathleen O'Brien 32 copies1515
Unfair Assumptions by Emma Richmond 26 copies1516
The Devil's Kiss by Sally Wentworth 17 copies1517
Perilous Refuge by Patricia Wilson 17 copies, 1 review1518
Heart of the Outback by Emma Darcy 27 copies1519
Loveable Katie Lovewell by Emma Goldrick 11 copies1520
Steps to Heaven by Sally Heywood 10 copies1521
Playing Hard to Get by Charlotte Lamb 22 copies1522
Land of Dragons by Joanna Mansell 12 copies1523
That Long-Ago Summer by Sandra Marton 17 copies1524
A Fiery Encounter by Margaret Mayo 9 copies1525
The Price of Desire by Kate Proctor 8 copies1526
No Gentle Seduction by Helen Bianchin 21 copies1527
With Strings Attached by Vanessa Grant 12 copies, 1 review1528
A Time to Dream by Penny Jordan 17 copies1529
A Sweet Addiction by Charlotte Lamb 17 copies1530
Tempt Me Not by Susan Napier 19 copies1531
Undercover Affair by Lilian Peake 9 copies1532
The Dark Side of Desire by Michelle Reid 25 copies, 1 review1533
Lasting Legacy by Kay Thorpe 13 copies1534
Mirror Image by Melinda Cross 8 copies1535
An Impossible Dream by Emma Darcy 12 copies1536
The Golden Mask by Robyn Donald 30 copies, 2 reviews1537
Wife for a Night by Angela Devine 6 copies1538
Winter Destiny by Grace Green 10 copies1539
Surrender by Charlotte Lamb 32 copies1540
Two-Faced Woman by Roberta Leigh 16 copies1541
Guilty by Anne Mather 22 copies, 1 review1542
Saving Grace by Carole Mortimer 35 copies1543
Dangerous Interloper by Penny Jordan 19 copies1544
Spirit of Love by Emma Goldrick 13 copies1545
A Dangerous Lover by Lindsay Armstrong 24 copies, 1 review1546
Forbidden Enchantment by Patricia Wilson 18 copies1547
Games for Sophisticates by Diana Hamilton 15 copies1548
Dark Ransom by Sara Craven 11 copies, 1 review1549
The Golden Greek by Sally Wentworth 14 copies1550
Tempestuous Reunion by Lynne Graham 42 copies, 3 reviews1551
Second-Best Husband by Penny Jordan 37 copies, 1 review1552
Dangerous Sanctuary by Anne Mather 37 copies1553
Secret Admirer by Susan Napier 31 copies, 1 review1554
The Upstairs Lover by Emma Darcy 16 copies1555
Wild Streak by Thorpe 11 copies1556
Taken by Storm by Sandra Field 18 copies1557
Dishonourable Proposal by Jacqueline Baird 23 copies1558
The Jilted Bridegroom by Carole Mortimer 16 copies1559
Sleeping Partners by Charlotte Lamb 17 copies1560
Stormfire by Helen Bianchin 15 copies1561
Outback Man by Miranda Lee 44 copies1562
Troubleshooter by Diana Hamilton 21 copies1563
Jungle Enchantment by Patricia Wilson 25 copies1564
Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Robyn Donald 30 copies, 1 review1565
Time for Love by Amanda Browning 14 copies, 1 review1566
Rich as Sin by Anne Mather 13 copies1567
Bachelor at Heart by Roberta Leigh 12 copies1568
Dark Captor by Lindsay Armstrong 24 copies, 1 review1569
No Risks, No Prizes by Emma Darcy 21 copies, 1 review1570
Left in Trust by Kay Thorpe 9 copies1571
Stormy Voyage by Sally Wentworth 10 copies1572
Cloak of Darkness by Sara Wood 6 copies1573
Roarke's Kingdom by Sandra Marton 24 copies1574
A Cure for Love by Penny Jordan 20 copies1575
The Widow's Mite by Emma Goldrick 14 copies1576
The Stone Princess by Robyn Donald 29 copies1577
Intangible Dream by Patricia Wilson 22 copies, 1 review1578
A Very Stylish Affair by Emma Darcy 22 copies, 1 review1579
Gold Ring of Revenge by Lilian Peake 5 copies1580
Reckless Deception by Angela Wells 5 copies1581
A Stranger's Trust by Emma Richmond 6 copies1582
Private Lives by Carole Mortimer 19 copies1583
Forbidden Fruit by Charlotte Lamb 19 copies, 1 review1584
Not His Kind of Woman by Roberta Leigh 21 copies1585
And Then Came Morning by Daphne Clair 14 copies1586
Naturally Loving by Catherine Spencer 9 copies1587
Savage Obsession by Diana Hamilton 21 copies1588
Scandalous Seduction by Miranda Lee 14 copies1589
Whirlpool by Ker 9 copies1590
Tidewater Seduction by Anne Mather 17 copies1591
The Last Grand Passion by Emma Darcy 23 copies1592
An Unusual Affair by Lindsay Armstrong 14 copies1593
Far Horizons by Yvonne Whittal 13 copies1594
Winter of Dreams by Susan Napier 24 copies1595
Cry Wolf by Amanda Carpenter 16 copies1596
Coercion to Love by Michelle Reid 13 copies1597
One-Night Stand by Sandra Field 9 copies1598
Stranger from the Past by Penny Jordan 29 copies1599
When Dragons Dream by Kathleen O'Brien 9 copies1600
Reluctant Captive by Helen Bianchin 47 copies1601
Walk Upon the Wind by Patricia Wilson 27 copies1602
Past All Reason by Kay Thorpe 31 copies1603
The Sheikh's Revenge by Emma Darcy 32 copies1604
The Wayward Wife by Sally Wentworth 17 copies1605
Dark Forces by Sara Wood 7 copies1606
Mother of the Bride by Carole Mortimer 12 copies1607
Summer Storms by Emma Goldrick 18 copies1608
Two-Timing Man by Roberta Leigh 24 copies1609
Silver Lady by Mary Lyons 23 copies1610
Such Dark Magic by Robyn Donald 18 copies1611
A Honeyed Seduction by Diana Hamilton 23 copies1612
A Man for Christmas by Annabel Murray 6 copies1613
Asking for Trouble by Miranda Lee 14 copies1614
House of Glass by Michelle Reid 24 copies, 1 review1615
The Hawk and the Lamb by Susan Napier 16 copies1616
Snowfire by Anne Mather 32 copies, 1 review1617
Dreaming by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies1618
The Alpha Man by Kay Thorpe 25 copies, 1 review1619
Call up the Wind by Anne McAllister 14 copies1620
Seed of the Fire Lily by Angela Devine 6 copies1621
When Love Returns by Vanessa Grant 8 copies1622
Dear Miss Jones by Catherine Spencer 13 copies1623
Deliberate Provocation by Emma Richmond 12 copies1624
Mistaken Adversary by Penny Jordan 26 copies1625
The Seduction Stakes by Lindsay Armstrong 13 copies1626
Guilty Passion by Jacqueline Baird 18 copies1627
Mask of Deception by Sara Wood 21 copies, 1 review1628
Stranger Passing By by Lilian Peake 9 copies1629
Something in Return by Karen van der Zee 4 copies1630
Elusive Obsession by Carole Mortimer 20 copies1631
The Shining of Love by Emma Darcy 19 copies, 1 review1632
Love is the Key by Mary Lyons 15 copies, 1 review1633
Mirrors of the Sea by Wentworth (Lady) 13 copies1634
A Solitary Heart by Amanda Carpenter 19 copies1635
Designed to Annoy by Elizabeth Oldfield 12 copies1636
The Corsican Gambit by Sandra Marton 34 copies1637
Lethal Attraction by Rebecca King 8 copies1638
Pagan Surrender by Robyn Donald 16 copies1639
Dawn Song by Sara Craven 13 copies1640
Threat From the Past by Diana Hamilton 14 copies1641
A Forgotten Magic by Kathleen O'Brien 14 copies, 1 review1642
Touched By Desire by Lynsey Stevens 6 copies, 1 review1643
Dark Sunlight by Patricia Wilson 16 copies1644
Hijacked Honeymoon by Eleanor Rees 8 copies1645
Travelling Light by Sandra Field 8 copies1646
Give a Man a Bad Name by Roberta Leigh 7 copies1647
Flame on the Horizon by Daphne Clair 16 copies1648
Tender Assault by Anne Mather 31 copies1649
The Bruges Engagement by Madeleine Ker 17 copies1650
A Date With Destiny by Miranda Lee 20 copies1651
Stormy Relationship by Margaret Mayo 16 copies1652
Special Sort of Man by Natalie Fox 4 copies1653
The Iron Master by Rachel Ford 9 copies1654
Past Passion by Penny Jordan 21 copies1655
Unwilling Mistress by Lindsay Armstrong 12 copies1656
Gracious Lady by Carole Mortimer 21 copies, 1 review1657
Fire in the Blood by Charlotte Lamb 16 copies1658
A Wedding to Remember by Emma Darcy 37 copies, 1 review1659
Roman Spring by Sandra Marton 30 copies1660
Contract to Love by Kate Proctor 12 copies1661
Istanbul Affair by Joanna Mansell 5 copies1662
A Secret Rebellion by Anne Mather 21 copies1663
A Daring Proposition by Miranda Lee 24 copies1664
Lost in Love by Michelle Reid 38 copies, 3 reviews1665
Paradise Lost by Robyn Donald 23 copies1666
The Spanish Connection by Kay Thorpe 12 copies1667
Yesterday's Affair by Sally Wentworth 21 copies1668
More Than a Dream by Richmond 14 copies1669
Hidden Memories by Vanessa Grant 8 copies1670
Return Engagement by Carole Mortimer 20 copies1671
Falling in Love by Charlotte Lamb 16 copies1672
Lesson to Learn by Penny Jordan 26 copies, 2 reviews1673
The Cruellest Lie by Susan Napier 21 copies, 1 review1674
Love Without Reason by Alison Fraser 20 copies, 1 review1675
Sudden Fire by Elizabeth Oldfield 22 copies, 1 review1676
An Old Enchantment by Amanda Browning 10 copies1677
Vendetta Bride by Rebecca King 13 copies1678
In Need of a Wife by Emma Darcy 14 copies1679
Catch Me If You Can by Anne McAllister 7 copies1680
The Unmarried Bride by Emma Goldrick 13 copies1681
Elegant Barbarian by Catherine Spencer 19 copies, 1 review1682
Master of Passion by Jacqueline Baird 19 copies, 1 review1683
The Touch of Aphrodite by Joanna Mansell 18 copies1684
Dearest Traitor by Patricia Wilson 15 copies1685
Passionate Adventure by Karen van der Zee 5 copies1686
Wounds of Passion by Charlotte Lamb 11 copies1687
Dark Mirror by Daphne Clair 10 copies1688
Fated Attraction by Carole Mortimer 25 copies, 2 reviews1689
Legacy of Shame by Diana Hamilton 7 copies1690
Viking Magic by Angela Wells 20 copies1691
The Vengeful Groom by Sara Wood 16 copies1692
A Difficult Man by Lindsay Armstrong 5 copies1693
Snowdrops for a Bride by Grace Green 6 copies1694
Passionate Scandal by Michelle Reid 20 copies1695
A Vengeful Passion by Lynne Graham 30 copies, 1 review1696
Strange Intimacy by Anne Mather 36 copies1697
Michael'S Silence by Kathleen O'Brien 10 copies1698
Island Enchantment by Robyn Donald 15 copies1699
No Promise of Love by Lilian Peake 35 copies1700
Practise to Deceive by Sally Wentworth 12 copies1701
Knight to the Rescue by Miranda Lee 12 copies1702
Hunter's Moon by Carole Mortimer 8 copies1703
Passion's Mistress by Helen Bianchin 18 copies1704
Law of Attraction by Penny Jordan 26 copies1705
Guilty Love by Charlotte Lamb 23 copies, 2 reviews1706
Phantom Lover by Susan Napier 24 copies, 1 review1707
Tower of Shadows by Sara Craven 20 copies, 1 review1708
Wildfire by Sandra Field 10 copies1709
Bittersweet Yesterdays by Kate Proctor 7 copies, 1 review1710
Beth and the Barbarian by Miranda Lee 21 copies1711
Angel of Darkness by Lynne Graham 29 copies, 3 reviews1712
An Unsuitable Wife by Lindsay Armstrong 23 copies1713
The Colour of Midnight by Robyn Donald 25 copies1714
Southern Passions by Sara Wood 21 copies1715
The Last Illusion by Diana Hamilton 12 copies1716
Satan's Contract by Susanne McCarthy 13 copies, 1 review1717
Revenge by Natalie Fox 8 copies1718
A Matter of Trust (Harlequin Presents Plus, No 1719) by Penny Jordan 15 copies1719
Vampire Lover by Charlotte Lamb 36 copies, 1 review1720
Burning with Passion by Emma Darcy 17 copies1721
Brittle Bondage by Anne Mather 25 copies, 1 review1722
Original Sin by Rosalie Ash 18 copies1723
Savage Destiny by Amanda Browning 23 copies1724
The Wrong Kind of Wife by Roberta Leigh 24 copies, 1 review1725
Gamble on Passion by Jacqueline Baird 18 copies1726
War of Love by Carole Mortimer 26 copies, 1 review1727
Marriage in Jeopardy by Miranda Lee 23 copies, 1 review1728
Making Magic by Karen van der Zee 7 copies1729
Infamous Bargain by Daphne Clair 15 copies1730
Raw Silk by Anne Mather 14 copies1731
Separate Rooms by Diana Hamilton 10 copies1732
Body and Soul by Charlotte Lamb 28 copies1733
Tug of Love by Penny Jordan 32 copies, 2 reviews1734
Dark Fire by Robyn Donald 32 copies1735
A Woman Accused by Sandra Marton 27 copies1736
An Outrageous Proposal by Miranda Lee 17 copies1737
Shadow Play by Sally Wentworth 5 copies1738
The Sun at Midnight by Sandra Field 14 copies1739
Indecent Deception by Lynne Graham 29 copies, 1 review1740
Dangerous Alliance by Helen Bianchin 26 copies, 1 review1741
Trail of Love by Amanda Browning 17 copies1742
Dying for You by Charlotte Lamb 14 copies, 1 review1743
Savage Courtship by Susan Napier 16 copies1744
The Fatherhood Affair by Emma Darcy 22 copies, 1 review1745
Passionate Possession by Penny Jordan 22 copies1746
Final Surrender by Elizabeth Oldfield 17 copies1747
A Candle for the Devil by Susanne McCarthy 18 copies1748
Edge of Deception by Daphne Clair 16 copies1749
Enemy Within by Amanda Browning 10 copies1750
A Bride for the Taking by Sandra Marton 22 copies1751
Passion Becomes You by Michelle Reid 21 copies, 1 review1752
Tainted Love by Alison Fraser 22 copies, 1 review1753
Seduction & Sacrifice by Miranda Lee 34 copies, 1 review1754
Tiger Eyes by Robyn Donald 21 copies1755
Past Loving by Penny Jordan 23 copies, 1 review1756
Nothing Changes Love by Jacqueline Baird 21 copies1757
Bond of Hatred by Lynne Graham 62 copies, 2 reviews1758
Treacherous Longings by Anne Mather 26 copies, 1 review1759
Desire & Deception by Miranda Lee 31 copies, 1 review1760
Thunder on the Reef by Sara Craven 10 copies1761
The Dating Game by Sandra Field 14 copies, 2 reviews1762
Dark Fate by Charlotte Lamb 26 copies, 1 review1763
Duel in the Sun by Sally Wentworth 13 copies, 1 review1764
Shades of Sin by Sara Wood 12 copies1765
Passion & the Past by Miranda Lee 34 copies, 1 review1766
Prince of Darkness by Kate Proctor 4 copies1767
Straw on the Wind by Elizabeth Power 7 copies, 1 review1768
The Alexakis Bride by Anne McAllister 24 copies1769
A Masterful Man by Lindsay Armstrong 13 copies, 1 review1770
Climax of Passion by Emma Darcy 14 copies1771
Fantasies & the Future by Miranda Lee 33 copies, 1 review1772
Love's Prisoner by Elizabeth Oldfield 14 copies1773
Yesterday's Echoes by Penny Jordan 39 copies, 1 review1774
Never a Bride by Diana Hamilton 32 copies1775
Slave to Love by Michelle Reid 39 copies1776
Hot November by Ann Charlton 20 copies1777
Scandals & Secrets by Miranda Lee 38 copies, 1 review1778
The Unfaithful Wife by Lynne Graham 41 copies, 1 review1779
Hostage of the Hawk by Sandra Marton 10 copies1780
The Yuletide Bride by Mary Lyons 22 copies1781
Steamy December by Ann Charlton 16 copies1782
Prince of Lies by Robyn Donald 19 copies1783
Marriage & Miracles by Miranda Lee 35 copies, 1 review1784
Last Stop Marriage by Emma Darcy 14 copies1785
Dark Apollo by Sara Craven 19 copies, 1 review1786
To Have and to Hold by Sally Wentworth 23 copies, 1 review1787
The Sister Swap by Susan Napier 33 copies, 2 reviews1788
The Bitter Price of Love by Amanda Browning 8 copies1789
Tangled Destinies by Sara Wood 17 copies, 1 review1790
Mistress of Deception by Miranda Lee 22 copies, 1 review1791
Crime of Passion by Lynne Graham 26 copies, 1 review1792
The One and Only by Carole Mortimer 25 copies, 1 review1793
Indiscretions by Robyn Donald 20 copies1794
The Valentine Child by Jacqueline Baird 25 copies1795
Unchained Destinies by Sara Wood 17 copies1796
A Woman of Passion by Anne Mather 20 copies1797
Trial by Marriage by Lindsay Armstrong 20 copies, 1 review1798
The Ultimate Betrayal by Michelle Reid 57 copies, 3 reviews1799
Dark Victory by Elizabeth Oldfield 16 copies1800
It Started With a Kiss by Mary Lyons 9 copies1801
Threads of Destiny by Sara Wood 11 copies1802
Element of Risk by Robyn Donald 23 copies1803
Hostage of Passion by Diana Hamilton 17 copies1804
An Unforgettable Man by Penny Jordan 26 copies, 1 review1805
Beyond Reach by Sandra Field 21 copies1806
Ruthless Contract by Kathryn Ross 14 copies1807
An Indecent Proposal by Marton 14 copies1808
Forgotten Husband by Helen Bianchin 45 copies, 1 review1809
One Night of Love by Sally Wentworth 20 copies1810
The Bride in Blue by Miranda Lee 44 copies, 1 review1811
That Man Callahan! by Catherine Spencer 23 copies1812
Guardian Groom by Sandra Marton 17 copies1813
Passionate Inheritance by Rebecca King 6 copies1814
Mischief and Marriage by Emma Darcy 29 copies1815
Secret Obsession by Charlotte Lamb 26 copies, 1 review1816
Second-Best Bride by Sara Wood 23 copies1817
Flirting With Danger by Kate Walker 11 copies1818
Hollywood Wedding by Sandra Marton 23 copies, 2 reviews1819
Part-Time Father by Kendrick 10 copies1820
Unwanted Wedding by Penny Jordan 35 copies, 1 review1821
Deadly Rivals by Charlotte Lamb 18 copies, 1 review1822
Two's Company by Carole Mortimer 14 copies1823
A Savage Betrayal by Lynne Graham 50 copies, 1 review1824
Spring Bride by Sandra Marton 17 copies, 2 reviews1825
Perfect Chance by Amanda Carpenter 10 copies, 1 review1826
A Devious Desire by Jacqueline Baird 9 copies1827
Haunted Dreams by Charlotte Lamb 18 copies1828
Beyond All Reason by Cathy Williams 16 copies1829
Second Honeymoon by Sandra Field 18 copies1830
Fast and Loose by Elizabeth Oldfield 8 copies1831
Chris by Sally Wentworth 17 copies1832
The Father of Her Child by Emma Darcy 22 copies1833
Wild Hunger by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies1834
The Trophy Husband by Lynne Graham 65 copies, 1 review1835
The Strength of Desire by Alison Fraser 14 copies, 1 review1836
Francesca by Sally Wentworth 11 copies1837
Terms of Possession by Elizabeth Power 18 copies, 2 reviews1838
The Trusting Game by Penny Jordan 23 copies, 1 review1839
Dark Fever by Charlotte Lamb 24 copies, 1 review1840
Sweet Sinner by Diana Hamilton 26 copies1841
Three Times a Bride by Catherine Spencer 4 copies1842
Calum by Sally Wentworth 14 copies1843
A Heartless Marriage by Helen Brooks 17 copies1844
Relative Sins by Anne Mather 24 copies, 1 review1845
Angry Desire by Charlotte Lamb 20 copies1846
Reckless Conduct by Susan Napier 45 copies, 2 reviews1847
Their Wedding Day by Emma Darcy 20 copies, 1 review1848
A Kiss to Remember by Miranda Lee 19 copies1849
Forsaking All Others by Susanne McCarthy 10 copies1850
Her Christmas Fantasy by Penny Jordan 15 copies1851
Hot Blood by Charlotte Lamb 17 copies1852
Mistletoe Man by Kathleen O'Brien 12 copies1853
A Baby for Christmas by Anne McAllister 12 copies1854
A Weekend to Remember by Miranda Lee 14 copies1855
Christmas Nights by Sally Wentworth 11 copies, 2 reviews1856
Jack's Baby by Emma Darcy 20 copies, 1 review1857
Waiting Game by Diana Hamilton 11 copies1858
The Morning After by Michelle Reid 40 copies, 1 review1859
A Proper Wife by Sandra Marton 22 copies1860
A Woman to Remember by Miranda Lee 18 copies1861
After Hours by Sandra Field 17 copies1862
One-Man Woman by Carole Mortimer 13 copies1863
Prisoner of Passion by Lynne Graham 40 copies, 1 review1864
The Mirror Bride by Robyn Donald 19 copies, 1 review1865
Grounds for Marriage by Daphne Clair 19 copies1866
Mistress Material by Sharon Kendrick 21 copies, 1 review1867
Mr. Loverman by Mary Lyons 9 copies1868
Wicked Caprice by Anne Mather 16 copies1869
A Lesson in Seduction by Susan Napier 15 copies1870
Meant to Marry by Robyn Donald 20 copies1871
Desert Mistress by Helen Bianchin 25 copies1872
Dominic's Child by Catherine Spencer 20 copies1873
Dangerous Deceiver by Armstrong 8 copies1874
The Desert Bride by Lynne Graham 32 copies, 2 reviews1875
Raul's Revenge by Jacqueline Baird 25 copies1876
The Final Proposal by Robyn Donald 22 copies1877
A Daughter's Dilemma by Miranda Lee 14 copies1878
Looking After Dad by Elizabeth Oldfield 18 copies, 1 review1879
No Need for Love by Sandra Marton 13 copies1880
Craving Jamie by Emma Darcy 24 copies1881
Marriage by Arrangement by Sally Wentworth 15 copies, 1 review1882
Woman to Wed? by Penny Jordan 26 copies, 1 review1883
Maddie's Love Child by Miranda Lee 28 copies1884
No Place for Love by Susanne McCarthy 9 copies1885
An Inconvenient Husband by Karen van der Zee 9 copies1886
Long Night's Loving by Anne Mather 21 copies1887
Second-Time Bride by Lynne Graham 23 copies, 1 review1888
Best Man to Wed? by Penny Jordan 29 copies, 1 review1889
Finn's Twins! by Anne McAllister 17 copies1890
His Cousin's Wife by Lynsey Stevens 12 copies1891
Married to the Man by Ann Charlton 12 copies, 1 review1892
A Haunting Obsession by Miranda Lee 19 copies1893
Wildest Dreams by Carole Mortimer 13 copies1894
Too Wise to Wed? by Penny Jordan 20 copies1895
In Name Only by Diana Hamilton 14 copies1896
The Daddy Deal by Kathleen O'Brien 10 copies1897
Whisper of Scandal by Kathryn Ross 7 copies1898
The Second Mrs Adams by Sandra Marton 19 copies, 1 review1899
Marriage Meltdown by Emma Darcy 33 copies, 1 review1900
Deceived by Sara Craven 14 copies1901
The Guilty Wife by Sally Wentworth 16 copies, 1 review1902
Yesterday's Bride by Alison Kelly 13 copies1903
Husband Not Included by Mary Lyons 8 copies1904
An Ideal Marriage? by Helen Bianchin 24 copies, 1 review1905
Seducing the Enemy by Emma Darcy 13 copies1906
Breaking/Making Up (Something Borrowed / Vendetta) by Miranda Lee 16 copies1907
The Heat of Passion by Lynne Graham 25 copies, 1 review1908
Accidental Mistress by Cathy Williams 15 copies1909
White Lies by Sara Wood 9 copies1910
Shattered Illusions by Anne Mather 21 copies1911
A Very Public Affair by Wentworth (Lady) 16 copies, 1 review1912
The Marriage War by Charlotte Lamb 19 copies, 1 review1913
The Price of a Wife by Helen Brooks 20 copies1914
Mistaken for a Mistress by Jacqueline Baird 16 copies, 1 review1915
Scarlet Lady by Sara Wood 16 copies1916
Gold Ring of Betrayal by Michelle Reid 69 copies, 4 reviews1917
Mistress of the Groom by Susan Napier 42 copies, 3 reviews1918
Untouched by Sandra Field 15 copies1919
A Guilty Affair by Diana Hamilton 12 copies1920
The Unexpected Child by Kate Walker 9 copies1921
Amber's Wedding by Sara Wood 11 copies1922
Merry Christmas by Emma Darcy 20 copies1923
The Rancher's Mistress by Kay Thorpe 15 copies1924
Married for Real by Lindsay Armstrong 23 copies1925
His Baby! by Sharon Kendrick 20 copies1926
Christmas with a Stranger by Catherine Spencer 15 copies1927
Master of El Corazon by Sandra Marton 8 copies1928
A Marriage to Remember by Carole Mortimer 20 copies1929
Red-Hot and Reckless by Miranda Lee 15 copies1930
Tiger, Tiger by Robyn Donald 17 copies1931
Fletcher's Baby! by Anne McAllister 23 copies, 1 review1932
The Secret Mother by Lee Wilkinson 8 copies1933
Husband by Contract by Helen Brooks 22 copies1934
Lovestruck by Charlotte Lamb 19 copies, 1 review1935
Scandalous Bride by Diana Hamilton 24 copies1936
Mistress and Mother by Lynne Graham 25 copies, 1 review1937
The Love-Child by Kathryn Ross 8 copies1938
Second Marriage by Helen Brooks 12 copies1939
Valentine Affair by Mary Lyons 6 copies1940
The Perfect Seduction by Penny Jordan 26 copies1941
The Reluctant Fiancée by Jacqueline Baird 34 copies1942
A Nanny Named Nick by Miranda Lee 22 copies1943
One Reckless Night by Sara Craven 12 copies1944
Getting Even by Sharon Kendrick 11 copies1945
When Enemies Marry... by Lindsay Armstrong 15 copies1946
Dishonourable Intent by Anne Mather 21 copies1947
Perfect Marriage Material by Penny Jordan 13 copies1948
An Excellent Wife? by Charlotte Lamb 21 copies, 1 review1949
A Nanny in the Family by Catherine Spencer 12 copies1950
Kiss and Tell by Sharon Kendrick 18 copies1951
A Forbidden Seduction by Sara Wood 11 copies1952
The Sheikh's Seduction by Emma Darcy 29 copies, 1 review1953
The Perfect Match? by Penny Jordan 22 copies1954
The Bride Said Never! by Sandra Marton 24 copies1955
The Millionaire's Baby by Diana Hamilton 25 copies, 1 review1956
Settling the Score by Sharon Kendrick 11 copies1957
Trial By Seduction by Kathleen O'Brien 7 copies1958
Sinful Pleasures by Anne Mather 27 copies1959
The Marriage Campaign by Helen Bianchin 18 copies, 1 review1960
The Secret Wife by Lynne Graham 37 copies, 1 review1961
The Divorcee Said Yes! by Sandra Marton 18 copies, 1 review1962
Ultimate Temptation by Sara Craven 13 copies1963
Girl Trouble by Sandra Field 17 copies1964
Fantasy for Two by Penny Jordan 21 copies1965
The Diamond Bride by Carole Mortimer 12 copies1966
Rendezvous with Revenge by Miranda Lee 17 copies1967
The Groom Said Maybe! by Sandra Marton 25 copies1968
Long-Distance Marriage by Kendrick 12 copies, 1 review1969
Lovers' Lies by Daphne Clair 9 copies1970
The Reluctant Husband by Lynne Graham 36 copies, 1 review1971
Inherited: One Nanny by Emma Darcy 22 copies1972
Marriage on the Rebound by Michelle Reid 40 copies, 1 review1973
Temporary Parents by Sara Wood 13 copies1974
Man About the House by Alison Kelly 14 copies1975
Tempting Lucas by Catherine Spencer 13 copies1976
Joined by Marriage by Carole Mortimer 11 copies1977
Two-Week Wife by Miranda Lee 24 copies, 1 review1978
The Bridal Suite by Sandra Marton 17 copies1979
The Nanny Affair by Robyn Donald 21 copies, 1 review1980
Bride for a Year by Kathryn Ross 11 copies1981
Honeymoon for Three by Sandra Field 10 copies1982
Marriage Make Up by Penny Jordan 17 copies1983
Fatherhood Fever! by Emma Darcy 24 copies1984
Honeymoon Baby by Susan Napier 26 copies, 1 review1985
Accidental Nanny by Lindsay Armstrong 17 copies, 2 reviews1986
The Marriage Solution by Helen Brooks 15 copies, 1 review1987
All Male by Kay Thorpe 10 copies1988
The Winter Bride by Lynne Graham 29 copies, 1 review1989
Night of Shame by Miranda Lee 33 copies1990
A Husband's Revenge by Lee Wilkinson 15 copies1991
Runaway Fiancée by Sally Wentworth 24 copies1992
A Daughter for Christmas by Cathy Williams 12 copies1993
The Bedroom Incident by Elizabeth Oldfield 16 copies1994
Married by Christmas by Carole Mortimer 23 copies1995
The Bridal Bed by Helen Bianchin 24 copies1996
Baby Included! by Mary Lyons 14 copies1997
A Husband's Price by Diana Hamilton 14 copies1998
A Nanny for Christmas by Sara Craven 15 copies1999
Morgan's Child by Anne Mather 20 copies, 1 review2000
Married to a Mistress by Lynne Graham 49 copies, 2 reviews2001
One Night in His Arms by Penny Jordan 24 copies2002
The Seduction Project by Miranda Lee 29 copies2003
The Baby Secret by Helen Brooks 29 copies, 1 review2004
The Playboy and the Nanny by Anne McAllister 16 copies2005
A Suitable Mistress by Cathy Williams 9 copies2006
The Vengeful Husband by Lynne Graham 52 copies, 1 review2007
The Sexiest Man Alive by Sandra Marton 17 copies2008
In Bed with the Boss by Susan Napier 43 copies, 2 reviews2009
Expectant Mistress by Sara Wood 13 copies, 1 review2010
One Bridegroom Required! by Sharon Kendrick 13 copies2011
A Forbidden Desire by Robyn Donald 23 copies2012
Contract Baby by Lynne Graham 43 copies, 3 reviews2013
The Marriage Surrender by Michelle Reid 32 copies, 1 review2014
The Bride Wore Scarlet by Diana Hamilton 27 copies, 1 review2015
Dante's Twins by Catherine Spencer 17 copies2016
One Wedding Required! by Sharon Kendrick 9 copies2017
Mission to Seduce by Sally Wentworth 16 copies2018
Pacific Heat by Anne Mather 23 copies, 1 review2019
The Marriage Decider by Emma Darcy 32 copies2020
A Very Private Revenge by Helen Brooks 19 copies2021
The Unexpected Father by Kathryn Ross 14 copies2022
One Husband Required! by Sharon Kendrick 13 copies2023
Wedding Fever by Lee Wilkinson 9 copies2024
The Perfect Lover by Penny Jordan 24 copies2025
The Millionaire's Mistress by Miranda Lee 32 copies, 1 review2026
Marriage on the Edge by Sandra Marton 25 copies2027
The Playboy's Baby by Mary Lyons 10 copies2028
Giordanni's Proposal by Jacqueline Baird 17 copies2029
The Seduction Game by Sara Craven 18 copies2030
Wedded Bliss (They're Wed Again! / The Man She'll Marry) by Carole Mortimer 14 copies2031
Her Guilty Secret by Anne Mather 22 copies2032
The Price of a Bride by Michelle Reid 45 copies, 1 review2033
Accidental Baby by Kim Lawrence 20 copies, 1 review2034
Groom's Revenge by Kate Walker 12 copies2035
Sleeping with the Boss by Cathy Williams 13 copies, 1 review2036
The Spanish Groom by Lynne Graham 66 copies, 2 reviews2037
The Secret Mistress by Emma Darcy 22 copies2038
To Woo a Wife by Carole Mortimer 18 copies2039
He's My Husband by Lindsay Armstrong 36 copies, 1 review2040
The Unexpected Baby by Diana Hamilton 11 copies2041
Remarried in Haste by Sandra Field 7 copies2042
To Be a Husband by Carole Mortimer 19 copies2043
The Wedding-Night Affair by Miranda Lee 23 copies2044
More Than a Mistress by Sandra Marton 26 copies2045
Hot Surrender by Charlotte Lamb 24 copies2046
The Bride's Secret by Helen Brooks 21 copies2047
The Baby Verdict by Cathy Williams 14 copies2048
Mistress by Arrangement by Helen Bianchin 25 copies, 1 review2049
Having Leo's Child by Emma Darcy 15 copies2050
To Be a Bridegroom by Carole Mortimer 14 copies2051
A Husband of Convenience by Jacqueline Baird 19 copies, 1 review2052
Wedding-Night Baby by Kim Lawrence 12 copies2053
The Impatient Groom by Sara Wood 16 copies2054
The Baby Gambit by Anne Mather 19 copies, 1 review2055
The Mistress Bride by Michelle Reid 42 copies, 1 review2056
Having His Babies by Lindsay Armstrong 19 copies2057
Marriage Under Suspicion by Sara Craven 20 copies2058
An Engagement of Convenience by Catherine George 20 copies2059
Gibson's Girl by Anne McAllister 15 copies2060
The Mistress Assignment by Penny Jordan 23 copies2061
The Revenge Affair by Susan Napier 23 copies, 1 review2062
Slade Baron's Bride by Sandra Marton 21 copies2063
The Boss's Baby by Miranda Lee 35 copies, 2 reviews2064
The Secret Daughter by Catherine Spencer 9 copies, 1 review2065
The Society Groom by Mary Lyons 12 copies2066
A Convenient Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin 25 copies2067
Lover by Deception by Penny Jordan 21 copies, 1 review2068
A Marriage Betrayed by Emma Darcy 16 copies2069
The Yuletide Child by Charlotte Lamb 20 copies, 1 review2070
Mistletoe Mistress by Helen Brooks 24 copies2071
The Faithful Wife by Diana Hamilton 9 copies, 1 review2072
One Night with His Wife by Lynne Graham 37 copies, 1 review2073
A Treacherous Seduction by Penny Jordan 26 copies2074
Marriage Ultimatum (Harlequin Presents) by Lindsay Armstrong 7 copies2075
A Natural Mother by Cathy Williams 12 copies2076
Irresistible Temptation by Sara Craven 15 copies2077
Wild And Willing (Triplet Brides) by Kim Lawrence 9 copies2078
The Marriage Resolution by Penny Jordan 24 copies2079
Bride of His Choice by Emma Darcy 23 copies2080
The Taming of Tyler Kincaid by Sandra Marton 29 copies2081
Constantine's Revenge by Kate Walker 29 copies2082
Reform of the Playboy by Mary Lyons 12 copies2083
Valentine Vendetta by Sharon Kendrick 11 copies2084
The Seduction Business by Charlotte Lamb 15 copies2085
A Man to Marry by Carole Mortimer 16 copies2086
Facing Up to Fatherhood by Miranda Lee 19 copies2087
Husband on Trust by Jacqueline Baird 21 copies2088
The Millionaire Affair by Sophie Weston 18 copies, 1 review2089
Marriage on Trial by Lee Wilkinson 15 copies2090
Expectant Bride by Lynne Graham 50 copies, 4 reviews2091
The Perfect Father by Penny Jordan 24 copies, 1 review2092
Marriage at a Distance by Sara Craven 31 copies2093
Mistress for a Night by Diana Hamilton 14 copies2094
A Boss in a Million by Helen Brooks 20 copies2095
The Secret Father by Kim Lawrence 9 copies2096
The Marriage Deal by Helen Bianchin 37 copies, 1 review2097
Their Engagement Is Announced by Carole Mortimer 24 copies2098
Aunt Lucy's Lover by Miranda Lee 27 copies2099
Emerald Fire by Sandra Marton 13 copies2100
The Unexpected Wedding Gift by Catherine Spencer 14 copies2101
A Husband's Vendetta by Sara Wood 13 copies2102
The Cozakis Bride by Lynne Graham 51 copies, 1 review2103
A Perfect Night by Penny Jordan 32 copies2104
To Tame a Proud Heart by Cathy Williams 16 copies, 2 reviews2105
The Tycoon's Bride by Michelle Reid 43 copies, 1 review2106
The Marriage Takeover by Lee Wilkinson 15 copies2107
Forbidden Pleasure by Robyn Donald 27 copies2108
The Millionaire's Virgin by Anne Mather 32 copies2109
The Cattle King's Mistress by Emma Darcy 34 copies, 1 review2110
The Mistress Deception by Susan Napier 30 copies, 2 reviews2111
A Suspicious Proposal by Helen Brooks 20 copies2112
Luc's Revenge by Catherine George 23 copies2113
An Innocent Affair by Kim Lawrence 16 copies2114
The Husband Assignment by Helen Bianchin 34 copies, 1 review2115
The Playboy King's Wife by Emma Darcy 26 copies2116
Romano's Revenge by Sandra Marton 22 copies2117
A Convenient Proposal by Helen Brooks 23 copies2118
Bartaldi's Bride by Sara Craven 22 copies, 1 review2119
The Italian Seduction by Mary Lyons 20 copies2120
The Italian's Revenge by Michelle Reid 36 copies, 2 reviews2121
The Pleasure King's Bride by Emma Darcy 33 copies2122
His Secretary Bride by Kim Lawrence 17 copies2123
Outback Mistress by Armstrong 15 copies2124
The Unmarried Father by Kathryn Ross 8 copies2125
Rhys's Redemption by Anne McAllister 25 copies2126
Don Joaquin's Pride by Lynne Graham 27 copies2127
The Playboy's Proposition by Miranda Lee 44 copies, 1 review2128
Back in the Marriage Bed by Penny Jordan 36 copies2129
Bound by Contract by Carole Mortimer 22 copies2130
Saturday's Bride by Kate Walker 18 copies2131
Bought: One Husband by Diana Hamilton 20 copies2132
Innocent Sins by Anne Mather 31 copies2133
The Playboy's Virgin by Miranda Lee 24 copies2134
Secret Seduction by Susan Napier 27 copies, 1 review2135
Mistress of the Sheikh by Sandra Marton 29 copies2136
A Most Passionate Revenge by Jacqueline Baird 31 copies2137
The Baby Bond by Sharon Kendrick 13 copies2138
The Sicilian's Mistress by Lynne Graham 47 copies, 1 review2139
The Playboy in Pursuit by Miranda Lee 29 copies2140
A Yuletide Seduction by Carole Mortimer 25 copies, 1 review2141
The Price of Deceit by Cathy Williams 14 copies2142
Zachary's Virgin by Catherine Spencer 11 copies, 1 review2143
The Mother of His Child by Sandra Field 12 copies2144
The Spanish Husband by Michelle Reid 35 copies, 1 review2145
One Intimate Night by Penny Jordan 23 copies, 1 review2146
Wife by Agreement by Kim Lawrence 20 copies, 1 review2147
The Baby Claim by Catherine George 22 copies2148
Bride Required by Alison Fraser 29 copies, 1 review2149
Fiancée by Mistake by Kate Walker 27 copies2150
The Blackmailed Bridegroom by Miranda Lee 72 copies, 1 review2151
To Mend a Marriage by Carole Mortimer 28 copies2152
The Mistress Contract by Helen Brooks 25 copies2153
Substitute Fiancée by Lee Wilkinson 23 copies2154
Marriage by Deception by Sara Craven 22 copies2155
The Unexpected Husband by Lindsay Armstrong 25 copies, 1 review2156
The Marriage Risk by Emma Darcy 31 copies2157
Mission: Make-Over by Penny Jordan 32 copies2158
The Bedroom Business by Sandra Marton 36 copies2159
Rafael's Love-Child by Kate Walker 20 copies, 2 reviews2160
The Seduction Scheme by Kim Lawrence 15 copies2161
A Reluctant Mistress by Robyn Donald 29 copies2162
Damiano's Return by Lynne Graham 32 copies, 3 reviews2163
Just for a Night by Miranda Lee 29 copies2164
The Baby Scandal by Cathy Williams 22 copies, 1 review2165
A Vengeful Reunion by Catherine George 21 copies2166
Their Convenient Marriage by Mary Lyons 14 copies2167
The Italian Groom by Jane Porter 26 copies, 3 reviews2168
The Demetrios Virgin by Penny Jordan 54 copies2169
All Night Long by Anne Mather 24 copies2170
A Seductive Revenge by Kim Lawrence 21 copies2171
Passion's Baby by Catherine Spencer 13 copies2172
Seduced by the Boss by Sharon Kendrick 16 copies2173
Contract Bridegroom by Sandra Field 18 copies2174
A Sicilian Seduction by Michelle Reid 37 copies, 1 review2175
The Sweetest Revenge by Emma Darcy 34 copies2176
Mistress to a Millionaire by Helen Brooks 18 copies2177
Claiming His Wife by Diana Hamilton 16 copies, 1 review2178
The Inconvenient Bride by Anne McAllister 67 copies2179
Morgan's Secret Son by Sara Wood 12 copies2180
Marriage at a Price by Miranda Lee 44 copies, 2 reviews2181
The Arabian Mistress by Lynne Graham 53 copies2182
The Determined Husband by Lee Wilkinson 17 copies2183
A Scandalous Engagement by Cathy Williams 18 copies2184
Bride on Demand by Kay Thorpe 12 copies2185
Yesterday and Forever by Sandra Marton 16 copies, 1 review2186
The Marriage Arrangement by Helen Bianchin 35 copies, 2 reviews2187
To Have a Husband by Carole Mortimer 20 copies2188
The Ultimate Surrender by Penny Jordan 35 copies2189
Her Sister's Baby (Harlequin Presents) by Alison Fraser 19 copies, 1 review2190
Her Secret Bridegroom by Kate Walker 19 copies2191
The Tycoon's Mistress by Sara Craven 21 copies2192
Passionate Proposition by Susan Napier 20 copies2193
To Become a Bride by Carole Mortimer 24 copies2194
The Hot-Blooded Groom by Emma Darcy 28 copies2195
Marriage at His Convenience by Jacqueline Baird 33 copies2196
Mistress on His Terms by Catherine Spencer 13 copies, 1 review2197
Her Secret Pregnancy by Sharon Kendrick 20 copies2198
Duarte's Child by Lynne Graham 36 copies, 2 reviews2199
To Make a Marriage by Carole Mortimer 32 copies2200
Mistress by Contract by Helen Bianchin 40 copies2201
The Alvares Bride by Sandra Marton 33 copies, 1 review2202
Lorenzo's Reward by Catherine George 17 copies, 1 review2203
Terms of Engagement by Kathryn Ross 8 copies2204
The Unforgettable Husband by Michelle Reid 39 copies, 2 reviews2205
Claiming His Mistress by Emma Darcy 22 copies2206
Savage Innocence by Anne Mather 33 copies, 1 review2207
A Question of Marriage by Lindsay Armstrong 19 copies2208
A Convenient Husband by Kim Lawrence 19 copies2209
Christos's Promise by Jane Porter 25 copies, 1 review2210
The Marriage Demand by Penny Jordan 34 copies2211
Fugitive Bride by Miranda Lee 34 copies, 1 review2212
A Spanish Affair by Helen Brooks 24 copies2213
The Boss's Virgin by Charlotte Lamb 23 copies2214
The Mistress Deal by Sandra Field 22 copies, 1 review2215
The Kyriakis Baby by Sara Wood 22 copies2216
Rafaello's Mistress by Lynne Graham 28 copies, 1 review2217
The Husband Test by Helen Bianchin 30 copies2218
The Italian's Runaway Bride by Jacqueline Baird 41 copies2219
The Millionaire's Marriage by Catherine Spencer 26 copies, 1 review2220
The Christmas Child by Diana Hamilton 16 copies2221
Merger by Matrimony by Cathy Williams 19 copies2222
Cole Cameron's Revenge by Sandra Marton 27 copies, 1 review2223
The Bellini Bride by Michelle Reid 62 copies, 2 reviews2224
Husband for Real by Catherine George 30 copies2225
The Secret Virgin by Carole Mortimer 31 copies2226
The Unlikely Mistress by Sharon Kendrick 24 copies2227
Marriage on the Agenda by Lee Wilkinson 16 copies2228
The City-Girl Bride by Penny Jordan 21 copies2229
A Rich Man's Touch by Anne Mather 24 copies2230
The Prospective Wife by Kim Lawrence 19 copies2231
His Miracle Baby by Kate Walker 30 copies, 2 reviews2232
Surrender to the Sheikh by Sharon Kendrick 29 copies2233
By Marriage Divided by Lindsay Armstrong 18 copies2234
The Italian's Wife by Lynne Graham 50 copies, 3 reviews2235
A Secret Vengeance by Miranda Lee 35 copies, 1 review2236
A Whirlwind Marriage by Helen Brooks 39 copies2237
The Billionaire Affair by Diana Hamilton 29 copies2238
The Mistress's Child by Sharon Kendrick 20 copies, 1 review2239
Rome's Revenge by Sara Craven 34 copies2240
The Wedding Ultimatum by Helen Bianchin 52 copies, 1 review2241
The Secret Love-Child by Miranda Lee 32 copies2242
The Pregnant Mistress by Sandra Marton 47 copies, 1 review2243
Restless Nights by Catherine George 25 copies2244
The Boss's Proposal by Cathy Williams 21 copies2245
The Devil's Bargain by Robyn Donald 25 copies2246
The Blackmail Baby by Penny Jordan 53 copies2247
The Spaniard's Seduction by Anne Mather 20 copies2248
His Trophy Mistress by Daphne Clair 22 copies2249
D'Alessandro's Child by Catherine Spencer 13 copies2250
The Mother and the Millionaire by Alison Fraser 21 copies, 1 review2251
The Sheikh's Wife by Jane Porter 35 copies, 1 review2252
The Sheikh's Chosen Wife by Michelle Reid 55 copies2254
The Greek Tycoon's Bride by Helen Brooks 24 copies2255
The Mistress Scandal by Kim Lawrence 13 copies2256
Expecting His Baby by Sandra Field 22 copies, 1 review2257
The Playboy's Proposal by Amanda Browning 18 copies2258
The Bridal Bargain by Emma Darcy 29 copies, 1 review2259
The Tycoon's Virgin by Penny Jordan 40 copies2260
To Marry McKenzie by Carole Mortimer 28 copies2261
The Italian's Bride by Diana Hamilton 12 copies2262
The Unexpected Mistress by Sara Wood 23 copies2263
A Vengeful Deception by Lee Wilkinson 17 copies2264
The Honeymoon Contract by Emma Darcy 25 copies2265
The Greek Tycoon's Revenge by Jacqueline Baird 22 copies2266
To Marry McCloud by Carole Mortimer 24 copies2267
Society Weddings (Promised to the Sheikh / The Duke's Secret Wife) by Sharon Kendrick 26 copies2268
The Pregnant Bride by Catherine Spencer 16 copies, 1 review2269
Secretary on Demand by Cathy Williams 17 copies2270
An Arabian Marriage by Lynne Graham 56 copies, 1 review2271
Ethan's Temptress Bride by Michelle Reid 34 copies, 1 review2272
To Marry McAllister by Carole Mortimer 32 copies2273
The Prince's Pleasure by Robyn Donald 24 copies2274
The Hired Husband by Kate Walker 19 copies2275
The Night of the Wedding by Kathryn Ross 11 copies2276
The Disobedient Mistress by Lynne Graham 50 copies2277
The Virgin Bride by Miranda Lee 35 copies, 1 review2278
A Passionate Surrender by Helen Bianchin 38 copies, 2 reviews2279
For the Babies' Sakes by Sara Wood 23 copies2280
The Irresistible Tycoon by Helen Brooks 16 copies2281
Marriage on Command by Lindsay Armstrong 23 copies2282
The Heiress Bride by Lynne Graham 56 copies, 1 review2283
The Greek Bridegroom by Helen Bianchin 32 copies2284
Hot Pursuit by Anne Mather 25 copies, 2 reviews2285
Mackenzie's Promise by Catherine Spencer 16 copies2286
Smokescreen Marriage by Sara Craven 25 copies2287
Jared's Love-Child by Sandra Field 20 copies2288
Christmas Eve Wedding by Penny Jordan 22 copies2289
The Arabian Love-Child by Michelle Reid 41 copies, 1 review2290
Wife: Bought and Paid For by Jacqueline Baird 22 copies2291
Christmas at His Command by Helen Brooks 33 copies2292
Fiancé for Christmas by Catherine George 21 copies2293
The Playboy's Mistress by Kim Lawrence 21 copies2294
A Mediterranean Marriage by Lynne Graham 23 copies2295
The Marriage Proposition by Sara Craven 26 copies2296
Desert Affair by Kate Walker 28 copies2297
In Dante's Debt by Jane Porter 30 copies, 2 reviews2298
The Millionaire's Revenge by Cathy Williams 18 copies, 1 review2299
Forgotten Sins by Robyn Donald 24 copies2300
At Her Boss's Bidding by Miranda Lee 25 copies2301
Her Italian Boss (The Boss's Valentine / Rafael's Proposal) by Lynne Graham 17 copies2302
His Virgin Mistress by Anne Mather 36 copies, 1 review2303
Lazaro's Revenge by Jane Porter 28 copies, 1 review2304
The Riccioni Pregnancy by Daphne Clair 19 copies2305
Sweet Surrender by Catherine George 22 copies2306
A Passionate Marriage by Michelle Reid 47 copies, 1 review2307
The Blind-Date Bride by Emma Darcy 37 copies, 1 review2308
Keir O'Connell's Mistress by Sandra Marton 29 copies, 1 review2309
Sleeping Partners by Helen Brooks 21 copies2310
The Doctor's Secret Child by Catherine Spencer 18 copies, 2 reviews2311
The Italian Match by Kay Thorpe 24 copies2312
The Pregnancy Proposal by Helen Bianchin 42 copies, 2 reviews2313
Marco's Convenient Wife by Penny Jordan 28 copies2314
The Hostage Bride by Kate Walker 21 copies2315
An Enigmatic Man by Carole Mortimer 28 copies2316
His Mistress's Secret by Alison Fraser 22 copies, 1 review2317
A Spanish Inheritance by Susan Stephens 22 copies, 2 reviews2318
The Billionaire Bridegroom by Emma Darcy 20 copies2319
The Forced Marriage by Sara Craven 24 copies2320
The Italian's Trophy Mistress by Diana Hamilton 25 copies, 1 review2321
Back in the Boss's Bed by Sharon Kendrick 21 copies2322
Husband by Arrangement by Sara Wood 25 copies, 1 review2323
His Convenient Proposal by Lindsay Armstrong 18 copies2324
The Sheikh's Virgin Bride by Penny Jordan 44 copies, 1 review2325
Marriage in Peril by Miranda Lee 28 copies, 1 review2326
Alejandro's Revenge by Anne Mather 26 copies2327
The Greek Tycoon's Mistress by Julia James 24 copies2328
Pregnancy of Convenience by Sandra Field 21 copies, 1 review2329
A Ruthless Passion by Robyn Donald 20 copies2330
The Contaxis Baby by Lynne Graham 61 copies, 2 reviews2331
One Night With the Sheikh by Penny Jordan 37 copies, 1 review2332
Nathan's Child by Anne McAllister 64 copies2333
Bride by Blackmail by Carole Mortimer 22 copies2334
His After-Hours Mistress by Amanda Browning 16 copies2335
The Temptress of Tarika Bay by Robyn Donald 20 copies2336
At the Spaniard's Pleasure by Jacqueline Baird 22 copies2337
Mistress on Loan by Sara Craven 22 copies2338
The Sicilian's Wife by Kate Walker 27 copies2339
Constantinou's Mistress by Cathy Williams 22 copies2340
In the Best Man's Bed by Catherine Spencer 15 copies2341
The French Count's Mistress by Susan Stephens 18 copies2342
In the Spaniard's Bed by Helen Bianchin 27 copies2343
Sinful Truths by Anne Mather 28 copies, 3 reviews2344
The Greek's Secret Passion by Sharon Kendrick 20 copies2345
The Italian Marriage by Kathryn Ross 18 copies2346
The Marriage Debt by Daphne Clair 21 copies2347
On the Tycoon's Terms by Sandra Field 19 copies2348
A Rich Man's Revenge by Miranda Lee 37 copies, 2 reviews2349
The Sicilian Surrender by Sandra Marton 32 copies, 3 reviews2350
The Spaniard's Woman by Diana Hamilton 22 copies2351
The Parisian Playboy by Helen Brooks 31 copies, 1 review2352
The Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum by Lucy Monroe 58 copies, 1 review2353
The Italian's Demand by Sara Wood 17 copies2354
The Frenchman's Love-Child by Lynne Graham 44 copies2355
The Bedroom Surrender by Emma Darcy 29 copies2356
McGillivray's Mistress by Anne McAllister 62 copies2357
The Latin Lover's Secret Child by Jane Porter 31 copies, 3 reviews2358
The Unconventional Bride by Lindsay Armstrong 23 copies2359
The Greek Tycoon's Wife by Kim Lawrence 24 copies2360
Mistress for a Month by Miranda Lee 27 copies, 1 review2361
The Salvatore Marriage by Michelle Reid 31 copies2362
The Spaniard's Passion by Jane Porter 31 copies, 1 review2363
The Yuletide Engagement by Carole Mortimer 25 copies, 1 review2364
The Christmas Baby's Gift by Kate Walker 22 copies2365
The Doctor's Runaway Bride by Sarah Morgan 25 copies2366
The Italian Boss's Mistress by Lynne Graham 48 copies, 3 reviews2367
A Spanish Vengeance by Diana Hamilton 18 copies2368
The Token Wife by Sara Craven 23 copies2369
His Cinderella Mistress by Carole Mortimer 26 copies2370
The Paternity Claim by Sharon Kendrick 16 copies, 1 review2371
The Billionaire's Contract Bride by Carol Marinelli 24 copies2372
The Blackmail Marriage by Penny Jordan 31 copies, 3 reviews2373
Sold to the Sheikh by Miranda Lee 37 copies, 1 review2374
Marco's Pride by Jane Porter 31 copies, 1 review2375
The Greek Tycoon's Secret Child by Cathy Williams 27 copies, 1 review2376
In the Billionaire's Bed by Sara Wood 23 copies2377
The Boss's Secret Mistress by Alison Fraser 25 copies, 1 review2378
The Banker's Convenient Wife by Lynne Graham 53 copies, 1 review2379
His Boardroom Mistress by Emma Darcy 37 copies2380
The Rodrigues Pregnancy by Anne Mather 29 copies, 1 review2381
The Unwilling Mistress by Carole Mortimer 32 copies, 1 review2382
The Greek's Virgin Bride by Julia James 46 copies2383
The Constantin Marriage by Lindsay Armstrong 23 copies2384
His Inherited Bride by Jacqueline Baird 35 copies2385
The Mistress Purchase by Penny Jordan 28 copies2386
Claiming His Love-Child by Sandra Marton 30 copies, 1 review2387
The Society Bride by Fiona Hood-Stewart 18 copies2388
The Spaniard's Revenge by Susan Stephens 17 copies2389
His Virgin Secretary by Cathy Williams 38 copies2390
The Outback Marriage Ransom by Emma Darcy 38 copies, 1 review2391
The Stephanides Pregnancy by Lynne Graham 36 copies, 1 review2392
A Sicilian Husband by Kate Walker 22 copies, 1 review2393
The Deserving Mistress by Carole Mortimer 29 copies2394
The Millionaire's Marriage Demand by Sandra Field 14 copies2395
The Desert Prince's Mistress by Sharon Kendrick 25 copies2396
The Spaniard's Baby Bargain by Helen Bianchin 16 copies2397
The Passion Price by Miranda Lee 26 copies2398
A Spanish Marriage by Diana Hamilton 27 copies2399
His Forbidden Bride by Sara Craven 25 copies2400
The Tycoon's Virgin Bride by Sandra Field 22 copies2401
Mistress by Agreement by Helen Brooks 27 copies2402
The Outback Wedding Takeover by Emma Darcy 29 copies, 1 review2403
The Passion Bargain by Michelle Reid 25 copies2404
The South American's Wife by Kay Thorpe 21 copies2405
In McGillivray's Bed by Anne McAllister 20 copies2406
The Greek Millionaire's Marriage by Sara Wood 20 copies2407
His Pregnant Princess by Robyn Donald 28 copies2408
Mistress of Convenience by Penny Jordan 31 copies2409
The Sheikh's Convenient Bride by Sandra Marton 35 copies, 1 review2410
Liam's Secret Son by Carole Mortimer 22 copies, 1 review2411
Bought by Her Latin Lover by Julia James 24 copies2412
The Italian's Marriage Bargain by Carol Marinelli 29 copies2413
By Royal Command by Robyn Donald 28 copies2414
The Magnate's Mistress by Miranda Lee 45 copies2415
In the Italian's Bed by Anne Mather 17 copies2416
His Convenient Marriage by Sara Craven 27 copies2417
The Sultan's Bought Bride by Jane Porter 35 copies, 1 review2418
Riccardo's Secret Child by Cathy Williams 16 copies2419
The Greek's Blackmailed Wife by Sarah Morgan 30 copies, 1 review2420
Mistress to Her Husband by Penny Jordan 37 copies, 3 reviews2421
The Greek Tycoon's Love-Child by Jacqueline Baird 44 copies, 1 review2422
Constantino's Pregnant Bride by Catherine Spencer 25 copies2423
The Greek's Royal Mistress by Jane Porter 29 copies, 1 review2424
The Italian's Suitable Wife by Lucy Monroe 59 copies, 3 reviews2425
The Australian's Convenient Bride by Lindsay Armstrong 17 copies2426
The Outback Bridal Rescue by Emma Darcy 30 copies, 1 review2427
The Mistress Wife by Lynne Graham 37 copies, 1 review2428
The Brazilian Tycoon's Mistress by Fiona Hood-Stewart 51 copies2429
The Italian's Virgin Princess by Jane Porter 39 copies, 1 review2430
His Convenient Wife by Diana Hamilton 25 copies, 1 review2431
Their Secret Baby by Kate Walker 15 copies, 2 reviews2432
His Pregnancy Ultimatum by Helen Bianchin 33 copies2433
Bedded by the Boss by Miranda Lee 55 copies2434
The One-Night Wife by Sandra Marton 32 copies, 1 review2435
The Christmas Marriage Mission by Helen Brooks 16 copies2436
The Italian's Passionate Proposal by Sarah Morgan 19 copies, 3 reviews2437
The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress by Lucy Monroe 104 copies, 3 reviews2438
His Bought Mistress by Emma Darcy 35 copies, 2 reviews2439
The Italian's Token Wife by Julia James 23 copies2440
His Pregnancy Bargain by Kim Lawrence 25 copies, 1 review2441
The Bedroom Barter by Sara Craven 25 copies2442
Surrender to Marriage by Sandra Field 18 copies2443
The Greek Boss's Demand by Trish Morey 30 copies, 1 review2444
The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress by Lynne Graham 58 copies, 1 review2445
Boardroom to Bedroom (The Boss's Marriage Arrangement / His Darling Valentine) by Penny Jordan 22 copies, 1 review2446
The Sheikh's Bartered Bride by Lucy Monroe 68 copies, 2 reviews2447
At the Spanish Duke's Command by Fiona Hood-Stewart 22 copies, 1 review2448
The Australian's Marriage Demand by Melanie Milburne 50 copies2449
The Brabanti Baby by Catherine Spencer 24 copies2450
His Bride for One Night by Miranda Lee 26 copies2451
The Forbidden Mistress by Anne Mather 25 copies2452
In the Sheikh's Marriage Bed by Sarah Morgan 39 copies, 1 review2453
The Billionaire Boss's Bride by Cathy Williams 18 copies2454
The Greek's Seven-Day Seduction by Susan Stephens 13 copies, 1 review2455
The Spaniard's Love-Child by Kim Lawrence 18 copies2456
Possessed by the Sheikh by Penny Jordan 42 copies, 2 reviews2457
The Sicilian Marriage by Sandra Marton 22 copies, 1 review2458
Bedded by Blackmail by Julia James 21 copies2459
His Pregnant Mistress by Carol Marinelli 19 copies2460
A Passionate Revenge by Sara Wood 23 copies2461
The Billion-Dollar Bride by Kay Thorpe 16 copies2462
The Disobedient Bride by Helen Bianchin 23 copies2463
The Greek's Innocent Virgin by Lucy Monroe 77 copies, 4 reviews2464
The English Aristocrat's Bride by Sandra Field 15 copies2465
The Mediterranean Prince's Passion by Sharon Kendrick 26 copies2466
Lessons from a Latin Lover by Anne McAllister 24 copies, 1 review2467
The Blackmail Pregnancy by Melanie Milburne 53 copies, 2 reviews2468
The Italian's Stolen Bride by Emma Darcy 73 copies, 2 reviews2469
The Purchased Wife by Michelle Reid 42 copies, 2 reviews2470
Mistress at a Price by Sara Craven 20 copies2471
The Prince's Love-Child by Sharon Kendrick 35 copies, 1 review2472
The Sheikh's Virgin by Jane Porter 35 copies, 1 review2473
The Moretti Marriage by Catherine Spencer 28 copies2474
Married by Arrangement by Lynne Graham 33 copies, 2 reviews2475
His Wedding Ring of Revenge by Julia James 28 copies2476
Savage Awakening by Anne Mather 23 copies2477
The Future King's Bride by Sharon Kendrick 36 copies2478
His Convenient Mistress by Cathy Williams 27 copies2479
Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon by Kim Lawrence 45 copies, 3 reviews2480
Bedding His Virgin Mistress by Penny Jordan 27 copies2481
In the Rich Man's World by Carol Marinelli 18 copies2482
Bought: One Bride by Miranda Lee 63 copies, 1 review2483
Blackmailed into Marriage by Lucy Monroe 58 copies, 2 reviews2484
The Sheikh's Captive Bride by Susan Stephens 25 copies, 2 reviews2485
The Italian Boss's Secret Child by Trish Morey 27 copies2486
The Ramirez Bride by Emma Darcy 46 copies2487
Exposed: The Sheikh's Mistress by Sharon Kendrick 29 copies2488
The Tycoon's Trophy Wife by Miranda Lee 44 copies, 1 review2489
At the French Baron's Bidding by Fiona Hood-Stewart 41 copies, 29 reviews2490
The Italian's Marriage Demand by Diana Hamilton 23 copies, 1 review2491
The Twelve-Month Mistress by Kate Walker 35 copies, 1 review2492
The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride by Michelle Reid 50 copies2493
His One-Night Mistress by Sandra Field 27 copies2494
Expecting the Playboy's Heir by Penny Jordan 30 copies, 1 review2495
A Scandalous Marriage by Miranda Lee 35 copies2496
The Greek's Ultimate Revenge by Julia James 20 copies2497
The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife by Kate Walker 31 copies, 1 review2498
The Disobedient Virgin by Sandra Marton 87 copies, 4 reviews2499
Sale or Return Bride by Sarah Morgan 65 copies, 1 review2500
The Greek's Bought Wife by Helen Bianchin 25 copies2501
Pregnancy of Revenge by Jacqueline Baird 35 copies2502
The Italian Doctor's Mistress by Catherine Spencer 15 copies2503
Bound by Blackmail by Kate Walker 35 copies, 1 review2504
Blackmailing the Society Bride by Penny Jordan 32 copies2505
The Greek's Christmas Baby by Lucy Monroe 78 copies, 4 reviews2506
Sleeping with a Stranger by Anne Mather 27 copies2507
Taken by the Highest Bidder by Jane Porter 31 copies, 2 reviews2508
His Wedding-Night Heir by Sara Craven 31 copies, 1 review2509
Claiming His Christmas Bride by Carole Mortimer 28 copies2510
The Sheikh's Innocent Bride by Lynne Graham 55 copies, 1 review2511
Bought by the Greek Tycoon by Jacqueline Baird 40 copies, 1 review2512
At the Italian's Command by Cathy Williams 35 copies2513
The Royal Baby Bargain by Robyn Donald 24 copies2514
Virgin for Sale by Susan Stephens 29 copies, 2 reviews2515
Back in Her Husband's Bed by Melanie Milburne 22 copies2516