Publisher SeriesPenguin Poets

The Penguin Poets: Tennyson by Alfred Lord Tennyson 4 copiesD1
Wordsworth Poems Selected by W.E. Williams by William Wordsworth 60 copiesD2
Poems of Robert Burns by Robert Burns 126 copies, 1 reviewD3
Selected Poems by T. S. Eliot 593 copies, 3 reviewsD4
A Book of English Poetry: Chaucer to Rossetti by G. B. Harrison 250 copies, 2 reviewsD5
The Centuries’ Poetry: Chaucer to Shakespeare by Denys Kilham Roberts 7 copiesD6
The Centuries’ Poetry: Donne to Dryden by Denys Kilham Roberts 21 copiesD7
The Centuries’ Poetry: Pope to Keats by Denys Kilham Roberts 29 copies, 1 reviewD8
The Century’s Poetry, 1837-1937: Hood to Hardy by Denys Kilham Roberts 44 copiesD9
The Centuries Poetry 5: Bridges To The Present Day by Denys Kilham Roberts 40 copiesD10
Selected poems: Chosen with an introduction by W. E. Williams by D. H. Lawrence 66 copiesD11
The Penguin Book of Contemporary Verse by Kenneth Allott 230 copies, 3 reviewsD12
The Penguin Poets: John Donne by John Donne 596 copies, 4 reviewsD13
Alexander Pope; a selection by Douglas Grant (Penguin Poet) by Alexander Pope 107 copiesD14
Poems and Prose of Gerard Manley Hopkins - selected and edited by W. H. Gardner by Gerard Manley Hopkins 1,246 copies, 6 reviewsD15
Selected Poems by Edith Sitwell 23 copiesD16
Selected Poems by C. Day Lewis 44 copiesD17
Poems 1951 by John Hayward 6 copiesD18
The Penguin Book of Comic and Curious Verse by J. M. Cohen 100 copiesD19
Border Ballads by William Beattie 38 copiesD20
Milton: Poems (Penguin Poetry Library) by John Milton 53 copiesD21
The Penguin Book of Modern American Verse by Geoffrey Moore 37 copiesD22
Keats (Penguin Poetry Library) by John Keats 42 copiesD23
Browning by Robert Browning 114 copies, 1 reviewD24
Matthew Arnold by Matthew Arnold 12 copiesD25
Coleridge: Poems and Prose Selected by Kathleen Raine by Samuel Taylor Coleridge 171 copies, 1 reviewD35
Byron: Selected Poetry (Poetry Library, Penguin) by Lord George Gordon Byron 141 copies, 1 reviewD26
Selected Poetry and Letters by Lord Byron George Gordon 81 copiesD26
The Penguin Poets: Robert Frost by Robert Frost 90 copiesD27
Poems and Prose of John Dryden (Penguin Poets Series #D28) by John Dryden 10 copiesD28
Shelley a Selection By Elzabeth Quigly (The Penquin Poets) by Percy Bysshe Shelley 3 copiesD29
The Penguin Book of Spanish Verse by J. M. Cohen 142 copies, 1 reviewD30
More Comic & Curious Verse by J. M. Cohen 56 copiesD31
The Penguin Book of English Verse by John Hayward 396 copies, 2 reviewsD32
The Penguin book of French Verse, Volume 3 : The nineteenth century by Anthony Hartley 100 copiesD33
The Collected Poems of A. E. Housman by A. E. Housman 760 copies, 7 reviewsD34
The Penguin Book of German Verse by Leonard Forster 273 copies, 1 reviewD36
The Penguin Book of Italian Verse by George R. Kay 129 copies, 1 reviewD37
The Metaphysical Poets by Helen Louise Gardner 826 copiesD38
Robert Graves - Poems Selected By Himself by Robert Graves 149 copies, 1 reviewD39
The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse by John Thompson 54 copiesD40
W H Auden The Penguin Poets Selected By The Author by W. H. Auden 91 copiesD41
William Blake: A Selection of Poems and Letters by William Blake 292 copies, 1 reviewD42
The Penguin book of French verse, Volume 2 : Sixteenth to eighteenth centuries by Geoffrey Brereton 49 copiesD43
Collected verse (Penguin poets) by Hilaire Belloc 36 copies, 1 reviewD44
The Penguin Book of New Zealand Verse by Allen Curnow 75 copies, 1 reviewD45
The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse by Ralph Gustafson 65 copiesD46
The Penguin book of French verse, Volume 4 : The twentieth century by Anthony Hartley 69 copiesD47
Yet more comic and curious verse (Penguin poets series) by John Michael Cohen 29 copiesD48
The Penguin Book of French Verse 1: To the Fifteenth (15th) Century, D-50 by Brian Woledge 66 copiesD50
Lorca by Federico Garcia Lorca 44 copiesD51
Other Men's Flowers by A. P. Wavell 181 copies, 5 reviewsD52
Swinburne: The Penguin Poets by Algernon Charles Swinburne 30 copiesD55
Baudelaire : with plain prose translations of each poem by Charles-Pierre Baudelaire 54 copies, 1 reviewD56
The Penguin Book of Russian Verse by Dimitri Obolensky 101 copies, 2 reviewsD57
Selected Poems by Robert Herrick 66 copiesD58
Georgian Poetry by James Reeves 58 copies, 1 reviewD59
The Penguin Book of Latin Verse by Frederick Brittain 67 copiesD60
Penguin Modern Poets 1: Lawrence Durrell, Elizabeth Jennings, R.S. Thomas by Lawrence Durrell 90 copies, 1 reviewD61
The New Poetry by A. Alvarez 245 copies, 1 reviewD63
The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse by A. R. Davis 113 copies, 1 reviewD65
The Penguin Book of Religious Verse by R. S. Thomas 30 copiesD66
Collected Poems by Arthur Rimbaud 10 copies
Contemporary American Poetry by Donald Hall 344 copies, 1 reviewD67
Twentieth-century German verse (Penguin poets) by Patrick Bridgwater 36 copiesD68
Penguin Modern Poets 3: George Barker, Martin Bell, Charles Causley by George Barker 74 copiesD70
Pushkin by A.S. Pushkin 32 copiesD71
Selected Poems, 1923-1958 by E. E. Cummings 376 copies, 2 reviewsD72
Poetry of the Thirties by Robin Skelton 250 copies, 2 reviewsD73
Selected Verse: Dual-Language Edition With Plain Prose Translations of Each Poem (Penguin Poets) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 159 copiesD74
The Penguin Book of Sick Verse by George MacBeth 41 copiesD75
The Penguin Book of Japanese Verse by Geoffrey Bownas 251 copies, 5 reviewsD77
Selected Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke 294 copies, 3 reviewsD79
The Mid-Century: English Poetry 1940-60 by David Wright 35 copiesD81
Selected Poems by Guillaume Apollinaire 53 copiesD82
The Penguin book of Elizabethan verse by Edward Lucie-Smith 139 copies, 2 reviewsD83
Poems by Stéphane Mallarmé 378 copies, 5 reviewsD85
The Penguin Book of Animal Verse by George MacBeth 24 copiesD88
The common muse : an anthology of popular British ballad poetry from the 15th to the 20th century by Vivian de Sola Pinto 32 copiesD89
Penguin Modern Poets 7: Richard Murphy, Jon Silkin, Nathaniel Tarn by Richard Murphy 39 copiesD90
The Penguin book of Welsh verse by Anthony Conran 35 copiesD96
Selected Verse: Dual Language Edition (Penguin Classics) (German Edition) by Heinrich Heine 98 copies, 1 reviewD98
Poetry of the Forties by Robin Skelton 41 copies, 1 reviewD100
English Romantic Verse by David Wright 280 copies, 2 reviewsD102
Penguin Modern Poets 10: The Mersey Sound: Adrian Henri, Roger McGough, Brian Patten by Adrian Henri 337 copies, 5 reviewsD103
The Penguin Book of Restoration Verse by Harold Love 80 copiesD108
The Penguin Book of South African Verse by Jack Cope 16 copiesD109
Children of Albion by Michael Horovitz 94 copiesD116
Postwar Polish Poetry by Czesław Miłosz 84 copiesD119
The Penguin book of Scottish verse by Tom Scott 50 copies, 2 reviewsD120
Poetry of the Nineties (Poets) by R. K. R. Thornton 57 copies, 1 reviewD128
Selected Poems of D. H. Lawrence by D. H. Lawrence 340 copiesD144
Post-War Japanese Verse (The Penguin poets) by Harry Guest 15 copies, 1 reviewD145
Imagist Poetry (Penguin Modern Classics) by Peter Jones 137 copies, 2 reviewsD147
Poet to Poet : George Herbert, selected by W. H. Auden by George Herbert 13 copiesD151
The Testament of Cresseid and Other Poems by Robert Henryson 48 copiesD152
Poet to Poet : Tennyson, selected by Kingsley Amis by Alfred Tennyson 16 copiesD153
The Penguin Book of Australian Verse by Harry P. Heseltine 74 copiesD162
You Better Believe It: Black Verse in English by Paul Breman 24 copiesD163
Poet to Poet : William Wordsworth, selected by Lawrence Durrell by William Wordsworth 12 copiesD167
Ben Jonson: Poems Selected by Thom Gunn by Ben Jonson 21 copiesD175
Poet to Poet : Shelley, selected by Kathleen Raine by Percy Bysshe Shelley 16 copiesD176
Selected poems [of] Verlaine by Paul Verlaine 20 copiesD179
Poet to Poet : Charles Cotton, selected by Geoffrey Grigson by Charles Cotton 9 copiesD180
The Penguin book of French verse by Brian Woledge 71 copiesD182
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery 626 copies, 6 reviewsD201
The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser 2,239 copies, 21 reviewsD207
The Complete English Poems by John Donne 1,505 copies, 8 reviewsD209
The Poetical Works of John Keats by John Keats 3,100 copies, 7 reviewsD210
The Complete Poems by Andrew Marvell 579 copiesD213
Don Juan by Lord Byron 1,377 copies, 19 reviewsD216
Selected Poems by Stevie Smith 186 copiesD224
The Complete Poems by Thomas Wyatt 144 copiesD227
The Complete English Poems by John Skelton 53 copies, 1 reviewD233
The Penguin book of everyday verse : social and documentary poetry 1250-1916 by David Wright 6 copiesD244
The Penguin Book of Zen Poetry by Lucien Stryk 122 copies, 1 reviewD247
Selected Poems (The Penguin poets) by Thomas Hardy 310 copies, 2 reviewsD254
The Penguin Book of First World War Poetry by Jon Silkin 574 copies, 4 reviewsD255
The Complete Poems and Translations (Penguin Classics) by Christopher Marlowe 213 copies, 4 reviewsD267
The Penguin Book of Modern Australian Verse (An Australian original) by Harry Heseltine 12 copies, 1 reviewD272
The Complete English Poems by Samuel Johnson 66 copies296