Publisher SeriesPrisma Detectives

He Who Whispers by John Dickson Carr 268 copies, 3 reviews1
Mizmaze by Mary Fitt 25 copies, 1 review2
The Busy Body by Elizabeth Ferrars 16 copies3
Detectiveverhalen by Bert Japin 1 copy4
Swing, Brother, Swing by Ngaio Marsh 650 copies, 11 reviews5
The Nose on My Face by Laurence Payne 14 copies6
The Teeth of the Tiger by Maurice Leblanc 764 copies, 28 reviews7
Royal Bed for a Corpse by Max Murray 13 copies8
Let Him Have Judgement (UK); Hanging Judge (US) by Bruce Hamilton 14 copies9
The Just Men of Cordova by Edgar Wallace 69 copies, 3 reviews10
The Chinese Orange Mystery by Ellery Queen 304 copies, 12 reviews11
The Unknown Quantity by Mignon G. Eberhart 47 copies12
More Deaths Than One by Bruno Fischer 9 copies13
Homicide Trinity by Rex Stout 661 copies, 8 reviews14
A Gentle Murderer by Dorothy Salisbury Davis 44 copies15
The Four Just Men by Edgar Wallace 350 copies, 10 reviews16
Death on the Agenda by Patricia Moyes 148 copies, 1 review17
Death Has a Past by Anita Boutell 6 copies18
Detectiveverhalen by Agatha Christie 3 copies19
Wife or Death by Ellery Queen 46 copies20
My Son, the Murderer by Patrick Quentin 46 copies, 1 review21
The Innocent Flower by Charlotte Armstrong 57 copies22
Hand in Glove by Ngaio Marsh 708 copies, 5 reviews23
A Louse for the Hangman by Leo Bruce 8 copies24
The Hollow Needle by Maurice Leblanc 374 copies, 4 reviews25
The Case of the Constant Suicides by John Dickson Carr 327 copies, 8 reviews26
The Player on the Other Side by Ellery Queen 198 copies, 4 reviews27
Run Scared by Mignon G. Eberhart 36 copies28
The Wasp by Ursula Curtiss 20 copies, 1 review29
The Bleeding Scissors by Bruno Fischer 8 copies, 1 review30
The Mind of J. G. Reeder by Edgar Wallace 159 copies, 6 reviews31
The Trouble Makers by Celia Fremlin 27 copies, 1 review32
The Poisoned Chocolates Case by Anthony Berkeley 469 copies, 25 reviews33
Opening Night by Ngaio Marsh 726 copies, 8 reviews34
The Egyptian Cross Mystery by Ellery Queen 224 copies, 7 reviews35
The Wandering Widows by Elizabeth Ferrars 10 copies, 1 review36
Who's Been Sitting in My Chair? by Charlotte Armstrong 4 copies, 1 review37
Captain Cut-Throat by John Dickson Carr 121 copies38
Enter a Murderer by Ngaio Marsh 896 copies, 20 reviews39
A Stranger in My Grave by Margaret Millar 209 copies, 6 reviews40
The Final Deduction by Rex Stout 590 copies, 9 reviews41
Murder à la Mode by Patricia Moyes 147 copies, 2 reviews42
The Forger by Edgar Wallace 86 copies, 1 review43
The House of Soldiers by Andrew Garve 13 copies, 1 review44
She Died a Lady by Carter Dickson 159 copies, 5 reviews45
Death Spins the Platter by Ellery Queen 66 copies, 1 review46
In the Best Families by Rex Stout 836 copies, 20 reviews47
The Old Man In The Corner by Baroness Emmuska Orczy 111 copies, 7 reviews48
People vs. Withers & Malone by Stuart Palmer 30 copies, 1 review49
Die gelbe Schlange by Edgar Wallace 82 copies, 4 reviews50
Red Aces by Edgar Wallace 60 copies, 1 review51
Blue Octavo by John Blackburn 31 copies, 1 review52
A Bullet in the Ballet by Caryl Brahms 147 copies, 2 reviews53
The Joker by Edgar Wallace 84 copies54
Mystery In Kensington Gore by Philip MacDonald 16 copies, 1 review55
The Mystery of 31 New Inn by R. Austin Freeman 142 copies, 7 reviews56
The Sea Monks by Andrew Garve 13 copies, 1 review57
Bones in the Barrow by Josephine Bell 15 copies58
The Four Johns by Ellery Queen 62 copies, 2 reviews59
Hardly a Man is Now Alive by Herbert Brean 21 copies60
The Man in the Net by Patrick Quentin 47 copies, 1 review61
The Secret House by Edgar Wallace 77 copies62
The Pigskin Bag by Bruno Fischer 7 copies63
The Mouthpiece by Edgar Wallace 11 copies, 1 review64
Think Fast, Mr. Moto by John P. Marquand 84 copies, 2 reviews65
The Scarlet Letters by Ellery Queen 156 copies, 1 review66
The Men Who Explained Miracles by John Dickson Carr 87 copies67
No Tears for Hilda by Andrew Garve 60 copies, 3 reviews68
Fear The Light by Elizabeth Ferrars 15 copies69
The Green Ribbon by Edgar Wallace 50 copies70
Too Many Cooks by Rex Stout 873 copies, 23 reviews71
A Thief in the Night by Thomas Walsh 6 copies72
A Man Lay Dead by Ngaio Marsh 1,196 copies, 45 reviews73
The Man from Morocco by Edgar Wallace 53 copies74
Blow Hot, Blow Cold by Ellery Queen 46 copies75
Too Small for His Shoes by Laurence Payne 4 copies76
The Benefits of Death by Roderic Jeffries 5 copies, 1 review77
Double Dan by Edgar Wallace 36 copies78
Out of the Dark by Ursula Curtiss 16 copies79
Funeral of Figaro by Ellis Peters 125 copies, 1 review80
The King and the Corpse by Max Murray 11 copies, 1 review81
Angel Esquire by Edgar Wallace 52 copies, 1 review82
Mr. Moto Is So Sorry (The Moto Series) by John P. Marquand 58 copies, 2 reviews83
The Tragedy of Z by Ellery Queen 107 copies, 4 reviews84
The Famous Cases of Dr. Thorndyke by R. Austin Freeman 38 copies85
The Melody of Death by Edgar Wallace 35 copies86
The Second Confession by Rex Stout 828 copies, 15 reviews87
Flight of a Witch by Ellis Peters 436 copies, 6 reviews88
The Voice on the Telephone by Mildred Davis 6 copies89
The Man Who Bought London by Edgar Wallace 53 copies, 1 review90
Drury Lane's Last Case by Ellery Queen 149 copies, 4 reviews91
Prisoner's Friend by Andrew Garve 13 copies92
In the Last Analysis by Amanda Cross 465 copies, 11 reviews93
Jack O' Judgment by Edgar Wallace 56 copies, 1 review94
Patrick Butler for the Defense by John Dickson Carr 140 copies, 2 reviews95
Appleby Talks by Michael Innes 91 copies, 3 reviews96
Overture to Death by Ngaio Marsh 811 copies, 21 reviews97
Halfway House by Ellery Queen 174 copies, 4 reviews98
The Green Rust by Edgar Wallace 89 copies, 2 reviews99
The New Adventures of Ellery Queen by Ellery Queen 165 copies, 3 reviews100
The Case of Miss Elliott by Baroness Orczy 45 copies, 1 review102
Frame-Up by Andrew Garve 18 copies, 1 review104
The Second Sickle by Ursula Curtiss 19 copies105
The King is Dead by Ellery Queen 232 copies, 6 reviews106
R.S.V.P. Murder by Mignon Good Eberhart 37 copies, 2 reviews121
The Golden Goose by Ellery Queen 45 copies, 1 review123
The Million Dollar Story by Edgar Wallace 29 copies, 1 review127
Witness at Large by Mignon G. Eberhart 36 copies132
The Daffodil Mystery by Edgar Wallace 115 copies, 4 reviews138
The Fourth Plague by Edgar Wallace 36 copies, 2 reviews140
Losers, Weepers by Ellery Queen 25 copies, 1 review146
Beware the Young Stranger by Ellery Queen 44 copies, 2 reviews147
The House of Brass by Ellery Queen 129 copies, 2 reviews155
The Green-Eyed Monster by Patrick Quentin 39 copies156
Kate, Plus 10 by Edgar Wallace 30 copies170
Kiss and Kill by Ellery Queen 32 copies172
The Nine Bears by Edgar Wallace 24 copies, 1 review177
A Whiff of Death by Isaac Asimov 452 copies, 7 reviews195
The Valley of Ghosts by Edgar Wallace 73 copies, 2 reviews209
Breath of Suspicion by Elizabeth Ferrars 22 copies240
Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy L. Sayers 3,392 copies, 98 reviews247
The Spanish Cape Mystery by Ellery Queen 222 copies, 7 reviews257
Box 100 by Frank Leonard 12 copies258
The Devil to Pay by Ellery Queen 150 copies, 3 reviews275
Chase by Dean Koontz 381 copies, 6 reviews307
Death Trick by J. F. Burke 6 copies353
A Demon in My View by Ruth Rendell 423 copies, 9 reviews368
The Adventures of Ellery Queen by Ellery Queen 180 copies, 7 reviews388
Promised Land by Robert B. Parker 1,029 copies, 20 reviews393
The Eight of Swords by John Dickson Carr 176 copies, 3 reviews401
Q.E.D.: Queen's experiments in detection by Ellery Queen 60 copies, 2 reviews412
A Sleeping Life by Ruth Rendell 562 copies, 12 reviews428
The Dutch Shoe Mystery by Ellery Queen 304 copies, 7 reviews436
The Origin of Evil by Ellery Queen 192 copies, 4 reviews439
Grave Mistake by Ngaio Marsh 667 copies, 10 reviews447
The Black Abbot by Edgar Wallace 114 copies, 3 reviews450
The Madman Theory by Ellery Queen 65 copies, 1 review452
The Deadly Percheron by John Franklin Bardin 205 copies, 5 reviews453
Devil Take the Blue-Tail Fly by John Franklin Bardin 107 copies, 2 reviews455
The Best Man to Die by Ruth Rendell 619 copies, 27 reviews458
The Secret House of Death by Ruth Rendell 234 copies, 4 reviews459
To Love and Be Wise by Josephine Tey 1,117 copies, 39 reviews471
Murder at Moose Jaw by Tim Heald 13 copies476
The Case Against Butterfly by Geoffrey Tree 7 copies, 1 review480
30 for a Harry by Richard Hoyt 35 copies484
Decoys: A John Denson Mystery by Richard Hoyt 44 copies, 1 review488
The Tiger in the Smoke by Margery Allingham 1,264 copies, 43 reviews527
A Guilty Thing Surprised by Ruth Rendell 594 copies, 13 reviews550
Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers 4,280 copies, 166 reviews551
Trouble in July by Erskine Caldwell 100 copies, 2 reviews714
Puzzle for Fiends by Patrick Quentin 76 copies, 2 reviews909