Publisher SeriesDover Books on Science


101 Puzzles in Thought and Logic by Clarence Raymond Wylie 191 copies, 1 review
Advanced Euclidean Geometry by Roger A. Johnson 22 copies
Algebraic Equations by Edgar Dehn 16 copies
Algebraic Theories by Leonard Dickson 12 copies
Algebras and their arithmetics by Leonard E. Dickson 17 copies
Applications of Tensor Analysis by A. J. McConnell 42 copies
Applied mechanics for engineers by Charles E. Inglis 1 copy
Applied Optics and Optical Design, Part 1 by A. E. Conrady 22 copies
Applied Optics and Optical Design, Part Two (Dover Books on Physics) by A. E. Conrady 15 copies
Arithmetical Excursions: An Enrichment of Elementary Mathematics by Henry Bowers 8 copies
Astronomy of Stellar Energy and Decay by Martin Johnson 10 copies
Asymptotic Expansions by Arthur Erdélyi 63 copies
Basic Electricity by Bureau of Naval Personnel 113 copies
Basic Electronics by U.S. Bureau of Naval Personnel 94 copies
Basic theories of physics: Heat and quanta by Peter Gabriel Bergmann 7 copies
Basic Theories of Physics: Mechanics and Electrodynamics by Peter Gabriel Bergmann 6 copies
The Birth and Development of the Geological Sciences by Frank Dawson Adams 45 copies
Bridges and their builders by D. B. Steinman 17 copies
Calculus of variations by Andrew Russell Forsyth 12 copies
Calculus Refresher by A. A. Klaf 102 copies, 2 reviews
Caliban's Problem Book : Mathematical, Inferential and Cryptographic Puzzles by Hubert Phillips 12 copies
Classics of Medicine and Surgery by C. N. B. Camac 4 copies
The collected works of Bernhard Riemann by Bernhard Riemann 5 copies
A Collection of Modern Mathematical Classics. Analysis by Richard Bellman 3 copies
The Common Sense of the Exact Sciences by William Kingdon Clifford 35 copies
The Concept of Heat and Its Workings Simply Explained by Morton Mott-Smith 3 copies
The Concept of Nature by Alfred North Whitehead 219 copies
Concepts and methods of theoretical physics by Robert Bruce Lindsay 3 copies
Contemporary geometry by André Delachet 10 copies
Continuous groups of transformations by Luther Pfahler Eisenhart 10 copies
The Continuum and Other Types of Serial Order by Edward V. Huntington 33 copies
Contributions to the Founding of the Theory of Transfinite Numbers by Georg Cantor 163 copies, 2 reviews
A Course in Mathematical Analysis by Edouard Goursat 25 copies
A Course in Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 1 by Edouard Goursat 14 copies
A Course in Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 2 by Edouard Goursat 2 copies
A Course in Mathematical Analysis, Vol. 3 by Edouard Goursat 1 copy
Culture Methods for Invertebrate Animals by Paul S. Galtsoff 13 copies
Development of the Minkowski geometry of numbers by Harris Hancock 9 copies
Development of the Minkowski Geometry of Numbers, Vol. 1 by Harris Hancock 5 copies
Development of the Minkowski Geometry of Numbers, Vol. 2 by Harris Hancock 4 copies
Dictionary of conformal representations by H. Kober 16 copies
The Dynamics of Particles and of Rigid, Elastic, and Fluid Bodies (Lectures On Mathematical Physics) by Arthur Gordon Webster 5 copies
Dynamics of rigid bodies by William D. Macmillan 5 copies
Einstein's Theory of Relativity by Max Born 288 copies, 2 reviews
Elasticity by Robert Williams Soutas-Little 8 copies
Elementary statistics with applications in medicine by Frederick E. Croxton 10 copies
An Elementary Survey of Celestial Mechanics by Y. Ryabov 20 copies
AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON FOURIER'S SERIES AND SPHERICAL, CYLINDRIC, AND ELLIPSOIDAL HARMONICS: With Applications to Problems in Mathematical Physics by William Elwood Byerly 22 copies
The Elements of Mathematical Logic by Paul C. Rosenbloom 50 copies
The Elements of Non-Euclidean Geometry by D. M. Y. Sommerville 22 copies
Elements of Number Theory by I.M. Vinogradov 50 copies
The Elements of the Theory of Real Functions by John E. Littlewood 7 copies
The Enjoyment and Use of Color by Walter Sargent 116 copies
An Essay on the Foundations of Modern Geometry by Bertrand Russell 71 copies
Essays on the Theory of Numbers by Richard Dedekind 210 copies, 2 reviews
The evolution of the igneous rocks by Norman Levi Bowen 37 copies
Experiments and observations on the gastric juice, and the physiology of digestion by William Beaumont 31 copies
Famous Problems of Elementary Geometry by Felix Klein 27 copies
Foundations of Physics by Robert Bruce Lindsay 33 copies
The Fourth Dimension Simply Explained by Henry P. Manning 46 copies
From Euclid to Eddington by E. T. Whittaker 26 copies
Fundamental Formulas of Physics by Donald H. Menzel 23 copies
Fundamental Formulas of Physics, Vol. 1 by Donald H. Menzel 72 copies
Fundamental Formulas of Physics, Vol. 2 by Donald H. Menzel 58 copies
The Fundamental Principles of Quantum Mechanics: With Elementary Applications by Edwin C. Kemble 16 copies
Fundamental Theory of Servomechanisms by LeRoy A. MacColl 1 copy
The Genetical Theory of Natural Selection by R. A. Fisher 88 copies
Great Ideas of Modern Mathematics by Jagjit Singh 86 copies
A Guide to Feynman Diagrams in the Many-Body Problem by Richard D. Mattuck 123 copies, 1 review
Guide to the literature of mathematics and physics including related works on engineering science by Nathan Grier III Parke 6 copies
The Hall Effect And Semi-conductor Physics by E. H. Putley 2 copies
Heredity and your life;: An account by everyday human inheritance by A. M. Winchester 1 copy
Higher Geometry: An Introduction to Advanced Methods in Analytic Geometry by Frederick S. Woods 1 copy
Higher Mathematics for Students of Chemistry and Physics by Joseph William Mellor 20 copies
A History of Geometrical Methods by Julian Lowell Coolidge 26 copies
History of Mathematics, Vol. 1: General Survey of the History of Elementary Mathematics by David Eugene Smith 81 copies, 1 review
History of Mathematics, Vol. 2: Special Topics of Elementary Mathematics by David Eugene Smith 63 copies
How to Calculate Quickly: Full Course in Speed Arithmetic by Henry Sticker 252 copies, 1 review
How to Know the Ferns by Frances Theodora Parsons 108 copies
How to prospect for uranium by Hubert Lloyd Barnes 0 copies
Hydrodynamics : a study in logic, fact, and similitude by Garrett Birkhoff 12 copies, 1 review
Hydrology by Oscar Edward Meinzer 8 copies
Ingenious Mathematical Problems and Methods by L. A. Graham 30 copies
Insect Life and Insect Natural History by S.W. Frost 35 copies
Internal Constitution of the Earth by Beno Gutenberg 5 copies
Introduction to Bessel Functions by Frank Bowman 51 copies
An introduction to Fourier methods and the Laplace transformation by Philip Franklin 13 copies
An introduction to projective geometry, by Roy Martin Winger 3 copies
An introduction to relaxation methods by F. S. Shaw 1 copy
An Introduction to Symbolic Logic by Susanne K. Langer 162 copies, 1 review
Introduction to the differential equations of physics by Ludwig Hopf 9 copies
An introduction to the geometry of n dimensions by D. M. Y. Sommerville 14 copies
An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine by Claude Bernard 143 copies, 1 review
Introduction to the theory of Fourier's series and integrals by H. S. Carslaw 44 copies
Introduction to the Theory of Groups of Finite Order by R. D. Carmichael 26 copies
Introduction to the Theory of Linear Differential Equations by E.G.C. Poole 7 copies
Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by Leonard E. Dickson 25 copies
An introductory treatise on dynamical astronomy by H. C Plummer 8 copies
An introductory treatise on the lunar theory by Ernest W. Brown 4 copies
An Investigation of the Laws of Thought on Which Are Founded the Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities by George Boole 277 copies
The Kinematics of Machinery: Outlines of a Theory of Machines by Franz Reuleaux 14 copies
Kinematics of mechanisms by N. Rosenauer 2 copies
Kinetic Theory of Liquids by J. Frenkel 9 copies
Lectures on the Calculus of Variations by Oskar Bolza 14 copies
Lectures on the theory of functions of real variables by James Pierpont 8 copies
Linear Groups by Leonard Eugene Dickson 15 copies
Linear Integral Equations by William Vernon Lovitt 16 copies
Lucifer's Legacy: The Meaning of Asymmetry by Frank Close 170 copies, 1 review
Magic Squares and Cubes by William Symes Andrews 60 copies
The Mathematical Analysis of Electrical and Optical Wave-Motion by Harry Bateman 4 copies
Mathematical Biophysics: Physico-Mathematical Foundations of Biology by Nicolas Rashevsky 10 copies
Mathematical Biophysics: Physico-Mathematical Foundations of Biology, V. 1 by N. Rashevsky 10 copies
Mathematical Biophysics: Physico-Mathematical Foundations of Biology, V. 2 by Nicolas Rashevsky 8 copies
Mathematical excursions: side trips along paths not generally traveled in elementary courses in mathematics by Helen Abbot Merrill 11 copies
Mathematical Foundations of Information Theory by A. Ya. Khinchin 147 copies, 2 reviews
Mathematical Physics by Donald H. Menzel 116 copies
Mathematics of modern engineering by Robert E. Doherty 2 copies
Mathematics of Modern Engineering, Vol. I by Ernest G Keller 4 copies
Mathematics of modern engineering. Vol. 2, Mathematical engineering by Ernest G Keller 1 copy
Matter and Light: The New Physics by Louis de Broglie 53 copies
The measurement of power spectra, from the point of view of communications engineering by R. B. Blackman 29 copies
Mechanics of Materials by Alvin Sloane 1 copy
Memorabilia Mathematica: The Philomath's Quotation Book (Spectrum Series of the Mathematical Association of America) by Robert Edouard Moritz 21 copies
Methods in exterior ballistics by Forest Ray Moulton 1 copy
Microwave transmission design data by Theodore Moreno 8 copies
Molecular Collision Theory by M. S. Child 13 copies, 1 review
Molecular Rotation Spectra by H. W. Kroto 3 copies
Molecular Theory of Fluids by Herbert Sydney Green 1 copy
Monographs on Topics of Modern Mathematics Relevant to the Elementary Field. by J. W. A. Young 15 copies
The Nature of Light and Colour in the Open Air by M. Minnaert 267 copies, 5 reviews
New Methods of Celestial Mechanics (History of Modern Physics) by Henri Poincaré 9 copies
Non-Euclidean Geometry: A Critical and Historical Study of its Development by Roberto Bonola 133 copies
Numerical Integration of Differential Equations by Albert A. Bennett 4 copies
Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations by H. Levy 5 copies
On the Magnet and Magnetic Bodies, and on That Great Magnet the Earth by William Gilbert 142 copies, 2 reviews
Operational Methods in Applied Mathematics by H. S. Carslaw 11 copies
Opticks: Or a Treatise of the Reflections, Refractions, Inflections & Colours of Light by Sir Isaac Newton 297 copies, 2 reviews
Optics and Optical Instruments: An Introduction by B. K. Johnson 65 copies, 1 review
Ordinary Differential Equations by Edward L. Ince 83 copies
Organic Chemistry by FRANK WHITMORE 2 copies
Organic Chemistry, Volume 1 by Frank C Whitmore 5 copies
Organic Chemistry, Volume 2 by Frank C Whitmore 4 copies
Out of the Sky by H. H. Nininger 8 copies
Partial Differential Equations of Mathematical Physics by Arthur Gordon Webster 13 copies
A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities by Pierre-Simon Laplace 130 copies
Philosophy and the physicists by L. Susan Stebbing 35 copies
The Philosophy of Space and Time by Hans Reichenbach 276 copies, 1 review
Photoelasticity: Principles and Methods by Henry Turner Jessop 1 copy
Physics : the pioneer science. Volume 1, mechanics, heat, sound by Lloyd W. Taylor 4 copies
Physics: The Pioneer Science, Volume II: Electricity, Light by Lloyd W. Taylor 3 copies
Pierre Curie: With Autobiographical Notes by Marie Curie by Marie Curie 12 copies
Pioneers of Science by Sir Oliver Lodge 17 copies
Practical Analysis; Graphical and Numerical Methods by Friedrich Adolf Willers 7 copies
Principles of Mechanics and Dynamics, Vol. 1 by Peter G. Tait 1 copy
Principles of Mechanics and Dynamics, Vol. 2 by Sir William (Lord Kelvin) Thomson 3 copies
The Principles of Mechanics Presented in a New Form by Heinrich Hertz 15 copies
The principles of physical optics; an historical and philosophical treatment by Ernst Mach 24 copies
The Principles of Psychology by William James 679 copies, 2 reviews
The Principles of Psychology, Vol. 1 by William James 348 copies
Principles of Psychology, Vol. 2 by William James 273 copies, 1 review
The principles of psychology; Volume III by William James 6 copies
The Principles of Science: A Treatise on Logic and Scientific Method by W. Stanley Jevons 19 copies
Principles of stratigraphy by Amadeus W. Grabau 6 copies
Principles of Stratigraphy, Volume One by Amadeus W. Grabau 1 copy
Principles of Stratigraphy, Volume Two by Amadeus W. Grabau 1 copy
Probabilities and Life by Emile Borel 17 copies
The Psychology of Invention in the Mathematical Field by Jacques Hadamard 213 copies
Random Field Models in Earth Sciences (Dover Books on Science) by George Christakos 7 copies
Rayleigh's Principle and Its Applications to Engineering (Dover Phoenix Editions) by George F. J Temple 2 copies
The realm of the nebulae by Edwin Hubble 55 copies, 1 review
The Recursive Universe: Cosmic Complexity and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge by William Poundstone 309 copies, 1 review
Reflections on the Motive Power of Fire by Sadi Carnot 37 copies, 1 review
The Restless Universe by Max Born 78 copies, 2 reviews
The Rise of the New Physics, Vol. 1 by A. D'Abro 42 copies, 1 review
The Rise of the New Physics, Vol. 2 by A. D'Abro 37 copies
The Rise of the New Physics: Its Mathematical and Physical Theories, in Two Volumes by A. D'Abro 16 copies, 1 review
Science and Hypothesis by Henri Poincaré 345 copies
Science and Method by Henri Poincaré 153 copies, 1 review
The scientific basis of illuminating engineering by Parry Moon 1 copy
A Scientist at the Seashore by James S. Trefil 122 copies, 1 review
Soap Bubbles: Their Colors and Forces Which Mold Them by C. V. Boys 184 copies, 4 reviews
A Source Book in Mathematics by David Eugene Smith 78 copies
Source Book in Mathematics: v. 1 by David Eugene Smith 20 copies, 1 review
Source Book in Mathematics: v. 2 by David Eugene Smith 19 copies, 1 review
Source Book of Medical History by Logan Clendening 71 copies
Space and Time by Emile Borel 29 copies
Space, Time, Matter by Hermann Weyl 186 copies, 1 review
The specificity of serological reactions by Karl Landsteiner 11 copies
Statics and the dynamics of a particle by William Duncan MacMillan 3 copies
Statistical Astronomy by Robert J. Trumpler 8 copies
The Story of Alchemy and Early Chemistry by John Maxson Stillman 40 copies
The Story of X-Rays: from Rontgen to Isotopes by Alan Ralph Bleich 3 copies
The Strange Story of the Quantum by Banesh Hoffmann 158 copies, 1 review
The study of the history of mathematics, and The study of the history of science by George Sarton 24 copies
Substance and Function and Einstein's Theory of Relativity by Ernst Cassirer 98 copies, 1 review
The Surprise Attack in Mathematical Problems, by L. A. Graham 25 copies
A Survey of Matrix Theory and Matrix Inequalities by Marvin Marcus 38 copies
A Survey of Physical Theory by Max Planck 37 copies
Symbolic Logic and the Game of Logic by Lewis Carroll 361 copies, 1 review
Tables of Indefinite Integrals by G. Petit Bois 18 copies
The Taylor series; an introduction to the theory of functions of a complex variable by Paul Dienes 10 copies
Tensors for Circuits by Gabriel Kron 15 copies
Theoretical Mechanics: An Introduction to Mathematical Physics (Dover Books on Advanced Mathematics) by Joseph Sweetman Ames 12 copies
Theory and application of Mathieu functions, by N. W. McLachlan 2 copies
The theory and operation of the slide rule by John P. Ellis 4 copies
The theory of determinants, matrices, and invariants by H. W. Turnbull 8 copies
The Theory of Electrons and Its Applications to the Phenomena of Light and Radiant Heat by Hendrik Antoon Lorentz 19 copies
The Theory of Equations : With an Introduction to the Theory of Binary Algebraic Forms by William Snow Burnside 10 copies
The theory of equilibrium of elastic systems and its applications, by Alberto Castigliano 1 copy
Theory of Functionals and of Integral and Integro-Differential Equations by Vito Volterra 3 copies
The theory of functions of a real variable and the theory of Fourier's series by Ernest William Hobson 15 copies
The Theory of Functions of a Real Variable and the Theory of Fourier's Series (Volume 1) by Ernest William Hobson 2 copies
The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics by Hermann Weyl 158 copies
Theory of groups of finite order by W. Burnside 31 copies
Theory of Maxima and Minima by Harris Hancock 9 copies
The Theory of Numbers and Diophantine Analysis Both Books Bound As One by Robert D. Carmichael 16 copies
Theory of Sets by Erich Kamke 88 copies
The theory of sound, Volume 1 by John William Strutt, Baron Rayleigh 42 copies
The theory of sound, Volume 2 by John William Strutt, Baron Rayleigh 37 copies
The theory of sound, Volumes 1 and 2 by John William Strutt, Baron Rayleigh 24 copies
Theory of the motion of the heavenly bodies moving about the sun in conic sections by Karl Friedrich Gauss 11 copies
The Theory of the Potential by William Duncan MacMillan 10 copies
The Thirteen Books of the Elements by Euclid 988 copies, 6 reviews
The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 1, books 1-2 by Euclid 551 copies, 4 reviews
The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 2, books 3-9 by Euclid 326 copies, 1 review
The Thirteen Books of the Elements, Vol. 3, books 10-13 by Euclid 313 copies, 3 reviews
Three Copernican Treatises by Nicolaus Copernicus 43 copies
Transients in Power Systems by Harold A. Peterson 2 copies
A Treatise on Algebraic Plane Curves by Julian Lowell Coolidge 17 copies
A treatise on electricity and magnetism by James Clerk Maxwell 25 copies
Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. 1 by James Clerk Maxwell 113 copies
Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, Vol. 2 by James Clerk Maxwell 74 copies
A treatise on plane and advanced trigonometry by Ernest William Hobson 4 copies
Treatise on Thermodynamics by Max Planck 65 copies, 2 reviews
Trigonometric Series by Antoni Zygmund 28 copies
The universe of light by William Henry Bragg 21 copies
The Value of Science: Essential Writings of Henri Poincare by Henri Poincaré 190 copies
Vector Analysis with an Introduction to Tensor Analysis by A. P. Wills 10 copies
The VSEPR Model of Molecular Geometry by Ronald J. Gillespie 4 copies
Wave mechanics and its applications by N. F. Mott 10 copies

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