Publisher SeriesQuartet Encounters

A.O. Barnabooth: His Diary by Valéry Larbaud 106 copies
After the Divorce by Grazia Deledda 71 copies, 3 reviews
Anathemas and Admirations by E. M. Cioran 263 copies, 2 reviews
Anna Édes by Dezső Kosztolányi 207 copies, 4 reviews
Babylon by René Crevel 137 copies, 1 review
The Bachelors by Henry de Montherlant 137 copies, 1 review
Behind the Door by Giorgio Bassani 157 copies, 3 reviews
The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa 4,431 copies, 69 reviews
A Burnt Child by Stig Dagerman 244 copies, 7 reviews
Concrete by Thomas Bernhard 687 copies, 13 reviews
Conversations in Sicily by Elio Vittorini 593 copies, 7 reviews
Diamonds of the Night by Arnošt Lustig 36 copies
The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky by Vaslav Nijinsky 226 copies, 2 reviews
A dream of something by Pier Paolo Pasolini 76 copies, 3 reviews
The Dwarf by Pär Lagerkvist 1,027 copies, 24 reviews
Each Man in His Darkness by Julien Green 120 copies, 2 reviews
Fermina Marquez by Valery Larbaud 109 copies, 2 reviews
Fragments of a Journal by Eugène Ionesco 88 copies
The Freud Journal by Lou Andreas-Salomé 60 copies
The Games of Night by Stig Dagerman 112 copies, 1 review
The General of the Dead Army by Ismail Kadare 467 copies, 10 reviews
German Autumn by Stig Dagerman 204 copies, 6 reviews
The Gods by Alain 40 copies, 1 review
Helping verbs of the heart by Péter Esterházy 92 copies, 1 review
The Heron by Giorgio Bassani 169 copies, 5 reviews
The Hidden Force by Louis Couperus 510 copies, 5 reviews
Honeymoon, Bittermoon by Ramón Pérez de Ayala 22 copies
The Liar by Martin A. Hansen 156 copies, 5 reviews
Life in the Tomb by Stratis Myrivilis 65 copies, 4 reviews
Little Jinx by Andrei Sinyavsky 21 copies
The March of the Musicians by Per Olov Enquist 146 copies, 4 reviews
Masquerade and Other Stories by Robert Walser 140 copies, 3 reviews
Midnight by Julien Green 67 copies, 1 review
Moira by Julien Green 151 copies, 2 reviews
Mont-Cinère by Julien Green 68 copies
The Natural Philosophy of Love by Remy de Gourmont 89 copies
Night and Hope by Arnošt Lustig 87 copies
The noise of time and other prose pieces by Osip Mandelstam 241 copies, 1 review
Notes on the Cinematographer by Robert Bresson 369 copies, 2 reviews
On the Heights of Despair by E. M. Cioran 551 copies, 4 reviews
On the Mountain by Thomas Bernhard 145 copies, 2 reviews
Paintings by Victor Segalen 49 copies, 1 review
Aladdin's Problem (The Eridanos Library) by Ernst Jünger 104 copies
The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard 381 copies, 5 reviews
René Leys by Victor Segalen 197 copies, 5 reviews
The Retreat by Aharon Appelfeld 122 copies, 2 reviews
The Return of Philip Latinowicz by Miroslav Krleža 199 copies, 2 reviews
Rodin and Other Prose Pieces (Quartet Encounters) by Rainer Maria Rilke 36 copies
Roman Nights and Other Stories by Pier Paolo Pasolini 35 copies
Royal Hunt (Quartet Encounters) by D. R. Popescu 28 copies
Sade My Neighbor by Pierre Klossowski 124 copies
Sansevero I (Quartet Encounters) by Andrea Giovene 24 copies
Sansevero II (Quartet Encounters) (Vol 2) by Andrea Giovene 21 copies
The Sleepwalkers by Hermann Broch 798 copies, 9 reviews
The Snake by Stig Dagerman 131 copies, 3 reviews
A Soviet Heretic: Essays by Yevgeny Zamyatin by Yevgeny Zamyatin 83 copies
The Temptation to Exist by Emil Cioran 494 copies, 4 reviews
That Awful Mess on Via Merulana by Carlo Emilio Gadda 1,067 copies, 24 reviews
Theorem by Pier Paolo Pasolini 190 copies, 6 reviews
A Time to Kill by Ennio Flaiano 198 copies, 4 reviews
The Trouble with Being Born by E. M. Cioran 743 copies, 12 reviews