Publisher SeriesBiblioteka Bestsellerów

Beyond Desire by Pierre La Mure 38 copies
The Counterfeiters by André Gide 1,250 copies, 9 reviews
Le Courtier en tabac, tome 1 : Lauréat du Maryland by John Barth 6 copies
Le Courtier en tabac, tome 2 : Malden recouvre by John Barth 5 copies
Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh 3,369 copies, 58 reviews
The Green House by Mario Vargas Llosa 958 copies, 17 reviews
The Lost Steps by Alejo Carpentier 999 copies, 16 reviews
Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez 25,748 copies, 381 reviews
A Manual for Manuel by Julio Cortázar 258 copies, 7 reviews
Opowiadania by Julio Cortázar 6 copies
The Passions of the Mind, Part 1 by Irving Stone 3 copies
The Passions of the Mind, Part 2 by Irving Stone 4 copies
The Passions of the Mind: A Novel of Sigmund Freud by Irving Stone 553 copies, 4 reviews
The Safety Net by Heinrich Böll 439 copies, 9 reviews
The Vivisector by Patrick White 600 copies, 10 reviews
Voss by Patrick White 1,298 copies, 20 reviews
Washington, D.C. by Gore Vidal 839 copies, 10 reviews