Publisher SeriesAncient Peoples and Places

The Slavs (Ancient Peoples and Places, Vol. 74) by Marija Gimbutas 26 copies74
Peru by Geoffrey Hext Sutherland Bushnell 35 copies, 1 review1
The Scythians by Tamara Talbot Rice 37 copies, 2 reviews2
Sicily Before the Greeks by L.B. Brea 16 copies3
Denmark before the Vikings by Ole Klindt-Jensen 16 copies, 1 review4
The Low Countries by Sigfried J. De Laet 9 copies5
The Celts by T. G. E. Powell 291 copies, 3 reviews6
Early Christian Ireland by Máire De Paor 68 copies8
Wessex before the Celts by J. F. S. Stone 17 copies9
Japan before Buddhism by J. Edward Kidder 21 copies10
Malta by John Davies Evans 6 copies11
Early India and Pakistan by Mortimer Wheeler 21 copies12
Brittany by Pierre-Roland Giot 10 copies13
East Anglia by R Rainbird Clarke 10 copies, 1 review14
The Origins of Rome by Raymond Bloch 48 copies15
The Anglo-Saxons by David M. Wilson 123 copies16
I Lapponi by Roberto Bosi 8 copies, 1 review17
The Egyptians by Cyril Aldred 341 copies, 2 reviews18
The Early Christians by Michael Gough 37 copies, 1 review19
The Seljuks in Asia Minor by Tamara Talbot Rice 11 copies, 1 review20
The Vikings by Holger Arbman 62 copies21
Czechoslovakia before the Slavs (Ancient Peoples and Places) by & Neustupný Evžen Neustupný, Jiří 1 copy22
China Before the Han Dynasty by William Watson 11 copies23
The Greeks until Alexander by Robert Manuel Cook 19 copies24
Writing by David Diringer 41 copies25
The Phoenicians by Donald B. Harden 84 copies, 2 reviews26
The Byzantines by David Talbot Rice 13 copies, 1 review27
The Greeks in the West by A. G. Woodhead 24 copies28
Mexico: Ancient Peoples and Places by Michael D. Coe 433 copies, 4 reviews29
Sweden (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Mårten Stenberger 4 copies30
The Greeks in Ionia and the East by J. M. Cook 19 copies31
The Balts by Marija Gimbutas 27 copies32
Troy and the Trojans by Carl W. Blegen 85 copies33
Celtic Britain by Nora Kershaw Chadwick 53 copies34
Sardinia by Margaret Guido 10 copies35
The Iberians by Antonio Arribas 13 copies36
Bones, bodies, and disease; evidence of disease and abnormality in early man by Calvin Wells 15 copies, 1 review37
The Canaanites by John Gray 14 copies38
The Mycenaeans by William Taylour 167 copies39
New Grange and the Bend of the Boyne (Ancient peoples and places) by Sean P. O'Riordain 7 copies40
South West England by Aileen Fox 16 copies41
The Medes and Persians by William Culican 15 copies42
The Art of the Romans by J. M. C. Toynbee 21 copies43
Colombia by Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff 9 copies44
Poland. Ancient People and Places. by Jażdżewski Konrad 2 copies45
Southern Africa by Brian M. Fagan 5 copies46
Central and southern Italy before Rome by David H. Trump 12 copies47
Archaeology under Water (Pelican) by George F. Bass 45 copies, 1 review48
Ecuador by Betty J. Meggers 7 copies49
Republican Rome by Alexander Hugh McDonald 17 copies50
The Georgians by David Marshall Lang 20 copies51
The Maya by Michael D. Coe 916 copies, 11 reviews52
Finland by Ella Kivikoski 4 copies53
The Picts by Isabel Henderson 22 copies, 1 review54
Meroe; a civilization of the Sudan by P. L. Shinnie 16 copies, 1 review55
Norway by Anders Hagen 6 copies56
Romania by Dumitru Berciu 11 copies57
Pagan Scandinavia by Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson 22 copies58
The Parthians by Malcolm A. R. Colledge 19 copies59
The city of Constantinople by Michael Maclagan 9 copies60
Spain and Portugal by H. N. Savory 7 copies61
Tarquinia and Etruscan Origins by Hugh Hencken 26 copies62
The Druids by Stuart Piggott 485 copies, 1 review63
The Mongols by E. D. Phillips 19 copies, 1 review64
Prehistory of Australia by D. J. Mulvaney 107 copies65
Food in Antiquity: A Survey of the Diet of Early Peoples by Don R. Brothwell 83 copies, 1 review66
Medieval civilization in Germany, 800-1273 by Franz H. Bauml 19 copies67
The Armenians by Sirarpie Der Nersessian 14 copies68
South East England by Ronald Jessup 17 copies69
The Upper Amazon (Ancient Peoples & Places) by Donald W. Lathrap 9 copies70
The Abyssinians by David Roden Buxton 16 copies71
The prehistory of Africa by J. Desmond Clark 20 copies72
The Sarmatians by Tadeusz Sulimirski 24 copies73
The Minoans; the story of Bronze Age Crete by Sinclair Hood 29 copies75
Northern Italy before Rome by Lawrence Barfield 15 copies76
Jugoslavia Before the Roman Conquest. by John Alexander 5 copies77
Early Buddhist Japan by J. Edward Kidder 9 copies78
Central Asia: Turkmenia before the Achaemenids by V. M Masson 3 copies79
Britain and the Western Seaways by E. G. Bowen 22 copies80
The Balearic Islands by Luis Pericot Garcia 14 copies81
The Crusaders in Syria and the Holy Land by R. C. Smail 19 copies82
The Hittites: And Their Contemporaries in Asia Minor (Ancient Peoples and Places Series) by J. G. MacQueen 234 copies, 1 review83
The Bulgarians (Ancient Peoples & Places) by David Marshall Lang 7 copies84
Nubia under the pharaohs by Bruce G. Trigger 9 copies85
Switzerland - From Earliest Times to the Roman Conquest by Marc Rodolphe Sauter 3 copies86
The Eskimos and Aleuts (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Don E. Dumond 41 copies87
Nigeria : its archaeology and early history by Thurstan Shaw 3 copies88
The Sea Peoples by N. K. Sandars 87 copies89
Archaeological Sites in Their Setting (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Claudio Vita-Finzi 13 copies90
The catacombs: Life and death in early Christianity by James Stevenson 69 copies, 1 review91
Polynesians: Prehistory of an Island People (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Peter Bellwood 33 copies92
The cave artists by Ann Sieveking 35 copies93
Babylon by Joan Oates 257 copies, 2 reviews94
The Spartans by L. F. Fitzhardinge 32 copies, 1 review95
The Beaker Folk (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Richard J. Harrison 13 copies97
Thracians (Ancient Peoples & Places) by Ralph F. Hoddinott 8 copies98
Scotland: Archaeology and Early History by Graham Ritchie 56 copies, 1 review99
A Short History of Archaeology by Glyn Daniel 53 copies100
Cyprus: From the Stone Age to the Romans (Ancient Peoples & Places) by Vassos Karageorghis 19 copies101
The Vikings and America by Erik Wahlgren 86 copies, 2 reviews102
Celtic Britain by Charles Thomas 118 copies, 1 review103
Pre-Christian Ireland: From the First Settlers to the Early Celts (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Peter Harbison 111 copies104
Spain at the Dawn of History: Iberians, Phoenicians and Greeks (Ancient Peoples & Places) by Richard J. Harrison 34 copies105
People of the Wetlands: Bogs, Bodies and Lake-Dwellers (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Bryony Coles 45 copies106
The Aztecs by Richard F. Townsend 230 copies, 2 reviews107
Ancient Peoples of the American Southwest by Stephen Plog 165 copies, 2 reviews108
Angkor and the Khmer Civilization by Michael D. Coe 64 copies, 1 review109
The Moundbuilders: Ancient Peoples of Eastern North America (Ancient Peoples and Places) by George R. Milner 104 copies, 1 review110
The Olmecs: America's First Civilization (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Richard A. Diehl 61 copies111
The First North Americans: An Archaeological Journey (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Brian M. Fagan 39 copies, 1 review112
The Incas (Ancient Peoples and Places) by Craig Morris 28 copies, 1 review113