Publisher SeriesAce

Series author: Andre Norton

Behind the Walls of Terra by Philip José Farmer 450 copies, 4 reviews05363-7
Star Gate by Andre Norton 511 copies, 4 reviewsM-157
Lost on Venus by Edgar Rice Burroughs 553 copies, 2 reviewsF-221
The Weapon Shops of Isher by A. E. Van Vogt 735 copies, 12 reviewsD-482
Star Guard by Andre Norton 428 copies, 6 reviewsG=599
The Dolphin and the Deep [collection] by Thomas Burnett Swann 2 copiesG-694
Postmarked the Stars by Andre Norton 373 copies, 2 reviewsG-723
And Chaos Died by Joanna Russ 344 copies, 2 reviews2268
The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: 5th Series by Anthony Boucher 107 copies, 1 review5455
Dark Piper by Andre Norton 365 copies, 3 reviews13795
The Defiant Agents by Andre Norton 459 copies, 8 reviews14234
Sargasso of Space by Andre Norton 541 copies, 9 reviews74982
Sorceress of the Witch World by Andre Norton 592 copies, 2 reviews77551
Victory on Janus by Andre Norton 317 copies, 1 review86321