Publisher SeriesDover Books on Art

150 Masterpieces of Drawing by Anthony Toney 84 copies
African Sculpture (African Art Art of Illustration) by Ladislas Segy 76 copies, 1 review
Art and the social order by Dilman Walter Gotshalk 9 copies
The Art of Etching by E.S. Lumsden 77 copies
The Arthur Rackham Treasury: 86 Full-Color Illustrations by Arthur Rackham 139 copies, 3 reviews
The Autobiography of an Idea by Louis H. Sullivan 124 copies, 1 review
The Brown Decades: A Study of the Arts in America, 1865-1895 by Lewis Mumford 180 copies
Byzantine art and archaeology by O. M. Dalton 6 copies
Chinese Household Furniture by George N. Kates 43 copies
The Complete Book of Silk Screen Printing Production by J. I. Biegeleisen 68 copies, 1 review
The Decorative Arts of Sweden by Iona Plath 53 copies
Goya The Disparates or The Proverbios by Francisco Jose De Goya Y Lucientes 21 copies
Drawings by Pisanello by George F. Hill 15 copies
The drawings of Heinrich Kley by Heinrich Kley 106 copies
Drawings of William Blake by William Blake 66 copies
Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color by Edmund Dulac 87 copies
The Early Work of Aubrey Beardsley by Aubrey Vincent Beardsley 89 copies, 1 review
Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art by Ernest F. Fenollosa 47 copies
Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art, Vol. 1 by Ernest F. Fenollosa 38 copies
Epochs of Chinese and Japanese Art: v. 2 (Dover Books on Art History) by Ernest F. Fenollosa 12 copies
The Franciscan Mission Architecture of Alta California by Rexford Newcomb 7 copies
French painting by R. H. Wilenski 19 copies
Graphic Worlds of Peter Bruegel the Elder by H. Arthur Klein 96 copies
Handbook of Designs and Devices by Clarence Hornung 156 copies, 1 review
Handbook of Plant and Floral Ornament by Richard G. Hatton 68 copies, 2 reviews
A History of Costume by Carl Köhler 550 copies, 4 reviews
A History of Engraving and Etching by Arthur M. Hind 149 copies, 1 review
History of Indian and Indonesian Art by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 68 copies
The Human Figure: The Complete Dresden Sketchbook by Albrecht Dürer 36 copies
Impressions of Japanese architecture and the allied arts by Ralph Adams Cram 31 copies
An Introduction to a History of Woodcut by Arthur M. Hind 89 copies, 1 review
An Introduction to a History of Woodcut Vol 1 by Arthur M. Hind 27 copies
An Introduction to a History of Woodcut: Volume Two by Arthur M. Hind 21 copies
Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings by Edward Sylvester Morse 303 copies
Kinetic Art: Theory and Practice by Frank J. Malina 27 copies
Lost examples of colonial architecture; buildings that have disappeared or been so altered as to be denatured by John Mead Howells 34 copies
Methods and Materials of Painting of the Great Schools and Masters by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake 59 copies
Methods and Materials of Painting of the Great Schools and Masters Vol. 1 by Sir Charles Lock Eastlake 18 copies
Methods and Materials of Painting of the Great Schools and Masters Vol. 2 by Charles L. Eastlake 15 copies
Modern Mexican Painters by MacKinley Helm 57 copies
More Drawings by Heinrich Kley by Heinrich Kley 44 copies, 1 review
Painting in the Far East by Laurence Binyon 35 copies, 1 review
Painting Materials: A Short Encyclopedia by Rutherford J. Gettens 103 copies
Poe Illustrated by Jeff A. Menges 26 copies
Posada's Popular Mexican Prints by Jose Posada 98 copies, 2 reviews
Principles of Art History by Heinrich Wölfflin 512 copies
Rackham's Fairies, Elves and Goblins: More than 80 Full-Color Illustrations by Jeff A. Menges 36 copies, 1 review
Selected Etchings of James A. McN. Whistler (Dover Art Collections) by James McNeill Whistler 41 copies
Shakespeare Illustrated: Art by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Charles Robinson and Others (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) by Jeff A. Menges 19 copies
Silk Screen Techniques by J. I. Biegeleisen 106 copies, 1 review
The spirit of man in Asian art by Laurence Binyon 19 copies
Treasury of Calligraphy: 219 Great Examples, 1522-1840 by Jan Tschichold 18 copies
Triumph of Maximilian I by H. Burgkmair 5 copies
Vasari on Technique by Giorgio Vasari 121 copies
Views of Venice by Canaletto 27 copies
Wrought Iron in Architecture: An Illustrated Survey by Gerald K. Geerlings 49 copies