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A Convenient Wife by Sara Wood 14 copiesBrides of Convenience - May 2007
The Italian's Virgin Bride by Trish Morey 24 copiesBrides of Convenience - May 2007
The Mediterranean Husband = Bertoluzzi's Heiress Bride by Catherine Spencer 12 copiesBrides of Convenience - May 2007
Delicious = MacAllister's Baby by Julie Cohen 16 copies, 3 reviewsThe Eligible Bachelors - Aug 2007
Mistress on Trial = Strictly Legal by Kate Hardy 13 copiesThe Eligible Bachelors - Aug 2007
Wife for a Week by Kelly Hunter 37 copies, 7 reviewsThe Eligible Bachelors - Aug 2007
The Firefighter's Chosen Bride = White-Hot! by Trish Wylie 15 copies, 1 reviewThe Eligible Bachelors - Aug 2007
The Italian Tycoon's Bride by Helen Brooks 21 copiesMarriage and Mistletoe - Dec 2007
The Rancher's Rules by Lucy Monroe 48 copies, 2 reviewsMarriage and Mistletoe - Dec 2007
The Christmas Night Miracle by Carole Mortimer 22 copies, 2 reviewsMarriage and Mistletoe - Dec 2007
Taken by the Tycoon by Kathryn Ross 7 copies
All Night With the Boss by Natalie Anderson 26 copiesPregnant Mistresses - Jan 2008
Married in a Rush by Julie Cohen 5 copies, 1 review
His Live-In Mistress by Maggie Cox 4 copies
The Pregnancy Ultimatum = In the Gardener's Bed by Kate Hardy 16 copiesPregnant Mistresses - Jan 2008
Price of Passion by Susan Napier 142 copies, 10 reviewsPregnant Mistresses - Jan 2008
Bedded by a Playboy = Bedded by a Bad Boy by Heidi Rice 16 copiesPregnant Mistresses - Jan 2008
Driving Him Wild = His for the Taking by Julie Cohen 21 copies, 1 reviewNights of Passion - Feb 2008
Bedded for Diamonds = Priceless by Kelly Hunter 13 copies, 2 reviewsNights of Passion - Feb 2008
Purchased for Pleasure by Nicola Marsh 18 copies, 2 reviewsNights of Passion - Feb 2008
The Tycoon's Virgin by Susan Stephens 11 copiesNights of Passion - Feb 2008
The Italian's Seduction by Karen van der Zee 6 copies
Hired for the Boss's Bed = Dream Job, Hot Boss! by Robyn Grady 20 copies, 2 reviewsTaken by the Millionaire - Mar 2008
Mistress to the Tycoon by Nicola Marsh 18 copies, 1 reviewTaken by the Millionaire - Mar 2008
The Millionaire's Blackmail Bargain by Heidi Rice 19 copiesTaken by the Millionaire - Mar 2008
At the Billionaire's Bidding (aka The Return of the Rebel) by Trish Wylie 20 copiesTaken by the Millionaire - Mar 2008
Sicilian Spring by Sally Wentworth 6 copiesFeb 1995 - 1
The Paris Type by Christine Greg 3 copies2
My Only Love by Lee Wilkinson 16 copies3
Charade of the Heart by Cathy Williams 14 copies, 1 review5
No Escaping Love by Sharon Kendrick 2 copies6
Yesterday's Passion by Catherine O'Connor 3 copies8
In Pursuit of Love by Jayne Bauling 2 copies9
Forbidden Passion by Sarah Holland 1 copy11
Too Scared to Love by Cathy Williams 1 copy12
Cruel Angel by Sharon Kendrick 11 copies13
Obligation to Love by Catherine O'Connor 3 copies14
The Bride of Santa Barbara by Angela Devine 5 copies15
Calypso's Island by Rosalie Ash 4 copies16
Practised Deceiver by Susanne McCarthy 3 copies17
The Winter King by Amanda Carpenter 4 copies, 1 review19
Unwilling Surrender by Cathy Williams 4 copies20
Lost Lady by Lee Wilkinson 6 copies21
Sweet Madness by Sharon Kendrick 2 copies22
Deceitful Lover by Helen Brooks 10 copies23
Vengeful Bride (Harlequin Presents #24) by Rosalie Ash 2 copies24
Sophisticated Seduction by Jayne Bauling 2 copies25
Yesterday's Husband by Angela Devine 5 copies26
One Man, One Love by Natalie Fox 2 copies27
Shadows of Yesterday by Cathy Williams 2 copies28
Blue Fire by Sarah Holland 11 copies, 1 review29
Savage Seduction by Sharon Kendrick 4 copies30
Reluctant Hostage by Margaret Mayo 6 copies31
Secret Surrender by Laura Martin 2 copies32
The Other Man by Karen van der Zee 5 copies33
Passionate Retribution by Kim Lawrence 8 copies34
The Barbarian's Bride by Alex Ryder 2 copies35
Master of Deceit by Susanne McCarthy 4 copies36
Worlds Apart by Kay Thorpe 5 copies37
No Mistress But Love by Kate Proctor 3 copies38
Mandate for Marriage by Catherine O'Connor 1 copy39
Wild Injustice by Margaret Mayo 4 copies40
Love in Torment by Natalie Fox 5 copies41
An Imported Wife by Rosalie Ash 1 copy42
Trust Too Much by Jayne Bauling 4 copies43
Tahitian Wedding by Angela Devine 5 copies44
Love Rules by Ann Charlton 3 copies45
Innocent Deceiver by Lilian Peake 5 copies46
Captive in Eden by Karen van der Zee 2 copies47
Relentless Seduction by Kim Lawrence 3 copies48
Determined Lady by Margaret Mayo 8 copies49
Dark Avenger by Alex Ryder 5 copies50
Master of Seduction by Sarah Holland 6 copies51
Dangerous Nights by Rosalie Ash 3 copies52
A Physical Affair by Lynsey Stevens 12 copies53
Trial in the Sun by Kay Thorpe 5 copies, 1 review54
Fire Beneath the Ice by Helen Brooks 7 copies55
IRRESISTIBLE ATTRACTION by Alison Kelly 3 copies56
No Holding Back by Kate Walker 6 copies57
A Thorn in Paradise by Cathy Williams 6 copies58
Carmichael's Return by Lilian Peake 6 copies59
Bitter Memories (Island Dreams) by Margaret Mayo 7 copies60
Lace and Satin by Helen Brooks 2 copies61
Tall, Dark and Dangerous by Kate Proctor 3 copies62
A Love Untamed by Karen van der Zee 4 copies63
A Little Corner of Paradise by Catherine Spencer 5 copies64
Dangerous Entanglement by Susanne McCarthy 5 copies65
Torn by Desire by Natalie Fox 2 copies66
A Past to Deny by Kate Proctor 4 copies67
Substitute Bride by Angela Devine 3 copies68
Vengeful Seduction by Cathy Williams 4 copies69
An Obsessive Love by Sarah Holland 5 copies70
Dark Pirate by Angela Devine 4 copies71
Myths of the Moon by Rosalie Ash 4 copies72
Naive Awakening by Cathy Williams 3 copies74
Second Chance for Love by Susanne McCarthy 4 copies75
Ransacked Heart by Jayne Bauling 1 copy76
Stolen Feelings by Margaret Mayo 9 copies77
Man Trouble! by Natalie Fox 5 copies, 1 review78
Desert Destiny by Sarah Holland 2 copies79
Bittersweet Love by Cathy Williams 9 copies81
Web of Darkness by Helen Brooks 10 copies82
Powerful Persuasion by Margaret Mayo 9 copies83
Promise of Passion by Natalie Fox 7 copies84
Nothing Less Than Love by Vanessa Grant 3 copies85
Unwelcome Invader by Angela Devine 4 copies86
The Dominant Male by Sarah Holland 8 copies87
Substitute Engagement 1 copy88
A Passionate Deceit by Kate Proctor 6 copies89
Marriage in the Making by Natalie Fox 3 copies90
Cave of Fire by Rebecca King 5 copies91
Strangers by Day by Vanessa Grant 4 copies92
Ruthless Lover by Sarah Holland 1 copy93
On Equal Terms by Catherine O'Connor 6 copies94
A Marrying Man? by Lindsay Armstrong 6 copies95
The Wedding Deception by Kay Thorpe 4 copies96
Seduced by the Enemy by Kathryn Ross 11 copies97
Wife to a Stranger by Daphne Clair 5 copies98
Ryan's Rules by Alison Kelly 7 copies99
Marrying the Enemy! by Elizabeth Power 4 copies100
Imperfect Stranger by Elizabeth Oldfield 1 copy101
Seducing Nell by Sandra Field 5 copies102
Bad Influence by Susanne McCarthy 1 copy103
Hers for a Night by Kate Walker 13 copies104
A Rumoured Engagement by Catherine George 9 copies105
Surrender to Seduction by Robyn Donald 9 copies107
Progress of Passion by Alison Kelly 6 copies108
Summer Seduction by Daphne Clair 4 copies109
The Seduction Trap by Sara Wood 3 copies110
The Thirty-Day Seduction by Kay Thorpe 11 copies111
Close Relations by Lynsey Stevens 7 copies, 1 review113
First-Class Seduction by Lee Wilkinson 4 copies114
A Christmas Seduction (Harlequin Presents #115) by Amanda Browning 6 copies115
The Husband Contract by Kathleen O'Brien 3 copies116
Ungentlemanly Behaviour by Margaret Mayo 3 copies117
Dangerous Ground by Alison Kelly 3 copies118
Forgotten Engagement by Margaret Mayo 6 copies120
Up Close and Personal! by Sandra Field 10 copies121
Hired Wife by Karen van der Zee 9 copies, 1 review122
The Disobedient Wife by Elizabeth Power 2 copies123
The Temptation Trap by Catherine George 7 copies124
Reckless Engagement by Daphne Clair 5 copies125
The Unmarried Husband by Cathy Williams 3 copies126
The Boss's Mistress by Kathryn Ross 7 copies127
The Temptation Game by Kate Walker 5 copies128
In Bed with a Stranger by Lindsay Armstrong 7 copies129
The Marriage Assignment by Alison Kelly 4 copies130
Contract Wife by Kay Thorpe 2 copies131
Jilted Bride by Elizabeth Power 9 copies132
His Sleeping Partner by Elizabeth Oldfield 9 copies133
Blind Obsession by Lee Wilkinson 9 copies134
The Paternity Affair by Robyn Donald 10 copies135
Reckless Flirtation by Helen Brooks 4 copies136
The Seduction Bid by Amanda Browning 10 copies137
Makeshift Marriage by Daphne Clair 4 copies138
A Forbidden Marriage by Margaret Mayo 5 copies139
A Reckless Attraction by Kay Thorpe 7 copies140
A Man Worth Waiting For by Helen Brooks 3 copies141
The Innocent Mistress by Sara Wood 4 copies142
The Groom's Daughter by Natalie Fox 3 copies143
A Wife to Remember by Karen van der Zee 4 copies144
A Reckless Seduction by Jayne Bauling 2 copies145
A Husband for the Taking by Amanda Browning 7 copies, 1 review146
Bride for Sale by Susanne McCarthy 3 copies147
Wedding Daze by Diana Hamilton 7 copies148
The Trophy Wife by Rosalie Ash 5 copies149
Virgin Mistress by Kay Thorpe 8 copies150
Scent of Betrayal by Kathryn Ross 10 copies151
Dangerous Game by Margaret Mayo 7 copies, 1 review152
Intimate Relations by Elizabeth Oldfield 5 copies153
Marriage Shy by Karen van der Zee 6 copies154
Her Personal Bodyguard by Susanne McCarthy 3 copies155
Make-Over Marriage by Sharon Kendrick 16 copies156
Divided by Love by Kathryn Ross 5 copies157
The Wedding Betrayal by Elizabeth Power 10 copies158
A Burning Passion by Cathy Williams 8 copies159
Seduced by Amanda Browning 2 copies160
Satisfaction Guaranteed by Helen Brooks 3 copies161
Ruthless! by Lee Wilkinson 10 copies162
A Typical Male! by Sally Wentworth 9 copies163
Marriage Vows by Rosalie Ash 6 copies164
A Careful Wife by Lindsay Armstrong 8 copies165
Running Wild by Alison Fraser 7 copies166
Marriage by Contract by Margaret Mayo 13 copies, 1 review167
The Right Fiancé? by Lee Wilkinson 6 copies168
Red-Hot Lover by Sarah Holland 2 copies169
A Daring Deception by Amanda Browning 6 copies170
Solution: Seduction by Elizabeth Oldfield 10 copies171
A Married Woman? by Susanne McCarthy 3 copies172
His Temporary Mistress by Emma Richmond 13 copies173
Willing to Wed by Cathy Williams 9 copies, 1 review174
The Wife Seduction by Margaret Mayo 7 copies175
A Spanish Revenge by Sara Wood 8 copies176
A Marriage on Paper by Kathryn Ross 7 copies177
Lovers Not Friends by Helen Brooks 9 copies178
Wife for a Day by Kate Walker 20 copies179
Rand's Redemption by Karen van der Zee 4 copies180
Two-timing Love by Kate Proctor 1 copy181
Her Wealthy Husband by Margaret Mayo 6 copies182
In the Heat of Passion by Sara Wood 7 copies183
The Marriage Quest by Helen Brooks 14 copies184
Leap of Faith by Rachel Elliot 2 copies185
A Wife of Convenience by Kim Lawrence 8 copies186
Untamed Lover by Sharon Kendrick 10 copies187
His Perfect Wife by Susanne McCarthy 5 copies188
A Reluctant Wife by Cathy Williams 6 copies189
Sweet Lies by Catherine O'Connor 7 copies190
A Very Secret Affair by Miranda Lee 14 copies, 1 review191
The Eleventh-Hour Groom by Kathryn Ross 10 copies192
The Bridegroom's Dilemma by Lindsay Armstrong 12 copies193
The Baby Deal by Alison Kelly 3 copies194
The Final Seduction by Sharon Kendrick 8 copies195
Groom By Arrangement by Susanne McCarthy 3 copies196
The Mediterranean Tycoon by Margaret Mayo 8 copies, 1 review197
That Devil Love by Lee Wilkinson 4 copies198
Wife for Hire by Cathy Williams 13 copies199
Revenge by Seduction by Alex Ryder 5 copies200
Ryan's Revenge by Lee Wilkinson 15 copies, 1 review201
Midnight Rhythms by Karen van der Zee 4 copies202
Her Determined Husband by Kathryn Ross 5 copies203
A Mistress Worth Marrying by Kay Thorpe 9 copies, 1 review205
The Hired Fiancée by Lindsay Armstrong 9 copies206
Mistress by Mistake by Kim Lawrence 20 copies, 1 review207
The Venetian's Proposal by Lee Wilkinson 16 copies208
Surrender to the Millionaire by Margaret Mayo 14 copies209
Not Husband Material! by Caroline Anderson 3 copies210
Mistress to a Bachelor by Kay Thorpe 4 copies211
The Italian's Touch by Carol Marinelli 9 copies212
Wedding on Demand by Lee Wilkinson 8 copies213
Incurably Isabelle (#214) by Lilian Darcy 3 copies214
Bride by Deception by Kathryn Ross 7 copies215
Dr. Carlisle's Child by Carol Marinelli 6 copies216
Passion in Secret by Catherine Spencer 11 copies217
Claiming His Bride by Daphne Clair 7 copies218
Stand-in Mistress by Lee Wilkinson 6 copies219
The Engagement Deal by Kim Lawrence 14 copies220
The Millionaire's Agenda by Kathryn Ross 4 copies221
Sanchia's Secret by Robyn Donald 6 copies, 1 review222
Legally His by Catherine George 14 copies223
Mother and Mistress by Kay Thorpe 4 copies224
His Inconvenient Wife by Melanie Milburne 40 copies225
A Passionate Protector by Maggie Cox 10 copies226
Sarah's Secret by Catherine George 10 copies227
Wife in the Making by Lindsay Armstrong 3 copies228
The Marriage Experiment by Catherine Spencer 11 copies229
At the Millionaire's Bidding by Lee Wilkinson 6 copies230
Reclaiming His Bride by Margaret Mayo 2 copies231
The Groom's Ultimatum by Kim Lawrence 13 copies232
The Secret Child by Kathryn Ross 7 copies233
The Marriage Renewal by Maggie Cox 16 copies234
City Cinderella by Catherine George 12 copies235
The Determined Virgin by Daphne Clair 5 copies236
At the Playboy's Pleasure by Kim Lawrence 9 copies237
The Tycoon's Trophy Mistress by Lee Wilkinson 12 copies238
Finn's Pregnant Bride by Sharon Kendrick 18 copies239
Her Husband's Christmas Bargain by Margaret Mayo 20 copies240
A Convenient Marriage by Maggie Cox 7 copies241
The Passionate Husband by Helen Brooks 9 copies242
One Night at Parenga by Robyn Donald 11 copies243
Mistress of La Rioja by Sharon Kendrick 12 copies244
The Unexpected Pregnancy by Catherine George 19 copies245
Blackmailed by the Boss by Kathryn Ross 11 copies246
The Secretary's Seduction by Jane Porter 18 copies, 1 review247
A Bride for His Convenience by Lindsay Armstrong 13 copies248
One Night With the Tycoon by Lee Wilkinson 10 copies249
The Vengeance Affair by Carole Mortimer 12 copies250
The Ruthless Marriage Bid by Elizabeth Power 13 copies251
The Millionaire Boss's Mistress by Madeleine Ker 12 copies252
In Her Boss's Bed by Maggie Cox 18 copies253
The Millionaire's Marriage Claim by Lindsay Armstrong 23 copies254
The Italian Count's Command by Sara Wood 16 copies255
Wolfe's Temptress by Robyn Donald 14 copies256
In the Millionaire's Possession by Sara Craven 18 copies257
A Venetian Passion by Catherine George 4 copies258
The Italian's Mistress by Melanie Milburne 32 copies259
The Brunellesci Baby by Daphne Clair 7 copies260
In the Banker's Bed by Cathy Williams 14 copies261
The Frenchman's Mistress by Kathryn Ross 9 copies262
The Italian's Passion by Elizabeth Power 7 copies263
The Millionaire's Virgin Mistress by Robyn Donald 32 copies264
The Blackmailed Bride by Kim Lawrence 13 copies, 2 reviews265
The Italian's Secret Child by Catherine Spencer 13 copies266
The Married Mistress by Kate Walker 19 copies, 1 review267
A Spanish Engagement by Kathryn Ross 16 copies268
The Italian's Love-Child by Sharon Kendrick 19 copies269
Their Scandalous Affair by Catherine George 16 copies270
Her Baby Secret by Kim Lawrence 12 copies271
The Rich Man's Mistress by Cathy Williams 13 copies, 1 review272
The Wealthy Man's Waitress by Maggie Cox 7 copies273
The Sicilian Duke's Demand by Madeleine Ker 5 copies274
The Lawyer's Contract Marriage by Amanda Browning 16 copiesBrides of Convenience - May 2007 + HPS 275
A Latin Passion by Kathryn Ross 7 copiesJune 2006 - Last Harlequin Presents Subscription 276

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