Publisher SeriesMills & Boon Masquerade Historical (197 to 376)

The Passionate Pirate by Valentina Luellen 5 copies197
Rose Royale by Inga Dunbar 6 copies198
The Moreton Scandal by Jasmine Cresswell 9 copies199
Count Sergei's Pride by Janet Edmonds 4 copies200
The Country Cousins by Dinah Dean 16 copies, 1 review201
Hostage of the Heart by Linda Acaster 10 copies, 1 review202
Where The Heart Lead (Harlequin Historical) by Valentina Luellen 2 copies203
Fortune's Kiss by Barbara Cooper 3 copies204
The Garden of the Azure Dragon by Ann Hulme 4 copies205
Buccaneer Bride by Kate Buchan 4 copies206
The Keepsake by Evelyn S. Armstrong 2 copies207
Love Undefeated by Christina Laffeaty 1 copy208
Raphael by Anne Herries 2 copies209
The Marquess and Miss Yorke by Rosina Pyatt 8 copies210
Moonpearl by Irene Roberts 3 copies211
Sweet Mary Anne by Deborah Miles 6 copies212
Love, the Avenger by Valentina Luellen 2 copies213
Interlaken Intrigue by Ann Hulme 1 copy214
The Briar Rose by Dinah Dean 18 copies, 1 review215
The Wild Heart by Anne Herries 2 copies216
In Love and War by Mary Nichols 3 copies217
Gypsy Royal by Hazel Smith 1 copy218
Kingdom of the Sun by Irene Roberts 4 copies219
Bride from Faraway by Olga Daniels 1 copy220
Dragon's Isle by Inga Dunbar 1 copy221
Pale Moon Rising by Barbara Cooper 1 copy222
The Devil's Touch by Valentina Luellen 1 copy223
A Well-Matched Pair by Sheila Bishop 22 copies, 2 reviews224
The Spanish Witch by Anne Herries 5 copies225
The Bride Price by June Francis 5 copies226
Maid of Honour (Masquerade) by Dinah Dean 12 copies227
Wolf Girl by Janet Edmonds 1 copy228
Sea Jade by Irene Roberts 1 copy229
Shadow of Pengarron by Pauline Bentley 2 copies230
An Unquestionable Lady by Rosina Pyatt 26 copies231
A Wife for Winter Man by Linda Acaster 2 copies232
The Flame and the Sword by Anne Herries 3 copies233
Penny Road by Barbara Cooper 1 copy234
Beloved Abductor by June Francis 2 copies235
The Reluctant Heiress by Marlene Suson 16 copies236
Lorena by Eileen Townsend 1 copy237
My Lady Melisande by Valentina Luellen 2 copies238
Song of the Nile by Irene Roberts 6 copies239
Trelawney's Woman by Christina Laffeaty 1 copy240
The Sleeping Demon by Anne Herries 2 copies241
Scarlet Woman by Janet Edmonds 1 copy242
The Warlock's Wench by Evelyn Stewart Armstrong 1 copy243
No Place for a Lady (Masquerade) by Ann Hulme 4 copies244
The Pirate's Lady by Kate Janney 1 copy245
Lure of Trevowan by Pauline Bentley 4 copies246
Bird of Morning by Alanna Wilson 2 copies247
The Devil's Mercenary by Anne Herries 3 copies248
The Bride Sale by Una Power 2 copies249
The False Betrothal by Clarice Peters 15 copies250
Scarlet Lady, White Bride by Inga Dunbar 1 copy251
The Heart of the Lion by Mary Nichols 2 copies252
The King's Man by Louisa Jordan 1 copy253
Minerva's Marquess by Sheila Walsh 28 copies254
The Burning Quest by Yvonne Purves 1 copy255
My Lady Deceiver by June Francis 7 copies256
The Unexpected American by Ann Hulme 16 copies257
For Love and Liberty by Anne Herries 2 copies258
A Civil Marriage by Janet Edmonds 1 copy259
The Untamed Bride by Olga Daniels 1 copy260
Lady Harriet's Harvest by Petra Nash 11 copies261
Love and Pride by Valentina Luellen 1 copy262
The Duke's Revenge by Marlene Suson 15 copies263
Cavalier's Masque by Pauline Bentley 3 copies, 1 review264
Rosanna and the Rake by Anne Herries 3 copies265
A Scandalous Bargain by Ann Hulme 13 copies266
Thea by Clarice Peters 8 copies267
Song of Wychaven by Pauline Bentley 4 copies268
Fateful Encounter by June Francis 4 copies269
Melissa's Claim by Victoria Aldridge 1 copy270
Dark Star by Valentina Luellen 4 copies271
The Devil's Own Luck by Petra Nash 1 copy272
Lady Caro by Marlene Suson 20 copies273
Roxanne by Clarice Peters 11 copies274
Captain Harland's Marriage by Ann Hulme 3 copies275
Day of Reckoning by Elizabeth Lowther 1 copy276
A Most Unusual Lady by Janet Grace 15 copies277
A Distant Connexion by Petra Nash 3 copies278
A Servant of Quality by Eileen Jackson 12 copies279
Shattered Vows by Carol Townend 10 copies280
Intrigue at Versailles by Una Power 2 copies281
The Notorious Nabob = The Nabob by Sheila Walsh 29 copies282
The Web of Love by Valentina Luellen 2 copies283
Lord Deverham's Choice by Petra Nash 3 copies284
False Fortune by Ann Hulme 5 copies285
Sapphire in the Snow by Carol Townend 13 copies286
Outback Woman by Jean Saunders 5 copies287
Hazardous Marriage by Truda Taylor 1 copy288
The Ransomed Bride by Elizabeth Lowther 10 copies, 2 reviews289
The Notorious Marquess by Marlene Suson 17 copies, 1 review290
Woman of Conflict by Pauline Bentley 2 copies291
Fool's Heaven by Janet Grace 2 copies292
Highwayman Bride by Janet Edmonds 2 copies293
White Nights by Alison Greenway 1 copy294
Bride for a Rake (Masquerade) by Una Power 4 copies295
The Diamond Cobra by Yvonne Purves 2 copies296
Honour Bound by Helen Dickson 7 copies297
A Most Unsuitable Duchess by Gail Mallin 10 copies298
Leaves on the Wind by Carol Townend 10 copies299
The Wicked Corinthian by Eileen Jackson 13 copies300
Lady of Spain by Sally Blake 3 copies301
Knight's Pawn by Polly Forrester 4 copies302
Wine And Roses by Marion Carr 3 copies303
The Spanish Prize by Joanna Makepeace 6 copies304
Deep Waters by Victoria Aldridge 2 copies305
Jewel Under Siege by Polly Forrester 4 copies306
Dear Rebel by Mary Nichols 3 copies307
Noble Buccaneer by Yvonne Purves 1 copy308
Proud Alliance by Marion Carr 2 copies309
A Marriage Made on Earth by Sheila Bishop 7 copies310
Isabella by Janet Grace 3 copies311
A Passing Fancy by Deborah Miles 1 copy312
Flight from the Harem by Janet Edmonds 2 copies313
Love's Parole by Irene Northan 10 copies314
Far Distant Shores by Sally Blake 3 copies315
Winter of the Wolf by Polly Forrester 2 copies316
Outrageous Fortune (Masquerade) by Marion Carr 6 copies317
Love's Intrigue by June Francis 6 copies318
A Woman of Little Importance by Sheila Walsh 9 copies319
The Black Pearl by Laura Cassidy 5 copies320
The Brighton Masquerade by Petra Nash 2 copies321
Rebel by Moonlight by Elaine Reeve 1 copy322
The Devil's Bargain by Gail Mallin 3 copies323
The Inherited Bride by Sarah Westleigh 8 copies324
The Denmead Inheritance (Masquerade) by Janet Edmonds 7 copies325
Battlefield of Hearts by Joanna Makepeace 6 copies326
Sweet Sacrifice by Elizabeth Bailey 12 copies327
Jealous Hearts by Deborah Miles 3 copies328
Perdita by Sylvia Andrew 11 copies329
Set Free My Heart by Sarah Westleigh 7 copies330
Lady Cecily's Dilemma = The Pink Parasol by Sheila Walsh 34 copies331
The Arrogant Cavalier by Olga Daniels 1 copy332
Mr Ravensworth's Ward by Petra Nash 7 copies333
Hearts of the Vendée by Truda Taylor 1 copy334
Lady Rascal (Masquerade) by Polly Forrester 2 copies335
Loyal Hearts by Sarah Westleigh 4 copies336
The Mansini Secret (Masquerade) by Louisa Gray 2 copies337
Cousin Harry by Paula Marshall 20 copies338
Just Deserts by Elizabeth Bailey 7 copies339
A Certain Magic by Christine Franklin 1 copy340
To Please a Lady by Valentina Luellen 1 copy341
Shared Dreams (Masquerade) by Janet Grace 3 copies342
Hester by Marion Carr 4 copies343
An Improper Duenna by Paula Marshall 25 copies344
Gentle Conqueror by Julia Byrne 10 copies345
The Devil's Envoy by Jasmine Cresswell 6 copies346
Ten Guineas on Love by Alice Thornton 17 copies347
Golden Phoenix by Hazel Smith 2 copies348
Heir Apparent (Masquerade) by Petra Nash 3 copies349
Scandal in the Sun by Yvonne Purves 3 copies350
A Royal Summer by Sally Blake 2 copies351
Tangled Reins by Stephanie Laurens 135 copies, 2 reviews352
Fair Game by Sheila Bishop 5 copies353
Master of Tamasee by Helen Dickson 1 copy354
The Captain's Angel by Marie-Louise Hall 5 copies355
The Falcon and the Dove by Paula Marshall 14 copies356
An Angel's Touch by Elizabeth Bailey 11 copies357
The Danbury Scandals by Mary Nichols 11 copies358
Rebel Harvest by Pauline Bentley 8 copies359
Breath of Scandal by Elizabeth Lowther 1 copy360
A Darling Amazon by Sylvia Andrew 5 copies361
Wild Justice by Paula Marshall 1 copy362
An American Princess (Masquerade) by Paula Marshall 4 copies363
The Errant Earl by Marlene Suson 20 copies364
Four in Hand by Stephanie Laurens 502 copies, 6 reviews365
Master of Winterbourne by Francesca Shaw 8 copies366
All of Heaven by Petra Nash 4 copies367
Heritage of Love by Sarah Westleigh 7 copies368
Silk and Sword by Pauline Bentley 5 copies369
An Unexpected Passion by Paula Marshall 4 copies370
Empire of the Heart by Jasmine Cresswell 5 copies371
The Price of Honour by Mary Nichols 3 copies372
Whispering Shadows by Marion Carr 1 copy373
A Most Exceptional Quest by Sarah Westleigh 17 copies374
Reluctant Rebel by Joanna Makepeace 5 copies, 1 review375
My Lady Love by Paula Marshall 7 copies, 1 reviewLast title issued in "Mills & Boon Masquerade Historical" series; see "Mills & Boon Legacy of Love" for series continuation - #376

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Series continues with 377 - 508 under Mills & Boon Legacy of Love
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