Publisher SeriesCambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics


The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time by Stephen W. Hawking 138 copies (1973)
Gauge Theories of Weak Interactions by J. C. Taylor 7 copies3 (1976)
Models of High Energy Processes by J. C. Polkinghorne 0 copies (1980)
Quantum Fields in Curved Space by N. D. Birrell 24 copies (1982)
Quarks, Gluons and Lattices by Michael Creutz 18 copies (1983)
Spinors and Space-Time, Vol. 1: Two-Spinor Calculus and Relativistic Fields by Roger Penrose 34 copies (1984)
Renormalization: An Introduction to Renormalization, the Renormalization Group and the Operator-Product Expansion by John C. Collins 17 copies (1984)
Supermanifolds by Bryce Dewitt 17 copies (1984)
Gravitational Physics of Stellar and Galactic Systems by William C. Saslaw 5 copies (1985)
Spinors and Space-Time, Vol. 2: Spinor and Twistor Methods in Space-Time Geometry by Roger Penrose 21 copies (1986)
Group Structure of Gauge Theories by L. O'Raifeartaigh 6 copies (1986)
Introduction to Supersymmetry by Peter G. O. Freund 10 copies (1986)
Superstring Theory: Volume 2: Loop Amplitudes, Anomalies and Phenomenology by Michael B. Green 45 copies (1987)
Superstring Theory: Volume 1: Introduction by Michael B. Green 74 copies (1987)
Gauge Field Theories by Stefan Pokorski 16 copies (1987)
Differential Geometry, Gauge Theories, and Gravity by M. Göckeler 18 copies (1987)
Functional Integrals and Collective Excitations by Victor Nikolaevich Popov 9 copies (1988)
Scattering from Black Holes by J. A. H. Futterman 3 copies (1988)
Path Integral Methods in Quantum Field Theory by R. J. Rivers 3 copies (1988)
Hamiltonian Systems: Chaos and Quantization by Alfredo M. Ozorio de Almeida 9 copies (1989)
Finite-Temperature Field Theory: Principles and Applications by Joseph I. Kapusta 15 copies (1989)
Statistical Field Theory: Volume 1: From Brownian Motion to Renormalization and Lattice Gauge Theory by Claude Itzykson 15 copies (1989)
Twistor Geometry and Field Theory by R. S. Ward 10 copies (1990)
Relativistic Fluids and Magneto-fluids: With Applications in Astrophysics and Plasma Physics by A.M. Anile 5 copies (1990)
Relativity on Curved Manifolds by F. De Felice 19 copies (1990)
Liquid Metals by Norman H. March 5 copies (1990)
The Structure of the Proton: Deep Inelastic Scattering by R. G. Roberts 3 copies (1990)
Advanced General Relativity by John Stewart 32 copies (1991)
Quantum Inverse Scattering Method and Correlation Functions by V. E. Korepin 4 copies (1993)
Cosmic Strings and Other Topological Defects by A. Vilenkin 8 copies (1994)
Affine Lie Algebras and Quantum Groups: An Introduction, with Applications in Conformal Field Theory by Jürgen A. Fuchs 3 copies (1995)
Supersymmetric Quantum Cosmology by P. D. D'Eath 2 copies (1996)
Loops, Knots, Gauge Theories and Quantum Gravity by Rodolfo Gambini 15 copies (1996)
Quantum Fields on a Lattice by Istvan Montvay 5 copies (1997)
Quantum Geometry: A Statistical Field Theory Approach by Jan Ambjørn 8 copies (1997)
Symmetries, Lie Algebras and Representations: A Graduate Course for Physicists by Jürgen Fuchs 7 copies (1997)
Quantum Gravity in 2+1 Dimensions by Steven Carlip 5 copies (1998)
Lie Groups, Lie Algebras, Cohomology and some Applications in Physics by Josi A. de Azcárraga 3 copies (1998)
String Theory, Vol. 1: An Introduction to the Bosonic String by Joseph Polchinski 85 copies (1998)
String Theory, Vol. 2: Superstring Theory and Beyond by Joseph Polchinski 44 copies (1998)
D-Branes by Clifford V. Johnson 18 copies (2002)
Exact Solutions of Einstein's Field Equations by Hans Stephani 14 copies (2003)
Introduction to Classical Integrable Systems by Olivier Babelon 5 copies (2003)
Gravitational N-Body Simulations: Tools and Algorithms by Sverre J. Aarseth 11 copies, 1 review (2003)
The Theory of Complex Angular Momenta: Gribov Lectures on Theoretical Physics by V. N. Gribov 3 copies (2003)
Gravity and Strings by Tomás Ortín 7 copies (2004)
Topological Solitons by Nicholas Manton 6 copies (2004)
Kinetic Theory in the Expanding Universe by Jeremy Bernstein 3 copies (2004)
Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli 37 copies, 1 review (2004)
Path Integrals and Anomalies in Curved Space by Fiorenzo Bastianelli 1 copy (2006)
Moonshine beyond the Monster: The Bridge Connecting Algebra, Modular Forms and Physics by Terry Gannon 15 copies (2006)
Functional Integration: Action and Symmetries by Pierre Cartier 4 copies (2006)
Modern Canonical Quantum General Relativity by Thomas Thiemann 14 copies (2007)
The Schwinger Action Principle and Effective Action by David J. Toms 2 copies (2007)
Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory by Esteban A. Calzetta 2 copies (2008)
Structures in the Universe by Exact Methods: Formation, Evolution, Interactions by Krzysztof Bolejko 1 copy (2009)
Exact Space-Times in Einstein's General Relativity by Jerry B. Griffiths 6 copies (2009)
Causality, Measurement Theory and the Differentiable Structure of Space-Time by Rathindra Nath Sen 3 copies (2010)

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