Publisher SeriesAlbin Michel, Les grandes traductions

Series authors:

At the Wolf's Table: A Novel by Rosella Postorino 235 copies, 14 reviews
Récits afghans by Oleg Ermakov 2 copies
Truciolo by Sándor Márai 42 copies, 2 reviews
Szindbád hazamegy by Sándor Márai 20 copies, 1 review
La sorella by Sándor Márai 112 copies, 3 reviews
Das Wunder des San Gennaro by Sándor Márai 55 copies, 1 review
The Rebels by Sándor Márai 431 copies, 6 reviews
Lo que no quise decir (Spanish Edition) by Sándor Márai 29 copies
Le premier amour by Sándor Márai 17 copies
Portraits of a Marriage by Sándor Márai 672 copies, 27 reviews
Ocean sea by Alessandro Baricco 1,518 copies, 26 reviews
La nuit du bûcher by Sándor Márai 9 copies, 1 review
De nacht voor de scheiding by Sándor Márai 282 copies, 9 reviews
Memoir of Hungary, 1944-1948 by Sándor Márai 252 copies, 2 reviews
De meeuw by Sándor Márai 116 copies, 9 reviews
Liberazione by Sándor Márai 73 copies, 6 reviews
The Island by Sándor Márai 107 copies, 4 reviews
Les Etrangers (Biblio Romans) (French Edition) by Sándor Márai 12 copies
Esther's Inheritance by Sándor Márai 617 copies, 13 reviews
Embers by Sándor Márai 3,560 copies, 134 reviews
Dreams and Delusions: The Drama of German History by Fritz Stern 99 copies, 1 review
Casanova in Bolzano by Sándor Márai 603 copies, 12 reviews
The Boat by Nam Le 957 copies, 35 reviews
Bekentenissen van een burger by Sándor Márai 276 copies, 4 reviews
Mauthausen by Iakovos Kambanellis 20 copies
Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949 by Doris Lessing 610 copies, 11 reviews
Walking in the Shade: Volume Two of My Autobiography, 1949–1962 by Doris Lessing 331 copies, 7 reviews