SeriesScience and Culture Series

85 Works Popularity 13,603 (636 Members) 1,094 Books 9 Reviews ½ 3.8
After Hitler Stalin? by Robert Ingrim 2 copies
All-stars of Christ (Science and culture series) by Robert Grady North 7 copies
Alms For Oblivion: Books, Men And Biography by George Carver 1 copy
The amazing electron / James I. Shannon, S. J. by James Ignatius Shannon 1 copy
American humanism and the new age (Science and culture series) by Louis J. A. Mercier 2 copies
Augustine's Quest Of Wisdom: Life and Philopsophy of the Bishop of Hippo by Vernon J. Bourke 60 copies
Boscobel and other rimes by James J. Daly 1 copy
The Catholic Literary Revival by calvert alexander 16 copies
The Catholic Reformation by Pierre Janelle 78 copies
Chapters in frontier history; research studies in the making of the West by Gilbert J. Garraghan 3 copies
A Cheerful Ascetic and Other Essays by James J. Daly 3 copies
Christian life and worship by Gerald Ellard 24 copies
The Christian social manifesto; an interpretative study of the encyclicals Rerum novarum and Quadragesimo anno of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI by Joseph Husslein, S. J. Ph. D. 6 copies
Christopher Columbus by Daniel Sargent 5 copies
The Church and spiritualism by Herbert Thurston 20 copies
The church and the nineteenth century by Raymond Corrigan 9 copies
The church in the South American republics, by Edwin Ryan 3 copies
The Crusades: The World's Debate by Hilaire Belloc 224 copies, 1 review
Cultural anthropology (Science and culture series) by Albert Muntsch 6 copies
A Dynamic World Order by Donald MacLean 0 copies
The emancipation of a freethinker by Herbert Ellsworth Cory 4 copies
Erasmus, by Christopher Hollis 5 copies
Father Tim by Harold J. McAuliffe 7 copies
Francis Thompson: in his paths, a visit to persons and places associated with the poet by Terence L. Connolly 7 copies
Francisco Franco,... by Joaquin Arraras 4 copies
The general who rebuilt the Jesuits by Robert G. North 5 copies
Gentle Ireland : an account of a Christian culture in history and modern life by Hugh De Blacam 7 copies
God's Ambassadress: St. Bridget of Sweden by Helen M. D Redpath 9 copies, 1 review
Gods of the Gentiles: Non-Jewish Cultural Religions of Antiquity by George Cyril Ring 4 copies
The Gospel guide;: A practical introduction to the Gospels, (Science and culture series, J. Husslein...general editor) by William Aloysius Dowd 1 copy
The Gospel in action : the Third order secular of St. Francis and Christian social reform by Paul Revere Martin 0 copies
Gospel of Saint Mark Presented in Greek Thought-Units and Sense-Lines by James A. Kleist 0 copies
The Greatest of the Borgias by Margaret Yeo 27 copies
High Points Medieval Culture by James Joseph Walsh 6 copies
Humanity: What? Whence? Whither? by William Edwin Orchard 1 copy
India from the dawn: new aspects of an old story by M. Ruthnaswamy 2 copies
The Jesuit in focus by James J. Daly 6 copies
The Jesuits and Education: The Society's Teaching Principles and Practice, Especially in Secondary Education in the United States by William J. McGucken 7 copies
Jesus Christ : His life, His teaching, and His work by Ferdinand Prat 51 copies
John Baptist de La Salle;: His life and his institute, (Science and culture series) by Martin Dempsey 6 copies
The Latin American front, (Science and culture series; Joseph Husslein, general editor) by Joseph Frederic Privitera 0 copies
Lenin by Christopher Hollis 3 copies
Makers of the Modern Mind by Thomas Patrick Neill 27 copies, 1 review
Manuscripts and Memories : Chapters in Our Literary Tradition by Michael Earls 0 copies
Moral problems in social work by Charles R. [from old catalog] McKenney 2 copies
Mystic in Motley: The Life of St. Philip Neri by Theodore Maynard 28 copies, 1 review
The Oxford Movement 1833 to 1933 by Shane Leslie 10 copies
A Padre Views South America by Peter Masten Dunne 7 copies, 1 review
Personality and Successful Living by James A. Magner 4 copies
The philosophy of morality, (Science and culture series) by Henri Renard 11 copies
The Philosophy of Science by Fulton J. Sheen 9 copies
Principles of juvenile delinquency. by Clement S. Mihanovich 0 copies
The Protestant reformation in Great Britain, (Science and culture series) by Joseph Clayton 2 copies
Queen Elizabeth by Theodore Maynard 8 copies
The question and the answer by Hilaire Belloc 8 copies
A realistic philosophy; the perennial principles of thought and action in a changing world by Kurt F. Reinhardt 6 copies
Recruiting for Christ by Godfrey Robert Poage 6 copies
Reformer: St. Charles Borromeo by Margaret Yeo 13 copies
Romance of the Floridas: The Finding and the Founding by Michael Kenny 0 copies
The rosary,: A social remedy (Science and culture series) by O.P. Thomas M. Schwertner 8 copies
Rural Roads to Security: America's Third Struggle for Freedom by Rev. Luigi & Rev. John Rawe Ligguti 0 copies
Safeguarding mental health by Raphael C. McCarthy 2 copies
Saint Anselm by Joseph Clayton 10 copies, 1 review
Saint Boniface by Godfrey Kurth 6 copies
The seven golden cities, (Science and culture series) by Mabel Farnum 2 copies
Shadows over English literature by Constance. Julian 0 copies
St. Albert the Great by Thomas M Schwertner 9 copies
St. Teresa of Avila by William Thomas Walsh 136 copies, 1 review
STRUGGLE FOR FREEDOM by Sterling E. Edmunds 1 copy
A Survey of Catholic Literature by Stephen Brown, SJ 0 copies
A survey of sociology, by Eva Jeany Ross 0 copies
The Sword of Saint Michael by Lillian Browne-Olf 2 copies
Their name is Pius; portraits of five great modern popes by Lillian Browne Olf 9 copies
These Three Hearts: Blessed Claude de la Colombiere, St. Margaret-Mary, and the Sacred Heart by Margaret Yeo 26 copies
They Lived the Faith: Great Lay Leaders of Modern Times by Thomas Patrick Neill 15 copies
This Earth of Ours by Victor T Allen 1 copy
This is Spain (Science and culture series) by Richard Pattee 2 copies, 1 review
Thomas More by Christopher Hollis 31 copies
Three Worlds: Liberal Communist, and Fascist Society by Nicholas S. Timasheff 3 copies
Too Small A World: The Life of Mother Cabrini by Theodore Maynard 47 copies, 1 review
Total Empire: Roots and Progress of World Communism by Edmund A. Walsh 0 copies
Tradition and progress, and other historical essays in culture, religion, and politics by Ross John Swartz Hoffman 4 copies
TRAINING THE ADOLESCENT. by Raphael C. McCarthy 2 copies
Villeneuve-Bargemont: Precursor of Modern Social Catholicism, 1784-1850 by Sister Mary Ignatius Ring 0 copies
When the earth quakes (Science and culture series) by James Bernard Macelwane 0 copies

DescriptionsEdit Descriptions

Series of books about religion, history, literature, geography, science, and social and political issues, edited by the Rev. Joseph Husslein, S.J., and published by the Bruce Publishing Company. The "Science and Culture Series," as well as the "Science and Culture Texts" and the "Religion and Culture Series" (both listed separately), were part of Husslein's "A University in Print" project. (English, Unclassified)


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