Publisher SeriesMaalehe krimisari

Raven Black by Ann Cleeves 2,046 copies, 124 reviews1
Pääsmiseks paljudele by Elizabeth George 2 copies2
Raami sees by Dick Francis 2 copies3
The Killings at Badger's Drift by Caroline Graham 763 copies, 34 reviews4
Still Life by Louise Penny 5,514 copies, 381 reviews5
Peitusemäng by Ian Rankin 2 copies6
Aguliadvokaat by John Grisham 2 copies7
Christine Falls by Benjamin Black 2,068 copies, 115 reviews8
Call the Dead Again by Ann Granger 180 copies, 3 reviews9
Tõelised mõrvad by Charlaine Harris 2 copies10
Ainult hüvitis by Sara Paretsky 1 copy11
Slow Horses by Mick Herron 949 copies, 64 reviews13
Ripporg by Peter Robinson 1 copy14