SeriesAs it Was [Hendon]

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Beverley as It Was by Ian Sumner 2 copies
Birmingham as it was (cover subtitle; The city, 1857-1914) by Joseph McKenna 2 copies
Bradford as It Was by Gary Firth 4 copies
Cheltenham as it was by Roger Beacham 1 copy
Chester as It Was by T. E. Ward 2 copies
Chiswick as it was by James Wisdom 2 copies
Coedpoeth: As it Was by Robert Edwards 1 copy
Colne as it was by Wilfred Micah Spencer 1 copy
Coventry as it Was by Virginia Gilbert 3 copies
Dewsbury as It Was by Christopher Scargill 2 copies
Durham as it was by Ian Nelson 3 copies
Ealing as It Was: A Selection of Photographs by Susan Bell 3 copies
Edgbaston as it was by Douglas V. Jones 2 copies
Edinburgh as it was by Charles Sinclair Minto 0 copies
Edinburgh as it was. Vol. 1, photographs 1844-1924 by the Rock House Studio, Edinburgh by Charles Sinclair Minto 1 copy
Finchley as it was by Clive R. Smith 1 copy
Finchley As It Was 0 copies
Fulham as it was : a selection of photographs with captions 1 copy
Gloucester As It Was by Victor Woodman 3 copies
GREAT YARMOUTH AS IT WAS by by Alfred Hedges 1 copy
Great Yarmouth as It Was by Alfred Hedges 1 copy
Grimsby as it was by David B Boswell 2 copies
Grimsby as it was.. vol ii by David B Boswell 2 copies
Guernsey As It Was by Nick Machon 1 copy
Halifax as it was by Arthur Porritt 1 copy
Ham and Petersham as it was by James Green 0 copies
Hampstead as It Was by Clive R. Smith 4 copies
Hampstead as It Was: 2 by Clive R. Smith 2 copies
Harrow as it Was by Brian Girling 1 copy
Harrow As It Was 1 copy
Hendon As It Was 0 copies
Hendon as it was by Clive R. Smith 1 copy
High Wycombe as it was by Ivan George Sparkes 1 copy
Hounslow as It Was (As It Was) by Hounslow & District History Society 1 copy
Hull as It Was by Iain Rutherford 5 copies
Isleworth as it was 1 copy
Kingston-upon-Thames as It Was by Bryan Woodriff 2 copies
Leeds as it was, in photographs by Brian Payne 2 copies
Leicester as It Was by A. Broadfield 3 copies
Lincoln as it was by Laurence Elvin 4 copies
Llandudno as It Was 1 copy
Manchester as it was by Chris Makepeace 11 copies
Middlesborough as It Was by Norman Moorsom 1 copy
Mill Hill As It Was 0 copies
Mill Hill as it was by Clive R. Smith 1 copy
More Guernsey as it Was by Nick Machon 1 copy
Newcastle-under-Lyme as it Was by Dave Adams 1 copy
Old Hampton, Hampton Hill and Hampton Wick as It Was by Twickenham Local History Society 0 copies
Oldham as it Was by John Stafford 1 copy
Richmond, Surrey, as it was : a selection of Victorian and Edwardian photographs by The Historical and Archaeological Section of the Richmond Society 2 copies
Robin Hood's Bay as it was : a pictorial history by J. Robin Lidster 1 copy
Rochdale as It Was by Jack Milne 0 copies
Salford as it Was by Alan Smith 1 copy
Scarborough as It Was by Bryan Berryman 2 copies
Sheffield - as it was 1 copy
Stroud as it Was by Joan Tucker 1 copy
Teddington as it Was 1 copy
Twickenham as it was by Borough of Twickenham Local History Society 4 copies
Warrington as It Was by Peter Williams 2 copies
Windsor as It Was by Maitland Underhill 1 copy
Witney as it Was by Tom Worley 1 copy
Worcester as It Was by Thomas Stafford 2 copies
York as it Was by Ronald Willis 2 copies


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