SeriesSystema Paradoxa

20 Works Popularity 73,467 (45 Members) 83 Books 40 Reviews ½ 3.8
When the Moon Shines by John L. French 1 copy1
Gone to Ground by Aaron Rosenberg 1 copy2
Breaking the Code by David Lee Summers 1 copy3
All-the-Way House by Keith R. A. DeCandido 3 copies4
Devil in the Green by James Chambers 1 copy5
Cryptid Fight Club by Patrick Thomas 1 copy6
Alone in the Muck by Anton Kukal 2 copies7
Chessie At Bay by John L. French 6 copies, 5 reviews8
Eyes of the Wolf by Robert E. Waters 5 copies, 3 reviews9
Forget Me Not by Carol Gyzander 4 copies, 2 reviews10
Found Footage by Mary Fan 5 copies, 2 reviews11
The Play of Light by Danielle Ackley-McPhail 6 copies, 3 reviews12
Hell's Well by Sean Patrick Hazlett 10 copies, 6 reviews13
Out for Blood by Jorie Rao 4 copies, 2 reviews14
Invasive Species by Hildy Silverman 11 copies, 7 reviews15
Crimson Whisper by Ken Schrader 6 copies, 4 reviews16
Sand and Secrets by Robert Greenberger 6 copies, 2 reviews17
Daylight Comes by John L. French 2 copies18
Ice Music by Robert E. Waters 6 copies, 4 reviews19
The Billabong Trail by James Chambers 2 copies20


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