SeriesContract Brides

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Marriage on Demand by Susan Fox 11 copies, 1 reviewHR-3696
Strategy for Marriage by Margaret Way 10 copiesHR-3707
Bride by Design by Leigh Michaels 17 copiesHR-3720
The Marriage Command by Susan Fox 17 copiesHR-3777
Bride of Convenience by Susan Fox 17 copies, 2 reviewsHR-3788
Her Stand-In Groom by Jackie Braun 8 copiesHR-3804
Marriage in Name Only by Barbara McMahon 18 copiesHR-3813
The Last-Minute Marriage by Marion Lennox 18 copiesHR-3832
A Wife On Paper (Harlequin Romance) by Liz Fielding 13 copies, 1 reviewHR-3837
Vacancy: Wife Of Convenience (Harlequin Romance) by Jessica Steele 14 copiesHR-3839
His Hired Bride by Susan Fox 23 copiesHR-3848

Collections and Selections

Wedding Bells (Contract Bride/ Last Minute Marriage/ Bride Assignment) by Susan Fox 1 copy"The Last-Minute Marriage", HR-3832
The Right Bride? (By Request 3-in-1) by Sara Craven 4 copies"Vacancy: Wife of Convenience", HR-3839


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