Publisher SeriesBad Boys (Kensington/Brava)

Bad Boys in Black Tie (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Lori Foster 240 copies, 4 reviewsmulti author
Bad Boys Next Exit (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Shannon McKenna 166 copies, 2 reviewsmulti author
Bad Boys of Summer (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Lori Foster 219 copies, 6 reviewsmulti author
Bad Boys on Board (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Lori Foster 178 copies, 2 reviewsmulti author
Bad Boys Over Easy (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Erin McCarthy 105 copies, 3 reviewsmulti author
Bad Boys Southern Style (Anthology, 3-in-1) by JoAnn Ross 82 copiesmulti author
Bad Boys to Go (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Lori Foster 232 copies, 4 reviewsmulti author
Bad Boys With Expensive Toys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Nancy Warren 132 copies, 2 reviewsmulti author
Baddest Bad Boys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Shannon McKenna 81 copies, 1 reviewmulti author
Bayou Bad Boys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by JoAnn Ross 73 copies, 3 reviewsmulti author
Beach Blanket Bad Boys (Anthology, 6-in-1) by Linda Lael Miller 108 copiesmulti author
I Brake for Bad Boys (Anthology 3-in-1) by Lori Foster 223 copies, 4 reviewsmulti author
Everlasting Bad Boys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Cynthia Eden 174 copies, 11 reviewsmulti author
Immortal Bad Boys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Rebecca York 127 copies, 2 reviewsmulti author
I Love Bad Boys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Lori Foster 263 copies, 3 reviewsmulti author
Texas Bad Boys (Anthology, 3-in-1) by Rosemary Laurey 48 copiesmulti author
When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys by Lori Foster 194 copies, 6 reviewsmulti author
3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys (3-in-1) by Lucy Monroe 170 copies, 5 reviewssingle author
Bad Boys Ahoy! (3-in-1) by Sylvia Day 99 copies, 1 reviewsingle author
Bad Boys Down Under (3-in-1) by Nancy Warren 89 copies, 2 reviewssingle author
Bad Boys in Kilts (3-in-1) by Donna Kauffman 144 copies, 3 reviewssingle author
Bad Boys Online (3-in-1) by Erin McCarthy 258 copies, 7 reviewssingle author
British Bad Boys (3-in-1) by Nancy Warren 68 copiessingle author
Lara: The Healer (aka The Bad Boys Guide to the Galaxy) by Karen Kelley 37 copiessingle author
Really Unusual Bad Boys (3-in-1) by MaryJanice Davidson 359 copies, 36 reviewssingle author
Viva Las Bad Boys! (3-in-1) by HelenKay Dimon 41 copiessingle author


In the early 2000s Kensington/Brava books offered first-time published books/stories under a loosely connected plot prompt "Bad Boys". The bulk of these books contained 3 stories. Some books contained stories by a single author; some by multi-authors. (English, Unclassified)