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191 Works Popularity 4,793 (1,977 Members) 3,505 Books 179 Reviews ½ 3.9
Winston Churchill: Man of the Century by John Ramsden 6 copies, 1 review042
Shakespeare: The Seven Major Tragedies by Harold Bloom 39 copies, 2 reviews
The Modern Scholar: Evolutionary Biology, Part 1: Darwinian Revolutions by Allen D. MacNeill 4 copies*000
Ethics: A History of Moral Thought (Modern Scholar) by Peter Kreeft 28 copies, 1 review
Europe's dark journey the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany by Beth A. Griech-Polelle 5 copies, 1 review
From Spinning Wheels to Steam and Steel: Understanding the Age of Industrialization by Jennifer J. Popiel 4 copies, 1 review
God, A History of God by Ilan Stavans 3 copies
Medieval mysteries : the history behind the myths of the Middle Ages by Thomas F. Madden 7 copies
The Modern Scholar Judaism, Christianity and Islam: The Monotheists by F. E. Peters 10 copies, 1 review001
The Modern Scholar: Evolutionary Psychology I: The Science of Human Nature by Allen D. MacNeill 10 copies, 1 review
The Modern Scholar: Geology: The Story of Earth by Professor Kate Zeigler 2 copies, 1 review
Giants of the British Novel, Part I by Timothy Baker Shutt 2 copies
The Modern Scholar: Hard-Won Victories: A History of the United States at War by Mark R. Polelle 3 copies, 1 review
Modern Scholar: How to Think: The Liberal Arts and Their Enduring Value by Michael D. C. Drout 9 copies, 1 review
Moby Dick: America's Epic by Professor Timothy B. Shutt 4 copies
Modern Scholar: On Your Best Behavior: The Fundamentals of Etiquette by Professor Robert A. Shutt 1 copy
The Modern Scholar: The Author at Work: The Art of Writing Fiction by Jeanna Blum 4 copies
The Modern Scholar: The Lost Warriors of God: The True History of the Knights Templar by Professor Thomas F. Madden 5 copies
Total War: World War II and Its Lasting Legacy by Mark R. Polelle 2 copies
Myths and Mysteries in Archaeology, 7 CDs [The Modern Scholar Series] by Susan A. Johnston 5 copies, 2 reviews
Religion, Myth, and Magic: The Anthropology of Religion (The Modern Scholar) by Susan A. Johnston 14 copies, 2 reviews
The Law of the Land: A History of the Supreme Court (The Modern Scholar: Great Professors Teaching You) by Kermit Hall 6 copies002
A History of Ancient Rome by Frances Titchener 23 copies, 2 reviews003
Singers and tales : oral traditions and the roots of literature by Michael D. C. Drout 5 copies, 1 review
Jerusalem: The Contested City (The Modern Scholar) by Frank E. Peters 14 copies, 1 review004
The Modern Scholar: The Bible as the Root of Western Literature - Stories, Poems and Parables - 14 Lectures (Includes Course Guide) by Adam Potkay 13 copies, 1 review005
Global Warming Global Threat by Michael B. McElroy 8 copies, 1 review006
Foundations of Western Thought (Portable Professor, Hebrews, Greek, and Romans) by Timothy B. Shutt 41 copies, 3 reviews007
Brotherhood of the Revolution How America’s Founders Forged a New Nation by Joseph Ellis 19 copies, 2 reviews008
Plato and Aristotle: The Genesis of Western Thought (Modern Scholar) by Louis Aryeh Kosman 11 copies009
"Communication Matters - He Said/She Said: Women, Men and Language" (The Modern Scholar, Course One) by Deborah Tannen 20 copies, 1 review011
American Inquisition: The Era of McCarthyism (Modern Scholar) by Ellen Schrecker 14 copies013
Six Months That Changed the World: The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 by Margaret MacMillan 22 copies, 2 reviews015
The American Presidency: From Theodore Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan by Robert Dallek 10 copies, 1 review016
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Heaven by Peter Kreeft 296 copies, 4 reviews017
That's Not What I Meant! by Deborah Tannen 794 copies, 8 reviews018
Big Picture Investing: How, When, and Why the Stock Market Moves by Peter Navarro 20 copies, 1 review020
Discovering the Philosopher in You: The Big Questions in Philosophy (Modern Scholar) by Colin McGinn 16 copies, 1 review021
The Modern Scholar: Astronomy I: Earth, Sky and Planets by Professor James B Kaler 18 copies, 3 reviews024
Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe (Modern Scholar) by James B. Kaler 10 copies, 1 review025
The American Legal Experience by Lawrence M. Friedman 8 copies, 2 reviews026
Understanding the Fundamentals of Great Music (The Modern Scholar) by Richard Freedman 14 copies, 1 review028
The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin (Modern Scholar) by H. W. Brands 9 copies029
Feminism and Future of Women(14 Lectures on 7 Compact Discs (The Modern Scholar) by Estelle B. Freedman 9 copies031
Masters of Enterprise: Giants of American Business from John Jacob Astor and J.P. Morgan to Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey by H. W. Brands 85 copies, 1 review033
A House Reunited: How America Survived the Civil War (Modern Scholar) by Jay Winik 16 copies, 1 review034
Creating Humans: Ethical Questions Where Reproduction and Science Collide by Alexander McCall Smith 8 copies, 1 review037
Monsters, Gods, and Heroes: Approaching the Epic in Literature by Timothy B. Shutt 35 copies, 1 review038
The literature of C.S. Lewis by Timothy Baker Shutt 17 copies039
Darwin, Darwinism, and the modern world by Chandak Sengoopta 6 copies040
Rethinking Our Past: Recognizing Facts, Fictions, and Lies in American History by James W. Loewen 33 copies, 1 review041
Journeys of the Great Explorers: Columbus to Cook (Modern Scholar) by Glyndwr Williams 19 copies, 2 reviews043
The Modern Scholar: Islam and the West by Seyyed Hossein Nasr 8 copies044
Ideas That Changed the World by Felipe Fernández-Armesto 352 copies, 5 reviews045
The Modern Scholar: Epochs of European Civilization: Antiquity to Renaissance (Unabridged) by Geoffrey A. Hosking 14 copies047
The Modern Scholar: World's First Superpower: The Rise of the British Empire, 1497 to 1901 by Denis Judd 9 copies048
The Incas: Inside an American Empire (Modern Scholar) by Terence N. D'Altroy 12 copies, 1 review049
World War I: The Great War and the World It Made by John Ramsden 17 copies, 1 review050
The Iliad and The Odyssey of Homer by Timothy B. Shutt 2 copies*051
Wars that Made the Western World: The Persian Wars, The Peloponnesian War, and the Punic Wars by Timothy B. Shutt 16 copies, 2 reviews051
The big picture MBA what every business school graduate knows (CD) by Peter Navarro 5 copies, 1 review052
Masterpieces of Western Music: Classics from the Baroque to the Modern. by Jeffrey D. Lependorf 20 copies, 2 reviews053
The Modern Scholar: Rediscovering Shakespeare - The Tragedies by Matthew Wagner 2 copies*053
The Modern Scholar: Purpose and Persuasion: The Power of Rhetoric in American Political History by Ken Masugi 2 copies*054
Walt Whitman and the birth of modern American poetry by Karen Karbiener 10 copies054
The Modern Scholar: First Principles & Natural Law: The Foundations of Political Philosophy, Part I by Hadley Arkes 2 copies*055
Celts and Germans: The Enduring Heritage of the European Northlands by Timothy B. Shutt 9 copies*056
The World's First Superpower From Empire To Commonwealth 1901 Present by Denis Judd 4 copies057
Classic Foundations: Purpose and Tradition in Architecture by Carroll William Westfall 2 copies, 1 review*058
Classical Mythology: The Greeks (The Modern Scholar) by Peter Meineck 20 copies, 3 reviews058
When Gods Walked the Earth (Portable Professor, Myths of Ancient Greece) by Peter Meineck 19 copies058
Bard of the Middle Ages: The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (The Modern Scholar) by Michael D. C. Drout 14 copies059
Epochs of European civilization: Reformation to the twenty-first century by Geoffrey A. Hosking 5 copies060
The Modern Scholar: The Enlightenment: Reason, Tolerance, and Humanity (Unabridged) by James Schmidt 20 copies061
God Wills It!: Understanding the Crusades by Thomas F. Madden 22 copies, 2 reviews062
Principles of Economics: Business, Banking, Finance, and Your Everyday Life by Peter Navarro 12 copies063
Faith and Reason: the Philosophy of Religion by Peter Kreeft 34 copies, 3 reviews064
From Jesus to Christianity a history of the early church by Thomas F. Madden 17 copies065
Classical Mythology The Romans by Peter Meineck 18 copies, 5 reviews066
Dante and His Divine Comedy by Professor Timothy B. Shutt 10 copies068
Religions of the East: Paths to Enlightenment by Professor Stephen Prothero 18 copies069
Cold War: On the Brink of Apocalypse by David Painter 3 copies071
Greek Drama: Tragedy and Comedy by Peter Meineck 7 copies072
Masterpieces of Medieval Literature by Professor Timothy B. Shutt 12 copies, 2 reviews073
Fundamental Cases: The Twentieth-Century Courtroom Battles That Changed Our Nation by Alan M. Dershowitz 14 copies, 2 reviews074
Political Theory: The Classic Texts and Their Continuing Relevance by Joshua Kaplan 11 copies, 1 review075
Rings, Swords, and Monsters: Exploring Fantasy Literature by Michael D. C. Drout 52 copies, 7 reviews076
Archaeology and the Iliad the Trojan War in Homer and history by Eric H. Cline 27 copies, 3 reviews077
A History of Ancient Israel: From the Patriarchs through the Romans by Eric H. Cline 14 copies, 1 review078
The Modern Scholar: From Here to Infinity ~An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature~ (14 Lectures on 7 Audiocassettes) by Michael D. C. Drout 42 copies, 7 reviews079
The Giants of Irish Literature: Wilde, Yeats, Joyce and Beckett - The Modern Scholar by George O'Brien 7 copies080
Upon This Rock: A History of the Papacy from Peter to John Paul II by Thomas F. Madden 8 copies083
The Modern Scholar: The Giants Of Russian Literature by Professor Liza Knapp 10 copies084
Eternal chalice the grail in literature and legend by Monica Brzezinski Potkay 7 copies, 1 review085
The Modern Scholar: Way with Words: Writing Rhetoric and the Art of Persuasion by Michael D. C. Drout 40 copies, 5 reviews086
Understanding the Holocaust by David Engel 5 copies087
A history of the English language by Michael D. C. Drout 24 copies, 2 reviews088
A History of Ancient Greece (The Modern Scholar) by Eric H. Cline 12 copies, 1 review089
Odyssey of the West I: Hebrews and Greeks by Timothy B. Shutt 24 copies, 5 reviews090
The Modern Scholar: Empire of Gold: A History of the Byzantine Empire by Thomas F. Madden 18 copies, 1 review094
One, holy, Catholic, and apostolic : a history of the Church in the Middle Ages by Thomas F. Madden 8 copies095
How to Listen to and Appreciate Jazz by Ted Buehrer 3 copies096
Odyssey of the West II: From Athens to Rome and the Gospels by Timothy B. Shutt 15 copies097
The People and the Ballot: A History of American Party Politics by Joshua Kaplan 6 copies098
The Modern Scholar: Christianity At the Crossroads: The Reformations of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries by Thomas F. Madden 7 copies099
Heaven or Heresy: A History of the Inquisition by Thomas F. Madden 18 copies, 5 reviews101
The Dead Sea Scrolls : the truth behind the mystique by Lawrence H. Schiffman 8 copies, 1 review102
Waking Dragon: The Emerging Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the World by Professor Peter Navarro 8 copies104
Odyssey of the West III: The Medieval World by Timothy B. Shutt 20 copies105
Behold the Mighty Dinosaur by John Kricher 13 copies, 4 reviews108
The Modern Scholar: First Principles & Natural Law: The Foundations of Political Philosophy, Part II by Hadley Arkes 3 copies*108
The Dawn of Political History: Thucydides and the Peloponnesian Wars by Fred Baumann 1 copy*109
A Way With Words II by Michael D. C. Drout 19 copies109
The Platonic Tradition by Peter Kreeft 24 copies, 3 reviews*110
Take Me Out to the Ballgame: A History of Baseball in America by Timothy B. Shutt 13 copies, 3 reviews110
The Modern Scholar: Tolkien and the West: Recovering the Lost Tradition of Europe by Michael D. C. Drout 20 copies, 2 reviews*111
Odyssey of the West IV: Towards Enlightenment by Timothy B. Shutt 15 copies111
The Modern Scholar: The Biology of Birds by John C. Kricher 3 copies*112
Odyssey of the West V: Enlightenment, Revolution, and Renewal by Timothy B. Shutt 6 copies112
High Seas, High Stakes: Naval Battles That Changed History by Timothy B. Shutt 11 copies, 2 reviews113
The Modern Scholar: The Norsemen - Understanding Vikings and Their Culture by Michael D. C. Drout 13 copies*113
The Modern Scholar: Heavens Above: Stars, Constellations, and the Sky by James B. Kaler 6 copies, 1 review114
The Modern Scholar: The Modern Novel by Katherine Elkins 1 copy*114
The Modern Scholar: The Building Blocks of Human Life: Understanding Mature Cells and Stem Cells by John K. Young 4 copies115
The Catholic Church in the Modern Age by Thomas F. Madden 12 copies116
Dickens and Twain: Capturing 19th Century Britain and America by Timothy B. Shutt 1 copy*116
Human Anatomy: The Beauty of Form and Function by John K. Young 5 copies117
Understanding Democracy in America by Ken Masugi 3 copies*117
The Hebrew Bible by Lawrence H. Schiffman 7 copies118
Mathematics Is Power by Professor William Bloch 1 copy*118
The Modern Scholar: Ecological Planet: An Introduction to Earth's Major Ecosystems by John Kricher 6 copies119
The Modern Scholar: Seeing, Eye to I: Understanding Visual Perception by Rolf Nelson 4 copies*119
The Modern Scholar: All the World a Stage: The Theater in History by Megan Lewis 2 copies*120
Philosophy and the Law : How Judges Reason (Audio CDs) (The Modern Scholar) by Stephen Mathis 7 copies, 2 reviews120
Unseen Diversity: The World of Bacteria by Betsey Dexter Dyer 12 copies, 1 review121
Understanding Poetry by Michael D. C. Drout 14 copies, 2 reviews122
The Modern Scholar: A Way With Words Part III: Grammar for Adults by Michael D. C. Drout 13 copies, 2 reviews123
Visions of Utopia: Philosophy and the Perfect Society by Fred E. Baumann 7 copies, 2 reviews124
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire [audio] by Thomas F. Madden 18 copies, 3 reviews125
Odyssey of the West VI: The Twentieth Century by Timothy B. Shutt 5 copies126
Liberty and Its Price : Understanding the French Revolution by Donald M.G. Sutherland 9 copies127
Understanding Movies: The Art and History of Film (The Modern Scholar) by Raphael Shargel 11 copies, 1 review128
Icons of the Iron Age: The Celts in History by Susan A. Johnston 8 copies, 1 review129
The Tiber and the Potomac: Rome, America, and Empires of Trust by Thomas F. Madden 6 copies130
Shakespeare : ten great comedies by Raphael Shargel 2 copies131
The Basics of Genetics (The Modern Scholar) by Betsey Dexter Dyer 9 copies132
Resolute Determination: Napoleon and the French Empire (The Modern Scholar) by Donald M.G. Sutherland 5 copies133
A History of Ancient Sparta: Valor, Virtue, and Devotion in the Greek Golden Age by Prof. Timothy B. Shutt 6 copies134
Fueling the Planet: The Past, Present, and Future of Energy by Michael B. McElroy 6 copies, 1 review136
The Quest: The Search for the Historical Jesus and Muhammad by F. E. Peters 8 copies139
The Glory That Was Greece: Greek Art and Archaeology (Recorded Books Presents) by Professor Jennifer Tobin 3 copies140
The Modern Scholar: A History of Venice: Queen of the Seas by Thomas F. Madden 12 copies141
The Medieval World I: Kingdoms, Empires, and War, 7 Cds [Complete & Unabridged Audio Work] by Thomas F. Madden 10 copies, 1 review142
The Modern Scholar: The Medieval World, Part II: Society, Economy, and Culture (The Modern Scholar) by Thomas F. Madden 7 copies143
The Modern Scholar - The Anglo-Saxon World - 7 CD Set by Michael D. C. Drout 32 copies144
The Modern Scholar: The Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas by Peter Kreeft 24 copies, 3 reviews148
The Modern Scholar: Detective Fiction: From Victorian Sleuths to the Present by M. Lee Alexander 9 copies, 2 reviews149
Religion, Myth & Magic by Susan Johnston 1 copy151
The Giants of French literature : Balzac, Flaubert, Proust, and Camus by Katherine Elkins 6 copies152
Heaven in a Wild Flower: The British Romantic Poets by Adam Potkay 1 copy154
The Russian Revolution: From Tsarism to Bolshevism by Jonathan D. Smele 5 copies158
Alexander of Macedonia: the World Conquered, 7 CDs [The Modern Scholar Series] by Robin Lane Fox 10 copies, 2 reviews159
Philosophy of Mind by Andrew Pessin 5 copies160
The Modern Scholar: The Second Oldest Profession, Part 1: A World History of Espionage by Jeffrey Burds 8 copies161
The People's Dynasty: Culture and Society in Modern China, 7 CDs [The Modern Scholar Series] by Robert Shepherd 5 copies164
Stranger Than Fiction: The Art of Literary Journalism (Modern Scholar) by William McKeen 5 copies166
The Modern Scholar: In Michelangelo’s Shadow: The Mystery of Modern Italy by Joseph Luzzi 2 copies167
The Life and Times of Mark Twain by Michael Shelden 7 copies168
Command and Control: Great Military Leaders from Washington to the Twenty-First Century by Mark R. Polelle 5 copies, 1 review169
The Modern Scholar: The Grandeur That Was Rome: Roman Art and Archaeology by Jennifer Tobin 7 copies, 2 reviews170
The Modern Scholar: A History of Native America by Ned Blackhawk 10 copies, 3 reviews171
The Modern Scholar (The World of George Orwell) by Michael Shelden 3 copies173
The Modern Scholar: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World by Jennifer Tobin 6 copies, 3 reviews174
Conflicts that Shaped Pharaonic Egypt by John C Darnell 2 copies175
The Art of Reading by Joseph Luzzi 3 copies, 1 review176
Crime Scene Investigation: Philosophy Practice and Science Part One by Robert C. Shaler 3 copies177
The Modern Scholar: Crime Scene Investigation, Part II: Philosophy, Practice, and Science by Robert C. Shaler 2 copies178
Children's Literature: Between the Covers by Kimberley Reynolds 1 copy179
The Modern Scholar: Citadels of Power: Castles in History and Archaeology by Thomas J Finan 6 copies180
Rock 'n' Roll and American Society, Part 1 by William McKeen 4 copies181
Elemental Matters: An Introdcution to Chemistry by Deborah G. Sauder 6 copies184
The Lost Generation: American Writers in Paris in the 1920s by Michael Shelden 3 copies186
The Blessed Lens: A History of Italian Cinema by Joseph Luzzi 2 copies187
A Bridge to the Future: Understanding Nanotechnology, Part 1 by Professor Deborah Gibbs Sauder 3 copies188
The Modern Scholar: Evolutionary Psychology, Part II: The Science of Human Nature by Allen D. MacNeill 6 copies, 1 review189
Rules of the Game: How Government Works and Why it Sometimes Doesn't by Phillip W. Magness 2 copies, 1 review191
From Troy to Constantinople: The Cities and Societies of Ancient Turkey by Jennifer Tobin 3 copies192
Greek Legacy: Understanding the Overwhelming Contributions of the Ancient Greeks by Timothy B. Shutt 1 copy261
Lore of the Stars: The Mythological Narrative of the Night Sky by Timothy B. Shutt 2 copies262
The Modern Scholar: Unearthing the Past by Jeffrey Martz 6 copies, 1 review263
Politics and Performance: Theater in the 20th Century by Professor Megan Lewis 1 copy324


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