Publisher SeriesStori Sydyn

Series authors:

Blackwater by Conn Iggulden 121 copies, 4 reviews2006
Jake by Geraint V. Jones 1 copy2006
Parti Ann Haf by Meleri Wyn James 1 copy2006
Os mêts ... by Bethan Gwanas 3 copies2007
Tacsi i'r tywyllwch by Gareth F. Williams 3 copies2007
Y rhwyd by Caryl Lewis 4 copies2007
Dyn y syrcas by Derfel Williams 2 copies, 1 review2008
Operation Julie by Lyn Ebenezer 2 copies2008
Y gwledydd bychain by Bethan Gwanas 2 copies2008
Ar ben y byd by Shane Williams 3 copies2009
Bywyd yn y coal house : y teulu Griffiths by Debra Griffiths 2 copies2009
Cymru Howard Marks by Howard Marks 2 copies2010
Hiwmor Nigel by Nigel Owens 3 copies2010
Cymry Man U by Gwyn Jenkins 2 copies2011
Hunllef by Manon Steffan Ros 4 copies2012
Yr Elyrch : dathlu'r 100 by Geraint H. Jenkins 2 copies2012
George North by George North 1 copy2013
Inc by Manon Steffan Ros 3 copies2013
Aled a'r fedal aur by Aled Sion Davies 1 copy2014
Gareth Jones : y dyn oedd yn gwybod gormod by Alun Gibbard 1 copy2014
Oswald by Lleucu Roberts 3 copies2014
Ali Yassine : llais yr adar gleision by Ali Yassine 1 copy
Ar dy feic by Phil Stead 1 copy
Arwyr Cymru by Jon Gower 1 copy
Baba hyll by Manon Steffan Ros 1 copy
Brett Johns : ymladdwr by Brett Johns 1 copy
Bryn y crogwr by Bethan Gwanas 3 copies
Cymru a'r Rhyfel Byd Cyntaf by Gwyn Jenkins 1 copy
Cymry mentrus by John Meurig Edwards 1 copy
Cymry yn y gêmau Olympaidd by John Meurig Edwards 1 copy
Foxy'r Llew by Jonathan Davies 1 copy
Fyny gyda'r Swans by Owain Tudur Jones 1 copy
Gorau chwarae cydchwarae by Dylan Ebenezer 1 copy
Hartson by John Hartson 1 copy
Herio i'r eithaf by Huw Jack Brassington 1 copy
Jackie Jones by Caryl Lewis 2 copies
Jamie : y llew yn Ne Affrica by Jamie Roberts 1 copy
Meddyliau Eilir by Eilir Jones 1 copy
Mefin, i Gymru yn ôl by Mefin Davies 1 copy
O'r llinell biced i San Steffan by Siân James 1 copy
Peter Moore : y gwaethaf o'r gwaethaf by Dyfed Edwards 1 copy
Pobl fel ni by Cynan Llwyd 1 copy
Rhwng y pyst by Owain Fôn Williams 1 copy
Tacsi i hunllef by Gareth F. Williams 1 copy
Tu ôl i'r tiara : bywyd Miss Cymru by Courtenay Hamilton 1 copy
Wil ac Aeron by Heulwen Ann Davies 1 copy
Y goliau a'r dagrau : stori Tash Harding by Dylan Ebenezer 1 copy
Y gosb by Geraint Evans 1 copy
Y jobyn gorau yn y byd by Gary Slaymaker 1 copy
Y stelciwr by Manon Steffan Ros 1 copy


Stori Sydyn is the Welsh language strand of the Quick Reads project. Quick Reads are a series of short books by bestselling authors and celebrities. With no more than 128 pages, they are designed to encourage adults who do not read often, or find reading tough, to discover the joy of books. Quick Reads are a collaboration amongst leading publishers, supermarkets, bookshops, libraries, government departments, the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), Arts Council England, the BBC, World Book Day, National Book Tokens and more. They are used as a resource for adult literacy teaching and have been used in Skills for Life and ESOL classes in colleges, community centres, libraries, prisons and workplaces across the country. They have also been used in hospitals, stroke recovery units, dyslexia centres, care homes, family learning groups, pre-schools, organisations working with homeless people and traveller communities, and Army and RAF bases.Four books are published in Welsh each year (Stori Sydyn), and four in English (Quick Reads, as in England), by Welsh authors or celebrities. The campaign in Wales uses the same branding as the campaign in England, but it is bilingual. Funding for this comes from the Welsh National Assembly via Basic Skills Cymru, part of the National Basic Skills Strategy. (English, Unclassified)