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Series author: A. D. Ellis

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For Nicky by A. D. Ellis 20 copies1
Because of Beckett by A. D. Ellis 6 copies2
Christmas in Torey Hope by A. D. Ellis 4 copies3
Loving Josie by A. D. Ellis 5 copies4
Decker by A. D. Ellis 17 copiesThe Later Years 1
Sawyer by A. D. Ellis 7 copiesThe Later Years 2
Zach by A. D. Ellis 6 copiesThe Later Years 3
Kendrick by A. D. Ellis 7 copiesThe Later Years 4

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Torey Hope and Torey Hope: The Later Years are two related series in the contemporary romance genre. The books can be read in order or as standalones. Each book focuses on different members of three or four families. These books are sweet and sexy, filled with families you want to belong to, in a town you'll never want to leave. If you like real-life issues, and lovable, believable characters, Torey Hope is for you. (English, Unclassified)


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