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Chamber of horrors : a glossary of official jargon, both English and American by Eric Partridge 6 copies1952
A Dictionary of Theatrical Terms by Wilfred Granville 4 copies1952
The English language by Ernest Weekley 6 copies, 1 review1952
Good English: How to Write It by G. H. Vallins 42 copies1952
Better English by G. H. Vallins 27 copies1953
The Language of Science. Its Growth, Character and Usage. by Theodore H. Savory 2 copies1953
Spelling by George Henry Vallins 7 copies1954
The words we use by J. A. Sheard 14 copies1954
Dictionaries: British and American by James Root Hulbert 7 copies1955
The Pattern of English by G. H. Vallins 25 copies1956
Early English: An Introduction to Old and Middle English by John W. Clark 45 copies, 1 review1957
Modern Linguistics by Simeon Potter 15 copies1957
Etymology by Alan Strode Campbell Ross 15 copies1958
A History of the English Language by G. L. Brook 43 copies, 1 review1958
The best English by G. H. Vallins 25 copies1960
Adventuring Among Words by Eric Partridge 9 copies1961
Sea Slang of the Twentieth Century by Wilfred Granville 12 copies, 1 review1962
Swift's Polite Conversation by Jonathan Swift 2 copies1962
English dialects by G. L. Brook 12 copies, 1 review1963
The Pitcairnese Language by Alan Strode Campbell Ross 3 copies1964
An informal history of the German language by William Burley Lockwood 13 copies1965
Introduction to the Scandinavian Languages by M. O'C. Walshe 5 copies1965
The language and style of Anthony Trollope by John W. Clark 11 copies1965
The language of the Book of common prayer by Stella Brook 11 copies1965
Sense and Sense Development by R.A. Waldron 4 copies1967
Changing English by Simeon Potter 5 copies1969
Tudor to Augustan English : a study in syntax and style from Caxton to Johnson by A. C. Partridge 14 copies1969
Jane Austen's English by K. C. Phillipps 3 copies1970
The language of Dickens by G. L. Brook 2 copies1970
A Grammar of Style by A. E Darbyshire 1 copy1971
Language of Renaissance Poetry (Language Library) by A. C. Partridge 5 copies1971
Caxton's Own Prose by N. F. Blake 16 copies1973
English Biblical translation by A. C. Partridge 8 copies1973
Joysprick: An Introduction to the Language of James Joyce by Anthony Burgess 71 copies1973
Chaucer's English (The Language library) by Ralph Warren Victor Elliott 9 copies1974
Finno-Ugrian languages and peoples by Peter Hajdu 14 copies1975
Language in the Modern World by Simeon Potter 74 copies, 1 review1975
Languages of the British Isles past and present (The Language library) by William Burley Lockwood 10 copies1975
Early Modern English by Charles Barber 39 copies1976
The Language of Shakespeare by G. L. Brook 5 copies1976
The language of Gerard Manley Hopkins by James Milroy 3 copies1977
Scientific and Technical Translation (The Language Library) by Isadore Pinchuck 4 copies1977
John Donne, language and style by A. C. Partridge 3 copies1978
The Language of Thackeray by K. C. Phillipps 8 copies1978
A first dictionary of linguistics and phonetics by David Crystal 20 copies1980
The language of Walter Scott: A study of his Scottish and period language (Language library) by Graham Tulloch 6 copies1980
Speaking of Chinese by Raymond Chang 99 copies, 3 reviews1980
Study of Dialect: An Introduction to Dialectology (Language Library) by K. M. Petyt 16 copies1980
Non-standard Language in English Literature (Language Library) by N. F. Blake 3 copies1981
Australian Aboriginal Languages (Language Library) by Colin Yallop 4 copies1982
A Companion to Old and Middle English Studies (Language Library) by A. C. Partridge 8 copies1982
A History of Foreign-Language Dictionaries (Language Library) by Robert Lewis Collison 5 copies1982
La linguistica strutturale by Giulio C. Lepschy 35 copies1982
The foreign-language barrier : problems in scientific communication by J. A. Large 2 copies1983
Children's Writing and Reading: Analyzing Classroom Language (Language Library) by Katharine Perera 4 copies1984
Language and class in Victorian England by K. C. Phillipps 8 copies1984
Modern Englishes: Pidgins and Creoles (Language Library) by Loreto Todd 7 copies1984
Puns by W. D. Redfern 52 copies1984
Thomas Hardy's English by Ralph Warren Victor Elliott 2 copies1984
The Artificial Language Movement by Andrew Large 22 copies1985
A Child's Learning of English by P. Fletcher 3 copies1985
A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics by David Crystal 158 copies, 1 review1985
How Conversation Works (Language Library) by Ronald Wardhaugh 19 copies1985
Language, Society and Identity (The Language library) by John R. Edwards 10 copies1985
The Articulate Computer (The Language library) by Michael F. McTear 1 copy1987
Languages in Competition: Dominance, Diversity, and Decline (The Language Library) by Ronald Wardhaugh 11 copies1987
Cliches and Coinages (The Language Library) by W. D. Redfern 10 copies1989
Words in Time: Social History of English Vocabulary by Geoffrey Hughes 57 copies1989
The Writing Systems of the World by Florian Coulmas 108 copies1989
Milton's language by Thomas N. Corns 2 copies1990
Seeing Through Language: A Guide To Styles Of English Writing (The Language Library) by Ronald Carter 21 copies1990
Oral Cultures Past and Present: Rappin' and Homer (Language Library) by Viv Edwards 2 copies1991
Swearing by Geoffrey Hughes 178 copies1991
Rhetoric: The Wit of Persuasion (Language Library) by Walter Nash 12 copies1992
Investigating Language: Central Problems in Linguistics (The Language Library) by Ronald Wardhaugh 12 copies1993
Jargon: Its Uses and Abuses (The Language Library) by Walter Nash 8 copies1993
Language Crimes: The Use and Abuse of Language Evidence in the Court Room (Language Library) by Roger W. Shuy 12 copies1993
Proper English: Myths and Misunderstandings about Language by Ronald Wardhaugh 25 copies1998
A History of English Words (The Language Library) by Geoffrey Hughes 33 copies2000
An Introduction To American English (The Language Library) by Gunnel Tottie 1 copy2002
Multilingualism in the English-Speaking World: Pedigree of Nations (The Language Library) by Viv Edwards 3 copies2004
English Words: A Linguistic Introduction by Heidi Harley 23 copies2006
The Writing Revolution: Cuneiform to the Internet (The Language Library) by Amalia E. Gnanadesikan 39 copies, 1 review2008
Dying Words: Endangered Languages and What They Have to Tell Us by Nicholas Evans 75 copies, 3 reviews2009
Political Correctness: A History of Semantics and Culture (The Language Library) by Geoffrey Hughes 15 copies2010
The History of English Spelling (The Language Library) by Christopher Upward 19 copies2011

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The series was originally published by Andre Deutsch, and then later by Blackwell. Editors include Eric Partridge, Simeon Potter, and David Crystal. From the website "The Language Library was created in 1952 by Eric Partridge, the great etymologist and lexicographer, who from 1966 to 1976 was assisted by his co-editor Simeon Potter. Together they commissioned volumes on the traditional themes of language study, with particular emphasis on the history of the English language and on the individual linguistic styles of major English authors. In 1977 David Crystal took over as editor, and The Language Library now includes titles in numerous areas of linguistic enquiry." Wiley: The Language Library (English, Unclassified)


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