PlacesCape of Good Hope, South Africa

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'An entirely different world' : Russian visitors to the Cape, 1797-1870 by Boris Gorelik
1795 by Dan Sleigh
African Adventure, An: Brief Life of Cecil Rhodes by Kevin Shillington
Aly, Michelangelo's Son by Peter Cane
Arabella Roupell Pioneer Artist of Cape Flowers by Allan Bird
The Architectural Beauty of the Old Cape as Seen by Arthur Elliott by Arthur Elliott
Architectural beauty of the old Cape as seen by Arthur Elliott : photographs of houses and farmsteads now largely demolished or ruined, taken at the beginning of the twentieth century by Frans Hansen
Armosyn van die Kaap: Die wereld van 'n slavin, 1652-1733 by Karel Schoeman
Armosyn van die Kaap: Voorspel tot vestiging, 1415-1651 by Karel Schoeman
An artist's journey along the Old Cape Post Road, 1832-33 by Alfred Gordon-Brown
Baron Von Ludwig & The Ludwig's-burg garden: A Chronicle of the Cape from 1806-1848 by Frank Rosslyn Bradlow
Batavia's Graveyard: The True Story of the Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny by Mike Dash
The bay of storms : Table Bay, 1503-1860 by Jose Burman
Britain at the Cape, 1795 to 1803 (Brenthurst second series) by Maurice Boucher
Cape Colony today by A. R. E. Burton
Cape Colour Question by William M Macmillan
The Cape coloured people, 1652-1937 by J.S. Marais
Cape Countryside, South Africa by A. P. Cartwright
The Cape diaries of Lady Anne Barnard, 1799-1800 (Van Riebeeck Society) by Anne Barnard
The Cape diaries of Lady Anne Barnard, 1799-1800, Volume 1 by Lady Anne Barnard
The Cape Doctor by E. J. Levy
The Cape Doctor in the Nineteenth Century: A Social History (Clio Medica, 74) (CLIO MEDICA/THE) by Elizabeth van Heyningen
Cape Dutch Homesteads by David Goldblatt
Cape Furniture by M. G. Atmore
The Cape Journals of Lady Anne Barnard 1797-1798 by Anne Lindsay Barnard
Cape Lives of the Eighteenth Century by Karel Schoeman
THE CAPE ODYSSEY 107: A selection of essays inspired by maps of the Cape by Roger Stewart
The Cape of Good Hope by Ursula Stevens
The Cape of Good Hope 1652-1833 An Account of its Buildings and the life of its people by G. E Pearse
The Cape of Good Hope triangular stamp and its story by Eric Rosenthal
Cape of Good Hope: Its Postal History and Postage Stamps by Gilbert J. Allis
The Cape of Good Intent by Jose Burman
The Cape peninsula: pen and colour sketches described by Rene Juta 1910 [Hardcover] by Westhofen Rene, W Juta
The Cape Sketchbooks of Sir Charles D'Oyly 1832-1833 : Cape Town, The Countryside and Neighbouring Villages by A. Gordon-brown
A Cape traveller's diary, 1856 by Robert Wilmot
The Castle of Good Hope from 1666 by Brian Johnson Barker
Cecil Rhodes by Basil Williams
Cecil Rhodes by John E. Flint
Cecil Rhodes by Sarah Gertrude Millin
Cecil Rhodes : 1853-1902 by Whitcombe's Story Books
Cecil Rhodes: Flawed Colossus by Brian Roberts
Cecil Rhodes: The Anatomy of Empire by John Marlowe
The Chains That Bind Us: History of Slavery at the Cape (Explorations in History) by Nigel Worden
Christopher Webb Smith: An Artist at the Cape of Good Hope 1837-1839 by Alfred Gordon-Brown
Da Gama: Vasco Da Gama Sails Around the Cape of Good Hope by Robin S. Doak
Description du cap de Bonne-Esperance; où l'on trouve tout ce qui concerne l'histoire naturelle du pays by Peter Kolb
Description du cap de Bonne-Espérance. T. 1, 3 by Peter Kolb
Description of the Cape of Good Hope with the matters concerning it by Adam Tas
Dias adn Da Gama: The Portuguese discovery of the Cape see-route by Brian Johnson Barker
The Discovery of Slowness by Sten Nadolny
The early Cape Hottentots, (Van Riebeeck society. Publications) by Isaac Schapera
EARLY CAPE MUSLIMS by Frank Rosslyn Bradlow
Early railways at the Cape by Jose Burman
Early slavery at the Cape of Good Hope, 1652-1717 by Karel Schoeman
The False Bay story by Jose Burman
First Ladies of the Cape, 1652-1852 by Gwen M. Mills
The Founder: Cecil Rhodes and the Pursuit of Power by Robert I. Rotberg
The French refugees at the Cape by Colin Graham Botha
French speakers at the Cape in the first hundred years of Dutch East India Company rule : the European background by M. Boucher
From Then to Now: A Short History of the World by Christopher Moore
The gentle Amazon; the life and times of Lady Smith by Jane-Eliza Hasted
German Culture at the Cape by Kurt Bauch
The handstruck letter stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853 : and the postmarks from 1853 to 1910 Vol 1&2 by A. A. Jurgens
History of southern Africa: Comprising the Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, Seychelles, & c (British colonial library / R. Montgomery Martin) by Robert Montgomery Martin
HMS Expedient by Peter Smalley
The Horizon Book of the Elizabethan World by Lacey Baldwin Smith
In the footsteps of Lady Anne Barnard by Jose Burman
Island Africa : the evolution of Africa's rare animals and plants by Jonathan Kingdon
Islands by Dan Sleigh
Jan van Riebeeck and the Dutch Settlement at the Cape by Brian Johnson Barker
Jewry and Cape society: The origins and activities of the Jewish Board of Deputies for the Cape Colony by Milton Shain
The John Tolbutt Collections of Cape of Good Hope Triangulars, Rhodesia "Double Heads" : Tuesday, 11th June 2002 at 13.30 Hours by Harmers
Journal of Jan van Riebeeck Volume I 1651 - 1655 by H B Thom
Journal of Jan van Riebeeck Volume III 1659 - 1662 by H B Thom
Journal of Jan Van Riebeeck, Volumes I, II & III [Complete 3 Vol. Set] by H B Thom
Die Kaapse Hugenote by C. Graham Botha
Lady Anne Barnard's watercolours and sketches : glimpses of the Cape of Good Hope by Anne Lindsay Barnard
The Last Crusade: The Epic Voyages of Vasco da Gama by Nigel Cliff
Letters Despatched From The Cape, 1652-1662. Vol. I-iii by Cape of Good Hope (South Africa) Archive
The letters of Lady Anne Barnard to Henry Dundas, from the Cape and elsewhere, 1793-1803, together with her Journal of a tour into the interior, and certain other letters by Anne Lindsay Barnard
The Lie of 1652: A decolonised history of land by Patric Tariq Mellet
Life at the Cape in the mid-Eighteenth Century (Register/index of the volumes by OF Mentzel) by Karel Schoeman
Life at the Cape: Over 100 Years Ago by Lady
Louis Michel Thibault, 1750-1815;: His official life at the Cape of Good Hope by Huguette Roy de Puyfontaine
Maclear & Herschel : letters & diaries at the Cape of Good Hope, 1834-1938 by Brian Warner
The Mammoth Book of Storms, Shipwrecks and Sea Disasters: Over 70 First-Hand Accounts of Peril on the High Seas, from St. Paul's Shipwreck to the Prestige Disaster by Richard Lawrence
Men, Ships, and the Sea by Alan John Villiers
Monsoon by Wilbur Smith
Musket and garden hoe : a story of Van Riebeeck's settlement by Juliet Marais Louw
Official handbook. History, productions and resources of the Cape of Good Hope by John Noble
Old colonial houses of the Cape of Good Hope by Alys Fane Trotter
Old Towns and Villages of the Cape by Hans Fransen
Paradise, the Castle and the vineyard : Lady Anne Barnard's Cape diaries by Lady Anne Lindsay Barnard
Pioneer Travellers in South Africa by V S Forbes
Portuguese and Dutch in South Africa, 1641-1806 by Sidney R. Welch
Precis Of The Archives Of The Cape Of Good Hope, Volumes 1-2... by Cape of Good Hope (South Africa). Archiv
The Saldanha Bay Story by Jose Burman
The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning
The Secret Society by Robin Brown
Shaping Natural History and Settler Society : Mary Elizabeth Barber and the Nineteenth-Century Cape by Tanja Hammel
Shipwrecks of the far south by Michael Walker
Softness of the Lime by Maxine Case
South Africa a century ago ; letters written from the Cape of Good Hope (1791-1801) by Lady Anne Lindsay Barnard
SOUTH AFRICA A CENTURY AGO: letters written from the Cape of Good Hope (1797-1801) by Lady. Anne Barnard
The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen by Rudolf Erich Raspe
Thomas Bowler of the Cape of Good Hope : his life and works with a catalogue of extant paintings/by Edna and Frank Bradlow ; with a commentary on the Bowler prints by A. Gordon-Brown by Edna Bradlow
Travels at the Cape of Good Hope, 1772-1775 : based on the English edition London, 1793-1795 by Carl Peter Thunberg
Travels Into the Interior of Africa Via the Cape of Good Hope by François Le Vaillant
The triangular stamps of Cape of Good Hope by David Alan Stevenson
Tussen Zuiderkruis en Poolster by Ben van Eysselsteijn
Twenty-four Inches Apart: The Two-foot Guage Railways Of The Cape Of Good Hope by Moir Sidney M.
UNION CASTLE LINERS: Southampton to the South African Cape 1945-1977 by William H. Miller
The unofficial history of the Cape by Jose Burman
Voyage et aventures de François Leguat, & de ses compagnons, en plusieurs isles désertes des Indes Orientales. Avec la relation des choses les plus remarquables qu'ils ont observées dans l'isle Maurice, à Batavia, au cap de Bonne-Espérance, dans l'isle S. Hélène, & en d'autres endroits de leur route… T. 1-2 by François Leguat
A Voyage Round the World by Georg Forster
Wine, Women and Good Hope: A history of scandalous behaviour in the Cape by June McKinnon