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"Old Bruin": Commodore Matthew C. Perry, 1794-1858; the American naval officer who helped found Liberia by Samuel Eliot Morison
"Our travels, statistical, geographical, mineorological, geological, historical, political, and quizzical"; a Knickerbocker tour of New York State, 1822 by Xyz
#ChristmasHatesYouToo (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug) by E.F. Mulder
'Tis the Season by Vicki Lewis Thompson
'Tis: A Memoir by Frank McCourtnot in English Common Knowledge
The 13th Hour by Richard Doetsch
14 Peck Slip by Ed Deenot in English Common Knowledge
162 - The Almost Epic Journey of a Yankees Superfan by Steve Melia
2003 Building Code of New York State by New York State Department ...
2007 Building Code of New York State by New York State Department ...
2007 Existing Building Code of New York State by New York State
2007 Residential Code of New York State by New York State
2018 El tiempo señalado by María José Ros Urigüen
2031: The Singularity Pogrom by Dan Ronco
25 Bicycle Tours in the Lake Champlain Region: Scenic Tours in Vermont, New York, and Quebec by Hansen Publications
2666 by Roberto Bolaño
3 MPH: The Adventures of One Woman's Walk Around the World by Polly Letofsky
The 38 Million Dollar Smile by Richard Stevenson
50 Hikes in Central New York by William P. Ehling
600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster
70 Years of Life and Labor (ILR Press books) by Samuel Gompers
8 Ball Bunny [1950 animated short film] by Chuck Jones
84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanffnot in English Common Knowledge
AAA New York TourBook 2011 Edition by AAA
AAA TourBook New York by AAA
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 1 by Gábor Csupó
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 2 by Gábor Csupó
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season 3 by Gábor Csupó
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Complete Series by Gábor Csupó
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Final Season by Gábor Csupó
Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and The War Years {1-volume} by Carl Sandburg
Accompanied by a Waltz by Andrew Grey
The Actor and the Housewife by Shannon Hale
Acts of Love by Judith Michael
The Addams Family: Original Broadway Cast Recording by Andrew Lippa
Adirondack Alphabet Book: An Alphabetical Tour of the Adirondack Mountains by Sheri Amsel
Adirondack Country by William Chapman White
Adirondack Cross-Country Skiing: A Guide to Seventy Trails by Dennis Conroy
Adirondack Enigma: The Depraved Intellect and Mysterious Life of North Country Wife Killer Henry Debosnys by Cheri L. Farnsworth
Adirondack Ghosts by Lynda Lee Macken
The Adirondack high peaks and the Forty-sixers by Grace L. Hudowalski
Adirondack High: Images of America's First Wilderness by Hardie Truesdale
An Adirondack Passage: The Cruise of the Canoe Sairy Gamp by Christine Jerome
Adirondack trails. Eastern region by David Thomas-Train
Adirondack Waterfall Guide: New York's Cool Cascades by Russell Dunn
Adirondack Wildguide: A Natural History of the Adirondack Park by Michael G. DiNunzio
Adirondack Wildlife: A Field Guide by James M. Ryan
Adirondack: Wilderness by Nathan Farb
The Adirondacks by Nathan Farb
The Adirondacks 1931-1990 by Donald R. Williams
The Adirondacks: A History of America's First Wilderness by Paul Schneider
Adventures in Time and Place: New York by James A. Banks
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad [1949 film] by James Algar
The Adversaries by Jack Cavanaugh
The Advocate's Devil by Alan M. Dershowitz
An Affair of Sorcerers by George C. Chesbro
Affairs of Honor: National Politics in the New Republic by Joanne B. Freeman
An Affinity for Murder by Anne White
After All These Years by Susan Isaacs
After Dark by Nancy A. Collins
After Hours by Lynn Erickson
After the Fall by Arthur Miller
After the Reunion by Rona Jaffe
After the Summer People Leave: 12 Baffling Adirondack Mystery Stories by William T. Lowe
After This by Alice McDermott
Aftermath by Joel Meyerowitz
Aftershocks: Stories by Grete Weil
The Age of Innocence by Edith Whartonnot in English Common Knowledge
The Age of Jackson by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
The Age of Turbulence: Adventures in a New World by Alan Greenspan
The Agency by Ally O'Brien
Agent 146: The True Story of a Nazi Spy in America by Erich Gimpelnot in English Common Knowledge
Agent 6 by Tom Rob Smith
AH New Pictorial Encyclopedic Guide to the US: 10 New York North Carolina North Dakota by American Heritage
The Air We Breathe by Andrea Barrett
Albany Bi-Centennial: Historical Memoirs by A. Bleecker Banks
An Albany Trio: Legs; Billy Phelan's Greatest Game; Ironweed by William Kennedy
Alexander Hamilton by John Roseburg
Alexander Hamilton, a life by Willard Sterne Randall
Alias Volume 3: The Underneath by Brian Michael Bendis
Alive and Well in Prague, New York by Daphne Grab
All About Emily by Connie Willis
All Around New York: Regions and Resources (Heinemann State Studies) by Mark Stewart
All in the Family: The Complete Eighth Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All in the Family: The Complete Fifth Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All in the Family: The Complete First Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All in the Family: The Complete Fourth Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All in the Family: The Complete Ninth Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All in the Family: The Complete Second Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All In the Family: The Complete Seventh Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All in the Family: The Complete Third Season [1971-1979 TV Series] by Norman Lear
All Mortal Flesh by Julia Spencer-Fleming
All Rivers Flow to the Sea by Alison McGhee
All That Glitters by Diana Palmer
All Those Things We Never Said by Marc Levy
All-Name Index to the 1860 Gazetteer of New York State by J. H. French
All-name index to the Historical and statistical gazetteer of New York State, 1860 by J.H. French, and a listing of geographic names missing in the original index by Walter W. Steesy
Allied Ancestry of the Van Culemborg Family of Culemborg, Holland: Being the Ancestry of Sophia Van Culemborg, Wife of Johan de Carpentier, Parents of Maria de Carpentier, Wife of Jean Paul Jaquet, Vice-Director and Chief Magistrate of the Colonies on the South River of New Netherland, 1655-1657 by Edwin Jacquett Sellers
Aloft by Chang-Rae Lee
Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone by Jenni Ferrari-Adler
The Alphabet Challenge by Olga Gardner Galvin
Un altro giro di giostra by Tiziano Terzaninot in English Common Knowledge
I Am Alfonso Jones by Tony Medina
The Amateur Gourmet: How to Shop, Chop, and Table Hop Like a Pro (Almost) by Adam D. Roberts
The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal by Cheryl Harness
Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5: To Crush the Kingpin by Stan Lee
The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 5: Unintended Consequences by J. Michael Straczynski
Ambitious Bastard - Mafia Kings of NYC by Linny Lawless
AMC guide to country walks near New York : within reach by public transportation by William Scheller
American architecture, Westchester County, New York : colonial to contemporary by Frank E. Sanchis
American Classic Pedigrees 1914-2002: A Decade-By Decade Review of Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Winnersplus Ke by Avalyn Hunter
The American Clock by Arthur Miller
American Cooking: The Eastern Heartland by José Wilson
American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera
American Ground by William Langewiesche
American Horror Story: NYC: The Comple Eleventh Season by Ryan Murphy
The American Legal Experience by Lawrence M. Friedman
American Revolution (Eyewitness Books) by Stuart Murray
The American Scene by Henry James
American Shtetl: The Making of Kiryas Joel, a Hasidic Village in Upstate New York by Nomi M. Stolzenberg
American Skin by Ken Bruen
American Splendor: Our Movie Year by Harvey Pekar
The Amphibians and Reptiles of Allegany State Park, New York State Handbook 3 by Sherman C. Bishop
And Be a Villain by Rex Stout
And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out) by Paul Blustein
And Why Not Every Man?: An Account of Slavery, the Underground Railroad, and the Road to Freedom in New York's Southern Tier by Helene C. Phelan
The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1) by James Patterson
The Angel of Darkness by Caleb Carr
Angels All Over Town by Luanne Rice
Angels in America [2003 TV mini series] by Mike Nichols
Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner
Angels of the Deep by Kirby Crow
Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh
Animal Tracks of New York and Pennsylvania by Tamara Eder
Animal Tracks of the Great Lakes States: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wiscon by Chris Stall
Animal Tracks of the Mid-Atlantic States: District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, by Chris Stall
Anna Goes Hiking: Discover Hiking and Explore Nature (Bur Bur & Friends) by Joanne Pastel
Annual Report by New York (State) Conservation Commission
Annual Report of the Commissioners of Emigration of the State of New York, for the Year Ending December 31, 1869 (Classic Reprint) by Game and Forests New York Commissioners of Fisheries
Annual report of the Commissioners of Fisheries, Game and Forests of the State of New York by New York (State).
Annual report of the Conservation Commission for the year 1918 (Eighth Annual Report) by New York (State) Conservation Commission
Annual report of the Forest, Fish and Game Commission of the State of New York by New York (State).
Anthropology of an American Girl by Hilary Thayer Hamann
Anything Goes by Jill Churchill
Apa Guides, New York State by Louisa Campbell
Aphrodite by Russell Andrews
Aquaman: A Celebration of 75 Years by Jeb Woodward
Arabian Jazz by Diana Abu-Jaber
Architecture worth saving in Rensselaer County, New York by Bernd Foerster
The Archivist by Martha Cooley
Aria [Blue Notes series] by Shira Anthony
Arkham Detective Tales by Gareth Hanrahan
Armed and Dangerous by Jim Kelly
Art of the State: New York by Nina Sonenberg
ARTE DI FRONTIERA: NEW YORK GRAFFITI by Francesca & Tony Shafrazi Alinovinot in English Common Knowledge
Artisans, evangelicals, and the city : a social history of abolition and labor reform in Jacksonian New York by John B. Jentz
Artist's Proof by Gordon Cotler
Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey by Edward Gorey
Ascension: A Novel by Steven Galloway
Assassin's play-off by Warren Murphy
The Assassination: Death of the President by Champ Clark
The Assassini by Thomas Giffordnot in English Common Knowledge
Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur
Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchellinot in English Common Knowledge
At swords' points by Andre Norton
At Weddings and Wakes by Alice McDermott
Atlantic Fever: Lindbergh, His Competitors, and the Race to Cross the Atlantic by Joe Jacksonnot in English Common Knowledge
The Au Pairs by Melissa de la Cruz
Audition for Murder by P. M. Carlson
Ausgebrannt by Andreas Eschbach
Authority and Resistance in Early New York by William Pencak
The Automat: The History, Recipes, and Allure of Horn & Hardart's Masterpiece by Marianne Hardart
Avengers 1959 by Howard Chaykin
The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong
Away by Amy Bloom
The Ax by Donald E. Westlake
The bachelors' bride : a novel by Stephen Koch
The Bachman Books by Stephen King
Back Street by Fannie Hurst
Back to Bataan by Jerome Charyn
Backroad Bicycling Near New York City: 25 One-Day Bike Tours in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania by Gerry Brooks
Backwater by Joan Bauer
Backyard Birds of New York: How to Identify and Attract the Top 25 Birds (Backyard Birds Of...) by Bill Fenimore
Baghdad: The Final Gathering by Ahmad Ardalan
Bain's New York: The City in News Pictures, 1900-1925 by Michael Carlebach
The balloting book and other documents relating to military bounty lands, in the State of New York by Michael Connolly
Balls by Graig Nettles
Baptism record of the Tappan Reformed Church, Tappan, Rockland County, NY. 1694-1899 by Arthur C. M Kelly
Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays by David Sedaris
Batman '66 Meets The Man from U.N.C.L.E. by Jeff Parker
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller
Battlecry Forever! (Thoroughbred Club) by Joanna Campbellnot in English Common Knowledge
Bearwalker by Joseph Bruchac
The Beast by Walter Dean Myers
The Beasts of Valhalla by George C. Chesbro
The Beats: A Graphic History by Paul Buhle
Before Midnight by Rex Stoutnot in English Common Knowledge
Before You Know Kindness by Chris Bohjalian
The Belgian Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plathnot in English Common Knowledge
A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula by Clare Havens
Belle by Georges Simenonnot in English Common Knowledge
Benjamin Franklin by Edmund S. Morgan
Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Sykes
Best Bike Rides New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania (Best Bike Rides Series) by Trudy Bell
Best in Show [2000 film] by Christopher Guest
Best of the Best from New York: Selected Recipes from New York's Favorite Cookbooks by Gwen McKee
Best of the Best from the Northeast Cookbook: Selected Recipes from the Favorite Cookbooks of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine by Gwen McKee
Betrayal by Omar Shahid Hamid
Better Not Pout by Annabeth Albert
Better Than Bundle (Dreamspinner Press Bundles) by Lane Hayes
Beverwijck: A Dutch Village on the American Frontier, 1652-1664 by Janny Venema
Beware of the Stranger by Janet Dailey
Beyond Black Bear Lake by Anne Labastille
Beyond the House of the False Lama: Travels with Monks, Nomads, and Outlaws by George Crane
The Bialy Eaters: The Story of a Bread and a Lost World by Mimi Sheraton
Bibliography of New York Colonial History
Bibliography of New York Colonial History by Charles A. Flagg
Bibliography of New York Colonial History by New York (State).
Big Boned by Meg Cabot
The Big Book of New York Ghost Stories by Cheri Revai
Big City Eyes by Delia Ephron
The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing
The Big New York Activity Book!: Reproducible (New York Experience) by Carole Marsh
The Big New York Reproducible Activity Book (The New York Experience) by Carole Marsh
A Bigamist's Daughter by Alice McDermott
Bill O'Reilly's Legends and Lies: The Patriots by David Fisher
The Billionaire & His Castaway by Alexa Riley
Billionaire Christmas by Claire Adams
The Billionaire's Intern by Maisey Yates
Billy Phelan's Greatest Game by William Kennedy
Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Chautauqua County, New York with a Historical Sketch of the County by Butler F. Dilley
Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900 by Biographical Directory Company
A Biographical Record of Schuyler County, New York by The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company
Biographical Review: This Volume Contains Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Livingston and Wyoming Counties, New York by Biographical Review Publishing Company
The Biology of Luck by Jacob M. Appel
The Bird's Nest by Shirley Jackson
Birds of Cattaraugus County New York by Stephen Eaton
The birds of Dutchess County, New York, from records compiled by Maunsell S. Crosby by Ludlow Griscom
Birds of New York by Louis Agassiz Fuertes
Birds of New York AUDIO CD by Stan Tekiela
Birds of New York Field Guide, Second Edition by Stan Tekiela
Birds Of Rockland County And The hudson Highlands by N/A
Birthright by Joseph Amiel
Bitnapped by J.T. Carroll
Bitten: The Complete First Season by Daegan Fryklind
Bitten: The Complete Second Season by Daegan Fryklind
Bitten: The Final Season by Daegan Fryklind
Black Diamond Fall by Joseph Olshan
Black Orchids by Rex Stoutnot in English Common Knowledge
Black Swan by Chris Knopf
BLACK WATER, the China Connection: A bond of brothers thriller by Robert Saniscalchi
Blackout by Rob Thurman
Blacksad by Juan Díaz Canales
Blackwater Spirits by Miriam Grace Monfredo
Blaze: The Forensics of Fire by Nicholas Faith
Bleeding in the Eye of a Brainstorm by George C. Chesbro
Blindsided: Lifting a Life Above Illness: A Reluctant Memoir by Richard M. Cohen
Blood Fugues: A Novel by Edgardo Vega Yunque
The Bloodied Mohawk: The American Revolution in the Words of Fort Plank's Defenders and Other Mohawk Valley Partisans by Ken D. Johnson
The Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam by Ronald H. Bailey
Bloody World by Chloe Nicole Green
Blue Jelly: Love Lost & the Lessons of Canning by Debby Bull
Blue's Big City Adventure [2022 film] by Matt Stawski
Boats and boating in the Adirondacks by Hallie E. Bond
The Body in the Boudoir by Katherine Hall Page
Body Surfing: A Novel by Dale Peck
A Body to Die For by Valerie Frankel
Body, Boots, and Britches: Folktales, Ballads, and Speech from Country New York by Harold W. Thompson
Bonds of Earth by G N Chevalier
Bonds of Love by Lisa Gregory
The Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver
The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfenot in English Common Knowledge
The Book in America: With Images from the Library of Congress (Library of Congress Classics) by Richard W. Clement
The Book of Alfar: A Tale of the Hudson Highlands by Peter W. Hassinger
Borrowed Finery by Paula Fox
Bossypants by Tina Feynot in English Common Knowledge
Bought by the Mistress by Jean Zee
Bountiful by Sarina Bowen
Bowery Bugs [1949 animated short film by Arthur Davis
Bowled Over aka Maggie Takes a Fall by Kasey Michaels
Boy in the Sand: Casey Donovan, All-American Sex Star by Roger Edmonson
The Boy Who Granted Dreams by Luca Di Fulvionot in English Common Knowledge
The Boys Who Cherished Me: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Mia Belle
The Boys Who Loved Me: A Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance by Mia Belle
The BQE by Sufjan Stevens
Brain Drain by Warren Murphy
Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me by Marlon Brando
The Brave Escape of Edith Wharton by Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge
Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capotenot in English Common Knowledge
Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut
Breaking Ground by Daniel Libeskind
Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo
Bridges of Central Park by Henry Hope Reed
Bridled Love (Wolf Creek Ranch) by Claire Ashlynn
A Brief Description of New-York: Formerly Called New-Netherlands, With the Places Thereunto Adjoyning, Together with the Manner of Its Scituation, Fertility- Relation of the Customs of the Indians by Daniel Dentonas New York
Brimstone by Douglas Preston
Bring the Heat by M. L. Rhodes
Bringing Home Danny by M. A. Blisher
Broke Heart Blues by Joyce Carol Oates
Broken Glass by Arthur Miller
The Broken Hearts Club by Bob Reiss
Broken River by J. Robert Lennon
Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín
Brooklyn [2015 film] by John Crowley
Bros [2022 film] by Nicholas Stoller
The Brother by Joakim Zander
Brother, I'm Dying by Edwidge Danticat
The Brothers Next Door: A Striker Brothers MFM Romance by Terry Towers
The Brutal Truth by Lee Winter
Buffalo Bills Photos 1960-1995: A View Through the Lens of Robert L. Smith by Robert L. Smith
Building the New York Subway (Cornerstones of Freedom Second Series) by Andrew Santella
Bulletin No. 122 by Charles E. Fisher - editor
Bundle of Joy [1956 film] by Norman Taurog
Bur Bur's Fishing Adventure: An Exciting Fishing Adventure (Bur Bur & Friends) by Joanne Pastel
Burials and Gravestones: Families Associated with Putnam County, New York by Glendon E. Wheeler
Burly by Jessa Kane
Burning Questions by Elaine Busby
Burnt Offerings by Robert Marasco
Burnt Shadows by Kamila Shamsienot in English Common Knowledge
A Bushwhacker's View of the Adirondacks by John E. Winkler
Bust by Ken Bruen
Busted Flush by Brad Smith
But Not For Me by J.S. Cook
Butterflies of the Allegany State Park by Aretas Andrews Saunders
Butterflies through Binoculars: A Field Guide to the Boston-New York-Washington Region by Jeffrey Glassberg
By Dreams Betrayed by Sandra Marton
By Reason of Insanity by James Neal Harvey
C.B. Greenfield: A Little Madness by Lucille Kallen
C.B. Greenfield: No Lady in the House by Lucille Kallen
The Cabin by Carla Neggers
Cable & Deadpool Vol 2: The Burnt Offering by Fabian Nicieza
Calendar of historical manuscripts in the office of the secretary of state, Albany, N.Y. by Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan
Calendar of N.Y. colonial manuscripts, indorsed land papers; in the Office of the secretary of state of New York. 1643-1803 by New York (State).
Call the Coroner by Avril Ashton
Call Them by Their True Names: American Crises (and Essays) by Rebecca Solnit
The Callahan Chronicals, or Callahan and Company by Spider Robinson
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon by Spider Robinson
Callahan's Secret by Spider Robinson
Camping New York: A Comprehensive Guide to Public Tent and RV Campgrounds (State Camping Series) by Ben Keene
Cani Sciolti n. 5: Aquarius by Gianfranco Manfredinot in English Common Knowledge
Cani sciolti n. 6: Time after time by Gianfranco Manfredinot in English Common Knowledge
Canoeing Central New York by William P. Ehling
Captain Kidd's Cat by Robert Lawson
Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Captain Marvel, Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Captain Marvel, Vol. 2: Stay Fly by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Carpenter's Gothic by William Gaddis
i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) by yodasyoyo,
The Case of the Dead Divorcee by William Holder
The Case of the Etruscan Treasure by Robert Newman
Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegutnot in English Common Knowledge
Cat's Cradle: Warhead by Andrew Cartmel
Catch Me by M. A. Blisher
Catch Me If You Can by L.B. Gregg
The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salingernot in English Common Knowledge
Catholic National Readers: Book Three by Richard Gilmour
The Catskills by Thomas Morris Longstreth
Cattaraugus County, A Bicentennial History 1808-2008: 200 Years Of Adventure--Past, Present And Future by Maggie Frederickson(editor and compiler)
Cattaraugus County, New York
Cattaraugus County, New York Surrogate Court Abstracts: Guardianship Edition by Susan E. Stahley
Cattaraugus County: Abstract of the 1835 New York State Census with the 1825 New York State Census for the Town of Ellicottville
Cattaraugus County: Embracing Its Agricultural Society, Newspapers, Civil List ... Biographies of the Old Pioneers ... Colonial and State Governors of ... With the Statistics of Each Town [1857 ] by John Manley
CD: Records of the Town of Southold, Suffolk County, New York by J. Wickham Case
Celebrate the 50 States! by Loreen Leedy
Celebrating New York: 50 States to Celebrate (Green Light Readers Level 3) by Marion Dane Bauer
Celine by Peter Heller
Census Index: Mid-Atlantic States, 1900 by Broderbund Software Inc.
Census Index: New York City, 1860 by Broderbund Software Inc.
Census Index: New York City, 1870 by Broderbund Software Inc.
Census Index: United States Selected Counties, 1800 by Broderbund Software Inc.
Census of the state of New York, for 1855 by New York (State).
Centennial History of Rochester, New York (4 Vols.) by Edward R. Foreman
Central Park in the Dark: More Mysteries of Urban Wildlife by Marie Winn
The Central Park Serial Rapist (Hunter Burns Investigation, Book #9) by Jon Rivera
Central Park, An American Masterpiece: A Comprehensive History of the Nation's First Urban Park by Sara Cedar Miller
Central Park; a history and a guide by Henry Hope Reed
A Century of Commerce and Finance in Chautauqua County: Historical Address Presented at Westfield, N. Y., July 25, 1902, at the Centennial Celebration of the First Settlement of Chautauqua County by Charles M. Dow
Champions: The Illustrated History of Hockey's Greatest Dynasties by Douglas Hunter
Champlain and the French in New York by New York (State).
Champlain's Dream by David Hackett Fischer
Chances Are by Barbara Delinsky
Changing Colors by Elyse Springer
Changing Works: Visions of a Lost Agriculture by Douglas Harper
Charlie's Chance by Jackie Black
Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson
Cherries in Winter: My Family's Recipe for Hope in Hard Times by Suzan Colón
Child of My Heart by Alice McDermott
Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke
Christian Nation by Frederic C. Rich
A Christmas Collection [Anthology 4-in-1] by Stella Cameron
The Christmas Deal by Keira Andrews
Christmas Knights: Forced Proximity, Age Gap Older Man, Instalove, Holiday Romance by Britt Jones
The Christmas List by Pete Nelson
Christmas on a Rational Planet by Lawrence Miles
Christmas Traditions by Lisa Marie Davis
Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem
Chronicles of the town of Easthampton, county of Suffolk, New York by David Gardiner
Chuck Close: Life by Christopher Finch
The Church of Dead Girls by Stephen Dobyns
A Circle in the Fire and Other Stories by Flannery O'Connor
The Circus of Ghosts by Barbara Ewing
Citizens or Papists? : the politics of anti-Catholicism in New York, 1685-1821 by Jason Duncan
City and Port: The Transformation of Port Cities: London, Barcelona, New York and Rotterdam by Han Meyer
The City and the Pillar {revised} by Gore Vidalnot in English Common Knowledge
City Boy: My Life in New York During the 1960s and '70s by Edmund White
City Building on the Eastern Frontier: Sorting the New Nineteenth-Century City by Diane Shaw
City for Sale: Ed Koch and the Betrayal of New York by Jack Newfield
City Hawk: The Story of Pale Male by Meghan McCarthy
City in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center by James Glanz
City of Dreams: A Novel of Nieuw Amsterdam and Early Manhattan by Beverly Swerling
City of Lies by R.J. Ellory
City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende
The civil sword : James Delancey's Westchester Refugees by G. R. Vincent
Civil War by Mark Millar
Clare: A Novel by Susan Lynn Peterson
Cleave by Mickie B. Ashling
Click! A Story About George Eastman by Barbara Mitchell
Close Quarters by Marissa Piesman
Close-up U.S.A.: The Northeast - 1978 [map] by William T. Peele
Closet Confidential by Mary Jane Maffini
Clouds of Suspicion (Arena of Fear / A Perfect Gem / Firecloud) by Lynn Erickson
Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks
A Clue for the Puzzle Lady by Parnell Hall
Cobblestone Landmarks of New York State by Olaf William Shelgren
The Cock Barrens by Kate Woods
Code Blue by Nancy Fisher
Code of Honor by Kathryn Shay
Codename: Phantom: Soldiers for Christmas by M.K. Moore
Codename: Ridge: Soldiers Home for Christmas by Allie York
Cold Burn by Max Allan Collinsnot in English Common Knowledge
The Cold Hard Fax by Leslie O'Kane
Cold Heaven by Brian Moore
The Cold Moon [Abridged Audiobook] by Jeffery Deavernot in English Common Knowledge
The Cold Smell of Sacred Stone by George C. Chesbro
Cold Spring Harbor by Richard Yates
Cole : Cowboy Billionaire's Obsession by Caelia Portier
A Collection of Abstracts from Otsego County, New York Newspaper Obituaries, 1808-1875 by Gertrude Audrey Barber
The Collector by Nora Robertsnot in English Common Knowledge
Colonial Long Island folklife : an overview of the colonial period stressing 18th-century Suffolk County by John H. Braunlein
Colonial New York: A History by Michael G. Kammen
A Colossal Hoax: The Giant from Cardiff that Fooled America by Scott Tribble
Coming Home by Patricia Scanlan
Commemorative Biographical Record of Dutchess County, New York: Containing Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, and Many of the Early Settled Families by J.H. Beers & Co.
Commercial Reference Map and Guide: New York by Rand McNally and Company
Common trees of New York by Joseph S. Illick
The Complete Idiot's Guide to New York City by Bruce Murphy
The Completely Amazing, Slightly Outrageous State Quarters Atlas & Album by Klutz Press
The Con Man's Daughter by Ed Dee
Confederate Operations in Canada and New York by John W. Headley
The Confession by Beverly Lewis
Confessions of a New Year by M. A. Blisher
The Confetti man by Bonnie Jones Reynolds
Confrontation at Ocean Hill-Brownsville; the New York school strikes of 1968 by Maurice R. Berube
Confusion Is Next: The Sonic Youth Story by Alec Foege
The Conifers of New York by Fred E. Winch, Jr.
Connie Francis, of De onschuld van Amerika by Stephan Sanders
The Consolidated Laws of the State of New York, Vol. 9: Passed at the One Hundred and Thirty-Third Session of the Legislature Begun January 5, 1910, ... by the Legislature of 1910 (Classic Reprint) by State of New York
Conspiracy Theory by Jane Haddam
Constance Dunlap by Arthur B. Reeve
Constitution of the state of New York : adopted November 3, 1846 : together with marginal notes and a copious index by New York (State).
Constitution of the State of New York: 1938 by Constitutional Convention
The constitution of the State of New-York by New York (State).
Constitutional History of the State of New York by J. Hampden Dougherty
Contested Terrain: A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks by Philip G. Terrie
Continental Collisions and Ancient Volcanoes by Yngvar W. Isachsen
Convincing Alex by Nora Roberts
Coping with Teachers by Peter Corey
Coroner at Large by Thomas T. Noguchi
The Count of 9 by Erle Stanley Gardner
Country Roads of New York: Charming Small Towns and Villages to Explore by Michael Tougias
Country Towns of New York by Bill Kaufman
The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapeña
Crack Head (Triple Crown Publications Presents) by Lisa Lennox
Crack Head II (Triple Crown Publications Presents) by Lisa Lennox
Cranberry Lake from wilderness to Adirondack Park by Albert Vann Fowler
Crazy Hot by Melissa de la Cruz
Crime and Law Enforcement in the Colony of New York, 1691-1776 by Douglas Greenberg
Criminal law handbook of New York. by New York (State).
Crimson: Loyalty and Loss by Brian Augustyn
A Crisis of Republicanism: American Politics During the Civil War Era by Lloyd E. Ambrosius
Critters Of New York Pocket Guide (Critter) by Wildlife Forever
Crook Manifesto by Colson Whitehead
Cross roads & cross rivers: Diversity in colonial New York : exhibition mounted at the Philipsburg Manor Galler by Kathleen Eagen Johnson
Crossing The Lion by Cynthia Baxter
The Crossroads: A Haunted Mystery by Chris Grabenstein
Crown of Serpents by Michael J. Karpovage
Crum Cousins: Descendants of Floris Willem Crum of Rockland County, New York by Jane Stewart Ten Eyck
Crush (Orca Soundings) by Carrie Mac
Crystal Clear by Jane Heller
Cuaderno de Nueva York by Jose Hierro
Cult of Crime by Franklin W. Dixon
Cursed by Rhianne Aile
Cutlass in the snow by Elizabeth Shub
Cutting Cords by Mickie B. Ashling
Cutting Loose by Michael Z. Lewin1895
Cybill Disobedience by Cybill Shepherd
Cycling Along The Canals of New York State, 2nd Edition: Scenic Rides On The Historic Waterways Of The Empire State by Louis Rossi
Cycling Along The Canals of New York: 500 Miles of Bike Riding along the Erie, Champlain, Cayuga-Seneca, and Oswego Can by Louis Rossi
A Dance at the Slaughterhouse by Lawrence Block
Dance for the Dead by Thomas Perry
Dancer from the Dance by Andrew Holleran
Danger in the Dark: A Houdini & Nate Mystery (Houdini and Nate Mysteries) by Tom Lalicki
Dangerous Cargo by Hulbert Footnernot in English Common Knowledge
The Dangerous Seduction by A. N. Bond
Daredevil: Season One by Antony Johnston
Dark Avengers, Vol. 2: Molecule Man by Brian Michael Bendis
Dark Genius of Wall Street: The Misunderstood Life of Jay Gould, King of the Robber Barons by Edward J. Renehan Jr.
Dark Lady: Winston Churchill's Mother and Her World by Charles Higham
Dark Union: The Secret Web of Profiteers, Politicians, and Booth Conspirators That Led to Lincoln's Death by Leonard F. Guttridge
Dark Victory [1939 film] by Edmund Goulding
Dark Wind: A True Account of Hurricane Gloria's Assault on Fire Island by John Jiler
Dasia: The Story Of A Big Beautiful Doll: The First Plus-Size Fashion Doll by Audrey Bell-Kearney
A Daughter's Inheritance by Tracie Peterson
Daughters by Suzanne Goodwin
Dawn on a Distant Shore by Sara Donati
Daytrips and Getaway Weekends in the Mid-Atlantic States by Robert Foulke
Dead and Dateless by Kimberly Raye
Dead Before Dark by Wendy Corsi Staub
Dead Canaries Don't Sing by Cynthia Baxter
Dead End Dating by Kimberly Raye
Dead End Gene Pool: A Memoir by Wendy Burden
The Dead Girls Detective Agency by Suzy Cox
The Dead Man's Brother by Roger Zelazny
Dead Man's Footsteps by Peter James
Dead Man's Time by Peter Jamesnot in English Common Knowledge
Dead Over Heels by MaryJanice Davidson
The Dead Zone by Stephen King
The Deadly Truth by Helen McCloy
The Deadwood Beetle by Mylene Dressler
Dealing in Murder by Elaine Flinn
Dear Exile by Hilary Liftin
Dear Neighbor, Drop Dead by Saralee Rosenberg
Death Loves a Messy Desk by Mary Jane Maffini
Death of a Butterfly by Margaret Maron
Death Vows by Richard Stevenson
Death's Daughter by Amber Benson
Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory by David Ray Griffin
The Debutante Divorceé by Plum Sykes
Deenie by Judy Blume
Deep Wizardry by Diane Duane
The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper
Defensive Heart by Dorothy F. Shaw
Defiance by Lili St. Crow
The Definite Object by Jeffery Farnol
The Delaware by Harry Emerson Wildes
Delaware and Hudson Railway (Images of Rail) by Marilyn E. Dufresne
Delta Green: Eyes Only by Dennis Detwiller
Delusion by Joanna Elm
Demons Are A Ghoul's Best Friend by Victoria Laurie
Denn sie wussten was sie tun: Rückblenden by Timothy Leary
The Descendants of Samuel and Deborah Webster of Vermont, New York, and Ohio by Dale Douglas Webster
Descendants of Thomas and Richard Brush of Huntington, Long Island : a source book by Stuart C. Brush
The Descent (The Divine Brotherhood Book 1) by Carol Robi
Desert Island: Paradise Cove (Castaway Couples) by Olivia T. Turner
Desperation in Death by J. D. Robb
The Developer's Frontier: The Making of the Western New York Landscape by William Wyckoff
The Devil's Picnic: Around the World in Pursuit of Forbidden Fruit by Taras Grescoe
Devin December by Kate McMurray
Dial L for Loser by Lisi Harrison
Diary of an Oxygen Thief by Anonymous
Did I Expect Angels? by Kathryn Maughan
A Digest of Fees in Legal Use (Arranged for the Board of Supervisors of Cattaraugus County) by Journal Clerk Edwin Baker
The Dime Museum Murders (Harry Houdini Mysteries) by Daniel Stashower
Dino by Nick Toschesnot in English Common Knowledge
Dinosaurs in the Attic: An Excursion into the American Museum of Natural History by Douglas J. Preston
The Diocese of Western New York: A History and Recollections by Charles Wells Hayes
The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones
Dirty Filthy Rich Men by Laurelin Paige
The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love by Kristin Kimball
Discovering the past : writings of Jeannette Edwards Rattray, 1893-1974, relating to the history of the Town of East Hampton, Suffolk County, New York by Jeannette Edwards Rattray
Disenchanted [2022 Film] by Adam Shankman
Disney's Newsies: The Broadway Musical! [2017 film] by Jeff Calhoun
Dissecting Death: Secrets of a Medical Examiner by Frederick T. Zugibe
The Dive from Clausen's Pier by Ann Packer
The Divided Ground: Indians, Settlers, and the Northern Borderland of the American Revolution by Alan Taylor
Divided We Stand: A Biography of New York City's World Trade Center by Eric Darton
Divine Evil by Nora Roberts
Dockside by Susan Wiggs
Doctor Strange Vol. 1: The Way of the Weird by Jason Aaron
Doctor Strange Vol. 2: The Last Days of Magic by Jason Aaron
The Documentary history of the first Federal elections, 1788-1790 by Merrill Jensen
The Dog Hermit by David Stout
Domestic Manners of the Americans by Fanny Trollope
Domina by Barbara Wood
Don't Call Me a Crook!: A Scotsman's Tale of World Travel, Whisky and Crime by Bob Moore
Don't Know Much About the 50 States by Kenneth C. Davis
Don't Eat the Pictures: Sesame Street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art [1983 TV movie] by Jon Stone
The Doors of Time by Felisblanco
Double, Double by Ellery Queen
A Doubter's Almanac by Ethan Canin
Dourado by David Wood
Down by the Water by Caroline Upcher
Down South by C.M. Steele
Down with the Old Canoe: A Cultural History of the Titanic Disaster by Steven Biel
Downsizing by Linda Ann Rentschler
Doxology by Nell Zink
Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers by Alcoholics Anonymous
Dr. J: the Story of Dr. Julius Erving by Joe Gergen
The draft riots, July 1863 by Irving Werstein
The Dragon's Teeth and Calamity Town by Ellery Queen
A Draught of Ash and Wine by Kristin Jacques
Dream A Little Dream by Antoinette Stockenberg
Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina García
The Dressmaker by Kate Alcott
The Drifter by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Drop Dead Healthy: One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection by A. J. Jacobs
Drown by Junot Díaz
The Drowning Season by Alice Hoffman
The Drowning Tree by Carol Goodman
Dual Image by Nora Roberts
Duchess by Chester Aaron
The Duke of Cleveland by Les Roberts
Dust Tracks on a Road: An Autobiography by Zora Neale Hurston
A Dutch Family in the Middle Colonies: 1660-1800 by Firth Haring Fabend
The Dutch Records of Kingston, Ulster County, New York (Esopus, Wildwyck, Swanenburgh, Kingston), 1658-1684 with Some Later Dates, Part 1: May 31, 1658 - November 18, 1664, Esopus - Wildwyck by Samuel Oppenheim
Dying for Mercy by Mary Jane Clark
E is for Empire: A New York Alphabet by Ann E. Burg
Eager: The Surprising, Secret Life of Beavers and Why They Matter by Ben Goldfarb
Early Autumn by Robert B. Parker
Early Explorers in New York: Native Americans and Europeans (Primary Sources of New York City and New York State) by Lynn George
Early Long Island wills of Suffolk County, 1691-1703: An unabridged copy of the manuscript volume known as "The Lester will book", being the record of ... : with genealogical and historical notes by William S. Pelletreau
Early Long Island wills of Suffolk county. 1691-1703. An unabrid by William S. Pelletreau
Early Settlers of New York State, 1760-1942: Their Ancestors and Descendants by Family Tree Maker
Early wills of Westchester County, New York, from 1664 to 1784. A careful abstract of all wills (nearly 800) recorded in New York surrogate's office and at White Plains, N.Y., from 1664 to 1784 by William S. Pelletreau
Earth Treasures: The Northeastern Quadrant by Allan W. Eckert
Eastern Suffolk County: Pocket Atlas by Hagstorm Map
Eastman and Laird's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie by Peter Laird
Eastmont Clan-Jake: Paranormal Alpha Shifter by Angelica Primm
Easy Hikes Close to Home: New York City: Including Nearby New York and Nearby New Jersey by Christopher Brooks
Easy To Lose: A Boudreaux Universe Novel by S.A. Clayton
An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon
Ecological studies of the Sunken Forest, Fire Island National Seashore, New York by Henry Warren Art
An ecological survey of the vegetation of Monroe County, New York by Royal Eastman Shanks
Ecology of the Birds of Quaker Run Valley, Allegany State Park, New York, New York State Museum Handbook 16 by Aretas A. Saunders
Edge of Spider-Geddon by Jed MacKay
Educated by Elizabeth by Bethany Goring
The Eiger Sanction by Trevanian
Eight Nights in December by Keira Andrews
Eighteenth century documents of the Nine partners patent, Dutchess County, New York by Clifford M. Buck
The Eighty-Dollar Champion: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation by Elizabeth Letts
Eleanor by Barbara Cooney
Eleanor Roosevelt, Volume 2: 1933-1938 by Blanche Wiesen Cook
Eleven by Patricia Reilly Giff
Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback) by Ann M. Martin
The Eleventh Pillar: New York State and the Federal Constitution by Linda Grant De Pauw
Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas [2014 TV special] by Mark Caballero
Elizabeth Blackwell: Girl Doctor by Joanne Landers Henry
The Elizabeth Cady Stanton-Susan B. Anthony Reader: Correspondence, Writings, Speeches by Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Ellis Island (American Symbols & Their Meanings) by Hal Marcovitz
Eloise at Christmastime [2003 film] by Kevin Lima
Eloise at the Plaza [2003 film] by Kevin Lima
Elsie Dinsmore on the Loose by Josie Turner
Elsie Yachting with the Raymonds by Martha Finley
An Embarrassment of Riches by Margaret Pemberton
Emerald Fire by Sandra Marton
The Emerald Killers by Ron Morgans
Emergency Sex: And Other Desperate Measures by Kenneth Cain
The Emerging Nation: A Documentary History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Under the Articles of Confederation, 1780-1789 (Vol. I) by Mary A. Giunta
Empire Ghosts: New York State's Haunted Landmarks by Lynda Lee Macken
Empire on the Hudson: Entrepreneurial Vision and Political Power at the Port of New York Authority by Jameson W. Doig
The Empire State Building (Building America) (Building America (Benchmark)) by Craig A. Doherty
Empire State Ghosts: New York Legends and Lore by E. Ashley Rooney
Empire State Trails: Highlights of New York State by New York State
Empire State: A Picture Memory by Bill Harris
The Empire State: A Picture Memory by Bill Harris
Enchanted [2007 film] by Kevin Lima
An Enchanted Season (4-in-1) by Nalini Singh
Enclave by Ann Aguirre
The Encyclopedia Of New York State by Peter R. Eisenstadt
Endurance by Ann Aguirre
Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State, 2010 Edition by Editor
O enigma dos gatos brancos by Edgar Newilte
Envisioning landscape : situations and standpoints in archaeology and heritage by Dan Hicks
Envy by Sandra Brown
The Erie Canal (Building America) by Craig A. Doherty
The Erie Canal [Landmark Books #34] by Samuel Hopkins Adams
Erie Canal Legacy: Architectural Treasures of the Empire State by Andy Olenick
The Erie Canal Pirates by Eric A. Kimmel
Erie Water West by Ronald E. Shaw
Escape from Fire Island! by James H. English
Essex County, New York
Establishing Congress: The Removal to Washington, D.C., and the Election of 1800 (Perspective History Of Congress) by Kenneth R. Bowling
Etta by Gerald Kolpan
Eubank: The Autobiography by Chris Eubank
The Evening Sun Turned Crimson by Herbert Huncke
Everlost by Neal Shusterman
Every Day is for the Thief by Teju Cole
Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace by D.T. Max
Everything We Ever Wanted by Sara Shepard
Exceptional Clearance by William J. Caunitz
The Explorer by Frances Parkinson Keyes
Exploring the 50 States by Marcie Anderson
Extracurricular Activities by Maggie Barbieri
Extreme Ghostbusters [1997 TV series] by Jeff Kline
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foernot in English Common Knowledge
Eyes Wide Open by Andrew Gross
Fabulous Facts About the 50 States by Wilma S. Ross
La face cachée du 11 septembre by Eric Laurentnot in English Common Knowledge
The Face-Changers by Thomas Perry
Facets by Barbara Delinsky
A Factious People: Politics and Society in Colonial New York by Patricia U. Bonomi
Faggots by Larry Kramer
Fairest, Vol. 2: The Hidden Kingdom by Lauren Beukes
The Faith of Graffiti by Norman Mailernot in English Common Knowledge
The Faiths of the Founding Fathers by David L. Holmes
Fall on Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald
Falling Angel by William Hjortsberg
The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates
False Confessions by Steve Johnson
The Familiar, Volume 4: Hades by Mark Z. Danielewski
The Familiar, Volume 5: Redwood by Mark Z. Danielewski
Families of Western New York by William Richard Cutter
A Family Affair by Rex Stout
Family Cursemas by Rod Kierkegaard Jr
Family History: Early New York Families, 1600s-1900s by Broderbund Software Inc.
Family History: Mid-Atlantic Genealogies, 1340-1940 by Broderbund Software Inc.
Famous Sons and Daughters of Wyoming County, New York by Harry Stevens Douglass
Fang and Fur by Stormy Glenn
Fantasia 2000 [1999 film] by James Algar
Fantasia 2000: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by James Levine
Fantastic Four: Season One by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Far from Home by Valerie Wood
Die Farbe des Lichts: Gesamtausgabe by Diana Wintermeer
A Fare to Remember [3-in-1] by Vicki Lewis Thompson
A Farmer Boy Birthday by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Farmhouse by Sophie Blackall
Fatal Instinct by Robert W. Walker
FDR: New York Years 1928-1933 by Kenneth S. Davis
The Fear in Yesterday's Rings by George C. Chesbro
Fear of Flying by Erica Jong
Feast of Murder by Jane Haddam
February House by Sherill Tippins
February: Mine by Jamie Craig
Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stoutnot in English Common Knowledge
Ferries to Fire Island 1856 to 2003 by Captain Edwin J. Mooney
A Festival of Deaths by Jane Haddam
A field guide to Long Island's seashore by Glenn A. Richard
Fifteen Minutes of Shame by Lisa Daily
Fifteen Shades of Gay (For Pay) by T. Baggins
The Fifth Angel by Tim Green
Fifth annual report of the Commissioners of Fisheries, Game and Forests of the State of New York. by Game and Forests The Commissioners of Fisheries
Fifty Common Trees of New York. Forestry for 4-H Club Boys and Girls. Cornell Junior Extension Bulletin 26, December 1927 by J. A. Cope
Fighting Instinct by Mary Calmes
File No. 115; or, A Man of Steel by Harry Harper
The Films of Marlon Brando (Heroes of the movies) by Bruce Braithwaite
Final Exam by Maggie Barbieri
Final Jeopardy by Linda Fairstein
The Finder by Colin Harrisonnot in English Common Knowledge
Fire Along the Sky by Sara Donati
Fire Island by Burt Hirschfeld
Fire Island [2022 film] by Andrew Ahn
Fire Island forfeit by John W. Chambers
The Fire Island Murder by James Robiscoe
The Fire Island National Seashore: A History by Seth Forman
Fire Island, 1650s-1980s by Madeleine C. Johnson
Fire Island: In Color by Jeff Richards
The Fire Next Time by James Baldwin
The Fire of His Genius: Robert Fulton and the American Dream by Kirkpatrick Sale
Fire service laws of the State of New York by New York (State).
Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. Harvey by Maira Kalman
First Annual Report of the Commissioners of Fisheries, Game and Forests of the State of New York Report for 1895 by Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co,
First Blood: Fort Sumter to Bull Run by William C. Davis
The First Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny
First Comes Marriage by Shira Anthony
First Facts About the States by David Stienecker
First, Best and Only by Barbara Delinsky
Fish-shape Paumanok; nature and man on Long Island by Robert Cushman Murphy
Fitcher's Brides by Gregory Frost
Five Dares by Eli Easton
Five Days in Paris by Danielle Steelnot in English Common Knowledge
Five Families: The Rise, Decline, and Resurgence of America's Most Powerful Mafia Empires by Selwyn Raab
Five Fists Of Science by Matt Fraction
Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart by Cate Ashwood
Flags of the Fifty States and their Incredible Histories: The Complete Guide to America's Most Powerful Symbols by Randy Howe
Flame War: A Cyberthriller by Joshua Quittner
The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner
Flesh and stone: the body and the city in Western civilization by Richard Sennett
Flesh Tones by M. J. Rose
Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection by Jemaine Clement
Flight of the Conchords: The Complete First Season by Jemaine Clement
Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Second Season by Jemaine Clement
The Flintstones, Vol. 1 by Mark Russell
The Floating Lady Murder by Daniel Stashower
Floating West: The Erie and Other American Canals by Russell Bourne
Flood by Andrew Vachss
A flora of the vascular plants of Cattaraugus County, New York by Stephen W. Eaton
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyesnot in English Common Knowledge
Fly Like an Eagle by Sandra Marton
Fodor's Gay Guide to New York City, 1st Edition: With Fire Island and New Hope by Andrew Collins
Fodor's New York State by Fodor's
For Better, For Worse, Forever by Lurlene McDaniel
For Honour's Sake: The War of 1812 and the Brokering of an Uneasy Peace by Mark Zuehlke
Forbidden Fruit by Nancy Evans Yates
Foreign Correspondence: A Pen Pal's Journey from Down Under to All Over by Geraldine Brooks
The forest preserve of New York State : the great Adirondack and Catskill public forests, and their protection through a by Eleanor F. Brown
The forests of New York state by A. B Recknagel
Forever Richard by Sue Dent
Forever wild: the Adirondacks by Eliot Porter
The Forgotten Army by Brian Minchin
Forgotten in Death by J. D. Robb
Form Follows Finance: Skyscrapers and Skylines in New York and Chicago by Carol Willis
Fortress of Solitude [and] The Devil Genghis by Kenneth Robeson
Foul Matter by Martha Grimes
Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington by Richard Brookhiser
A Fountain Filled With Blood by Julia Spencer-Fleming
Four Blind Mice by James Patterson
Foursome: Alfred Stieglitz, Georgia O'Keeffe, Paul Strand, Rebecca Salsbury by Carolyn Burke
Fourth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries, Game and Forests of the State of New York for 1898 by Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co,
Fourth Annual Report of the Commissioners of Fisheries, Game and Forests of the State of New York, Report for 1898 by Barnet H Davis
The Fourth Stage of Gainsborough Brown by Clarissa Watson
Fragile by Lisa Unger
Frame-Up by Eric Christopherson
Frame-up on the Bowery: A Houdini & Nate Mystery (Houdini and Nate Mysteries) by Tom Lalicki
Franklinville, N. Y. in Pictures and Story by Roy W. VanHoesen
Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger
Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit by Robert Bogdan
Freak Trees of the State of New York by Gurth Whipple
Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
Freedom Crossing by Margaret Goff Clark
Freedom Train: The Story of Harriet Tubman by Dorothy Sterling
The French and Indian War 1754-1763: The Imperial Struggle for North America by Seymour I. Schwartz
The French and Indian War: Deciding the Fate of North America by Walter R. Borneman
Fresh Blood by Michael Keyth
Fresh Tracks by Georgia BeersUpstate
The Freshman [1990 film] by Andrew Bergman
Freshwater Fishes of New York State: A Field Guide (York State Book) by Robert G. Werner
Frida Kahlo: An Illustrated Life by María Hesse
Friday Night Jamie by Bren Christopher
From Abbotts to Zurich: New York State Placenames (Space, Place, and Society) by Ren Vasiliev
From Resistance to Revolution: Colonial Radicals and the Development of American Opposition to Britain, 1765-1776 by Pauline Maier
From steerage to suburb : Long Island Italians by Salvatore J. LaGumina
Frommer's Complete Guide: New York State by Neil E. Schlecht
Frommer's Comprehensive Guide: New York State by John Foreman
The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren
A Frontier Christmas by Madeline Baker
Frozen [Prodigal series] by A. M. Arthur
Frozen Summer by Mary Jane Auch
Fuck America by Edgar Hilsenrath
Fuel Gas Code of New York State by Editor
Full House by Rex Stout
Fulton County: A Pictorial History by Lewis G. Decker
Fun and Simple Mid-Atlantic State Crafts: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. (Fun & Simple State Crafts) by June Ponte
Fun with the Family New York by Anne Holler
Fun with the family. Upstate New York by Mary Lynn Blanks
Funny money by Warren Murphy
The Future of Love: A Novel by Shirley Abbott
The future role of the New York State Library in statewide audiovisual activities: a survey with recommendations by Harold Goldstein
The Gallery by Laura Marx Fitzgeraldnot in English Common Knowledge
The Gallifrey Chronciles by Lance Parkin
Gangster by Lorenzo Carcaterranot in English Common Knowledge
Gargoyles #1: "Nightwatch" by Greg Weisman
Gargoyles: Season 1 by Greg Weisman
Gargoyles: Season 2 by Greg Weisman
Gargoyles: Season 3 by Greg Weisman
The Gate House by Nelson DeMille
The Gateway States by Seymour Freedgood
Gather Yourselves Together by Philip K. Dick
Gay for Pay (All Cocks Stories Book 1) by T. M. Smith
Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Makings of the Gay Male World, 1890-1940 by George Chauncey
Gazetteer and business directory of Oswego County, N.Y: For 1866-67 by Hamilton Child
Gazetteer of the State of New York (1860), Reprinted with an Index of Names by J. H. French
Gazetteer of the State of New York: embracing a comprehensive view of the geography, geology, and general history of the State, and a complete history ... of every county, city, town, vill by John Homer French
Gemstone by Barbara Delinsky
Genealogical and family history of central New York : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Central New York in three volumes by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Central New York Volume 1 by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Central New York Volume II by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Central New York Volume III by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of New York - Vol 1-111 by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Northern New York. A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Founding of a Nation. In Three Volumes. Volume I by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and family history of northern New York; a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the founding of a nation by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and family history of western New York : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of a commonwealth and the building of a nation by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Western New York: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Building of a Nation, Vol. 3 by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical and Family History of Western New York: A Record of the Achievements of Her People in the Making of a Commonwealth and the Building of a Nation, Volume 2 by William Richard Cutter
Genealogical guide to Monroe County, New York by Richard T Halsey
Genealogical Records: New York, 1675-1920 by FTM
Genealogical Records: Upstate New York, 1685-1910 by Broderbund Software Inc.
Genealogies of Long Island Families: From The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record [2 Volumes] by Henry B. Hoff
Genealogy and History of Cattaraugus County, New York by GenealogyCDs
Genealogy and History of CATTARAUGUS County, New York (Searchable CD Containing a complete version of a Historic text) by
Genealogy and History of Genesee County, New York by GenealogyCDs
Genealogy and History of Oneida County, New York by GenealogyCDs
Genealogy and History of Onondaga County, New York by GenealogyCDs
Genealogy and History of Oswego County, New York by GenealogyCDs
Genealogy and History of Wyoming County, New York by GenealogyCDs
General Regulations for the Military Forces of the State of New York, 1876 by New York State
General Washington's Spies on Long Island and in New York by Morton Pennypacker
The Genesis Rock by Edwin Corley
The Genie of Sutton Place by George Selden
The gentleman from New York a life of Roscoe Conkling by Donald Barr Chidsey
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes by Anita Loos
Geology of Cattaraugus County, New York (Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences. Bulletin) by Irving H. Tesmer
George Eastman: A Biography by Elizabeth Brayer
George vs. George: The American Revolution As Seen from Both Sides by Rosalyn Schanzer
George Washington and the New Nation, 1783-1793 by James Thomas Flexner
George Washington {4-vols. complete} by James Thomas Flexner
Gettysburg--The Second Day by Harry W. Pfanztroops from
Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide by Champ Clarktroops from
The Ghost by Robert Harris
Ghost Investigator Volume 1: Hauntings of the Hudson Valley by Linda Zimmermann
Ghost Investigator, Vol. 4: Ghosts of New York and New Jersey by Linda Zimmermann
Ghost Music by Graham Masterton
The Ghost Orchid by Carol Goodman
Ghost Story by Peter Straub
Ghostbusters by John Sazaklis
Ghostbusters [1984 film] by Ivan Reitman
Ghostbusters: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ray Parker Jr.
A Ghosthunter's Journal: Tales of the Supernatural and the Strange in Upstate New York by Mason Winfield
Ghosts of Central New York by Lynda Lee Macken
Ghosts of Rockland County by Linda Zimmermann
Giant-Size X-Men #1 by Len Wein
Gila Monsters Meet You at the Airport by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
Gilded Wings by Amy Lignor
The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband by Julia Quinn
Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum
Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares
Giuliani: Nasty Man by Ed Koch
Glass og aske by Ann Syréhn Tomasevic
Glee: The Complete Fifth Season by Brad Falchuk
Glee: The Complete Fourth Season [TV series] by Ryan Murphy
Glee: The Complete Sixth Season by Bradley Buecker
A Glimpse of Tiger: A Novel. by Herman Raucher
The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Fayenot in English Common Knowledge
Going All In by Kristine Cayne
Going Home by Danielle Steel
The Golden Age of Homespun by Jared Van Wagenen
The Golden Willow: The Story of a Lifetime of Love by Harry Bernstein
Goliath by Scott Westerfeld
Gone for Good by Harlan Coben
Gonna Take a Homicidal Journey by Sandra Scoppettone
The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millarnot in English Common Knowledge
The Good Life by Jay McInerney
Good Night New York State (Good Night Our World) by Adam Gamble
Gordath Wood by Patrice Sarath
Grace Humiston and the Vanishing by Charles Kelly
The Grace That Keeps This World: A Novel by Tom Bailey
The Grand Complication by Allen Kurzweil
Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11 by Wayne Barrett
Grant and Twain: The Story of a Friendship That Changed America by Mark Perry
Grape Belt Trolleys by K.C. Springirth
Grasses of the Northeast: A Manual of the Grasses of New England and Adjacent New York by Dennis W. Mageegrasses
The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates
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I Love Lucy: The Complete Third Season by William Asher
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Love the Sinner by Avril Ashton
Love's Chances by Thomas Grant Bruso
Love's Revenge by Jacqueline Ashley
Love, Greg & Lauren by Greg Manning
Lovecraft by Hans Rodionoff
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Low Bridges & High Water on the New York State Barge Canal by Charles T. O'Malley
LT: Living on the Edge by Lawrence Taylor
LT: Over the Edge: Tackling Quarterbacks, Drugs, and a World Beyond Football by Lawrence Taylor
The Lucifer Contract by Maan Meyers
Luck of the Irish by J. A. Ferguson
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Lucky Timing by ChaShiree M.
Lucky to Live in New York (Arcadia Kids) by Kate B. Jerome
Lucretia Mott by Otelia Cromwell
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Lust on Trial: Censorship and the Rise of American Obscenity in the Age of Anthony Comstock by Amy Beth Werbel
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Madness is Better than Defeat by Ned Beauman
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The Magic Books (Fur Magic; Steel Magic; Octagon Magic) by Andre Norton
Magic Lessons by Justine Larbalestier
Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier
The Magic Shop by Denise Little
Magic's Child by Justine Larbalestier
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The Magicians: Escape from the Happy Place by Meera Menon
The Magicians: Marry... Kill by John Scott
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Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist
Maiden in Light by Kathryn L. Ramage
Maigret in New York by Georges Simenonnot in English Common Knowledge
Mailman by J. Robert Lennon
Major League Dad by Tim Burke
Make Believe: A True Story by Diana Athill
Making a Little Wrong into Something Right by L.L. Bucknor
Mame: Original 1966 Broadway Cast Recording by Jerry Herman
A Man in a Million by Jessica Bird
Man on Wire {2008 Documentary film} by James Marsh
The Man Who Loved Books Too Much: The True Story of a Thief, a Detective, and a World of Literary Obsession by Allison Hoover Bartlett
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Manhattan Merger by Rebecca Winters
The Manikin by Joanna Scott
Manitou Blood by Graham Masterton
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Mapplethorpe [2018 film] by Ondi Timoner
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Mary Jemison : Seneca Captive by Jeanne LeMonnier Gardner
Mary Jemison: White Woman of the Seneca by Rayna M. Gangi
Maskarna på Carmine Street by Håkan Nesser
Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz
Master Class by Rachel Haimowitz
The Master of Ballantrae by Robert Louis Stevensonwilderness
Masterpiece of Murder by Mary Kruger
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The Midwife by Gay Courter
The Midwife's Advice by Gay Courter
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Monroe County, New York
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Moving Forward by Lisa Marie Davis
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Mrs Harris Goes to New York by Paul Gallico
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Murder at Vassar by Elizabeth Atwood Taylor
Murder Can Wreck Your Reunion by Selma Eichler
Murder Had A Little Lamb by Cynthia Baxter
Murder in the Adirondacks by Craig Brandon
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Murder in the Madhouse by Jonathan Latimer
Murder Most Frothy by Cleo Coyle
Murder on the Mind by L.L. Bartlett
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The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report About 9/11 Is Unscientific and False by David Ray Griffin
The Mysterious Montague: A True Tale of Hollywood, Golf, and Armed Robbery by Leigh Montville
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Naked Angels: The Lives and Literature of the Beat Generation by John Tytell
Naked Came the Stranger by Penelope Ashe
Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs
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The Night of the Triffids
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Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen King
Nine Months at Ground Zero: The Story of the Brotherhood of Workers Who Took on a Job Like No Other by Glenn Stout
Nineteenth-century houses in western New York by Jewel Helen Conover
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No Chance by Christy Reece
No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith by Fawn M. Brodie
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Nobody's Hell by Douglas Goetsch
Nordic Skiing Trails in New York State by Department of Environm...
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Northern Oswego County
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Not On My Patch by Diane Duane
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Open: An Autobiography by André Agassi
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Our Long Island by George Mannello
Our Song by Nicole Dennis
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Out of the Deep I Cry by Julia Spencer-Flemingnot in English Common Knowledge
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The Outer Lands: A Natural History Guide to Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Block Island, and Long Island by Dorothy Sterling
Over the Top by Cindy Dees
The Overstory by Richard Powers
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Panic by Lauren Oliver
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The Paranormal Almanac of Western New York: A Book of Ghostly Lists by Mason Winfield
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The Passover Murder by Lee Harris
Patience Wright: American Sculptor and Revolutionary Spy by Pegi Deitz Shea
The Patriots by Jack Cavanaugh
The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances: A Memoir by Mark Millhone
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Rule of the Bone by Russell Banks
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Short walks on Long Island by Rodney Albright
Shotgun Shopping - How to Materialize Anything You want Through the Metaphor of Shopping by Sheevaun OConnor Moran
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So B. It by Sarah Weeks
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So, Anyway... by John Cleese
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Sovereign States in an Age of Uncertainty by Ronald Hoffman
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Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face by David Hine
Spider-Man: Breakout by Tony Bedard
Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt by J. M. DeMatteis
Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark [2011 musical] by Bono
Spider-Verse by Dan Slott
The Spirit of St. Louis by Charles A. Lindbergh
Spirits of the Great Hill: More Haunted Sites and Ancient Mysteries of Upstate New York by Mason Winfield
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Spiritus Mundi Book II: The Romance by Robert Sheppard
Spook Country by William Gibson
Spooky New York: Tales of Hauntings, Strange Happenings, and Other Local Lore by S. E. Schlosser
Sport by Louise Fitzhugh
The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming
Stalking Rose (Under His Tree) by Loni Ree
The stamp of FDR : New Deal post offices in the mid-Hudson Valley by Bernice L. Thomas
Stand fast! : a chronicle of the workers' movement in New York State by Ferdinand F. Padula
The Stanislaski Brothers: Mikhail and Alex [2-in-1] by Nora Roberts
The Stanislaski Sisters: Natasha and Rachel [2-in-1] by Nora Roberts
the star to every wandering bark by yodasyoyo,
Starfall by Paul Magrs
The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester
Starting From Zero: Reconstructing Downtown New York by Michael Sorkin
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The Statue of Liberty (American Symbols & Their Meanings) by Hal Marcovitz
Staying Human by Kyle Tobin
Steppin' on a Rainbow by Kinky Friedman
Sterremeer by F. Springer
Still More Haunted Northern New York by Cheri L. Revai
Stillwater Vol. 1: Rage, Rage by Chip Zdarsky
Stolen Heat by Elisabeth Naughton
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Le Storie n. 54: La mano nera by Onofrio Catacchionot in English Common Knowledge
Le Storie n. 55: Fort Ticonderoga by Paolo Moralesnot in English Common Knowledge
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Le Storie n. 88: Keller 3 - Musuraca by Luigi Mignacconot in English Common Knowledge
Le Storie n. 99: Il calzolaio del re by Gigi Simeoninot in English Common Knowledge
Storm Over Carolina: The Confederate Navy's Struggle for Eastern North Carolina by R. Thomas Campbell
Storm Rising by Kenneth Hoss
Stormwatch: PHD (Post Human Division) - Volume 2 by Christos Gage
Storyteller by Patricia Reilly Giff
Straight Lies by Rob Byrnes
Stranded by Andrew Grey
Strange Days: My Life With and Without Jim Morrison by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
Strange Interlude by Eugene O'Neillnot in English Common Knowledge
Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith
Straus park by Paul Baeten Grondanot in English Common Knowledge
Strawberries in the Snow by Kate Pavelle
The Stray Bullet: William S. Burroughs in Mexico by Jorge García-Robles
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Strings Attached by Judy Blundell
Stuart Little by E. B. White
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Stuffed Animals and Pickled Heads: The Culture and Evolution of Natural History Museums by Stephen T. Asma
Sub-Mariner: Revolution (Marvel Comics, Civil War) by Matt Chernis
The Subway Plot (A Carson & Russo Thriller Book 2) by Frances Fletcher
The Subway: A Trip Through Time on New York's Rapid Transit by Stan Fischler
Sucker for Love by Kimberly Raye
Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse by Helen Dore Boylston
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Suffolk County's Ten Great Townships of Long Island by Gerard Hesselgren
Suffolk County's Ten Great Townships of Long Island by Anthony Strasser, editor
Suffolk County, Long Island, in Early Photographs 1867-1951 by Frederick S. Lightfoot
Sully's Kids = Five is Enough by Dawn Stewardson
Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs
Summer Doorways by W. S. Merwin
A Summer Pursuit by Jules Radcliffe
Summer Rain by A. J. Llewellyn
A Summer Soundtrack for Falling in Love by Arden Powell
Summer Wine by Alexis Hill Jordan
The Sun and the Moon by Matthew Goodman
Sun-Kissed by Melissa de la Cruz
Sunset Park by Santino Hassell
Support Your Local Wizard by Diane Duane
Surrender, Dorothy by Meg Wolitzer
Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk
Swallow by Tonya Plank
Sweet Curves by Mila Crawford
The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks
Sweet Narcissus by M. K. Lorens
Sweet Treat (Sweet Beginnings Book 1) by Loni Ree
Sweetwater by Roxana Robinson
Swing Time by Zadie Smith
Swords in the Hands of Children: Reflections of an American Revolutionary by Jonathan Lerner
A Table for Three by Lainey Reese
Table of Contents by John McPhee
Take My Picture by Giselle Ellis
Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell
Takedown by W. G. Griffiths
Taking Whatever He Wants by C.M. Steele
Taking Woodstock [2009 film] by Ang Lee
The Tale of Pale Male by Jeanette Winter
Talking Heads by David Gans
Taming a Sea-Horse by Robert B. Parker
Tango Charlie and Foxtrot Romeo/The Star Pit by John Varley
Targets of Hatred: Anti-Abortion Terrorism by Eleanor J. Bader
Tatterdemalion (Foundations of Magic) by Anah Crow
Teen Titans Vol. 06: Titans Around The World by Geoff Johns
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [1990 film] by Steve Barron
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem [2023 film] by Jeff Rowe
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge by Tribute Games
Tell Me the Truth About Love by Mary Cable
Tempest in the Tea Leaves by Kari Lee Townsend
The Temporary Detective: An Isobel Spice Novel (Volume 1) by Joanne Sydney Lessner
Le Temps des lumières montantes by Alain Van Kerckhovennot in English Common Knowledge
The Ten-Year Nap by Meg Wolitzer
The Tenant movement in New York City, 1904-1984 by Ronald Lawson
The Tenth Commandment by Lawrence Sanders
The Tenth Doctor: Year Two: The Endless Song by Nick Abadzis
The Terrible Twos by Ishmael Reed
Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
Terror Comes Creeping by Carter Brown
Terror Squad: Destroyer #10 (The Destroyer) by Warren Murphy
The Terror Timeline: Year by Year, Day by Day, Minute by Minute: A Comprehensive Chronicle of the Road to 9/11--and America's Response by Paul Thompson
Tex n. 696: L'ombra del Maestro by Mauro Bosellinot in English Common Knowledge
Tex n. 697: Manhattan by Mauro Bosellinot in English Common Knowledge
Tex n. 698: Panico a teatro by Mauro Bosellinot in English Common Knowledge
Tex n. 699: Minaccia su New York by Mauro Bosellinot in English Common Knowledge
That Night by Alice McDermott
That Part Was True by Deborah McKinlay
Theft: A Love Story by Peter Carey
Their Song Unending by Anna James
Then and Now by Gary W. Clark
Then, Now, Always by Mona Shroff
Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris
There Are No Buffalo in Buffalo by Sally Valentine
There's Something About Her by Z.L. Arkadie
The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett
Things to Be Lost by Lionel Newton
Thinner by Stephen King
Third Annual Report of the Commissioner of Fisheries, Game and Forests of the State of New York Report for 1897 by Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co,
Third Man Out by Richard Stevenson
Thirty Days by Shayla Kersten
This Book is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All by Marilyn Johnson
This Crazy Thing Called Love: The Golden World and Fatal Marriage of Ann and Billy Woodward by Susan Braudy
This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Díaz
This is Spinal Tap: Official Companion by Karl French
This Party's Got to Stop by Rupert Thomson
Thomas Jefferson: Statesman of Science by Silvio A. Bedini
Thomas Wolfe by Andrew Turnbull
Thomas Wolfe: An Introduction and Interpretation by Richard Walser
Those Faraday Girls by Monica McInerney
Those Who Dream By Day by Linda Cargill
Three Beds in Manhattan by Georges Simenon
Three for the Chair by Rex Stout
Three Girls and Their Brother by Theresa Rebeck
Three Junes by Julia Glass
The Three Weissmanns of Westport by Cathleen Schine
Three Witnesses by Rex Stout
Through a Glass, Darkly by Helen McCloy
Tim Blain: A collection of his writing by Tim Blain
A Time of Angels by Karen Hesse
The Time of My Life by Patrick Swayze
Time Shelter by Georgi Gospodinov
Time Travelers Strictly Cash by Spider Robinson
Times Square: A New York State Number Book by Ann E. Burg
Timespinners by Luli Gray
Title: New York Real Property Law (Bluebook) by LexisNexis
To Darkness and to Death by Julia Spencer-Fleming
To Forget Palermo by Edmonde Charles-Roux
To Go (Unknown Armies) by Greg Stolze
To Live Again by Robert Silverbergnot in English Common Knowledge
To Marry for Duty by Rebecca Winters
To Rise Again at a Decent Hour by Joshua Ferrisnot in English Common Knowledge
Tombstone Inscriptions from Cemeteries Located in Wyoming County, New York by Gertrude A. Barber
Tono by Mickie B. Ashling
Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek Live! [2014 TV episode] by David Horn
Too Far by Mike Lupica
Top Cat: The Complete Series by William Hanna
Top Cat: The Movie [2011 film] by Alberto Mar
Top Cats: The Life And Times of the New York Public Library Lions by Susan G. Larkin
Touched by Angels by Debbie Macomber
Tourists of History: Memory, Kitsch, and Consumerism from Oklahoma City to Ground Zero by Marita Sturken
Town Minutes, Town of Carmel, Putnam County, New York-1795-1839 by Marilyn Cole Greene
Träume. Vier Spiele by Günter Eichnot in English Common Knowledge
Traces of early man in the Northeast by William A. Ritchie
The Trail of Conflict by Emilie Loring
The Trailblazer by Vicki Lewis Thompson
Trails and Pleasant Walks in Rockland County New York by Maude McClave Brown
The Train of States by Peter Sís
Training Season by Leta Blake
Traitor to His Class: The Privileged Life and Radical Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt by H. W. Brands
The Transforming Hand of Revolution: Reconsidering the American Revolution As a Social Movement by Ronald Hoffman
The Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard
Traveller in a Vanished Landscape: The Life and Times of David Douglas by William Morwood
The Treasure in the Little Trunk by Helen Fuller Orton
Treasures of the New York Public Library by Marshall Davidson
Tree trails in Central Park by M. M. Graff
Trees of New York Field Guide (Field Guides) by Stan Tekiela
Trees of New York State: Native and Naturalized by Donald Joseph Leopold
Tri-state Gardener's Guide New York, New Jersey, Connecticut by Ralph Snodsmith
Triage by William Walling
Triangular Road: A Memoir by Paule Marshall
Trio for Blunt Instruments by Rex Stout
Trip to the West and Texas by A.A. Parker
Triple Jeopardy by Rex Stout
Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller
Trouble in the Air (Five in a Bed Book 4) by M. A. Blisher
Trouble in Triplicate by Rex Stout
True Justice by Robert K. Tanenbaum
Truman Capote: The Story of His Bizarre and Exotic Boyhood by an Aunt Who Helped Raise Him by Marie Rudisill
Trump and Me by Mark Singer
Trust Me by Avery Ford
Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay
The Truth About Riley by Henrietta Clarke
The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair by Joël Dickernot in English Common Knowledge
Les Tuniques Bleues, Tome 45 : Emeutes à New-York by Willy Lambil
The Tunnel by Bernhard Kellermann
The Turk: The Life and Times of the Famous Eighteenth-Century Chess-Playing Machine by Tom Standage
The Turtle Boy by Kealan Patrick Burke
Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman
Tuxedo Park : A Wall Street Tycoon and the Secret Palace of Science That Changed the Course of World War II by Jennet Conant
The Twelfth Card by Jeffery Deaver
Twelfth Night (Love's Labours Book 2) by Racheline Maltese
Twelve Across by Barbara Delinsky
Twelve Doctors of Christmas by Jacqueline Rayner
Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northup
Twilight Whispers by Barbara Delinsky
The Twilight Zone/The Shadow by David Avallone
Twin Towers: The Life of New York City's World Trade Center by Angus K. Gillespie
Two Hours: The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon by Ed Caesar
Two Songs This Archangel Sings by George C. Chesbro
Ubik by Philip K. Dick
UFOs Over New York: A True History of Extraterrestrial Encounters in the Empire State by Preston Dennett
Ugly Americans: The Complete First Season by Devin Clark
Ugly Americans: The Complete Second Season by Devin Clark
Ultimate X-Men Vol. 2: Return to Weapon X by Mark Millar
The Uncanny X-Men #022 - Divided--We Fall! by Roy Thomas
The Uncanny X-Men #061 - Monsters Also Weep! by Roy Thomas
The Uncanny X-Men #139 - ...Something Wicked This Way Comes! by John Byrne
The Uncanny X-Men #194 - Juggernaut's Back in Town by Chris Claremont
The Uncanny X-Men #209 - Salvation by Chris Claremont
The Uncanny X-Men #215 - Old Soldiers by Chris ClaremontUpstate
The Uncanny X-Men #216 - Crucible by Chris ClaremontUpstate
The Uncanny X-Men #270 - The X-Tinction Agenda: First Strike by Chris Claremont
Under My Roof by Nick Mamatas
Under the Sidewalks of New York: The Story of the Greatest Subway System in the World by Brian J. Cudahy
The Understory by Pamela Erens
Understrike by John Gardner
Unexpected (Start Up in the City) by Kelly Rimmer
Unfair Advantage by Jessica Summers
Uniquely New York (Heinemann State Studies) by Mark Stewart
United States Census of Agriculture 1959: New York Counties by US Bureau of the Census
The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide by Millie Miller
United Tweets of America: 50 State Birds, Their Stories, Their Glories by Hudson Talbott
The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth of Democracy and the Struggle to Create America by Gary B. Nash
Unleashed by Emily Kimelman
The Unofficial Guide to New England and New York with Kids by Laurie Bain Wilson
Unsaid by Neil Abramson
Unstoppable Force by Lisa Marie Davis
The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why by Amanda Ripley
Until You by Kristina Dalton
Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman
Upper Atlantic: New Jersey, New York (Lets Discover the States) by Thomas G. Aylesworth
Upstate New York Off the Beaten Path: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) by Susan Finch
Uptown Local and Other Interventions by Diane Duane
The Urban Crucible: The Northern Seaports and the Origins of the American Revolution by Gary B. Nash
The Used Book Lover's Guide to the Mid-Atlantic States: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Delaware (Used Book Lovers' by David S. Siegel
User's Guide - The Research Librares of New York Public Library
User's Guide to the Research Libraries of The New York Public Library
V. by Thomas Pynchon
Vagabond Summer by Anne Emery
Valentine's Manual of Old New York 1922 by Henry Collins Brown
Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler
The Vampire's Seduction [and] His Magic Touch by Cynthia Cooke
The Vanderbilt Era: Profiles of a Gilded Age by Louis Auchincloss
The Vanderbilts and the Gilded Age: Architectural Aspirations, 1879-1901 by John Foreman
Vanishing Act by Thomas Perry
A Vast and Fiendish Plot by Clint Johnson
Das Vaterspiel by Josef Haslinger
Ventanas de Manhattan by Antonio Muñoz Molina
Venus Envy: A Sensational Season Inside the Women's Tennis Tour by L. Jon Wertheim
A Very Gaga Thanksgiving [2011 TV special] by Lady Gaga
The View from Saturday by E. L. Konigsburg
A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller
Viewfinder Topics, New York and the South: The Apple and the Pineapple by Karin Freywald
The Village by the Sea by Paula Fox
Village Ghosts of Western New York (Book One: Actors in the Half-Light) by Mason Winfield
Vincent Shadow: The Top Secret Toys by Tim Kehoe
Vinnie's Head by Marc Lecard
The Viper by J. R. Ward
The Vision, Vol. 1: Little Worse Than A Man by Tom King
Vital Records: New York Deaths, 1700s-1900s by Broderbund Software Inc.
Voyager by John Ridgway
Wait Till Next Year: A Memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin
Waiting for Deliverance by Betsy Urban
Waiting On You by Z.L. Arkadie
Walking Forward, Looking Back: Lessons from the World Trade Center: A Survivor's Story by John Labriola
Walks & rambles in Dutchess and Putnam counties : a guide to ecology and history in eastern Hudson Valley parks by Peggy Turco
Walks and Rambles in Westchester and Fairfield Counties: A Nature Lover's Guide to 30 Parks and Sanctuaries by Katherine S. Anderson
Walks and Rambles on Long Island (Walks & Rambles Guides) by Alice M. Geffen
Wandering Home: A Long Walk Across America's Most Hopeful Landscape, Vermont's Champlain Valley and New York's Adirondack by Bill McKibben
I Want to Go Home by Richard Lockridge
The War of 1812: A Complete Chronology with Biographies of 63 General Officers by Bud Hannings
The War on Freedom: How and Why America was Attacked, September 11, 2001 by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed
Warhol by David Bourdon
Warlock by Andrew Cartmel
Warren's Weed New York Real Property: Weed New York Real Property by LexisNexis
The Watcher in the Shadows (Inquisitor's Apprentice) by Ms. Chris Moriarty
Watching the World Change: The Stories Behind the Images of 9/11 by David Friend
Water for New York: A Study in State Administration of Water Resources by Roscoe Coleman Martin
Waverly Place by Susan Brownmiller
The Way We Almost Were by Ryan Field
The Way We Wed by Pat Warren
We Had a Little Real Estate Problem: The Unheralded Story of Native Americans & Comedy by Kliph Nesteroff
We Were There at the Opening of the Erie Canal by Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft
Wedding Vow of Revenge by Lucy Monroe
The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt
The Weekend by Peter Cameron
Weekends for Two in the Mid-Atlantic States: 50 Romantic GetawaysNew York Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Washington, DC Virginia by Bill Gleeson
The Weeping Buddha by Heather Dune Macadam
Weird New York by Chris Gethard
Welcome to Fire Island: Visions of Cherry Grove and the Pines by Jack Nichols
Wels and Other Lutherans: Lutheran Church Bodies in the USA by John F. Brug
West Side Story [1961 film] by Robert Wise
West Side Story [2021 film] by Steven Spielberg
West Side Story: 2021 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Leonard Bernstein
West Side Story: Original 1957 Broadway Cast Recording by Leonard Bernstein
West Side Story: Original 1961 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Leonard Bernstein
Westchester County During the American Revolution, 1775-1783 by Otto Hufeland
Westchester County in History: Manual and Civil List, Past and Present, 1683-1912 [2 Volumes] by Henry Townsend Smith
Westchester County, New York, during the American Revolution by Henry B Dawson
Westchester County: Pocket Atlas
Westchester County: The Past Hundred Years by Marilyn E. Weigold
Westchester Patriarchs: A Genealogical Dictionary of Westchester County, New York Families Prior to 1755 by Norman Davis
Westchester, portrait of a county by Alex Shoumatoff
The Western Gazetteer; Or Emigrant's Directory Containing a Geographical Description of the Western States and Territories, viz. the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi and the Territories of Illinois, Missouri, Alabama, Michigan, and North-Western, with an Appendix, Containing Sketches of Some of the Western Counties of New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia; a Description of the Great Northern Lakes; Indian Annuities, and Directions to Emigrants by Samuel R. Brown
Western New York & Pennsylvania Traction by B. W. Rohrbeck
Western New York Amusement Parks by Rose Ann Hirsch
Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824: Extracted From the Archives of the Holland Land Company by Karen E. Livsey
Western New York Land Transactions, 1825-1835: Extracted From the Archives of the Holland Land Company [1804] by Karen E. Livsey
Wetworks, Vol. 1 by Mike Carey
What Binds Us by Larry Benjamin
What Happened at Midnight by Franklin W. Dixon
What We Do In the Shadows: Season 1 by Jemaine Clement
What We Do In the Shadows: Season 2 by Jemaine Clement
What We Do In the Shadows: Season 3 by Jemaine Clement
What We Do In the Shadows: Season 4 by Jemaine Clement
What We Do In the Shadows: Season 5 by Jemaine Clement
What We Lost: Based on a True Story by Dale Peck
What We Saw: The Events of September 11, 2001 by CBS News
What's Great About New York? (Our Great States) by Ann Malaspina
What's in the dark? by Ellery Queen
What's the Worst That Could Happen? by Donald E. Westlake
When Harry Met Sal by Ryan Field
When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde
When I Was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago
When Jackie Saved Grand Central: The True Story of Jacqueline Kennedy's Fight for an American Icon by Natasha Wing
Where He Ends and I Begin (Home Series) by Cardeno C.
Where Is Bianca? by Ellery Queen
Where Shall I Wander? = Bargain Wife by Mary Burchell
Which Brings Me to You: A Novel in Confessions by Steve Almond
Which way to die? by Ellery Queen
Which Way USA? New York by Andrew Gutelle
White Mountain by Dinah McCall
Who spies, who kills? by Ellery Queen
Who They Were: Inside the World Trade Center DNA Story: The Unprecedented Effort to Identify the Missing by Robert C. Shaler
Who's Sorry Now? by Connie Francis
Who's Kitten Who? by Cynthia Baxter
Who's Sorry Now? by Jill Churchill
Who's Who Among American High School Students, 1993-1994, Vol. I by Educational Communications Inc.
Who's Who in New York City and State: Containing Authentic Biographies of New Yorkers Who Are Leaders and Representatives in Various Departments of Worthy Human Achievement Including Sketches of Every Army and Navy Officer Born in or Appointed from New York and Now Serving, of All the Congressmen from the State, All Senators and Judges, and All Ambassadors, Ministers and Consuls Appointed from New York by Lewis Randolph Hamersly
The Whole World Over by Julia Glass
Why Not Say What Happened? by Ivana Lowell
Why so dead? by Ellery Queen
Wicked Northern New York by Cheri L. Farnsworth
Wickedly Dangerous by Deborah Blake
A Widow for One Year by John Irving
Wild About You by Kerrelyn Sparks
Wild Cards I by George R. R. Martin
Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille
Wild, High and Tight: The Life and Death of Billy Martin by Peter Golenbock
Will & Grace: The Complete First Season by James Burrows
A Will to Survive by Franklin W. Dixon
William Klein, Photographs, etc: New York and Rome, also Moscow and Tokyo, also elsewhere by William Klein
William Seward, Whig Politics, and the Compromised Indian Removal Policy in New York State, 1838-1843 by Stephen J. Valone
Willing Widow by Marcia Goodall
The Wills of Suffolk County, Long Island [New York] Liber A, 1787-1798 by George M. Easter
Windows on the World by Frederic Beigbeder
Windswept: A Fantasy Novel by Gwen Cole
The Wines of California, the Pacific Northwest and New York by Roy Andries De Groot
Winfield: Living in the Shadow of the Woolworths by Monica Randall
Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert
Winter and Night by S. J. Rozan
The Winter Lodge by Susan Wiggs
The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck
Winter on the Farm by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Wise Animal Handbook New York, The (Arcadia Kids) by Kate B. Jerome
With Head and Heart: The Autobiography of Howard Thurman by Howard Thurman
With the Fathers; studies in the history of the United States by John Bach McMaster
Wither by Lauren DeStefano
Without a Prayer: Religious Expression in Public Schools by Robert S. Alley
Wittgenstein's Mistress by David Markson
The Wiz [1978 film] by Sidney Lumet
The Wiz: Original 1978 Motion Picture Soundtrack by Charlie Smalls
A Wizard Alone by Diane Duane
The Wizard of 4th Street by Simon Hawke
The Wizard of Lovecraft's Cafe by Simon Hawke
The Wizard's Dilemma by Diane Duane
Wizard's Holiday by Diane Duane
Wizards at War by Diane Duane
Wobegon Boy by Garrison Keillor
The Wolf Among Us: A Telltale Games Series by Telltale Games
Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren
Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King
The Woman Who Knew Too Much by Dana Clarins
The Woman Who Walked into the Sea: Huntington's and the Making of a Genetic Disease by Alice Wexler
Women at Ground Zero: Stories of Courage and Compassion by Susan Hagen
Women's Activism and Social Change: Rochester, New York, 1822-1872 by Nancy A. Hewitt
The women's rights movement and the Finger Lakes Region : the heart of New York State by Emerson Klees
Women, work, and protest : a century of US women's labor history by Ruth Milkman
Wonder Bread & Ecstasy: The Life and Death of Joey Stefano by Charles Isherwood
Wondrous Beginnings by Steven H. Silver
Woodstock: The Oral History by Joel Makower
Woodswoman III: Book Three of the Woodswoman's Adventures by Anne Labastille
Woodswoman: Living Alone in the Adirondack Wilderness by Anne Labastille
Work in Progress by Michael Eisner
World Made By Hand by James Howard Kunstler
A World of Difference by Sandra Field
The World Shapers by Grant Morrison
The World Trade Center Remembered Postcard Book by Sonja Bullaty
World Trade Center: Landmark to Remember by Tricia Boczkowski
World Trade Center: The Giants That Defied the Sky by Peter Skinner
World War Hulk by Greg Pak
World's End by T. C. Boyle
The Worlds of H. Beam Piper by H. Beam Piper
Worth the Risk by Kate Hawthorne
The Wounded and the Slain by David Goodis
Wrapped in Rainbows: The Life of Zora Neale Hurston by Valerie Boyd
Wrightsville Murders: An Ellery Queen Omnibus by Ellery Queen
WTC the first 24 hours, 9.11.2001 by Etienne Sauret
X-Men #5 - Blowback by John Byrne
X-Men: Days of Future Past by Chris Claremont
Year of the Hangman by Glenn F. Williams
The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson
Yesterday's Gone: Season One by Sean Platt
Yo, Sacramento!: (And all those other State Capitals you don't know) by Will Cleveland
Yobgorgle: Mystery Monster of Lake Ontario by Daniel Manus Pinkwater
You Gotta Play Hurt by Dan Jenkins
You Had Me at Good-bye by Tracey Bateman
You Had Me at Hola by Alexis Daria
You never know [short fiction] by Pat Cadigan
You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight by Kalynn Bayron
Young Man with a Horn by Dorothy Bakernot in English Common Knowledge
The Young People's Atlas of the United States by James Harrison
The Young Wizards by Diane Duane
Your Coffin or Mine? by Kimberly Raye
Yours for Eternity: A Love Story on Death Row by Damien Echols
Zabugorniye skazki by Nina Нина Большакова Bolshakova
The Zanzibar Affair: A High Society Love Story Out of Africa by Samantha Ford
Zone One by Colson Whitehead
Zoned for Murder by Evelyn David
Zoo by James Patterson